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    Computer Room coming along nicely .... And some pics of the new game room as well...
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    Version 2.0.8


    A set of MSU-1 Covers, in the UGC format. *UPDATE* New V2 pack, all covers so far now in two seperate packs, Single case or Dual case, You can use one or the other, or if like me you can use both. The Reflection effect has been removed, this was asked for a few times.. 60+ cases had some changes made to the front covers using the correct MSU logo's ie, Super Famicom games now using a Super Famicom Logo instead of the Super Nintendo one. All cases to date are in these packs, and as far as im aware, this covers every game that has had an MSU-1 Patch. There are 2 sets Single Faced - 292 Covers, most have alternates using the USA/JPN and PAL cover styles Double Faced - 293 Covers, most have alternates using the USA/JPN and PAL cover styles. These covers are not meant to be accurate representations of the original boxes, these are customs and are to be treated as such. The naming is standard Launchbox/Super Nintendo Game names, so unless you have them named different, you should be able to drag and drop into the Box - 3D folder. (i recommend if you have my older boxes to remove them, and start fresh.) (Note: Boxes are labeled using one of the options Single or Dual, if you want to use both sets, you will need to manually edit each title in LB and drag the new extra box(s) over and set it to 3D Box.) A lot of these covers came from http://thecoverproject.net . Covers that did not exist i tried to make as carefully as i could. I am no artist, all the images contained in these Cases are from the net and are made by more talented people than myself, i make these primarily for myself, so i hope you like them, and will use them.
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    Hey all, the first 9.8 beta is out. I do plan to tackle pause screens for this release, but I wanted to get at least one thing out of the way first. This first beta adds the ability to bind up to four different keys to each function in Big Box, primarily so that up to four players can control Big Box at once from keyboard-based arcade controller boards.
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    Virtua Tennis 3 Theme, I will Uploading all what I have finished tomorrow enjoy
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    That worked! It was pointed to the parent folder. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your quick response and help. Many many hours in the past 2 weeks... and finally moving forward.. Thanks!!
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    Funny, while I was taking all that time to type, Neil posted about "dinput"
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    GREAT info! That explains some other issues I was having the other day (I just got the F500). So glad I posted....Thanks!
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    I use it in dinput mode also for MAME, i leave it plugged in all the time, and it conflicted with normal PC games when in xinput mode as games would default to that rather than my xbox controllers, so i always had to unplug it when playing PC games. Keeping it in dinput mode fixed that as PC games generally look for a xinput device first not a dinput one.
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    Here is a realistic bezel for the arcade game Prop Cycle. You can download it here - https://bit.ly/2UdrEtk
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    Version 1.0.0


    I have 6000 C64 games and after scraping for game logos from the database and Emumovies I only acquired around 3000. So, as in my other 'unofficial' logo packs here are the missing ones created by myself. This is a big job so I'll release them in alphabetical order as I make them. (D) 208 logos.
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    haven't forgotten you. Just been out of pocket for a while. It was up next after these. Was holding off because the time to render it is over 30hrs, so I'm going to start the encoding tonight and hopefully it finishes sometime tomorrow
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    I think it is like the addiction of having to constantly check your text messages. There is the sound from the forums announcing a new post and the message box stating there is a new update to download. I can't sleep thinking about pause screens now
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    Only the DLL is needed now. Some quick instructions: 1) Download DLL file 2) unblock the DLL by selecting file, properties and checking unblock 3) Close LB. Place the DLL file in your LB directory :\LaunchBox\Plugins 4) start LB and go to the Tools menu. Should see the new commands for the plugin on the bottom of the Menu.
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    Version 1.2


    There is a clear lack of apple ii content. I decided to try to help out my creating a clear logo pack. Here is a collection of 780 logos. I tried to steal as many as I could, but I think I rendered at least 600 of them. I am not a graphic designer, and I essentially taught myself photoshop from scratch. The quality of these logos are uneven, and the reasons are various. Either I was just learning, or the source material was not good, or whatever. Towards the end, I would kick myself for not knowing about simple tools that I could have used earlier. That being said, I've spend well over 100 hours on this, and I'm kind of burned out for now. If anyone wants to add to my collection or clean them up, please feel free. I may come back to it later, but I think I'm done now
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