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    Just wanted to share a video of a theme I've been working on. It started with the idea of seeing if I could get BigBox to run a theme with big, vertical banners as the main showcase. It has turned into a fun project, where I've been able to turn it into a functional theme that I'm currently using as my main. The theme itself uses custom made vertical banners for both platforms and games, which means a lot of work for me to populate banners for every game in my library. Here's the video showcasing some of it in action.
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    Wow, another very nice looking theme! I'm not sure if it's just me, but it would probably look better without the controllers in the middle, to give it a little more clean/polished look
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    Here is a the latest overview of all my Mame Arcade bezel overlays so far,
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    Just thought I would give people a little tutorial here on how to use "mklink" to create a Symbolic Link for the Launchbox Cache. Some people say it improves performance (I certainly noticed it) and some say they don't notice much of a difference, I guess it depends on your set up. This method worked for me very well when I moved the Cache to my SSD, I found that I could now use images set to there highest quality without any impact on performance and the images look great on a 4k TV. So here is what worked for me: 1. First download and install LINK SHELL EXTENSION found here http://schinagl.priv.at/nt/hardlinkshellext/linkshellextension.html (be sure to install the dependency's first)You should now have the option when you right click on a file to "Pick Link Source". 2. On your SSD where you want your CACHE to be located create a folder called "CACHE" (I find that creating a Folder named something like "Launchbox Cache" and then placing the new Cache folder inside it works best). 3. Go to your Launchbox folder and find the original CACHE folder in the IMAGES folder and copy everything in the CACHE folder to your new CACHE folder on your SSD. (this may take a while, alternatively you could just delete everything in the original cache folder if you wish but you will have to repopulate it later after the folder is linked, not a big deal really I just leave launchbox in "attract mode" so the Cache gets filled up). 4. Once you have copied everything (or deleted everything) from the original CACHE folder also delete the actual ORIGINAL CACHE folder itself as well (this part is important). 5. now go to your SSD and right click your new CACHE folder (or the folder it's in) you created earlier and select "Pick Link Source" 6. now go to your IMAGES folder in launchbox right click it and select "Drop as Junction" This will automatically create a new CACHE folder (where you deleted the original) INSIDE the IMAGES folder with a little chain icon attached to it indicating that it is now linked to your SSD CACHE folder! That's it simple but took me a while to get my head around so I just thought I would post this. A way to test if this is working correctly is to do the same with your platform videos folder, if after following the instructions above your videos display properly, everything is working fine! or of course you could just watch the space left on your SSD as the cache fills up.
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    Ah, didn't realize that. Works perfectly. Thanks for the follow up!
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    We will need more details than that, like which emulator for a start. Also what are you using a keyboard or a controller, and have you changed any key bindings in the emulator.
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    I'll begin work on the next version of win3xo after I release v4 of eXoDOS. At this time I do not know how long it will take to import win3x0 into launchbox and add new games to it. It depends on how many new games I find I suppose. I'm running the latest version of dosbox here and I do not have the problem. I don't know if it is a setting with your particular version or if it is a problem with some of the 3.11 files.
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    Beta 2 is out now to attempt to fix an issue with the updated game exit AutoHotkey script. It's only been reported by one user so far, but it's a major issue for @MazJohn [Mr Arcade]. The issue is detailed in this thread: Hopefully this beta fixes it and we can go forward with the 9.9 release.
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    Gonna bug you again because damn you've been helpful. I reimported everything as expected here, is there a way to set which version is the "default" when launched? So people can just click "TMNT" and get the 2 player version? Edit - Answered my own question looking at your screenshot. Me dumb.
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    There is not. It sounds like this product isn't for you and you are looking for something else. Good luck in that endeavor. The best you can do is setup multiple instances of LB and only load one system into each one.
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    Perfection, this worked. V wasn't mapped initially but I changed it and now it does exactly what I want. Again, thanks a ton.
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    Great tool and great help, thanx! I could make an video on this, but i dont know if peeps want that
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    Really like the Platform view, with the game view could the controller only display on the selected game or is it part of the banner itself?
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    I wanted to update everyone here and let everybody know that the themes uploader now supports pause themes: https://www.launchbox-app.com/themes I also added a pause theme section here on the forums. Pause themes are just as easy to work on as the startup themes are; I'd love to see some themes if you guys are up for it. Thank you guys as always. 🙏
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    Thanks Neil !! This application takes a back seat to my day job, so I spend the week casually making notes in preparation for code crunch on Friday nights and Saturdays. I am really happy with how things are shaping up though and to be honest I cant wait to complete it so that I can focus on building a new theme and also seeing what others come up with 🙂
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    Try turning off the startup screens in BigBox and see if that solves your issue, it could be running into issues with the emulator being used for those systems.
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    Unified Theme Startup View File all thanks goto @CriticalCidfor his awesome theme . hope this does it justice. Submitter harryoke Submitted 04/02/2018 Category Big Box Startup Videos  
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    Terminator Edition startup View File this will be my last video for a while , as it dosnt look like people are interested atm. hope you enjoy it as much as i enjoyed making it Submitter harryoke Submitted 09/24/2017 Category Big Box Startup Videos  
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