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    Version 1.0.0


    NEC TurboGrafx-16 - 3D Carts.
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    Version 1.0.0


    By request, here is a modified version of my Arcade Intro (B), this time replacing the BigBox logo with the MAME logo. Runtime: 30 seconds Resolution: 1920x1080 Framerate: 30fps Filesize: 20Mb Music: Dance with the Dead - "Screams & Whispers"
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    This has been quite the ordeal, but I finally got it working, so I thought I'd share what I found out. There is some conflicting information online, so it took me a while to figure it all out. I found this discussion / tutorial written by people far more capable than me. My tutorial is based on that. I just wanted to write a more comprehensive tutorial and give some additional info (also this tutorial is technically for andriod devices, so I think it should be stated that it works for PC as well.) https://www.reddit.com/r/EmulationOnAndroid/comments/980mar/tutorial_phillips_cdi_on_android/ 1. What you need: 1.1 Retroarch's Mame core (without year tags) 1.2 This Archive: https://mega.nz/#!0OQ2zASD!UKoefHzpnsHBj79MdYRMWzdZYSv6kpPvxud0DmSSX3A (I hope I'm allowed to post this here) 1.3 CDi roms (I only tested the .chd format, but I'm pretty sure that cue/bin will also work) --> Keep in mind that there are many CDi roms that flat out don't work (more on that later) 1.4 Philips CDi bios files (mainly "cdimono1.zip", but I also have "cdimono2.zip" and "cdibios.zip". I don't know if they are needed for any games though) --> I cannot provide links to these bios files. You'll have to get them on your own. 1.5 LaunchBox, of course. 2. How to get your CDi games running: 2.1 Navigate to your main roms folder and create a folder called "Philips CD-i" (You can name the folder whatever you like, I just used the name that LaunchBox uses). 2.2 This is important: Inside the "Philips CD-i" folder, create another folder called "cdimono1". It's very important that you use this exact name. It doesn't work otherwise. 2.3 Copy all of your Philips CDi roms into the "cdimono1" folder. 2.4 Also copy your Philips CDi bios files into the "cdimono1" folder. 2.5 Download the archive from 1.2. Inside this archive you will find two more archives. Open the one called "CDI_blank.zip". Inside this archive you will find many different empty, "dummy" .zip files. These files have shortened title names for the CDi games (much like Mame roms). You'll need them so the Mame core is able to load your roms (more on that later). Copy all of these empty .zip files into the "cdimono1" folder. --> To sum up, in your "cdimono1" folder there should now be: your Philips CDi roms your Philips CDi bios files your empty .zip files 2.6 Open the archive from 1.2 again, but this time open the second archive within it called "RetroArch.zip". You don't need everything in here, just one specific subfolder: Go to "Retroatch --> system". In here, you will find a folder called "mame". Take that folder and put it in your own Retroarch directory in "YOUR_PATH\RetroArch\system\". 2.7 Download Retroarch's Mame core (without year tags) and leave all the settings at default (you can change the resolution if you want to) --> This is where misinformation held me back. There are many tutorials which tell you to change various settings, but believe me, you must keep the default settings. 2.8 Open LaunchBox and import the empty .zip files from 2.5. Important: You cannot import your CDi roms directly, it doesn't work. Unfortunately, this means that you will later have to rename all your imported roms with their actual names manually (There maybe a way to automate this, but I don't know, I just trail-and-errored my way through this). Also important: when importing, make sure that you choose retroarch as your emulator for the Philips CDi platform. --> you might want to start with just one file at first, just to make sure everything works. You can uset Hotel Mario ("hotmario.zip") for this, since I can confirm that this game actually works. If you have done everything correctly, you should have a game called "hotmario" in your LaunchBox. You can rename it to "Hotel Mario" and get all the metadata for it. 2.9 In LaunchBox, go to "Tools --> Manage emulators". Select retroarch. Go to "Associated Platforms", scroll down and add a new Associated Platform called "Philips CD-i". Choose "mame_libreto" as your core. Important: Don't add any "EXTRA Command-Line Parameters", despite what you might have read elsewhere online. --> You can now run Hotel Mario in LaunchBox and if you have done everything correctly, you should see a light blue screen. Wait a few seconds. You will then see a grey Philips CDi bios screen. Use your mouse and click "play". The game should now start. If it starts, you can import your other games. Keep in mind however, that not all of them will work. To find out which games are not supported, navigate to "YOUR_PATH\RetroArch\system\mame\hash" open the "cdi.xml" (here you can also find out which actual games the empty .zip files correspond to.) If it says something like "<software name="7thguest" supported="no">" that means that this specific game will not work, so you don't need to import it. 3. Further configuration (optional, but very much necessary in my opinion): 3.1 Since you most likely want to use a controller and not your mouse + keyboard, you'll have to map the controlls within the Mame GUI to your controller (I use an Xbox One controller). Once your game is up and running, hit TAB on your keyboard to bring up Mame's GUI. Navigate to "Input (this Machine)" and map the inputs to your controller like this: Mouse Button 1: Joy 1 B or A (your choice) Mouse Button 2: Joy 1 Y or X (your choice) Mouse X Analog: Joy 1 LX (press your left analog stick to the right) Mouse X Analog Dec: LEFT (press left on your D-PAD) Mouse X Analog Inc: RIGHT (press right on your D-PAD) Mouse Y Analog: Joy 1 LY (press your left analog stick up) Mouse Y Analog Dec: UP (press up on your D-PAD) Mouse Y Analog Inc: DOWN (press down on your D-PAD) Now go back and navigate to "Analog Controls". Reduce the two sensitivity settings drastically. "10" is a good point to start, but I found that even lower values ( 5 or even 1) are better for some games. Mouse X Sensitivity: 10 (your choice) Mouse Y Sensitivity: 10 (your choice) 3.2 Now your controlls should be mapped to your controller. However, when I did this, characters in games would start moving by themselves. This is because for some reason, the deadzone seems to be too small. If you experience this, do the follwoing: Once your game is running, press F1 to bring up retroarch's GUI. Navigate to "Settings" --> "Input" and scroll down to "Analog Deadzone". change the value from 0.0 to 0.5 (this worked for me). Important: you don't want to change this setting for all of your games or even for all platforms using the same mame core. You want this change to be in effect just when you play CDi games. So head back to "Quick Menu" --> "Overrides" and hit "Save Content Directory Overrides". This will save the changes you made just for CDi games. If the issue isn't solved for you, try increasing the deadzone value. Congratulations, you are now done! You are now able to experience a bad Mario game and three bad Zelda games (Why did I spend so much time on this?) Jokes aside, I hope this helps someone.
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    Version 1.0.2


    These platform banners are intended to be used in tandem with Grila's Switch theme, which I think is still one of the best custom themes available. I wanted to enhance the theme by designing platform banners which match the style. These banners look great once installed and will make the theme look seamless and consistent in design. Clean and minimal with no compression and with a matching background colour. I've included some platforms which are yet to be fully emulated, just to future-proof the set. If there are any platforms you'd like me to add in future, drop a comment below. Enjoy.
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    Version 1.1


    Full Dedicated Neo Geo Marquees Description There where quite a few full size dedicated marquees made for Neo Geo aside from the mini-marquee layouts, there where even some dedicated cabinets as well like Samurai Shodown II, The Irritating Maze and SNK vs Capcom Chaos. I wasn't able to restore all the full size Neo Geo marquees out there, the ones I couldn't are included in a folder as well. Features Full size Marquees for 25 Neo Geo games Made from the highest quality artwork available I could find Cleaned up and color corrected artwork Including restored/remade/revived artwork Exclusive Day mode / Night Mode (unlit/lit) for every marquee Almost all marquees are Ultra HD Resolution; 3840 pixels wide, some are not All are named with 03 and 04 at the end of the rom name so you can use these with my other neo geo marquees. Credits @ArsInvictus & to those that made high quality scans, logo's or other artwork that I found and used to reconstruct the marquees, I don't take full credits of this project thereof. ------------------------------------------------- See the making of of this project: https://forums.launchbox-app.com/topic/44355-coming-soon-neo-geo-marquees-v20/ Other Neo Geo Marquee work: Neo Geo custom Dual layout Neo Geo Mini-Marquee layout 🤘
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    That has been on my list for what seems like years. I want that for my own family as well, so it is definitely coming. I'm hoping I can get to it very soon.
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    Great work! Love that you are adding the power lights to the consoles
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    Sorry my mistake, you need to access the folder via command prompt first. shell:AppsFolder Which takes you here where you can create the shortcuts from. Forza Horizon 4 in my Gamepass. And here it is imported into Launchbox.
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    That was the issue thank you
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    Way too low resolution, hopefully there will be a higher resolution scan sometime.
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    I feel so dumb I forgot about Image Cache thanks for the speedy answer!!!
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    Make sure the name of the image EXACTLY matches your platform, if that doesnt work go to Options/Image Cache in Launchbox and refresh Platform logos.
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    I don't see anything wrong with having a lock out mode that hides adult games. That way people can have their full library of games and have the adult ones hidden when they want them hidden while being able to show them when needed as well. I personally have no need for this feature myself but I do believe it should be added. There has been plenty of requests for it, it just never does well on the polls.
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    Version 1.0.0


    This is a collection of discs with labels downloaded from Steam Game Covers. Please check the games list below as there are many different versions for almost every game. I split labels up by ESRB and PEGI ratings. Most labels have variants of both. To anyone who finds this set useful enjoy! Big thanks go out to the Steam Game Covers community! The quality of the work on that site is second to none! 3D GAME BOXES FOR STEAM CAN BE DOWNLOADED HERE:
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    Not sure if this is the intended functionality or was missed - or maybe no-one cares but me - but in the BigBox options I have "Hide Auto-Generated Playlists" checked so I don't have a bajillion genre playlists coming up. When I view playlists it's all awesome - it only shows the one's I've created manually. However if I go to a game and choose "Add to playlist" the list that pops up has all those bajillion playlists, making it a pain to find the list I want. Is there a way to hide the auto-generated playlists from the "Add to playlist" window as well? Going on the same track I would actually also like to hide some playlists altogether in BigBox - namely ones I use for organising things in Launchbox but don't want everyone to see in Big Box. Does anyone know if that's coming or should I do a feature request?
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