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    just made 7200 + set's off a 3d cover and a simple tape https://1fichier.com/?4liaa0dzt0wqunoymxje
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    PausePie View File PausePie is a simple pause theme for LaunchBox/BigBox based off of the RetroPie system menu. A simple text based menu system overlays a slightly blurred background image of the game. Installation Instructions Extract the PausePie folder into your LaunchBox\PauseThemes folder Go into the PausePie folder and install the Primus-Demo.otf font Open LaunchBox or BigBox and change the Pause Theme to PausePie Submitter faeran Submitted 08/18/2019 Category Pause Themes  
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    I bet.........Thanks for the reply. I look forward to digging into some of the tricky android systems and helping out where I can.
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    You're totally on it! I thought i had chosen Pico but in fact had genesisplusgx.. fixed that and it worked fine. And you're also right bout those file sizes, i thought they were bigger (was thinking of sega cd).. o well, after changing the core all is well. thanks again
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    What core are you trying to use? Genesisplusgx doesnt work with 32X, you need to use picodrive for that platform. Also there really is no benefit to having files that small compressed.
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    Sweet! In that case I will buy it on 2-3 different accounts! You know, just in case
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    Well I've been reading deeper in the context on the errors and I have it up now. Not sure if it is the correct way, but when I copied the default, in the references folder there were only 4 dll files. So I went back to my main LB folder under the Metadata, and just copied the missing dll's. I have the Designer window opening now on all my view files. Thank you for your effort and responses.
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    Nope. If you get in early at $5, you'll have it forever for that price.
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    Thanks! I'll try it out tonight, I could just use it for my own system or offer it as an alternative if it works, i'll let you know!
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    Maybe a moot point now, but if that does work, change hh to HH. hh being 12hr format and HH being 24hr.
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    Surely its best to just let the users language settings decide?
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    Yeah I'll leave that clock alone, the code isn't being accepted, I'll just get used to 12 hrs as I shouldn't be forcing 24hrs in a theme
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    or maybe "{Binding CurrentTime, StringFormat=h:mm tt}"
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    <TextBlock Text="{Binding Date, StringFormat=h:mm tt}" FontFamily="LAUNCHBOX_ROOT_FOLDER/Themes/NeonDeluxeArcade/Beon.ttf#Beon" Foreground="#A8FFF3" TextAlignment="Right" FontSize="40" TextWrapping="Wrap"> This Yankee prefers 12hr AM/PM. 😁
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    Oh snap! lol. Umm... might try: <TextBlock Text=DateTime.Now.ToString("h:mm tt") FontFamily="LAUNCHBOX_ROOT_FOLDER/Themes/NeonDeluxeArcade/Beon.ttf#Beon" Foreground="#A8FFF3" TextAlignment="Right" FontSize="40" TextWrapping="Wrap"> The code is for C# which is what Jason's code is written. May also pass to Theme xmal codes.
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    You cannot use that code as he provided C#, you need a pure XAML solution
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    Sort of, but not exactly. If you want retroarch to unzip for some patforms but not for others you will need two retroarch emulators in Launchbox, but you do not need two copies of retroarch. Just create another emulator in Launchbox and call it something like "Retroarch Zip" and point it to your existing retroarch install. Just be sure to check the unzip box, then tell the games in that platform to use that emulator instead.
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    string Time = DateTime.Now.ToString("h:mm tt"); 7:46 AM string Time = DateTime.Now.ToString("HH:mm"); 07:46
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    Ahah merci @PaDeMoNiuM !! La vitesse est une impression. En faite, j'ai créé presque tous les montages Photoshop avant de lancer le projet ici. Du coup, ça va assai vite maintenant. Mais c'est une impression ! Les centaines d'heures passées avant, sur les montages, sont invisibles pour vous... 😅 Pour les sources, tout est basé sur des photomontages. Photos trouvées sur Google Image et Vanamo Online Game Museum. Sauf les bornes d'arcade que j'ai créées moi même en 3D (c'est mon métier depuis 18 ans) Je les ai créés de façon à ce qu'on puisse les custom sous Photoshop. Je posterai toutes mes sources à la fin de cette 1re série ! Same text, in English: Speed is an impression. In fact, I created almost all Photoshop montage before starting the project here. Suddenly, it goes quickly now. But it's an impression! The hundreds of hours spent before, on all montage, are invisible to you ... 😅 For sources, everything is based on photomontages. Photos found on Google Image and Vanamo Online Game Museum. Except all arcade cabinet, that I created myself in 3D (this is my job for 18 years) I created them so that we can customize them in Photoshop. I will post all my sources at the end of this 1st series!
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    You can add any category you wish my right clicking a existing one choosing new and specifying where it shows in the parent tab. Here is a quick test one i just made.
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    So It looks like I downloaded the source code because I used the github link not the download link in the forum. After downloading the correct files. BOOM we are all good and it works fantastic. Thanks assistance and for the screen shots that lead me to look into the contents further.
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