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    Hey all, the first 10.2 beta is out now with the #3 most-voted item from the last poll: backup and restore options for data and settings. Here's the change log: New Feature: New options for "Create Data Backup" and "Restore Data Backup" are available under the Tools menu in LaunchBox. These options will backup and restore your LaunchBox and Big Box data, sans for game and media files. Improvement: Automatic data backups now use the new data backup engine, which should make things significantly easier in disaster scenarios, as it's now one file per backup instead of a bunch of random XML files I went ahead and revamped the automatic data backups system as well, since it was confusing for a lot of users due to all the XML files being separate. Automatic data backups now happen on both startup and shutdown of LaunchBox and Big Box, if enabled in the LaunchBox options (should be enabled by default). The new backup system simply creates a 7-zip backup file of the LaunchBox\Data folder, which handles everything sans for game and media files. It should be really convenient now to make a backup and then experiment however you like, with the ability to go back easily if needed. Next up on the list is the #1 feature from the poll: Xbox controller and PS4 controller home button support.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Just a simple Platform theme for the Sega Saturn Japan Region I recorded from Hyperspin.
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    Hey all, first off thank you so much for helping with the beta testing. The official release has been very smooth and I definitely owe that to you guys, so thank you very much. I wanted to mention that if you have previously left a review on the Play Store, it has all been private feedback, unfortunately, because Google does not allow beta testers to give public feedback. If you'd like to review the app publicly (and I would be very grateful), you first need to click this link: https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.unbrokensoftware.launchbox From there, click the button to opt out, and then you will finally be able to leave a public review here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.unbrokensoftware.launchbox I'm sorry for being so forward about this; I typically wouldn't come out and ask for reviews lol, but Google has complicated this whole process so much that I felt that it was probably a good thing to clear up. Thanks again, everybody. Just put out a desktop beta, and I'm back to Android development for the rest of the afternoon. Edit: Don't worry about uninstalling the beta version of the app and reinstalling the public version, as the site says. There's no need as they are one and the same for the moment.
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    Version 1.10


    Bulk Custom Command-Line Editor Use this to set (or clear) the Custom Command-Line Parameter for the selected games. The would be the same as selecting a game, click Edit, go to the Emulation tab and check "Use Custom Command-Line Parameters:" and entering in a command line. But for multiple games all at once. This will not change anything for the Emulator itself (i.e. Edit Emulator). This is only for the selected games' Custom Command-Line. Setting up: 1) Copy "BulkEditCommandLine.dll" into your LaunchBox\Plugin folder. 2) Navigate to the folder, right click the dll file, click Properties then click Unblock.Using: 3) Start LaunchBox 4) Select a game (or games), right click and choose "Bulk Command Line Editor" - Type in the command line and click "Finish" (or hit Enter) - To clear the Command-Line for the selected game(s), leave blank and click "Finish" - To exit without making changes, click "Cancel"
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    I edited the appropriate Libretro core into the platform xml file. Once you've exported the games and box art via LaunchBox, replace the platform xml with the attached one. Path for me was: This PC\<myphone>\Card\Android\data\com.unbrokensoftware.launchbox\files\LaunchBox\Data\Platforms Also go into Retroarch and download this core: NEC - PC Engine SuperGrafx (Beetle SGX) PC Engine SuperGrafx.xml
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    Version 0.9


    # BETA ? Yes, for now, it's preliminary version. I have a lot of ideas, new view and things to fix in the near future! # WHAT IS IT ? COLORFUL is a complete and coherent high quality graphic set, around a unique design. Made with love in France. I hope you like it ! 😘 Here are planned development axes: COLORFUL Theme : The main hub, a unique interface for BigBox. COLORFUL Platform Video : Complete 4K video set, with a unique design. COLORFUL Source : To involve the community in the platform video creation. (new) COLORFUL BigBox Startup Video : (soon) COLORFUL Startup Theme : (soon) COLORFUL Pause Theme : (soon) # HERE IS COLORFUL THEME FOR BIGBOX: On this page we are talking about COLORFUL Theme for BigBox: Design for work with my platform video set, COLORFUL THEME is thought to be used on the big screen (TV) in gaming console mode. Modern, elegant and animated are the key words of this interface. # I NEED YOUR HELP : PATREON ? Same problem as with my video set ! Creating videos & theme takes a loooooot of time. And I have to deal with a full-time CGI artist job and 2 young kids. So I opened a Patreon page that could allow me to dedicate days on my work time to continue creating video. I'm not trying to get rich, but like everyone else, I cant spend 1 day/week working for free! I hope you understand. If the project interests you: Here is my Patreon page. # IN DETAIL ? The main features : 16:9 only. (Works on other ratio, but with black bands) Full 4K asset. (Any resolution must work, 4K assets) Totally responsive. No resolution deformation on text size or placement. Because of the white/black background, some ClearLogo comes with the theme. Gamepad connection indicator & battery level. # RECOMMENDATION ? Any design choice gives limitations. Here are some recommendations for this theme : LaunchBox/BigBox v.10.0 (and up) VLC highly recommended. Design for work with COLORFUL platform video set. (but you can use any video you what) Beware of full white/black ClearLogo. They will be invisible on Light/Dark views! I didnt test this theme on a lowend configuration. There may be slowdown. (Curious to have your feedback on this subject!) # COOL, HOW TO DOWNLOAD ? 2 ways : In Windows : Right here, with the download button. Extract the "Colorful" folder and place it in your "LaunchBox/Themes" directory. (dont rename it!) In BigBox : Option > Theme manager > Found "COLORFUL - Light" or "COLORFUL - Dark". # SPECIAL THANKS ! @Jason Carr for his hard work on LaunchBox/BigBox! Thx man! To all Patreon guys! A GIANT THANKS to all of you!!! 😍 The whote community for yout support! # CREDITS ! @Jason Carr for LaunchBox/BigBox. @Grila for Grila's Custom BigBox Controls. (Gamepad icon & battery level) @eatkinola for Ao.Bigbox.Themer. (Awazing work! Thx again) Christian Robertson for Roboto Free Font Set. Impallari for Raleway Free Font Set. # BY FILE, EVERY CUSTOM VIEW SUMMARY (Here in LIGHT. Same principle/animation for DARK) PlatformWheel1FiltersView.xaml PlatformWheel2FiltersView.xaml WheelGamesView.xaml : Wheel2GamesView.xaml : TextGamesView :
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    Sony Playstation Disc Art View File Here is a collection of disc art images for Sony Playstation 1 games. All USA and Europe exclusives and some Japanese games too. 1,888 in total. I could not find images for the following games: NBA in the Zone 2 (USA) Plane Crazy (Europe) for NBA in the Zone 2 (USA) I included the pal disc instead. If anyone can upload disc scans of those 3 games that would be great. I included a template for those who want to add games to their collections. Submitter WallyWonka Submitted 09/05/2019 Category Game Cart Images  
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    Version 1.2


    This is a complete collection of Sega Mega CD 3D Boxes for the Japan Region. The naming convention is ReDump If you find my work of use could you please consider donating to my Patreon found here: https://www.patreon.com/RobinLevingstone LIST OF GAMES INCLUDED: A 3D Box pack for the European region can be downloaded here: 3D Boxes for the Sega CD USA region can be downloaded here:
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    Version 1.0.1


    ** Theme has now been added to the Theme Manager inside BigBox - with an updated version** Massive thanks goes to @y2guru for his amazing COMMUNITY Theme Creator for BigBox, without his work in creating this simple to use theme design program I couldn't have made this theme. _______________________________________________________________________________ INTRODUCTION As you can see from the screenshots its a very colourful and sort of cartoon-ish looking theme, I wanted you to get the feeling that your already in a game before you start to play a game!! _______________________________________________________________________________ INSTALLATION Download the zip file and unblock it (right click the zip file, goto "Properties" then at the bottom put a tick in the "Unblock" box, and hit ok when done) then extract the folder too -- \Launchbox\Themes\ __________________________________________________________________________________________ AFTERCARE Although the theme is using fallback images for the Characters or Devices, you can still add your own artwork for systems I've not got round to finding artwork for and add them here -- \LaunchBox\Themes\Pyramids\Media\Characters -- \LaunchBox\Themes\Pyramids\Media\Devices Also you will need to check that the naming of a system Character / Device / Platform Clear Logo is the same exact spelling as your system.
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    Version 1.2


    overlay kof98 png models.
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    No man, sorry, I can check it out though, No need to buy it just for that, perhaps anyone who has it can let us know here...
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    Another beautiful theme @faeran! Thanks for the hard work you do on these!
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    Well if you were on a version before 9.2 then one thing that will cause issues with Rocketlauncher are the new Startup screens that were implemented in 9.2. Startups within Launchbox and Startups from Rocket Launcher will not work together. You will have to turn off one of them. Not saying that is what is causing this issue, just letting you know it is something known to not work together. There has been a recent Windows 10 update that mixed with things like Riva Tuner/MSI Afterburner and even virus protection like Kaspersky has caused issues with the recent Launchbox updates. If you are using any of those turn them off and test some games. Are you on Win7 or Win10? I do not use RL so cannot really comment much more on troubleshooting with it. Just giving some heads up on issues we have recently seen.
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    Dude, having the Big Box interface on my phone or tablet will be epic! Can't wait!
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    just to put this thread to bed, I've had bigbox running now for around 24hrs with VLC backend and default theme. No memory leaks, no problems. as of this date, 10.x and the 'Refaktor' theme are not stable together!
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    Yup, updating to 10.1 did the trick! Was on 10.0 before.
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    A dark version was not planned. But considering the number of requests, I think to do it! Give me time to completely finalize the white version, and I'll do a dark version 😉
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    10.1 translation files Language ru-Ru (10.1).zip
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    I get it. Hopefully if the Launchbox can scrape the data in the future on it's own and not through the pc tool, maybe this can solve it. But thanks anyway for your efforts man. It's the original one, I have it for like 2 years or even more. I think now for sale is a model similar to this one called GPD XD+, which is more or less the same specs.
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    I've been getting the same error with the same workaround. Other than that the app has been great and extremely easy to setup
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    Thanks for this. I'll get it available without a hack here soon, but if this works in the mean time, then that's killer.
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    Awesome. Thanks!!!! I’ll try it out tonight.
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    Ok I figured it out. First of all, I had exported the package to a newly formatted drive, before I ever connected the drive to the Shield. Then, I exported the package in a root directory on the drive I had called "Launchbox". If you put the files in this kind of file structure, they won't be recognized. What I did is I moved them to a new folder "Android" on the external drive and used the following path: Android>data>com.unbrokensoftware.launchbox>files>LaunchBox Now, everything is recognized fine. Thanks for the help! P.S. Your tip helped me figure it out. I looked at the internal drive and saw the file structure where the Launchbox folder had been placed. Then I saw the Shield had created a similar file structure on the external drive (Android>data> etc...) and figured that must be where the files had to go.
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    Did one last fresh install on the same HDD then copied everything from my old LB folder to the new one and it worked. I had two corrupt xml files which LB told me about.
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    Okay, I'm lost then currently. I'll take a look though to see if I can replicate it.
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    getting an error on the lunchbox side where it cannot delete the old android temp folder because access was denied ( to the game at the top of the list in games folder) this has happened every time iv done a transfer with a different games being access denied. I have worked around the issue by deleting the folder manually but wondering if there is a permanent fix PS. awesome job Jason replying to every post in this 25 page thread!
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    Yeah, that's what I was thinking of doing if you came back with this answer. I do hope resources get invested into allowing us to only export the theme/images/details of these games and just pointing the app to where the games are. I see that as a "must have". In the meantime, I will be attempting my Shield's mount function in tandem with my home computer to achieve this. Well, when I finish rebuilding my collection from the last hard drive failure. *sigh*
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    I have never heard of this. Windows doesn't really assign the drive letters to the nas. You assign them by mapping them to your pc. Some people have to create a scheduled task to reassign the mapped. drive on every reboot, but not much of an issue. Now windows had problems with assigning controllers (joysticks) different Id #s, but that had nothing to do with nas. I live my little nas device, I have the readynas 214. I would suggest something a little more powerful for plex and movies, but overall very happy with it.
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    Okay, well, then I'm fairly clueless, hmm. I guess the first step would be to try installing to a new folder, and see if that copy works. You can keep your existing setup in the other folder.
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    Thanks for the quick release of 10.1 guys! I just installed 10.1 and it did fix the issue. 10.1 is running great on my Win7 machine in both LaunchBox and Big Box.
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    No no no, I insist, thank you for your tireless dedication to gamers everywhere! I also enjoy playing with this new iteration of Launchbox.
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    We could, but I think Google will probably do a good enough job getting people here. One of us will be around to answer it again if not. Thanks @misteridjit.
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    Thank you @misteridjit. I've seen that the Windows file transfer utilities to Android devices can be really finicky. I would guess that there was probably already an images folder in there that just wasn't showing up. Can you try disconnecting and reconnecting to see if maybe there's a duplicate folder in there? Otherwise, maybe try looking for an images folder with a file browser on your Android device.
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    I've had to update early because I missed something beforehand. The glass overlay was over the top of the character image which made it look incorrect so sorry about that. Now there shouldn't be another update for awhile. Good news is, that with the update it also includes a video background from @harryoke for a new view option.
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    LaunchBox and Big Box on Android will be the same application. Basically, I'll be adding views to the Android app to behave like Big Box. So no additional purchases.
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    Tilted Screen Bezel Test on Retroarch with Mame Core (Ms. Pac-Man / Galaga Arcade Game)
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    This is like 95% of what I want in a theme, and I'm only saying 95% because it's in beta. This is amazing work.
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    Version 1.0.0


    street fighter2 original art work bezels compilation for mame.
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    110 / 45% done now. I've also been keeping a detailed changelog so that people can see what's changed once it's all done. A lot of little fixes and improvements here and there. Also, just FYI I'm on dev 3281 now because there was actually a very recent improvement that fixed a regression that's been around since 1.2.1 that caused some issues in some games, like skipping audio in cutscenes in Shadow of Rome and weird speedup problems in Jak 2. So a really nice improvement there.
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    Have that translation in for the official release @Cauptain. Should be out in an hour or two.
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    Many thanks for Beta 6 release @Jason Carr. I was able to fix some translation errors for Android. I will not update anymore. Version 10 below is complete now for official release. Language-pt-BR - Final Edition.zip Claudio
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    Version 1.2.0


    Here is a collection of disc art images for Sony Playstation 1 games. All USA and Europe exclusives and some Japanese games too. 1,888 in total. I could not find images for the following games: NBA in the Zone 2 (USA) Plane Crazy (Europe) for NBA in the Zone 2 (USA) I included the pal disc instead. If anyone can upload disc scans of those 3 games that would be great. I included a template for those who want to add games to their collections.
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    I found the solution ,Riva tuner was the problem ,I configured riva tuner to omit launchbox and bigbox and now works
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    FlightRisk, by any chance are you an iPhone user?😃 Up until now, the Windows version of LaunchBox and BigBox have become extremely mature in development and a few years ago when it wasn't so "mature", I recall that Jason rejected the idea of porting LaunchBox to Android. However, now mobile gaming is a really big market probably more so than PC gaming, since more people of all ages and backgrounds are using their smartphones for a variety of uses, much more so than desktop or laptop computers. This is especially true here in South Korea, where the Android gaming market/scene has become gigantic, mostly Android games but also emulation. And with the release of an Android version, it could (and should) potentially expose a lot of smartphone users to the Windows version of LaunchBox, making it a win-win situation from a marketing perspective.
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