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    UPDATE ! +6 platform video. ☺️ Next step, all automatic arcade playlist. Anyone have a full list? I can't find it. And after, sources release! DOWNLOAD : On download page, as usual. In LaunchBox Platform Video Download Tool. On EmuMovies FTP. Atari 5200 Nintendo Satellaview Taito Type X (full CGI render here, like all arcade cab) Windows WonderSwan (happy with pixel screen effect!) WonderSwan Color
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    Version 1.1.0


    This startup theme is a modified version of keltogael's minimal, I wanted a theme to go along with the new modern looking Colorful by viking which is already my main theme. The theme is really simple, rather than show the game loaded, it uses the platform as "splash screen", same as minimal, but instead of the logos of each platform i found more pleasing to show the controller. Icons used are from the Noun Project. The .psd file is included so you can add your own platforms (save your .png on platforms folder, copy and edit the .xml to match the .png name and platform name) and translate the "loading" text. I'll update it if I add more platforms. [important] There's NO game shutdown screen, if you use this theme, you should disable shutdown screens.
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    Radiance View File Here is an early release version of theme Radiance. This theme is based around the Aura theme by iGarikoitz. Things to note: Theme works best with game music. Theme works best when you have 1 boxart image per game. If you have more than 1 boxart image for a game, the box highlight may not work properly. This is because the coverflow will randomly select a boxart image to display, and the box highlight will also randomly select a boxart image to use for sizing the highlight. If they choose differently, then it will look off. There is currently no way to know which image the coverflow will select to display. This theme does not work well if a system has boxart that is not uniform. Custom changes on a per-platform basis need to be made. All system may not be currently covered. If you find a system that is not currently covered, please let me know and I'll look into it. Have fun! Credits: Faeran - Created the Radiance theme for Launchbox iGarikoitz - The inspiration for Radiance, including his Aura and Aura 4k themes for RetroFE Tronkyfran - Platform background graphics used from his Tronkyfran theme for Emulation Station Submitter faeran Submitted 04/27/2019 Category Big Box Custom Themes  
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    If possible maybe you could add a select option that will make checkboxes appear then let users delete them in bulk. I've seen this feature in a lot of image and file explorer software in Android
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    Yeah -- I totally get that ... one of the reasons I made this plugin; empty spaces of the black bars really bothers me, and stretching games to fill the screen looks funny. I use RetroArch for most systems, and its overlay system works well once setup.
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    Fair enough, thanks for answering so quickly - I'll give it a go all the same. The OCD in me finds it weird when all my mame games have Bezels and nothing else does, but every solution Im aware of to use them just seems so convoluted vs how simple everything else was to set up! haha
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    Thanks, I updated the App and it works for me. Only complain I'd have would be that you have to select every app by it's own and you can't select multiple apps at once.
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    That will take me a bit more time to do all of those, but I can certainly look into it.
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    Thank you for Warhammer! Looking good. Would you be interested in the Medal of Honor series?
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    In the video settings set the aspect ratio to 16:9 and turn off integer scaling, this will display your games fullscreen and stretched.
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    Added Starflight to LB database, didn't add Fraction Action because it's not in the database.
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    There is no stretch option in RA. If that core/game is set to 16:9 already then this is as good as it gets, or try another core, depending what system you are trying to use. Try disabling integer scale in video options also. The only way to stretch it to full screen is to set video to custom and manually stretch it to fit your screen.
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    Sorry, I'm late but I've found the news only some hours ago... 😭 Language-it-IT.zip
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    @viking these, together with the theme are really wonderful. Thanks a lot! I Would love to have a ScummVM platform video. That is the only one of my platforms that isn't covered already.
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    Thinking out loud; maybe you could test reducing a couple of px the game title font size (so it reduces the used space from three lines to two and gets pushed down a little bit), and check if placing the box front above works for both horizontal and vertical images.
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    I think the DVD format covers size are ok, the problem is the square like covers (like ps1) that looks a little too large, but i dunno how if its possible to filter the cover size by platform on the theme code.
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    That is how it works currently, as it overwrites the previous platform XML file. That is by design with the current version. You can export platforms separately, but you'll have to re-export entire platforms.
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    Are your ../Data/Platform/platform.xml files copied over as well? i.e. "../Data/Playlists/Arcade Atari Classics.xml" also needs "../Data/Platform/Arcade.xml".
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    Stark View File Initially a variant of Grila's Fundamental, Stark is a minimal Big Box theme focusing on usability, clean looks and fast access to what matters: the games. Suggested image packs: Platform/Playlist Banners (strongly recommended) https://forums.launchbox-app.com/files/file/113-minimal-platform-logos/ Platform ClearLogos https://forums.launchbox-app.com/files/file/403-basic-platform-clear-logo-set/ Platform Device Images (also supports videos) https://forums.launchbox-app.com/files/file/109-hardware-platform-set/ Requires LaunchBox 9.6.7 or above Expect gremlins, I'm new at this Currently requires 1080p resolution or equivalent (eg 200% DPI scaling at 2160p). A fix for this is in the works FIXED! hopefully Todo: Fix platform quickselect (favs/recent) title font Fix non-displaying A-Z index bar in some game views Add star rating images Adjust margins on wall view (I'm yet to figure out how to do this, the spacing adjustment only seems to apply horizontally). Submitter donkeywaffles Submitted 08/20/2019 Category Big Box Custom Themes  
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    This is awesome. Thanks for sharing.
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    I'm really sorry to answer now my own question, but my problem was the same as it was for the user CoOlokey -above this comment- and I wanted to help others if this can happen to them. It was because in spanish the word emulation it is written as Emulación, with an accent that the program probably didn't recognize so I removed the ó. thank you very much for the replies I got some months ago, and sorry for being so late.
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