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    Version 1.0.2


    Collection of boxes, carts, and logos I've created/collected from various sources.
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    Little video demonstrating new views and Text List styles.
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    Version 1.0.2


    About Plugin that scrapes information from HowLongToBeat.com and adds custom fields with game lengths information. I made this plugin to add length information for certain games, mostly rpgs. This adds 3 custom fields for Main Story, Main + Extra and Completionist length. You can configure which ones you want to add by editing the file HLTBPlugin.xml. Because there's no oficial API from HLTB, I had to parse the HTML, which means that as soon as they change something on the HTML this plugin probably will stop working... Install Extract files (dll + xml) to : Launchbox/Plugins/HLTBPlugin. Config (HLTBPlugin.xml) MainStoryLength: Enable/disable main story length update. Default: true. MainExtraLength: Enable/disable main story + extra length update. Default: true. CompletionistLength: Enable/disable completionist length update. Default: true. MainStoryFieldName: Change main story length custom field name. Default: Main Story Length MainExtraFieldName: Change main story + extra length custom field name. Default: Main + Extra Length CompletionistFieldName: Change completionist length custom field name. Default: Completionist Length Note: If you change the fields names it will not update the games that already have information, so you will end up with duplicated fields with different names and you will have to manually delete them (edit game -> custom fields tab). So config the first time and stick with that. Usage Access the option by right-click a game (only one game, no massive update yet). A window will popup with all the games found and you can choose which one correspond to your game. If there's no results you can manually change the search words (e.g. Metal Gear Ac!d will get no results but you can then change the search to Metal Gear Acid). You can use the "Arrange By" option to order the games by length. Lengths are shown with leading zeroes because is the only way to properly order the games since custom fields are strings and not integers. Tested on version 8.9. I think you need a premium license because custom fields are not supported in free license (not sure). I have no relation with HowLongToBeat.com, if you like their work please go and support them. Public Repository https://github.com/matiasponsml/HLTBPlugin
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    Version 5.0


    Note: This thread will not be pushed to the front in the "whats new" section, if you want notifications for future updates to this file be sure to follow this page by using the follow button in the upper right corner Here's my collection of Lights Off realistic retroarch bezels, many more to come when I add more platforms to my game collection so stay tuned by using above method. You can find other bezels that are part of my "Lights Out!" series over here: Neo Geo v2 4K - Lights Out - Realistic Retroarch Bezels Capcom Play System I 4K - Lights Out - Realistic Retroarch Bezels Capcom Play System II 4K - Lights Out - Realistic Retroarch Bezels Capcom Play System III 4K - Lights Out - Realistic Retroarch Bezels Sega Naomi 4K - Lights Out - Realistic Retroarch Bezels Mame 4K - Lights Out - Realistic Bezels Enjoy,
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    Version 1.0.0


    This is 114 Bezel (1920x1080)
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    Version 1.0.0


    Welcome to Gamesville ... Where everything is free. Rendering it took bloody ages but i think it was worth it in the end. please leave feedback as it is nice to be thanked for all the hours we media creators put into these projects. We do this for fun and are not payed , give me some cash if you want , please make all checks payable to The Harryoke Retirement Fund
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    Version 2.2


    Inspired by the work of screenzone.fr, I totally redo a very large set of Platform Clear Logo. New ring. New design. HD logo. (1506 x 756 px) PNG format. No drop shadow. ZIP file: GAMES ARCADE logo (77 PNG) ZIP file: GAMES COMPUTER logo (70 PNG) ZIP file: GAMES CONSOLE logo (104 PNG) ZIP file: GAMES HANDHELDlogo (28 PNG) ZIP file: GAMES PINBALL logo (5 PNG) ZIP file: CATEGORY logo (7 PNG) ZIP file: THIRD PARTY APP logo (16 PNG) ZIP file: PLAYLIST logo (13 PNG) ZIP file: BLANK logo : Create your own logo. (2 PSD) Browse the forum thread for alternatives from other users ! Browse the forum and ask for update on the good tread ! Instruction : Copy/past *.PNG file in your ...\ LaunchBox \ Themes \ <Theme name> \ Images \ Platforms \ Clear Logo. Rename the png file exactly as the name of the desired platform as in LaunchBox. Launch "BigBox" and go into "option". Refresh "wheel image cache".
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    Version 1.1.2


    I designed some overlays for my 4K TV since I couldn't find any at that resolution at the quality I was looking for. I'm in the process of creating more systems in Photoshop, but the console themed designs take quite a while at 4K resolution. Many of these are inspired by the consoles design, so they aren’t 100% accurate to the source, they are just formatted to look nice as bezels/overlays. These overlays are designed to maximize screen real estate (IE no integer scaling), so there is no gap on the top and bottom of the screen. Use standard 4:3 aspect ratio or custom scaling. So, I won't be creating designs for consoles / handhelds that display primarily in 16:9, as doing that requires shrinking the game. I use the CRT_Geom shader with these settings changed and the screens are curved exactly where they need to be: CRT Geom Curvature Radius: 3.00 CRT Corner Size: 0.00 CRT Geom Sharpness: 3.00
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    Version 1.0.0


    A collection of playlists and clear logos for the top games from a a large number of consoles, computers, and handhelds. Most folders contain a Gold, silver, bronze, and best playlist (which combines the bronze, silver, and gold) Below you will find links to all the spreadsheets for the sources I used to compile the data. REMINDER: These are not in order of “Best” these are in order of mentions based upon aggregating a number of “Best of” lists. In some cases, smaller lists, or higher ranked games were given greater weight to arrive at a more balanced list. I have omitted some systems - either because there weren’t enough quality games released, games are still being released, or I don’t have them in my Launchbox set-up (yet). These took me a long time to compile. I hope they are helpful. Best of lists now include: Handhelds: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1FiWrU75w5pkSw7GO036iHdrvtBmEsbVh2Kka4K9p6z0/edit?usp=sharing Includes: Nintendo Gameboy Nintendo Gameboy Advance Nintendo DS Nintendo 3DS Sega Game Gear Sony PSP Atari Lynx Bandai Wonderswan / Color Neo Geo Pocket / Color Virtual Boy Sega Consoles: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ksBmsFaLhv1ngK2xDJAai_ollUfukWqZeltlcXv8prQ/edit?usp=sharing Includes: Sega SG-1000 Sega Master System Sega Genesis / Mega Drive Sega 32X Sega CD Sega Saturn Sega Dreamcast Nintendo Consoles: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1f_xtOy_Ksv9Q_Rp99eoR6y5ku7HesM9o2dC0n_5VNZ0/edit?usp=sharing Includes: Nintendo Entertainment System Super Nintendo Entertainment System Nintendo 64 Nintendo Gamecube Nintendo Wii Nintendo Wii U Nintendo Wii Ware Arcade: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1h3qIxywuZhopstrUF75IiC7byknCR9gqC5SzHnR8W2o/edit?usp=sharing Includes: Arcade games!!! Duh! Sony Consoles: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1n2mtn3UZUl4OePTk6BR9Ekpp1C1d8mJd3E1ZfEqhHvM/edit?usp=sharing Includes: Sony Playstation 1 Sony Playstation 2 Sony Playstation 3 Computer Systems: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/14XncuO8BeymKqszMDUOjuw7FiE7Wwzoilz78Y7TkBE8/edit?usp=sharing Includes: Amstrad CPC Commodore 64 Commodore Amiga MS-DOS ScummVM ZX Spectrum MSX 1 and 2 combined Sharp X68000 Windows PC Atari Consoles: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1xpKQIiRee-Kr_BOwM4rKKKUHO2a3gDIuCHmzp2QMJOc/edit?usp=sharing Includes: Atari 2600 Atari 5200 Atari 7800 Atari Jaguar NEC Consoles: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1XkwZChH95xjRr3_SAw5OPdjOaN05dncaPHgy2li7iWg/edit?usp=sharing Includes: PC Engine / Turbografx-16 PC Engine CD / Turbografx-CD PC-FX Other Consoles: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1fD-aGI3NmjC5grFzE-ZyHE1ibARhHRX6RmSaJaVtlg8/edit?usp=sharing Includes: Amstrad GX4000 Bally Astrocade ColecoVision GCE Vectrex Magnavox Odyssey 2 Mattel Intellivision Panasonic 3DO Philips CDI Neo Geo AES / CD combined Enjoy?
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    package overlays samurai shodown 1,2,3,4,5,5sp for mame .
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    Version 1.0.0


    MSX2+ & MSX Turbo R Unified Video Themes
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    Version 1.0.1


    Ok this was totally motivated by the fact that a lot of my Naomi ROMs no longer work in Demul due to needing newer ROMs so inspired by the All Killer No Filler .bat and .txt files that @lordmonkusposted I don't recall the original person who did the work but he gets credit for this also. I simply looked at the NoFiller .txt file and saw what was going on and basically did the same thing for all of the Naomi, NaomiGD, Naomi2, Naomi2GD, Hikaru, Gaelco and Sammy Atomiswave games. I hope people find it useful. I'm also thinking about making one of these for Sega Model 3 which I believe uses MAME ROMs.
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    Description I wanted to include a way to navigate threw your library within Kodi. the main reason for this is to allow you to launch games from a remote control like yatse or a web browser. I also wanted to be able to add a widget in kodi listing some of the games. Features Launch BigBox(not supported in Android and Linux) Launch Random Game Platform List Favorites List Genre Last Added Last Played Random Games Search Fanart Box Art Clear Logos(only in Beta version) Trailers (only in Beta version) Notes the way the addon pulls information is pretty bugy as it is reading LaunchBox's separate xm files and pushed into a sql database. some emulators may return errors as I am unable to create every scenario. at this stage I can only confirm that RocketLauncher and Retroarch is working. I will need to do some more testing to confirm the rest. Bugs addon is listed under video addons(i will get around to fixing this sometime). unabale to launch games that require extraction. only games that use retroarch are supported in the Linux and Android Version. there may be some core that are named different in Linux and Android network shares most likely do not work unless the drive is mounted under the operating system(eg. mounted as /mnt/gamesdrive in linux or android or mapped network drive in windows). Submitting Bugs if you get an error I and want to submitt a bug. will need to know the following: 1. what game you where attempting to play 2. what platform is i from 3. which emulator 4. can you upload your platform and emulators xml 5. can you upload a kodi log Screenshots Download repository.slipsystem-1.0.0.zip ExportForKodi.zip plugin.video.bigbox-1.0.36.zip BUY ME A BEER
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    Haha to quote the movie Casino... "I want an equal amount of blueberry's in each muffin." "Do you have any idea how long that's going to take? LOL, just kidding, thanks man, I really appreciate the help and don't take it for granted. EDIT: Weird, I went into the arcade folder where I found the old one, replaced it and it's still showing, is it some kind of cache thing?
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    Version 1.0.0


    First batch of Graffiti/Cartoon style clear logo's. Will make more if people are interested in a full set. Hope you enjoy them , please feel free to leave any feedback.
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    Nintendo Game & Watch Media Pack View File Collection of boxes, carts, and logos I've created/collected from various sources. Submitter edgemundo Submitted 09/21/2019 Category Game Media Packs  
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    $5 is more than fair. Pay the devs if you want ongoing support & development. No such thing as a free lunch.
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    I have an idea as to what is going on with the mapping stuff. It should work perfectly fine with XInput controllers (360, Xbone, PS4), but some DirectInput controllers treat the trigger axis differently, and I think that is causing it to not map properly. I have a controller coming in the mail tomorrow that I can test with.
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    Thank you guys. @rodww As much as we all want everything to be free, that's not how businesses work. You're only the second complaint we've received about it not being free since we released the app, and the amount of purchases we have coming in confirm that people are happy to pay $5 for the app. We've never promised that a license on Windows would ever work on other platforms, and since Android requires separate code and completely separate work than the Windows version, it only makes sense for it to cost at least something. Per it requiring the Windows version, that's a moot point since it only requires the free version of the Windows app; it doesn't require another purchase.
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    Yeah, as much as free is the most amazing thing ever, you gotta know when to be ok with supporting projects with monetary contributions. Especially THE best front end ever fucking made. I rest my case.
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    This is for now, it will be fully stand alone at some point.
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    I am pretty confident Jason is appreciative of things like this. We do not have a big dev team working on Launchbox. It really is just one great person putting his time and heart into something he loves and we get to benefit from that. $5 is truly a small price to pay to say Thanks.
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    I disagree entirely. It's also $5... Support your devs. I also purchased a lifetime license and I couldn't click fast enough to pay $5 for the Android version.
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    I managed to get it working, and it does seem to be working fine with the guide button. I had to reboot to get it working again though. I'm not sure what made it stop working, but I'm guessing it was connecting my Xbox One receiver/controller. Why would you use the controller in Switch mode on PC? For setting the button combination, go slowly like this: Press and hold the first button. Press and release the second button. Release the first button. If you do that out of order, it doesn't always register. Does that fix it when the controller is in XInput mode? What are the reasons to use the other modes?
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    I just sent you a message back, but yep they turned out nice without the gloss effect but for me personally I like to be able to see the edge clearly defined so I would go with the gloss, I also use the boxes with the gloss effect for Genesis and Mega Drive and I also use the unified theme so they look fine that way, but to each his own. Anyway glad you like my contributions man
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    Alright! Beta 2 is out now with a huge game controller overhaul: New Feature: Game controllers have been completely overhauled in both LaunchBox and Big Box! See below. New Feature: Xbox 360 and Xbox One controller guide buttons can now be used anywhere (from the poll) New Feature: Multiple controller bindings can now be used everywhere New Feature: All controller bindings can now be a button combination if desired (and the opposite, controller automation bindings that used to require a button combination can now be mapped to a single button) New Feature: Left stick, right stick, and trigger axes can now be bound to actions, and buttons can now be bound to navigational movement This stuff will need some significant testing. Let me know if anyone runs into any issues. Also, those of you who have PS4 controllers, if you can test them, I would appreciate it, especially support for the "guide" button in the bottom center. My understanding is that this button only works in XInput simulation mode, but I'm finding DS4Windows to be a bit finicky and couldn't get it to work (might be conflicting with my Xbox One controllers).
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    Already tell it to you in private message but.. This post need visibility, this theme is awesome ! (Beautifull, transition, just important informations at good size, ...) The best one I have ever seen ! ❤️
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    Version 1.0.0


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    The revamped wall view is pretty far down the list at #18 in the poll items. So I'll definitely get to it (it's in the top 20), but it'll probably be a while.
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    Version 2.3.0


    ***** Now Supporting Random Startup Videos ***** Startup Video Manager: A plugin to manage Startup videos for the user through a clean, simple interface. About the Plugin This plugin provides a menu item that will open a window to allow users to manage their startup videos, and optionally, to activate random startup videos. Random startup videos will be switched out as LaunchBox closes and Big Box opens. New and Returning Features: Reads from a "Startups" folder in LaunchBox\Videos to let the user select their desired startup video. Clicking "Preview" will let the user preview the selected Startup video through a custom VLC player with options for play/pause/stop, forward and backward, volume control and full-screen viewing. Double-clicking the video will also take you to and from fullscreen viewing. Pressing Esc while in fullscreen will also take you back to the normal view. Another way to get back while in fullscreen is to move the mouse to the bottom of the screen where a menu with the video name and a back button will appear. Copies the selected video in LaunchBox\VIdeos\Startups to LaunchBox\Videos and renames it to startup.mp4 so that BigBox will recognize it. Before replacing your existing startup.mp4 file, it checks to see whether or not your current startup.mp4 exists in the Startups folder. If not, it will copy your current startup.mp4 to the Startups folder, adding the Unix timestamp to the filename, to make sure you do not lose any startup video you may not have backed up. New in 2.0.0: Optionally lets the user select Randomize Startup Videos to have the plugin randomly select a startup video and adjust the minimum startup duration each time Big Box is started from LaunchBox. New in 2.0.0: With my system, I found that I needed to slightly tweak the minimum startup time from the actual length of the video. If you find you need to do this as well, in PluginConfig.xml for this that will be covered below. New in 2.1.0: Optionally lets the user update a configuration setting to match their actual load time of Big Box so that random videos will be limited to videos that are at least that long (no looping video on startup). Installation Instructions If you have the old version, BigBoxStartupSelector, delete that folder and unzip the new folder into the LaunchBox\Plugins folder. Create a folder named Startups in the LaunchBox\Videos folder and move all of your startup videos there. You may rename the startup videos in this folder to whatever name you prefer to help you remember each video. Optional Configuration These optional configuration settings can be applied by opening the included PluginConfig.xml in your favorite text editor and changing the appropriate number. StartupTimeOffsetInSeconds: In my case, I found that when setting the Minimum Startup Video Duration to the actual length of the video, even for longer videos, caused the video to start to loop for about a couple seconds. To accommodate this, you can tweak the number of seconds being set as the minimum startup duration for videos through this configuration setting. I had to adjust mine by -2 seconds, but this is 0 by default, which will set the minimum startup duration to the actual length of the video. If you notice that after setting a video through this tool, the video either stops early or starts to loop, you can set this time to adjust all videos accordingly. ActualStartupTimeInSeconds: This setting only applies to randomly-selected videos. If you set this to something other than the default of 0, only videos with at least this startup time will be considered for random selection. How to find out your actual startup time? Get the stopwatch app on your phone ready, go into the Big Box options and set Minimum Startup Video Duration to "No Delay". Now go back to LaunchBox, and as soon as you click to switch back to Big Box mode, start the stopwatch. Stop the stopwatch as soon as Big Box has finished loading. That time, rounded to the nearest second, is the value you should put as your actual startup time. But again, this only applies to randomly-selected videos. If you leave it as the default of 0, all videos will be considered for randomization, but you may have looping if the randomly-selected video is shorter than your actual load time. Usage Instructions Open LaunchBox or BigBox and browse to the Startup Video Manager plugin. Choose the Startup Video you would like to set, then if desired, click Preview to watch the video and make sure that's the one you want. If you'd like random startup videos going forward, make sure to check Randomize Startup Videos in the bottom-left corner. Note: the random selection setting saves as soon as you check or uncheck it. You can click Cancel or close the window from there. The Save button is only if you want to manually select a video to set as your startup video. Once you've decided on a video, click Save and the magic will happen. Otherwise, click Cancel. Enjoy! Please let me know if you run into any issues. Special thanks to angelobodetti for the random startup video idea! Thanks, Jason, for providing your amazing software and thanks again to Jason, the LaunchBox staff and the community for your support in developing this plugin.
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    Version 1.0.1


    My Clear logos/Banners for Playlist/Collections (work perfectly in CityHunter theme "Background - Original Remastered") Clear Logos Broken Sword Collection (original) Castlevania Collection (modified by me) Final Fantasy Collection (original) F-Zero Collection (modified by me) Mario Collection (modified by me) Mega Man Collection (modified by me) Metal Gear Collection (modified by me) Metroid Collection (modified by me) Mortal Kombat Collection (modified by me) Resident Evil Collection (modified by me) Sonic Collection (original) Street Fighter Collection (original) Star Fox Collection (modified by me) Double Dragon Collection (modified by me) Banners Broken Sword Collection (modified by me) Castlevania Collection (original) F-Zero Collection (original) Mario Collection (original) Mega Man Collection (original) Metal Gear Collection (original) Metal Slug Collection (original) Metroid Collection (original) Mortal Kombat Collection (original) Resident Evil Collection (original) Sonic Collection (original) Street Fighter Collection (original) The Legend of Zelda Collection (original) Star Fox Collection (original) Double Dragon Collection (original)
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    Version 1.0.0


    Bezel rounded effect Horizontal and Vertical In Retroarch - Shader crt-geom.cg or crt-lottes.cg
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    Version 1.0.0


    Retroarch - DS with Overlay & Border Core Settings Aspect Ratio - Config Width - 512 Height -768 Interger Turned On In Options - Screen Gap 95 Thank you very much to "Orion Angel" Channel : https://www.youtube.com/user/RetroVGamer/videos
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    Version 1.0.0


    HI, I wanted to thank the group and forum in general! I fell in love with the Minimal HD theme and decided to have my MAME look the same retro way. This is a really cool artwork scanlines I found buried in my old HS files. Here is the line of MAME.ini to change: # # CORE SCREEN OPTIONS # brightness 1.0 contrast 1.0 gamma 1.0 pause_brightness 0.65 effect Scanlines75dx4_J4.png widestretch 1 And I have attached the Artwork folder that you drag and drop into the MAME folder. If you have one there already, just let it merge,but not overwrite. Here is a screen grab sample. Thanks everyone for giving me a cab after 4 years of HS and nightmares! I Love LAUNCHBOX!!
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    Version 1.0.1


    What it does: Reads your LaunchBox.xml file to get the list of games and their properties Counts the number of Videos and Images by type (Box - Front, Clear Logo, etc.) for each game by looking through the Videos and Images directories Writes all of this data to a single CSV file which is created in the LaunchBox directory How to use it: Place the LaunchBoxInfoUtils.jar file in the your LaunchBox folder (same folder as LaunchBox.xml) Double click the JAR file (You may have to install a JRE and add it to your system path if you don't already have one) A new file, GameInfo.csv, will be created in the same directory, which you can open in Excel or any other CSV editor and filter as needed (for instance, you can filter out games that have 0 in the "# BoxArt(Front)" column to see which games need Box - Front images) Notes: As implied above, I threw this together quickly (a couple of hours) for my own use, so it is tailored my own library and may not work with everything (for instance, I don't have Steam games in my LB so I didn't include Steam Banners). So I can't guarantee that this will work for everyone, but I'd be happy to add features if there is interest Again, I haven't put a ton of time into this so currently there is no feedback when you run the program (no logs, no status window). The only way you'll know it is done is when the CSV is created. So if you run it and nothing happens after a while (it runs for my Library of ~2000 games in < 5 seconds) you may want to open your task manager and check that the Java process isn't running in the background and eating resources (kill it if it is). Let me know if you love it/hate it/have suggestions.. I'd be happy to improve it if it's helpful to the community
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