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    Version 1.0.0


    another batch 4 u
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    Hey @JamesBond@ge, I haven’t actively ignored you. I’ve more like forgot your request. I try to visit the forum regularly to be up to date on what’s going with LB and the community but in most cases I don’t have the time to respond immediately to messages, not to even speak of tailoring my themes to extra wishes. Unfortunately, this means that sometimes I forget about messages that reach me when I just took a quick look on the forums, please believe me that it was no ill will against you from my side. I understand that it might be frustrating to feel like being ignored but I would highly appreciate it if you don’t accuse other people of lower motives without any reason. Nevertheless, as I feel bad that I have forgotten about you I just took the time and immediately started to edit the View to your wishes. Here you go: Wheel3GamesView.xaml
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    Version 1.0.1


    Nintendo Game & Watch Clear Logo Set 36 Logos which covers all games currently being emulated by MAME out of the 59 releases [will update as more get added to MAME] The logos are from various sources (thank you RexRyan), please leave a comment if you see something that is yours and I will add credit to description or remove. I went through them all and removed any empty space/TM logos/characters etc and made sure they all match the original packaging as close as possible. Enjoy
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    I see, Something must have changed since then that I wasn't aware of. Great to hear that it's finally working
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    Cid, I just updated LaunchBox to v10.1 and upgraded .net framework to v4.8 and it works now. I can't thank you enough! :-)
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    I honestly have no idea why it's not working for you. I re-did that View and uploaded the whole theme folder. Could you try it with this version? https://drive.google.com/open?id=1CslJETFhDa6g8qSX59p590L6w4cO1G1v
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    Weird, it’s working perfectly fine on my end. What version of Big Box do you use? Do you use the latest version of CriticalZone - Blue Box? Is it exactly the same error or just one that looks similar?
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    I'm sorry, I accidentally uploaded the wrong file. Here's the correct one Wheel3GamesView.xaml
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    Version 1.0.0


    Welcome to Gamesville ... Where everything is free. Rendering it took bloody ages but i think it was worth it in the end. please leave feedback as it is nice to be thanked for all the hours we media creators put into these projects. We do this for fun and are not payed , give me some cash if you want , please make all checks payable to The Harryoke Retirement Fund
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    Hello @Jason Carr Portuguese-BR - LB 10.2 for next beta updated translations ( 24.09.2019). Language-pt-BR_10.2_For_Next_Beta.zip Claudio
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    @CutTheRug : Wow Thx! This is a complete comment! About Memory Leak. Jason had noticed this problem to. He literally spent nights on it to find the source. He succeeded: it's Windows Media Player! Try it: In BigBox option, set the video player on VLC. Your Windows is up to date ? Your .Net framework is up to date ? >>Download Here<< Reboot your PC. Resolution Dependence. There should be no problem. I use the @eatkinola plugin to adjust the measure on the fly. I'm surprised this problem because the theme is coded for the 2160p, and my screen is in 1080p. And everything is displayed correctly. I'm thinking of a "second monitor" bug. @Jason Carr ? Maybe VLC correct this problem to ? If no, what video set do you use? I've designed this theme to show exactly the same for everyone, regardless of your screen resolution. Shrunk Video. Yes, I thought about it. And it's already corrected! To slightly improve the visibility of the video. Available at the next release. I mean, the little white band up and down. Horizontally, the video aera is in (almost) 4:3 format. It's a design choice. The resolution of your screen does not change anything on this point. If 16:9 video: There will necessarily be side cuts. If 4:3 video: There will be slightly cut. If Vertical videos: There will have white stripes.
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    Updated files are here... Language ru-Ru (10.2-beta-4).zip
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    Is it possible to create a playlist from a list of ROM names (specifically MAME ROM names)? There is a great reddit post (see here) that lists about 200 arcade games that I'd love to load up into a playlist to methodically make my way through. Is there a better way to get these all together aside from painstakingly adding each one? Somewhat related: is it possible to disable the confirmation dialog box after a game is added to a playlist?
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    Here is a realistic Arcade bezel for the game Circus for use on Mame. You can download it here - https://bit.ly/2mIOv5b
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    Here is a realistic Arcade bezel for the game Kick for use on Mame. You can download it here - https://bit.ly/2mHk9jw
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    No, the moderators can skip/save for later any submissions they want. As was stated earlier people do it in the spare time and some submissions may need more research to approve than others so a moderator may skip that submission.
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    I'd try asking on the LEDBlinky forums I'm sure the creator can give you a better answer then we can.
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    It is a community moderated database and likely those moderating are doing it in their free time when they have it. So doubtful a bug, likely need to give them some time to do what they do, when they can.
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    Launchbox does not have keyboard binding. Keyboard binding is a BigBox option.
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    I have uploaded a new archive that includes these.
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    Yeah, sorry about that. I don't have the ST files ready yet.
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    You can do that, yes, although at that point you lose all the metadata, screenshots, etc. many of which I had to add, remove, and edit manually. If you wanted to import into an existing library then you should follow the instructions I have on the first page.
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    Version 1.0.2


    Collection of boxes, carts, and logos I've created/collected from various sources.
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    I know it won't happen soon. But this is what I think would be good to add. I need some settings only per platform or playlist, not globally. For instance, I need a version to be displayed only on a few platforms, not all of them Or I want big images in one platform, but smaller ones in the other etc. Settings should be per platform, not global unless we want it global. Just like image groups already remember types of images we choose per platform etc. That's what I think.
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    I assume you are trying to setup via MAME (formerly MESS for IIGS emulation) since that is what the LB video was presenting. So will go over that as initial setup. There are other emulators such as GSPlus, KEGS32, and GSPort. MAME in theory is the easiest to initially get rolling, particularly if you are familiar with the inner workings of MAME for arcade setups. The advantage of the others is you can typically run as a true "computer" a bit easier than in MAME but they come with a big learning curve of understanding the era's disk formats and guts of IIGS. All three also require you to track down the IIGS ROMs and are on a whole not user friendly but more powerful with some feature sets than MAME IIGS emulator (also typically faster emulation). First thing, set your expectations for MAME for the IIGS because it isn't straightforward: Setting up computer emulator, particularly the Apple II, MSDOS generations, is not near as simple as consoles/arcade some of which is due to the very computers they are emulating. They also emulate that complexity. Don't expect within LB to import a whole slug of 1,000s of pieces of software and expect to work out of the box. You will want to be choosy. I assume you have access to MAME software for the IIGS, ideally the Software List MAME dump. Zip files are great and for most emulators you can leave them as is. Even for MAME and IIGS emulation you can leave as ZIP for simple one disk software but when you get into multiple floppy disks or "A and B" side floppies, unzipping is easiest and the least confusing (to me). This will also let you see what the image type of the software (e.g., 2mg, dsk, po) There are a variety of different disc formats for the software; it is confusing because you dealing with 35 year old tech. Additionally, just as a native IIGS there were 5.25 inch floppies (single and double sided), 3.5 inch disks (various sizes), and the IIGS MAME emulator can also run a "hard drive" emulation. Many games require a "user disc" or a "player disc" (e.g., Bards Tale series) where you save your progress, and those are MOST times not included in any software sets you acquire. So you will need a blank "floppy" image (attached). You will run into software that has been "cracked" to remove the era's disk copy protection schemes (which were numerous). MAME software lists usually will indicate if it is a cracked software file in the title (if you unzip to look). There is nothing in particular you have to do in these cases but can cause some weirdness in emulators. One thing you will likely run into is copy protection related to having access to the game manual. Many games required you to look up something in a manual or card they included with the store bought copy. Battle Chess is good example for IIGS. At the start of the game, it will ask you for a move from a famous chess game and that code sheet is in Appendix I of the manual. So you can get it easily to launch in MAME via LB but if you don't have that you will not be able to play. Although most games have the system files need to boot automatically, not all games do, particularly Shareware/Homebrew type games. That means you will have to boot from a IIGS system disk and then run the game. I am not going to get into system disks and such but the process is similar once you get properly PRODOS system disk. For the IIGS, I have found MAME can be a bit laggy at times and in most cases there are no disk "speed up" hacks. So that means you have to be patient when booting a disk. In many cases it takes as long as "it really did". So when you launch a game, if it appears it is hanging, let it run a bit longer. Most likely it will work. Okay, with all that here is how you get things working for IIGS: Step 1: Make sure you have your MAME setup correctly. Validate that MAME is pointing to your software location for the IIGS. The folder that MAME looks for software (by default) and ROMs is called "apple2gs". Make sure you MAME.INI points correctly to the applicable software path and rom path. Figure 1: MAME Software List for Apple IIGS. Note it must be in the "software" folder (first screen snap) if you use the default MAME settings in the MAME.INI file (second screen snap). Step 2: Setup a folder test folder somewhere on your drive. You will use this to unzip test software outside the MAME software location. The reason to do this is when we get into multiple discs it is easier to work with the original image than in the ZIP. MAME can "look" into ZIP files for multiple discs or A and B side discs but personally, find it easier to just unzip and work with the images directly outside ZIP file. Figure 2: My unzipped file location. Example only (I call "roms" but that is not to be confused with an actual Apple IIGS rom but is software). Step 3: How MAME references drives for the IIGS - This is key table since it is what tells MAME how to launch your image From the MAME documentation the emulator that MAME uses is referenced by the "apple2gs" switch. When you use that it tells MAME to use the IIGS emulation. When you do, there are a variety of options that can be called after that to tell the emulator how to run. The main one we need to know/use is how to call the correct floppy drive. Sadly, because of all the formats it isn't straightforward. But MOST times the "flop3" (or Floppy Disc 3) is the one we use to start the emulator. Note that the types of discs can only be run by certain floppy drives so this is why unzipping files is useful to see what is going on. Like said, most times can use Floppy Disk 3 and 4. What each "floppy" drive will run as far as image types. For example, floppy disk 1 will not run a 2.img file whereas floppy disk 3 will. apple2gs floppydisk1 -flop1 .do .dsk .bin .po .nib .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .d77 .d88 .1dd <<< 5.25 inch drive 1 floppydisk2 -flop2 .do .dsk .bin .po .nib .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .d77 .d88 .1dd <<< 5.25 inch drive 2 floppydisk3 -flop3 .dsk .img .image .po .dc .2img .2mg .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .d77 .d88 .1dd <<< 3.5 inch drive 1. Typical drive for IIGS floppydisk4 -flop4 .dsk .img .image .po .dc .2img .2mg .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .d77 .d88 .1dd <<< 3.5 inch drive 2 Floppy 3 and 4 are 3.5 inch disk drives. Floppy 1 and 2 are 5 inch disk drives. Most IIGS software was in 3.5 inch 800kb size. Some of the above will not make sense until we see examples below. Step 4: Putting it all together for test run. If want to skip right to LB, go to Step 5 but if have issues at 5 come back to 4. For computer setups I always make sure things are running first OUTSIDE of Launchbox via command line. This will help keep you sane since many times you need to see what is going on if there are errors. Once you get the hang of it, you can work in LB directly but it helps initially to make sure you have all things working first before going into LB. Pick a game such as Battle Chess (called btlchess.zip if using MAME software set). If zipped, open it up and copy the file into you test folder. If using the MAME file inside the zip is called: "battle chess (1988-89)(interplay)(trex crack).2mg" [note may be different name, but paste in what you have). If need manual for codes it is here: http://apple2online.com/web_documents/battle_chess.pdf NOTE: Can use another game as test, but make sure only ONE floppy file and it has an extension in the list above under flop3. In the text editor, type in command below but change the path to your MAME directory (red) and to your test directory location of you test file (orange). The bold items must be in your command. I do things in text editor since easier to see/fix then paste into CMD window. Then in DOS CMD window, change directory to your MAME folder. If you are not in the MAME directory "G:\Emulators\MAME\mame64.exe" apple2gs -flop3 "G:\Emulators\Apple IIGS\roms\battle chess (1988-89)(interplay)(trex crack).2mg" In MAME Directory: Error if not in MAME directory (for others, yes I know that can reference path to MAME.INI but want to keep command line simple like will be in LB). If all is well then program will launch. Hit escape to exit. If doesn't work, then double check your paths and names. Step 5: Setup Launchbox This assumes you have MAME emulator installed and working in LB already and that MAME has the proper files to work with the IIGS (see above). Now may seem like the roundabout way to get here but it is key to understanding what LB is doing by all the above. Add the Apple IIGS Platform. Add the MAME settings for the IIGS in the Emulator window: Go into Tools, Manage Emulators, MAME, and click on Associated Platforms. Type in Apple IIGS. Add in the command line section the following. This tells to run by default the software on 3.5 inch floppy drive: apple2gs -flop3 Now drag and drop from whatever you consider to be your main IIGS software directory the test file we had above (you can use a zip file if want now if only one disk image in the zip) or if using file outside the zip file (MAME works either way) For any game that is ONE disk, the image file uses any of the flop3 extensions, and the game doesn't need to save file to disk, then that is all you have to do in LB. Just drag and drop/import those zip or image files. If you run into issues, likely the zip and/or software image uses a different extension than Floppy 3 allows. Go back to the chart of extensions and floppy references. If for example your software image has a ".do" extension then -flop 3 gets changed to -flop 1 Multi-Disc games: It gets more sticky though if you have multi disks or if A/B disks or need a player save disk. You can open the multi-disks a variety of ways (within MAME via File Manager, setup Batch file, etc). For two disk games, I chose to do this way so already loaded in MAME (many times the game will recognize without going outside into MAME interface). For two disc games such as Bard's Tale here is screenshots of setup: First tab is same, but here I almost always use an unzipped file. Under the emulation tab, you need to setup a special command to automatically load the second disc (Or Side B) Here is the command I use: apple2gs -ui_active -flop4 "G:\Emulators\Apple IIGS\roms\Bard's Tale, The (1987)(Interplay)(Disk 2 of 2)[Character].2mg" -flop3 the -flop4 command tells MAME to load the 2nd disc in the second 3.5 inch floppy drive (floppy 4). You will need the FULL path to this location (I wish this feature would be added to LB, that can take from additional APPs....someday). You need to add the -flop3 again since that is where disc one will go. You do not need the path for the primary disk 1 since LB will put in whatever you have listed in the first tab. You can use this command for any disc with two disks or two sides so it is already loaded in MAME. I have also attached a "blank" 800kb 3.5 inch image (blank.po) that you can use for any game that needs a blank disk to be loaded. Copy, rename and then reference that image as the "flop4" reference in the commands described below for a game that needs to save. An example for that is Beyond Zork using my blank disk for the save file disk (I called my blank disk "byzork.po") : apple2gs -ui_active -flop4 "G:\Emulators\Apple IIGS\roms\Player Discs\byzork.po" -flop3 Same here as other example, can use a zip of the actual disk 1 image. I would stick to one or the other (even though I haven't!) In Mame, when need to load the "blank" or save file disk click the "disk" button. The blank disc I attached is noted as "new.disk" and here you can save and/or restore you file. Now when you launch with LB you have Zork with the save file attached so user doesn't have to toggle into MAME interface. In theory you could use 4 disks using this method (or more if get into adding things via slots. See this website for the various switches...gets complicated!) As said, there are many ways to go about this such as batch files or just launch the zip with all the disk images and then toggle into MAME File Manager to open, just depends on what you want to do. ==================Other Items that may be of interest The -ui_active command is to tell MAME not to fully emulate IIGS keyboard (i.e., tab works to open MAME). You can use the scroll lock to toggle ui active or not. That setting is the MAME.INI file under uimodekey. ============= Extra: Apple II software You can in theory run Apple II software in the Apple IIGS emulator. Note that Apple II uses 5.25 inch disks almost exclusively. Thus, to use these images have to use -flop1 and -flop2. In the example below, use -flop1 command as noted below. Note that MAME can have some issues with speed /timing of these games since the IIGS used a faster CPU than the IIe model. Some copy protected games/cracks will also gag. Use the Apple IIE MAME emulated instead as primary. ============== Extra: Hard Drives: If you see "HDV" extensions on a file then it is a "hard drive" image. Note that MAME cannot use HDV directly. They must be converted to MAME CHD format first. This is the command I use for the HD of games I made for HDVs I converted to CHD. Note that due to all the copy protection the games used at the time, it isn't as simple as copying all the games to a HDV and running from there (sadly!). In most cases, the code of the game has to be modified to do that (plus most games were not designed to see/work on a HD). apple2gs -sl7 scsi -noautosave -hard1 More Memory: Some games may need more than the 2 MEG of RAM that IIGS had. You can use up to 8 MEG. Use the following switch in the command before the "flop" command. You can also include this into an apple2gs.ini specific file in your ..\MAME\ini\ folder: -ramsize 8M Save States: Typically, I do not use save states for the computer based emulators in MAME. However, for some games where no good save points, it can be useful. The main issue is that the save states do not always work correctly with multi disc games. The following command is what I use to toggle /try. If I add then the game state will be saved under the MAME folder ..\Sta\apple2gs\name of the game (flop 3). The -noautosave switch stops saving if that is your default for MAME. -autosave -statename %g/%d_flop3 Final: There are a ton of options within MAME that haven't shown but this should get you going. Some of these options you can include in a apple2gs.ini file located in the ..\Mame\ini folder so don't have to include in LB (such as the RAM and statename switches), but that varies on your setup. The other emulators listed at the beginning are a bit better if getting into more complicated setups and act more "like a IIGS". Those I typically do not run within LB simply since it doesn't make as much sense. My intent with LB is always as close to "one click" and all the background stuff is taken care of, where possible. blank.po
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    I think it would be really helpful to have a hotkey to go straight to the options screen, rather than having to backspace multiple times. Ideally, it would take you to the specific options screen you were previously on. If you press again, you'd go back to your current platform or playlist screen. That way, you could quickly toggle between game list and option screen to make tweaks. As it is now, it's quite a lot of keypresses to make multiple changes in the options. I created a bitbucket item here: https://bitbucket.org/jasondavidcarr/launchbox/issues/4842/feature-request-bigbox-hotkey-for-options Thanks for considering! R
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    I just wrote a plugin for this. It grabs all your games and selects a random one (as long as it isn't marked broken or hidden) and shows the details page. Easy peasy. Here's the file. Put it in the LaunchBox Plugins directory and unblock it: (File removed from thread, now available in the site downloads) The only caveat is if you want to go back to scrolling your whole collection, you have to select "View All Games", "View Platforms", "View Platform Categories", etc. or however you like to view your collection from the system menu. This is because I'm manually setting the BigBoxViewModel, so it needs reset to continue to scroll through your collection normally. Not really a big deal, but it's a downfall nonetheless. And here's a little example...
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    Not sure if it will work but can try: $joy10:: ; my start button { keywait, joy10, t5 if errorlevel <> 0 { Process, Close, {{{StartupEXE}}} ;closes emulator } }
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    I don't think so, at least from my experience. I would need to bulk edit a handful of games and not necessarily the entire platform. But that's just me.
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