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    here you go. Added to LB database
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    Here you go, I kept in the outer bevel and drop shadow. Added to LB database.
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    SOOOoooo it is a LITTLE awkward being the new developer and having the forum title of "1-Bit Wonder" and APPARENTLY @Jason Carr doesn't have a magic "Make me awesome" command built into the back-end (or is just hazing the new guy) and claims I must EARN a more appropriate title. In an effort to correct this injustice I have created this thread. Together we can help me don my proper title of "128-Bit Self Aware"! "How can this ONE thread do ALL of this?" you may ask. Some may even say, "Count me in! How can I help?" It is simple. You (yes YOU) hiding in your cave of curiosity, simply come forth and ask a question of the new guy. I will respond, I MAY even be truthful. As we do this my forum cred will grow and SOON I will have the title I deserve! Edit: Thanks to your efforts I have reached "Rank 4 - Adder"! We cannot however rest on our new found laurels. We must press on! We cannot stop until I have claimed the title rightfully mine! Edit2: AH HA! I am beginning to feel the effects of your efforts, my power is growing! I have obtained the title, " 8-Bit Processor". As grand as this accomplishment it is merely a stepping stone in my path, ONWARD!
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    Hey everyone, so I'm (slowly) working on a new theme inspired by the aesthetics of "New Retro Arcade Neon". Up to this point I've only done the platforms that I currently have myself. This really started as a vanity project, but I figured maybe other people would be interested. The individual platforms take a pretty decent amount of work, so they take a while to produce. I also am using some assets from different sources: - The background image is a screenshot from New Retro Arcade - The carpet texture is also from New Retro Arcade - The ambient arcade sounds are from Andy Hofle's Arcade Ambience Project I'm also planning on making images for the third "Game Details" view with the "Play, flip box, etc." (the one a lot of people turn off). But that's tabled for the moment. A bit of the in's and outs of this are that; as I am not a programmer ..at least not a skilled one, these platform images are actually Banner image replacements. My intent was to only really use this one view so that works fine, but if you wanted to use a different view it would look a little screwed up. I figure in the future they could be converted to be platform videos, but I just don't have the time to work all that out at the moment. So this is both a heads-up saying "Hey this is something in the works", but also a request for a little help. As I try to make the files ready for upload here, I'm running into a problem with my XAML. File paths need to be changed to make background images work, but the bigger issue is that, when I copied the them file and moved it to my desktop to edit it, it now gives me an "Invalid Markup" and my "transistions:transistionpresenter" tag is giving me errors. SO!!! All that being said, if anyone is interested in helping me figure this fellow out, I will gladly upload the theme folder for anyone to play around with and actually get working. I hope this is something you guys are interested in, and thanks for being such an awesome community, and Launchbox for being such an awesome product! YOUTUBE DEMO Download link: http://forums.launchbox-app.com/files/file/224-new-retro-big-box/
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    Big project that was close to my heart some would say that I'm crazy maybe! But to offer Arcadians about 1000 fully remastered MAME themes that would be a nice gift, no ?, I think I have at least 6 months of work but I think it's really worth it to go and score! I take this as a tribute the goal: Keep (or at least try to keep as possible the period artwork, update the sound while keeping the original tracks and especially to go to the basics (no more 1min 50 per theme! I have already realized about 70 themes (roughly all kof and fatal fury)
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    update: Recently tested my theory with a non-Wikipedia link, works.
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    Thanks so much! Very nice work!
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    Version is now available. UI Elements can be skewed and rotated.
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    Not a secret if I TELL you....
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    @GodElite : As promised, here is two Photoshop montage. Just stuff I've in mind. Nothing finalized. I dont even know if I'll get there technically!
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    @pipes78 Just for info, I've pushed a change to the mednafen_wswan_libretro core that emulates Benesse Pocket Challenge V2 so you can use this core in Retroarch to run the games.
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