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    No prob, I have no issues right now, everything works. Please take your time and all will be good...
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    Thx @Tulac ! I know I'm very quiet right now. Sorry about that. I have a lot of work these days. I think I could send you updates within 2 weeks. Thank you for your patience !! I work with @eatkinola on new cool feature. As soon as the 2 main view are finished, I will make new ones. Dark version is programmed. You will find the list of videos supported on the dedicated page. Next update: category video.
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    I'm a first time user of LB and I checked your theme for the first time - it looks awesome. Please keep the work up and provide some more options, if possible. I would like to see a dark mode and maybe a horizontal platform/category wheel. Is there a list of supported platform videos? This is a very clean and straight designed theme, there's not too much "blinky blinky" so it will look very stylish on my full size arcade... Thanks a lot for the good work.
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