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    Beta 4 is out now with the following: Improvement: LaunchBox and Big Box now use improved processes for media downloads (threaded downloads). This should signficantly speed up downloads from the LaunchBox Games Database, especially. Improvement: In Big Box you can now individually hide view types while locked instead of all or none New "Games Missing Media" filters now have items for videos and manuals as well Fixed: "Scan for Removed ROMs" now removes additional apps that are missing as well Planning for this to be the last beta release with new stuff before the official release, which hopefully will go out early next week. Any testing you can do would be appreciated.
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    Version 1.0.3


    Massive thanks goes to @y2guru for the COMMUNITY Theme Creator for BigBox. Also thanks to @Grila for some of the code snippets I've used. _____________________________ INTRODUCTION I know there's been arcade machine based themes before, The reason I wanted to make this one was firstly to try out some of the new features that were added to the theme editor, and secondly I've always wanted to see the side of the cabinet with the artwork. There is a known issue with the theme and for that reason it's best used at 16:9 aspect ratio. _____________________________ INSTALLATION Download the zip file and unblock it (right click the zip file, goto "Properties" then at the bottom put a tick in the "Unblock" box, hit ok when done) then extract the folder to --\Launchbox\Themes\
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    Version 1.0.0


    Frustrated by the lack of CD scans available for Panasonic 3DO games, I created custom discs for each game. Nothing fancy, just the game logo on the face of the discs. I added a photoshop template for those who want to create their own disc images. Enjoy!
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    Just uploaded version 0.27 to the Play Store, so it should be available soon. I'm hoping this release fixes the app killing issues I described above for at least some people, but I'm fairly certain it won't fix it for everyone. Still, if you were experiencing issues with the new import process closing to the desktop, please give the new version a test and let me know how it goes. I did some brainstorming with @CBeatt13 (C-Beats as he apparently likes to go by these days), and we came up with some more optimization I can do to try and prevent the app kills further, but that will take quite a bit more development effort, so I'm hoping that these quick fixes at least help in the mean time. All in all, I have no idea if we'll ever be able to eliminate the app kills completely, but I'm certainly hoping so.
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    ===========Mr. RetroLust's - Mame 4K - Lights Out - Realistic Bezels=========== Realistic bezels in 3840x2160 resolution for Mame. My goal is to make bezels for around 1300 Mame games I have in my collection. I make these bezels to focus on the gameplay not the artwork (it should compliment the gameplay), this means large game screens and instructions fully visible where possible. In this thread I upload the newest bezels individually, if you like you can download the most current versions here or you can wait till I reach around 200 new bezels, that's when I upload a new pack which you can download in the link below. I started off this thread with random titles, later on I realized the best way to work would be alphabetically Note: The first pack includes Neo Geo, Cps1, Cps2 & Cps3 as well, these are conversions of the RetroArch bezels I made before, these haven't been uploaded in this thread. =================================== Here's my first Mame 4K bezel shdancer.zip
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    Version 1.3


    New Version 1.3 Added a visual playtime setter/editor New Version 1.2 Fixed another string error that would sometimes cause the playtime to not record. Thanks @TheNewClassics. Everything should work now but please don't hesitate to let me know if any other problems arise. New Version 1.1 Please update to the new version. I caught a string error that would prevent any playtime from going over 23 hours. The new version will keep all your game's previous playtime intact. Also, you can now reset a game's playtime in LB from the selected games right click menu (@Krakerman). Drop the .dll in your LaunchBox\Plugins directory and start tracking how long you play your games. The playtime is recorded as a custom field so it is visible in LaunchBox on the game details bar and in BigBox in the game details. See the screenshots for reference. Known Issues: Per the plugin API (http://pluginapi.launchbox-app.com/html/a40a286d-83c6-e179-940c-7e4166d567fe.htm) this may not function correctly with all platforms (ie. Steam) but I have tested it with RetroArch, Dolphin, and PCSX2 without problems.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Neo Geo v2 4K - Lights Out - Realistic Retroarch Bezels This is an upgrade to my previous Neo Geo bezels where I only used top or bottom strips, in this version I used as much instruction artwork from the mvs kits as I could possibly find including side art. Contains restored and translated artwork as well. This is part of the "Lights Out - Realistic Retroarch Bezels" series: https://forums.launchbox-app.com/files/file/1950-mr-retrolusts-lights-off-retroarch-bezels/ If you like these in Mame format go to: Mame 4K - Lights Out - Realistic Bezels ========================================== FEATURES - All in 3840x2160 pixels for high detail - 152 unique bezels ========================================== INSTALLATION The following steps are for users of 3840x2160 displays only. This setup will save you countless hours adjusting them yourself, but be sure not to rename any files or folders and follow below instructions. IMPORTANT: If you use another resolution you'll have to manually adjust the position and size of the game screen yourself. 1. Place the contents in the folder "RetroArch/config/FB Alpha 2012 Neo Geo" to the folder of the core that you use, as you can see I use the FB Alpha 2012 Neo Geo core. 2. Within this folder rename the following config file "SNK - Neo Geo" to the name of the folder where your NeoGeo games are stored. This file will automatically give all the NeoGeo games without artwork the generic bezel. 3. Place the contents from "RetroArch/overlays/_MR.RETROLUST/NeoGeov2" to it's like named structure within RetroArch. Done & Enjoy! \m/ ========================================== CREDITS Mr.DO: http://mrdo.mameworld.info/mame_artwork_ingame.php NeoGeosoft: http://www.neogeosoft.com
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    Hello, I was writing just to inform that I have finished installing all my steam programs and games and everything is working very well, I thank you very much for your help with this topic, thank you and until next time
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    Arcade View File Massive thanks goes to @y2guru for the COMMUNITY Theme Creator for BigBox. Also thanks to @Grila for some of the code snippets I've used. _____________________________ INTRODUCTION I know there's been arcade machine based themes before, The reason I wanted to make this one was firstly to try out some of the new features that were added to the theme editor, and secondly I've always wanted to see the side of the cabinet with the artwork. There is a known issue with the theme and for that reason it's best used at 16:9 aspect ratio. _____________________________ INSTALLATION Download the zip file and unblock it (right click the zip file, goto "Properties" then at the bottom put a tick in the "Unblock" box, hit ok when done) then extract the folder to --\Launchbox\Themes\ Submitter Rincewind Submitted 11/15/2019 Category Big Box Custom Themes  
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    I don't know how this ended up missing. I had it already made up and it's on Emumovies Sync....Anyway thanks this has been fixed in the download
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    I would upload these to the database, but there is no option to mass upload images? I would have to upload them one at a time? lol. I dont have that kind of OCD. TBH I wish I had access to the launchbox database and manually add/remove things. It's getting to be a bit of a mess with duplicate or wrong images. Even some of the info metadata is wrong on most of these titles. It could be worse I suppose. Sorry I didnt have this collection in launchbox naming standards. But others will have different names for them in their own collections anyway. At least the no-intro naming scheme is standard as you can get.
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    Yeah but he was asking if they run in MAME by itself. If they dont run in just MAME they will never run from Launchbox either.
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    There's an explanation how to do it in the other thread. i need to investigate this further. I have to go now, but I'll try again tomorrow. It seems like I'm close =D
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    Thanks, I think you also need the "raster.ini" and "vector.ini" files from /ini/presets in your Mame folder. If it's not too much of a bother, that would be awesome if you shared them. I like how your settings aren't overpowering. The scanlines look "right" in my 40-something brain as to what arcade monitors looked like back in the day.
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    Awesome work, thanks so much for this project. Just curious, what shader are you using in those pics?
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    Following the update the import process is now working on my shield tv. Great work thanks
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    Version 1.0.0


    another batch 4 u
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    i think the idea is just in case it gets left on accidentally or i imagined maybe .txt or .cfg file that you can manually set it if you already played a ton of the game. just idea. cant wait to try this. i was one of the people requesting this. thanks so much man EDIT** I just realized you can edit it in the custom fields. which makes this the perfect plugin. you are the man.
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    If you go to the \Launchbox\Data\Playlist folder do you see an All.xml file? If so, close Launchbox first, then remove that All.xml from the Playlists folder. Do not delete it just move it out of your Launchbox folder just in case. Then reopen Launchbox and see if there is no longer 2 "All" listings.
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    I won't say no, but it's a little out of the scope of this project. I'll keep it in mind though. It is possible. Under the LaunchBox\Plugins\PlaytimeTracker folder there will be a bunch of plain .txt files that store the actual timespan. The problem is, is that they are named by the game's id from your LaunchBox\Data\Platforms xml file. So in the plugin's current state, you'd have to find the id from the data xml from the corresponding platform, then edit the text file from the plugin directory with the same id with the same format as in the text file (hours:minutes:seconds, example 00:00:05.8454237) I do have an update that I'll push soon that will make this easier, but it's not entirely ready yet.
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    I just posted V1.1.1 of my Windows bezel installer app. Changes include PS3 Retroarch output support as well as a 2nd bezel design type. We are calling the original and continued bezels 'themed' and the new type 'system art'. You will need to pull an update under option 1 to get the new listings. Also make sure you select which bezel type to download in Preferences. Below are a few examples of the new type (only 13 sets as of this post, but more are coming). Please let me know if you run in to any problems/issues.
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    You're welcome. It took my a while to get my set up just right, hopefully this will save you $$$ for dongles and accessories as well as hours worth of struggling like I did.
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    I submitted the error to MameTesters and a fix has already been submitted and checked. So hopefully next MAME version should be fixed. Update: Fix is included in MAME 0.216. Looks like 0.216 introduced a bug (crash) in twincobr though. 🙁
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    If anyone's interested to update their files I've decided to take the time and redo them as a lot of games have been added. I've also added ST-V, Model 2 and Model 3. Should you update with these? If your Mame set is relatively new then I guess yes! Hope this will save you some time they took quite some of my yesterday's night to do hehe! 0.215 version https://github.com/Emulga/Mame-Rom-Extractor/releases/tag/0.215 Usage https://github.com/Emulga/Mame-Rom-Extractor/wiki/Usage
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    Here is a realistic Arcade overlay for the game Space Invaders for use on Retroarch. This overlay is coming soon on my Arcade Retroarch Pack. Stay tuned!
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    Tycho's DOS VHS Startup View File I just felt like making another DOS-centric startup video, but I got a little fancy with it. Runtime: 64 seconds Resolution: 1920x1080 Framerate: 30fps Filesize: 40Mb Music: Scandroid - The Force Theme (Star Wars Cover) If you like it, let me know! If you hate it, let me know! Submitter tycho1974 Submitted 08/14/2019 Category Big Box Startup Videos  
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    This is a continuation of my previous tutorial on adding my realistic arcade bezels to Retroarch
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    Version 1.0.2


    300 plus 3D boxes. Thanx Biogark for the template. Enjoy!
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    Version 1.0.0


    Complete set. I used only original HuCards labels.
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    Version 1.0.0


    here are 2261 3D boxes named with the whdload naming enjoy people.
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    As some of you may know Dolphin is now like RA using the QT based frontend, and this doesn't currently work with RocketLauncher untill now. And with the QT Frontend very nearly feature complete they will stop work on the WX based exe (DolphinWX.exe). Unpack this module to your RocketLauncher Modules folder. You have 2 options with this module, 1. Use the QT Based Frontend all the time, with a method to use the old WX based Dolphin or Ishiiruka's, 2. Use WX solely until such time you wish to swap to the QT branch (if you use this method then you emulator must be the DolphinWX.exe or Ishiiruka's Dolphin.exe Fire up RL, go to your Emulators and set you GameCube/Wii/WiiWare emulator to the Dolphin.exe (All new versions of Dolphin have the Dolphin.exe as the QT version), and change the Module to the new Dolphin QT Based you just added. Now select your GameCube/Wii/WiiWare on the left side, and then go to Modules Tab highlight the Dolphin QT Beta and hit the Edit Global Settings button. If you are using the WX version as your main exe then on the settings page you MUST set 'Enable_WX_Mode' to True, leave this at default if using the new normal Dolphin.exe If you want to use say Ishiiruka or even an older version of dolphin, you can set this via a Game Only basis. Go to the Module and edit it again, and go to the Rom Settings tab,here you need to do 3 things. 1. Hit the Red+ and select the game you wish to use a different emulator version for. 2. Set the 'EnableLegacy' to True. 3. Set the LegacyExePath, select the exe you wish to use for this game (Note must be a WX Based exe, Ishiiruka's at the current time is only WX). While this seems a lot, it allows you to have a bit of control to what dolphin you want to use, and allows usage of the new QT version. If you get any problems with this, or find a bug, please do not hesitate to leave a message, and try to include as much information as you can on what/how its doing. Dolphin QT Beta v1.0.4.7z
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