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    Beta 5 is out now guys with only translation updates. Planning to put the official 10.7 release out tomorrow morning.
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    Thanks Claudio. Beta 5 is out now with all the translation updates.
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    Of course not @Jason Carr. It would be a pleasure for me. Claudio
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    @Jason Carr here you go: Language-es.zip Take care
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    I see; not sure how that happened, but I found it and I'll go ahead and remove it. You should be able to just safely ignore that record I think. Awesome. Mind if we use that image for the YouTube thumbnail for the news video?
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    I will try to post the Spanish pack in a couple of hours, hope it gets in
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    Hey All I thought I’d make my VPX collection available – hopefully someone with a similar set-up to myself will find it useful (no PinCab, but a monitor that rotates to portrait) The collection only contains solid state machines - no electro-mechanical pins I used a snap of the pin as the box front – all of the snaps were taken on a 2560 x 1440 monitor, and I tried to capture each pin when it had all of its lights on during its attract mode Where available each pin has its instruction card in pdf format and its flyers I scoured the net for the best photos I could find of each pins side art, playfield & backglass Here are the settings I use in VPX for these pins: Here are the pins (the instruction cards are in the pins folders): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1p435GtVGcR72jYnJitpmskOUW3OseOqK/view?usp=sharing Nvrams: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1IUpa4q4dWCIxT6btTNZ9nKB1Rv5qlijI/view?usp=sharing Here is the LaunchBox Images folder with the box fronts, flyers & photos: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1jTTWbkOhQvjpPHSgHXE9JIzxyo6V8q0S/view?usp=sharing XML: Pinball.xml If you’ve yet to try VPX + VPinMAME – all-in-one installer (& table releases) here: https://www.vpforums.org/ More table releases here: https://vpinball.com/ This is how it looks in LaunchBox: Some box fronts and the instruction cards: A set of photos: Hope someone finds this useful 🙂
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    I bought a few license for Launchbox premium hoping to gift them to random strangers on reddit but noticed the license is just an xml file with my Name and Email address. Is it possible to gift these and have the contact info changed?
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    I do not think SteamLauncher has the same functionality that this plugin does. This plugin maintains your Steam game list in LaunchBox, finding even pre-release status games, and can automatically hide games uninstalled in Steam or create a custom field you can create automatic playlists with to list Installed and Uninstall games. SteamLauncher is a replacement for my old interstitial executable from before plugins were a thing that allows launching any game in Steam by injecting it as a 3rd party shortcut into Steam on demand. I'm in contact with the developer of SteamLauncher and have been for some time and hope to entice him to work with me on SteamVent, my new Steam interfacing library. Maybe one day we'll use this core library, or maybe his code will just help develop the general library. I have posted an update for SteamTools. If it does not work please let me know. It should be around 5000 times faster for scanning games from Steam (I'm not even joking, it's actually that much faster). There are also functions to copy images and metadata from Steam into the LB library, but be aware these will freeze the client solid while being run, so be patient or select smaller numbers of games when running these functions.
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    Claudio, congratulations!!! Jason, waiting for the link to the video...
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    i appreciate that very much. your a super large asset to the community ❤️
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    Replace everything in the regainfocus.ahk with this: if WinExist("LaunchBox") { WinActivate WinActivate, LaunchBox Game Startup } if WinExist("LaunchBox Big Box") { WinActivate WinActivate, LaunchBox Game Startup }
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    Hey dude, sorry I missed this. Okay so it's pretty simple: 1) Take several .d64 files (can be other types but we'll get back to that*), make sure they're named the way you want, and then drag them onto !Automator.bat. If you've got more than 10, use !Automator - Batch 100.bat 2) Go into each of the resultant folders, and open Game.bat in a text editor, and where it says REPLACE.cmd, change REPLACE to the name of the game, so Bruce Lee.cmd or whatever 3) Move the folders to C64 Dreams\C64 Dreams\Games That's it! *If you're using something other than .d64, like .t64 for example, you'll also need to edit the .cmd file in the game's folder and change the reference from Disk1.d64 to Disk1.t64. If you have a bunch of .t64s that you want to do in bulk, go into the !Base folder then the !t64 subfolder and copy Base.cmd into the !Base folder and overwrite. You'll probably want to change it back to the .d64 one (from the !d64 subfolder) once you're done. *If you're using a .d81 or .crt file, delete the .cmd file in the game's folder name the game file itself to [the game's name].d81 or [the game's name].crt and in the Game.bat change the reference from REPLACE.cmd to [the game's name].d81 or [the game's name].crt. Look in the folder for Card Sharks for an example of .d81 and in the Bug Hunt folder for an example of .crt. If you're using a multi-disk game, delete the .cmd file in the game's folder and you'll need to create an .m3u file (just a text file, renamed from .txt to .m3u) that references the game's disk files in order. Then change the reference in Game.bat from REPLACE.cmd to [the game's name].m3u. Look in the folder for 221B Baker Street for an example of this.
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    Hey y'all, I've been working on this again lately. I'm currently at 1485 games and I've made it to the E's (that might not sound like much, but between # and C there are 9227 images in Gamebase64 😑 ). If anybody has any specific requests, let me know, otherwise I'll just keep on truckin' as usual. I've also fixed/improved a few things here and there, added some new demos and SID tracks, and updated versions on some games. I've also been continuing to add group/version info (not reflected in the public spreadsheet yet) and am at 688 complete, so a little less than half. That process is quite tedious but it'll be worth it in the end as it'll help me quickly parse out whether or not I might want to update something to a different/newer version. I've also been adding Blast From The Past collections (not included in the 1485) kindof on a whim. Most people probably aren't going to care about these, but these have a lot of nostalgic value for a lot of C64 fans, myself included. Obviously there will be quite a few instances where they'll have games that are already in the collection individually, but there will certainly be some that aren't too. Retroarch has also been updated as well as the core, and this comes with the significant addition of savestates. This is particularly nice because it allows me to create autoloading states to bypass the initial load for games that require TrueDrive emulation. You can of course create your own states as well, and I've added new controller hotkeys to do this. There will be a new field on the spreadsheet for "Autoload State" which will indicate when a game has one. I've created them for about 60 games so far. Obviously this is overkill for most games, but for those pesky TrueDrive games or ones that have particularly long/obnoxious cracktros this can be quite handy.
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    I'm confused here. I see LabelFolderOfGamesToImport in the left column and "Folder of Games to Import" in the right column, so all looks correct to me. Love that graphic. Your creation?
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    Thank you all. I'll get a final beta out with the translations in before end of day.
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    Guys, I swear I haven't forgotten about y'all lol... Life has been crazy these last few weeks... Seeing as getting an official update out is taking a, quite frankly, ridiculous amount of time, please use this temporary release in the meantime. I compiled it the other day for someone specifically, but as far as I'm aware, it is working perfectly. Again, I'm really sorry for taking so long with this... I'm doing my best given the craziness life has thrown at me in recent days. It would be super useful if y'all could give me any feedback with this unofficial release before I actually post the official one. Please let me know if you have any problems. https://drive.google.com/open?id=14MKAQ-nAi4g9LaDnGHCY13i0U-J1Z6sj
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    '99: The Last War aka Repulse Depending on what rom you've kept in your collection, same file/different name: 99lstwar.zip repulse.zip
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    '88 Games aka Konami '88 aka Hyper Sports Special 88games.zip
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    Jason, new files are ready! Language ru-Ru (10.7-beta-4).zip
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    Your videos are amazing! Any plans on specifik vids like one for Steam, GoG, Battle.net etc? I´d love to be able to make some myself! What software are you using?
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    64th. Street: A Detective Story On the Jaleco Pony Mark III to be exact 64street.zip
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    Italian package. Take care! Language-it-IT.zip
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    Hey @Jason Carr we have time for a beta before the official to check everything? Claudio
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    That would be very good, thanks Jason!
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    Just to let you know Jason that (I think) in file Strings you inverted "LabelFolderOfGamesToImport" with "Folder of Games to Import". Could you check it? Probably an error because I found same duplicated row below (in corrected form).
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    Hi, I've updated to 0.28 with STV (2017). All ROMs are on external USB drive (setup as external not adopted/internal). I've imported 10 or so systems now and almost all imported fine and are launching correctly. Colecovision, SNES, Genesis, 32X, etc. I'm using RA with all those and they are working fine. I have run into issues on 2 so far... 1. Sega Saturn: Using Yaba Sanshiro (stand alone/free). Imported fine but games will not launch, it just immediately goes back to the LB game selection screen. This might not be a LB thing as Yaba updated to 2.10.2 a few days ago and they might have changed their launch intent parameters (again). I can launch games fine directly in Yaba but not through LB. 2. Sega Dreamcast: Using RA-Flycast. Imported fine but when launching a game RA tries to load the game as a Naomi game instead of a Dreamcast game. The Naomi bios screen comes up and then just errors out. I tried setting system type as Dreamcast (instead of Auto) in RA options and saving an override but it still tries to load up as a Naomi game each time. I can launch Dreamcast games in RA directly with no problem with the Flycast core. Other than that, it is working very well. Just wanted to give some feedback on the 2 "problem children" so far. Thanks...Piper
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    German files Language-de-DE LB10.7.rar
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    Hi @Jason Carr, Portuguese-Brazilian is done!! Language-pt-BR - LB 10.7 (16.11.19).zip Claudio
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    ...and I'm working...😭
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    French translation here ! 💙👀❤️ have a good meal 😛 Language-fr-FR.rar
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    Beta 4 is out now with the following: Improvement: LaunchBox and Big Box now use improved processes for media downloads (threaded downloads). This should signficantly speed up downloads from the LaunchBox Games Database, especially. Improvement: In Big Box you can now individually hide view types while locked instead of all or none New "Games Missing Media" filters now have items for videos and manuals as well Fixed: "Scan for Removed ROMs" now removes additional apps that are missing as well Planning for this to be the last beta release with new stuff before the official release, which hopefully will go out early next week. Any testing you can do would be appreciated.
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    An alternative is https://www.skraper.net/. It requires some setup but works very well and it is free. I know that I'm late to responding, but I hope this help to someone else.
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    My reasons are: 1 - Launchbox is the only frontend AFAIK that has a desktop mode (launchbox) AND a couch mode (Bigbox). Other frontends have 1 or the other but not both. 2 - mgalaxy is too simple and not very customizable for my taste. I do love how a female voice says "launching game" when you select a game though. X-D 3 - EmulationStation, Ice and Hyperspin require editing of text files to setup which is a pain in the ass for me, even with documentation. Yes hyperspin does have GUI programs to help make setup easier but still not as easy as launchbox. 4 - Couldn't get rocketlauncher and retrofe working. Maybe I was doing something wrong, IDK. 5 - GameEX crashes on some settings and takes forever to load different themes. 6 - Thanks to Bigbox custom themes, I can download and use themes to make bigbox look like emulationstation, recalbox and even hyperspin. and many more...
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    A couple of logos for the SNES MSU-1 for anyone that needs them, thanks @Riffman81for the clear logos SNES MSU-1 SNES CD
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