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    Batch file to Auto-Generate .m3us View File The new m3u auto generator for Launchbox is a great tool, but it also got me wondering if I couldn't create m3u files for every one of my Sony Playstation titles (including single disk games) and would that work in Retroarch? Something just appeals to me about the uniform file extension on import in Launchbox, and of course, if I wanted to launch games outside of the Launchbox environment I'd need some static m3us. I also wanted to have m3us with relative paths to the cue files, for simplicity sake. So I asked on Stack Overflow and, not long after, some genuis had posted a working batch script. I figured I'd share it. I also tested whether or not single cue m3us would work in Retroarch, and it turns out they do. Important: Your games directory should look like this: Main Directory/ [Game Name]/ [whatever name].cue e.g Sony Playstation/Chrono Cross/disk 1.cue, disk 2.cue The bat file should be run from the main directory The bat file will name the m3u after the directory the cue files are in and place it in that same directory The bat file will create m3us in every subdirectory which holds at least 1 cue file (it doesn't single out multidisk games as it is now, so be aware of that) The bat file should work with any system provided it has the above directory set up and utilizes cue files The m3us list relative paths to the cue files, not absolute paths. So continuing the above example, I ran the file in my "Sony Playstation" directory, and within the "Chrono Cross" directory an m3u file was generated and listed relative paths to all the cue files in that directory and was automatically named "Chrono Cross.m3u" (after the folder name, not the cue file(s) names or anything else in the folder). Lastly, the Stock Overflow user wrote a batch script for both NTFS and FAT hard drives. Apparently the code is different for each. I personally have not tested the FAT version as my drive is NTFS. If anyone wants to check the code, the user also left a thorough explanation that is absolutely unreadable to me. See here: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/60049048/need-a-batch-file-to-create-and-name-m3us-in-subdirectories Hope it helps! Submitter fromlostdays Submitted 02/04/2020 Category Third-party Apps and Plugins
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    @jayjay Awesome I left it as is. Everything seems to work great so I really appreciate you working on this so quickly! I usually launch mine through LB/BB so not biggie there. Now if only we could view them through the pause menu this will be perfect! Thanks again
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    Thank you, and no rush. And thanks for all the work.
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    @The_Keeper86 You will need to leave the txt file where it is. When you exit a ps3 game through LB/BB, the plugin copies the needed trophy file (the file that tells us if the trophy is unlock/locked) into the LB directory, overwriting the previous file. It uses the txt file path to find the trophy file in rpcs3. That reminds me if you play the games outside of LB/BB the trophies wont update. But i thought better to have it copy the file then rooting around in rpcs3 potentially waiting for the hard drive to spin up.
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    Seems to work great so far! Also like how I can view them in LB now so thanks for that! I didn't get any errors. I also didn't change my directory in the text do I need to change it? Didn't seem to effect anything leaving it as is.
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    Try reinstalling the theme, it should show out of the box.
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    How did you go about mapping your controls in Retroarch? Did you open it first without launching a core or game and set the universal mapping?
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    Hey @The_Keeper86 Iv changed how this works... again. Now instead of getting the trophy data from rpcs3 directory, I now extract the trophy data from each game directory and import them into LB's directory. There is a few benefits doing it this way but 1 down side too. The downside is the trophies do take some space, I have 97 games worth of trophies imported into LB directory and it takes up roughly 380mb. But the benefits are its a bit quicker. Instead of reading up to 50 image files, an xml file and the trophy file, it now reads just 2 files, a dat file that holds all the images and xml details and also reads the trophy file. It doesn't need to search rpcs3 directory when viewing trophies so if its stored on a separate drive there wont be an issue with the drive needing to spin up. All game trophies are now imported, not just the games that have been installed into rpcs3. If you want to give it a try replace "BBTrophy.dll" in the plugin folder with this .dll BBTrophy.zip In LB go to tools, import ps3 trophies. Wait for it to complete may take some time depending on how many games you have. It will import all the trophy files to Launchbox/Images/Sony Playstation 3 Trophies. Note: I have 107 games. 97 trophies imported fine, 9 games dont have trophies as some early ps3 games didnt support them and I have 1 game that doesnt extract the trophies. I did plan on adding a semi manual method for the games that dont extract but turns out my game (modern warfare 3) doesnt work in rpcs3. Im not sure if its because the game is corrupt or what. When import is completed a message box will pop up, if all went well it'll just say import complete, if there is any issue extracting any game it'll warn you and it will create a txt file in the plugin folder with the title of the game(s) it didnt extract. If you do get this txt file try opening the game(s) in rpcs3, if the game does work, let me know and i'll create a method to import the game(s) that dont extract. (I hope all that makes sense). Also if you delete a game from LB, use the import ps3 trophies again to remove the associated trophy files. Also you can now view the trophies in LB by right clicking a game and selecting "view trophies". And just because we can here is a badge plugin that indicates the game has trophies. Its only compatible with LB Betas at the moment but should work when next official is released. PS3TrophyBadge.zip
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    The only difference of what you get for the pricing is the length of time that you can get updates for the program. So if you get a one year license you get all the features of both LB and BB for one year on as many PCs that you personally own. After one year you can still use BigBox with all the features that it had at that time you will however no longer be able to update the program or BigBox will no longer work. The price is in US dollars so you will have to convert that to whatever that is in Canadian dollars.
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    Glad to hear. Now if only I could solve my own code woes so easily.....
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    I'm not as familiar with the new plugin interface as I have been knee deep in unrelated code. If I had to take a stab in the dark I would guess it is the DefaultIcon getter and the Bitmap constructor. Properties.Resources.Gold IS a bitmap, no need to try and create a new one. Also can cause memory issues because you are creating a new one every time it gets called (which I assume is every game that it gets put on).
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    Alternate version for Genesis 6-Pack v3 Added ® in GENESIS and 6-PACK logo without cutting. Only need that grey/withe line above the "K" in 6-PACK logo. I don't know what that line is called.
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    @faeran ohh i see now! Thanks for your patience explaining me! Keep up the excelent work!
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    Ha, that was the next thing I wanted to check once I'm home, and it was indeed the case, the config of MAME itself had the TAB key, and button 2 from that controller set up to menu. Good call mate!
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    I see a new start up video from harryoke, i download. Nice work as always.
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    Yeah, my own setup I keep every game (for every system) in their own folder, so when I posed the question I asked for the bat to take into account that directory structure. So you'll have to mimic that structure at least long enough to use the bat, but its easy enough to pull the m3us and games back into one directory if that's your jam. I'm glad you got it working!
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    Another option is running the old PC version too. It works great on Windows 10 and I have that one integrated into LB as well. Although I do like the feel of the PS2 version better, they are close visually. (With enhanced graphics from using PCSX2) YouTube comparison Seems like a lot more features in PS2 version as well (Different developer for PS2 version)
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    Get this man a PC!!! Stat!! Lol
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    i tried this but still not working
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    Version 1.0.0


    Just for fun.
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    In fact I have Xpadder in charge of 3 sets, it defaults to joystick (but with right stick as mouse) I also set some of the fire buttons to some of the more common keyboard controls (space, return etc). If I press the right thumbstick button it switches so that the main analog controller is the mouse, press the right thumbstick again and it switches to my config for pinball games, mainly pinball dreams/fantasies/illusions. d-pad becomes f1-f4 right analog stick for the cursor keys to draw the pin back, top left and top right buttons for the flippers.
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    Here is a list of issues (many new, some existing) in the github project(s) relevant to the video / thread: Disable floppy clicking sound when loading a WHDLoad archive as a HD https://github.com/FrodeSolheim/fs-uae-launcher/issues/46 Done Recognize specific WHDLoad archives and apply oagd.net config automatically? https://github.com/FrodeSolheim/fs-uae-launcher/issues/34 Done Extract WHDLoad args from .info file when loading a WHDLoad archive as a HD https://github.com/FrodeSolheim/fs-uae-launcher/issues/48 Done Add new launcher option to specify global WHDLoad quit key https://github.com/FrodeSolheim/fs-uae-launcher/issues/47 Done Option to force PRELOAD for WHDLoad games https://github.com/FrodeSolheim/fs-uae-launcher/issues/50 Done Warp mode mapped on universal controller by default? https://github.com/FrodeSolheim/fs-uae/issues/142 Support injecting quit key event to WHDLoad slave when quitting FS-UAE https://github.com/FrodeSolheim/fs-uae/issues/143 Add atari-color-fix as an internal filter (before the shader stage) https://github.com/FrodeSolheim/fs-uae/issues/144 Function to export launch-stub-files for database games https://github.com/FrodeSolheim/fs-uae-launcher/issues/25 Look for matching .fs-uae config when starting with a WHDLoad archive as parameter https://github.com/FrodeSolheim/fs-uae-launcher/issues/51 Better handling of WHDLoad archives with multiple slaves / icons https://github.com/FrodeSolheim/fs-uae-launcher/issues/52 It's possible to subscribe to the issues you are interested in, so you'll get updates in progress. Also, it's actually useful for me if you do (for the issues you are interested in). That way I have easy access to testers, or if I want to ask questions about usage requirements
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