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    OK, had enough today. 20 done. 181 of 249 complete. Todays batch (low res, preview) More tomorrow.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Systems in this pack are Ringedge, Ringwide, Sega Lindbergh, Namco ES3, Raw Thrills, Namco System N2, Konami PC, Sega Arcade PC, Sega Capcom, Sega Europa-R, all cases come in coloured and black with and without reflections, hope you enjoy them
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    Version 1.0.0


    52 images for use in Launchbox for all of the Nintendo GNW units that are currently playable in MAME. Let me know if any errors or omissions and I will update the pack.
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    Version 1.1.2


    This theme attempt to be minimal and modern and maximise screen estate. Note: this is a beta release and features may change in future releases. Installation Unzip into LaunchBox\LBThemes directory In LaunchBox go to: Options -> Visuals -> Theme: Lambda beta Windows 7/8 user: Microsoft's “Segoe MDL2 Assets” font ( SegMDL2.ttf ) is required for the buttons and icons to rendered properly. (If you have it it will work but it’s not included here because of licensing reasons.) Settings guide tl;dr: You may have to tweak your Boxes aspect ratio and spacing. The top Details image is only visible when Fanart is available. Button bar can't be hidden because of the licensing info. Font and colour settings have no effect (font is based on system font). Settings used in screenshots are: Options -> Visuals -> Boxes -> Spacing: Aspect Ratio: 0.6 * Horizontal Spacing: 2 Vertical Spacing: 2 Horizontal Padding: 8 Vertical Padding: 2 Text Spacing: 4 Text Lines to Show: 2 *) For horizontal box art you may need to use a higher value. Options -> Visuals -> Boxes: Align Text Vertically : enabled Align Text Horizontally : enabled Show Subline : enabled (for platform info) Other recommended settings: Options -> Legacy -> General -> Game Details: Show Fanart: enabled other options at your own preference Options -> Legacy -> Images -> Background Priorities : Fanart : enabled other options disabled Options -> Visuals -> Backgrounds: Background Blur Amount : 100 Background Fade Amount : 0 (Imo. the theme looks best when blurred background Fanart and Details Fanart are the same image.) Settings that don't have any effect: Button bar can't be hidden because the license has to stay visible. Colours are hard coded. Font (including size and scaling) is based on your Windows system settings. Thanks to Grila for allowing me to use his LBPlex theme code, Retro808, neil9000, C-Beats and Jason Carr for testing and everyone who supported this release on the forum. Lambda beta theme CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 Shadowfire 2020
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    Yep, the project you reference is pretty much complete. You can download the files here: https://archive.org/details/retrogamingmarquees
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    This will bulk import Wii U .rpx files into LB. Requirements - At least 1 game already imported into Nintendo Wii U platform. Note - this modifies your Nintendo Wii U xml file so as always make a backup before using. "Launchbox\Data\Platforms\Nintendo Wii U.xml" How to use: Download this: WiiUGameImporter.zip Right click on .zip, properties, unblock. Put the "WiiUGameImporter" folder into Launchbox/Plugin folder. Start LB, go to tools, import wii u games. Click browse, point the dialog box to your wii u roms folder and click import. If any games are stored within cemu's mlc01 folder, move them to a different location. Cemu's mlc01 folder holds game updates, this importer blocks any rpx files being imported from mlc01 so not to import updates. The way the importer works is.. 1. It searches for the "Game/Meta/meta.xml" file. If it finds meta.xml it will import: .rpx path. Title. Publisher. US and Europe regions. US esrb age rating. 2. If meta.xml doesnt exist. The plugin will find the title id from "Game/code/app.xml" and compare it to a database file thats included with the plugin. It will import: .rpx path. Title. region. If neither of these xml files are found the game will not be imported. A txt file will be created in the plugin directory with the path(s) of games that didnt import. When import is complete use LB bulk editor to change associated emulator.
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    Version 1.2


    This is a collection of 189 3D Boxes for the Nintendo Wii U. These use the same template as my PC, Steam, Xbox, Xbox 360 3D Boxes. These Boxes are for games released on Disc format. These are named after the official Hyperlist XML and all boxes are included. However only about half of them have spine art as many full covers are not available yet on the net however I have added script to the boxes missing spine art to complete the set. Also some of the boxes in this set may have European covers where American covers should be as I tried to find as many full covers as possible and I always took what ever was available regardless of region. this did not happen often though. LIST OF GAMES COVERED:
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    @BoneRoller Visual Pinball
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    Note I just replaced it with correct one. Had wrong series number in top text. Should have been 9800 series instead of original which was 9000
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    Once have the logo/font then number changes are relatively easy:
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    Yep, might just do that. Guess things can't be perfect all the time. Thanks for your help Charco. It's a great program. I just wish it was a bit more easier to setup. RetroArch is even worse for me. Bit over the top in the options dept lol. Cheers,
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    It also clearly says Mameui64, so not standard MAME.
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    First of all I would like to congratulate the PCSX2 team on the long awaited 1.6.0 stable release, and all of the hard work that was put into it. @deathsycthe420 This tool should work fine with the new build, as there is very little difference between it and the latest 1.5.0 Dev builds. A new (and much nicer) solution is in development for going forward, I was initially hoping to get out ahead of the 1.6.0 release but I guess that didn't happen. Just continue to watch this space.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Hi, some of you have asked me about this cartridge set, I'm not very proud of them because don't have enough quality, anyway I'll share with you if someone is interested in. There are a total of 557 PAL cartridges in this package. Hope you like it!! Regards,
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    thanks for doing this @seaview59 ☺️👍
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    Wow!!! You have been really busy!! That is awesome! I can't thank you enough for sharing all you (and the teams) hard work. Very much appreciated Dragon! Thanks mate 🙂
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    My bad, forgot this was for PC games. Try these steps and let me know the outcome (I have not personally tested it) Download the Autohotkey package from https://www.autohotkey.com/download/, in the ZIP file is a Compiler folder. AHK2EXE is there. Convert the AHK script to an EXE and place it in the same folder where the PC game is. Add the EXE as an Additional App in Launchbox, and set it to Automatically Run Before Main Application.
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    Use something like this, just change the red-colored portion of the AHK below to the executable of the game $Esc:: { Process, Close, whatever the game exe is }
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    @EgoBizarroHere are the rings. Some of these are pretty obscure, so quality variations with those that don't have any quality art available.
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    @MoleburtYou need to change that in LB using the image priorities if using the Queso addon. Go to Tools, Options, Legacy, Images and then to Cart-Back Priorities and uncheck all but the Marquees for images to use. It is noted in the instructions above (under Queso addon info).
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    Version 1.1.0


    ESPAÑOL Clear logos con temática de Nintendo NES / Famicom (8bits), para usar en ''Categoría de Plataforma''. todos los logos están en Español e Inglés, y les dejo un txt con instrucciones simples de cómo colocarlos en LaunchBox... aunque imagino que la mayoría ya debe saber como colocarlos! Espero lo disfruten!! ENGLISH Clear Nintendo-themed NES / Famicom logos (8bits), for use in '' Platform Category ''. all the logos are in Spanish and English, and I leave you a txt with simple instructions on how to place them in LaunchBox ... although I guess most of you should already know how to place them! I hope you enjoy it!!
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    @BluSonik Here are a couple options now that LB has gone final with release.
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    @Bunglezbawb Here are rest. That Global VR logo isn't the greatest quality, but it will have to do until someone has time to retrace it. For Silver Lindbergh, that was never released best I can tell, so no official logo. Redid the yellow one to match others.
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    Could someone please make some logos I am missing for my Arcade Rom Systems. It would be very much appreciated. Global VR Konami PC Based Namco ES3B Namco ES3X Namco N2 Sega Lindbergh Red Sega Lindbergh Yellow Sega Lindvergh Silver Sega Lindbergh Red EX Sega ALL.Net MULTI Ver.2 Sega Nu Sega Nu 1.1 Sega Nu 2 SEGA PC Based Sega Ring Edge 2 Taito Type X Zero Taito Type X 3 Thanks again!
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    Great intro nice work!!! Thanks again.
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    Still my favorite startup - however, I would love it to be longer. Does anyone know what the music is?
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    This 80s startup video is awesome! It definitely brings me back! Keep up the great work man!
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    excellent feature, it will be cool if you guys make an start up video for every platform you choose, but this has surprise me Thanks!
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