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    Version 1.0.4


    LV-101 is dark, futuristic and responsive theme. Theme uses custom device and playlist images (download the psd templates from here). 108 devices are included in this package. Should work well with 16:10, 16:9, 4:3 and 5:4 ratios. Theme was designed to use box art, gameplay screenshot and gameplay video. If you want to make changes you can download the Community Creator Tool Files. For view transitions I recommend the vertical animation, it just feels right with this theme. Requires a powerful system to run smoothly. Tried it with i5-4570t and performance was horrible. AllNightLong works better on older systems. Theme contains: Platform Wheel 1 Platform Wheel 2 Text Filters View Text Games View Horizontal Wheel 1 Games View Horizontal Wheel 2 Games View So not a lot, but I didn't want to make this theme as huge as my previous theme. Less is more, or so they say. Credits: @y2guru for the COMMUNITY Theme Creator for BigBox @viking for the amazing platform videos. Fonts: Montserrat Designed by Julieta Ulanovsky, Sol Matas, Juan Pablo del Peral, Jacques Le Bailly (https://fonts.google.com/specimen/Montserrat?query=montse) Device Images: The Vanamo Online Game Museum (https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/User:Evan-Amos/Credits) Fan Art: This theme uses some images from EmulationStation theme Tronkyjared (https://github.com/cowboyjeeper/tronkyjared) Background Video: Free B Roll by <a href="http://videezy.com">Videezy.com</a>
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    Version 1.0.6


    Teknoparrot and Nesica Marquees i've found or made.
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    Version 1.2.0


    Started a project a while ago to create a complete set of stylistically coherent banners. And when I say complete i mean complete. I used the LB platform list as a starting point and branched out from there, covering every platform I could think of, and made a few up for my own use. I went with a "nebula" style background since it seems like that's what kids are into these days and searched for high quality assets. Obviously this means the starting point was Evan Amos's photos and THK's logos, but I used many other sources as well and quite a few of the logos were just not available in decent quality online so I actually made a bunch of both company and platform logos by hand. This collection is US centric so American names and images are given priority above international counterparts. I'm already working on a set of Euro-centric banners though, so don't feel left out. After that I might begin working on a Japanese-centric set if I feel up to it. We shall see. Comments and advice are more than welcome. If you notice any glaring mistakes or omissions, please don't hesitate to point them out. These are actually pretty easy to edit and replace. Suggestions on changes needed for the European set are also quite welcome. Anything outside of the obvious (Mega Drive, blue swirl for Dreamcast, different SNES, different Vectrex logo, different 7800 controllers, etc.) is something that I'm likely to miss. I'm aware that not every one of these platforms is emulated yet but I'm less concerned with that and more concerned with getting as many platforms included as possible. Please enjoy! PLATFORMS INCLUDED (254 total): MASTER LIST CONSOLES: 3DO - 3DO Interactive Multiplayer Amstrad - GX 4000 APF - MP 1000 Apple - Pippin Atari - 2600 Atari - 5200 Atari - 7800 Atari - Jaguar Atari - Jaguar CD Atari - XE Game System Bally - Astrocade Bandai - Datach Bandai - Playdia Bandai - Sufami Turbo Bandai - Super Vision 8000 Camerica - Aladdin Casio - Loopy Casio - PV-1000 Coleco - Colecovision Commodore - Amiga CD32 Commodore - CDTV Emerson - Arcadia-2001 Entex - Adventure Vision Epoch - Cassette Vision Epoch - Super Cassette Vision Fairchild - Channel F Fujitsu - FM Towns Marty Funtech - Super A'Can GCE - Vectrex Interton - VC 4000 Leapfrog - Click Start Magnavox - Odyssey Magnavox - Odyssey^2 Mattel - Hyper Scan Mattel - Intellivision Microsoft - Xbox Microsoft - Xbox 360 Microsoft - Xbox One NEC - PC-FX NEC - Super Grafx NEC - TurboGrafx 16 NEC - TurboGrafx CD Nintendo - Nintendo 64 Nintendo - Nintendo 64DD Nintendo - Nintendo Entertainment System Nintendo - Famicom Disk System Nintendo - Gamecube Nintendo - Satellaview Nintendo - Super Nintendo Entertainment System Nintendo - Wii U Nintendo - Wii Ware Nintendo - Wii Ouya - Ouya ? - PC-50X family Philips - CD-i Philips - Videopac+ G7400 RCA - Studio II Sega - 32X Sega - Sega CD 32X Sega - Sega CD Sega - Dreamcast Sega - Genesis Sega - Master System Sega - Advanced Pico Beena Sega - Pico Sega - Saturn Sega - SG-1000 SNK - Neo Geo AES SNK - Neo Geo CD Sony - PlayStation Sony - PlayStation 2 Sony - PlayStation 3 Sony - PS4 SSD - XaviXPORT Starpath - Supercharger Tsukuda Original - Othello Multivision View-Master - Interactive Vision VM Labs - Nuon VTech - Creativision VTech - Socrates VTech - V.Flash VTech - V.Smile WOW - Action Max Zapit - Game Wave COMPUTERS Acorn - Archimedes Acorn - Atom Acorn - BBC Micro Acorn - Electron Amstrad - CPC APF - Imagination Machine Apple - Apple-1 Apple - Apple II Apple - Apple IIGS Apple - Apple III Apple - Lisa Apple - Macintosh (68k) Apple - Macintosh (PowerPC) Apple - Macintosh (Intel/OSX/modern) Atari - Atari Home Computers (2 versions, one saying 8-bit Home Computers and the other saying 400/800/XL/XE as many box stickers did) Atari - Atari ST Caputers - Lynx Coleco - Adam Commodore - Commodore 64 Commodore - Commodore 128 Commodore - Amiga Commodore - Max Machine Commodore - PET Commodore - 16/Plus/4 (the picture and platform logo are of the Plus/4 though both machines are part of the same family) Commodore - VIC-20 Dragon Data - Dragon 32/64 Eaca - Colour Genie Elektronika - BK 0010 Enterprise - Enterprise 64/128 Exelvision - EXL 100 Exidy - Sorcerer Fujitsu - FM Towns Fujitsu - FM-7 Jupiter Cantab - Jupiter Ace Lviv - PK-01 Matra - Alice Mattel - Aquarius Memotech - MTX MGT - Sam Coupe Micronique - Hector Microsoft - MSX Microsoft - MSX2 Microsoft - MSX2+ Microsoft - MSX Turbo R NEC - PC-8801 NEC - PC-9801 Ohio Scientific - Challenger 1P Ohio Scientific - Challenger II Philips - VG 5000m Radio - Mikrosha Schetmash - Vektor 06TS Sega - SC-3000 Sharp - MZ-2500 Sharp - X1 Sharp - X68000 Sinclair - QL Sinclair - ZX Spectrum Sinclair - ZX81 Sord - M5 Spectravideo - SV-318 Tandy - TRS-80 Tandy - TRS-80 Color Computer Tandy - Color Computer 3 Tangerine - Oric Technosys - Aamber Pegasus Texas Instruments - TI-99/4A Tomy - Tutor VTech - Laser 2001 Zavod BRA - Apogey-BK 01 HANDHELDS Atari - Lynx Bandai - WonderSwan Bandai - WonderSwan Color Bit Corp. - Gamate Entex - Select-A-Game Epoch - Game Pocket Computer Gamepark - GP32 Hartung - Game Master Leapfrog - Leapster Leapfrog - Leapster Explorer Milton Bradley - Microvision Nintendo - 3DS Nintendo - DS Nintendo - Game & Watch Nintendo - Game Boy Nintendo - Game Boy Color Nintendo - Game Boy Advance Nintendo - Pokemon Mini Nintendo - Switch Nintendo - Virtual Boy Nokia - N-Gage Palmtex - Super Micro Sega - Game Gear Sega - VMU SNK - Neo Geo Pocket SNK - Neo Geo Pocket Color Sony - PlayStation Portable Sony - PlayStation Vita Sony - PocketStation Sony - PSP Minis Tapwave - Zodiac Tiger - game.com Tiger - R-Zone Tiger Telematics - Gizmondo Time Top - Gameking Watara - Supervision Welback Holdings - Mega Duck ARCADE PLATFORMS: Arcade (general) Stone Age (for era based playlists that I use) Golden Age Silver Age Dark Age Bronze Age Modern Age American Laser Games (for company based playlists, let me know if you'd like more) Atari Games Atari Capcom Cave Data East Irem Konami Midway Namco Nintendo Sega Taito Technos Williams Laserdisc (Daphne/Singe) (Based on platforms, often needed due to specific emulators being used) Capcom - CP System Capcom - CP System II Capcom - CP System III Namco - System 22 Namco/Sega/Nintendo - Triforce Sammy - Atomiswave Sega - Chihiro Sega - Hikaru Sega - Lindbergh Sega - CG Board/Model 1 Sega - Model 2 Sega - Model 3 Sega - Naomi Sega - Naomi 2 Sega - RingEdge Sega - ST-V Sega - System 16 Sega - System 32 SNK - Neo Geo MVS Taito - Type X OS/INTERPRETER/OTHER Apple - iOS byuu - MSU1 Digital Research - CP/M Google - Android Infocom - Z-machine Interactive Fiction Interpreter Lightgun Games Linux Microsoft - MS-DOS Microsoft - Windows (original) Microsoft - Windows 3.x Microsoft - Windows 9X Microsoft - Windows (modern) Elecbyte - MUGEN Open Beats of Rage Pinball ResidualVM ScummVM Web Browser Games Zinc
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    LV-101 Theme Community Creator Tool Files View File Here are the LV-101 theme files for Community Theme Creator for BigBox. Go ahead and post screenshots of your versions of the theme here. I would love to see some of the changes you have made to the theme. Made with Community Theme Creator for BigBox You can download the theme for BigBox from here: Credits: Special thanks to @y2guru for the COMMUNITY Theme Creator tool. @viking for the amazing platform videos. Fonts: Montserrat Designed by Julieta Ulanovsky, Sol Matas, Juan Pablo del Peral, Jacques Le Bailly (https://fonts.google.com/specimen/Montserrat?query=montse) Device Images: The Vanamo Online Game Museum (https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/User:Evan-Amos/Credits) Fan Art: This theme uses some images from EmulationStation theme Tronkyjared (https://github.com/cowboyjeeper/tronkyjared) Background Video: Free B Roll by <a href="http://videezy.com">Videezy.com</a> Submitter thimolor Submitted 07/30/2020 Category Big Box Custom Themes  
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    @dragon57 in the meantime I managed to get it working. Thanks! Now I get to enjoy high scores and bezels☺️
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    That's brilliant!! I've just got it! Thanks for giving me the full details as I never would have found it if you just said the Emu FTP. That's great Dragon, you're a star!!!
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    They are called Video Themes. The one for Mad Dog 2 can be found on EmuMovies ftp @ /Official/Video Themes (HD)/American Laser Games (Video Themes-HyperSpin)(4x3)(HD)(CriticalCid 1.0)
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    And I just now released a 2nd pack of backgrounds, all the details here!
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    Increible, thank you
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    They are just symbolic links, like shortcuts, just an easy way to link a folder without having multiples of the same folders, or moving folder structures that can break other things.
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    New version is working flawlessly for me now! Thanks!
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    Version 1.0.0


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    @The_Keeper86 we are so much closer, even if the beta doesnt launch .net core is available on linux so this should bring us closer to a native build. You can launch native emu's from wine via wines "z:" but I'm not sure if LaunchBox's launch options are configurable enough at this time to let us get rid of the .exe extension or not and haven't really tested it out enough to get it working as I've mainly focused on just getting LaunchBox to run in wine. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dotnet/core/install/linux https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dotnet/desktop-wpf/migration/convert-project-from-net-framework https://devblogs.microsoft.com/dotnet/migrating-a-sample-wpf-app-to-net-core-3-part-1/ https://ccifra.github.io/PortingWPFAppsToLinux/Overview.html
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    I've done Namco ES3, Sega Lindbergh, Raw Thrills, Sega Europa, many more to come just got to get back into it, my sons nagging me all the time to play Fortnite with him, can't get anything done, bloody kids 🤣
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    Bulk edits the command line parameter instantly. Saved me from doing it manually.
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    a few more done, these where completley redrawn by me, thats why its taking so long, and ive been playing RE3
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    I took Hursty's Super Sweet Emulation Station theme (https://github.com/RetroHursty69/es-theme-supersweet) which uses banners, and created an Attract Mode them for it (I'm a Retropie user). I then created a load of my own banners, they're very different in style and a slightly different size but I thought I'd share them anyway in case someone is interested. I've not finished it, still want to make more collections banners for it. Banners.rar
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    Version 2.0


    Here are my Platform Banners, maybe you can use them also as Startscreen. The Zip contains 274 Banners. Screenshots Original Size (1080p).
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    Version 2.0.0


    This includes media for all 96 Pinball FX3 tables through Volume 5 released in December 2019. This pack includes: Clear Logo Docklet Gameplay Screenshot Full Table Gameplay Screenshot Background Pseudo-Backglass - I use these for Game Title snaps Advertisement - Front and Back (for the recreation tables only) I only made a few of the backglass/background images when no others were available. The rest are credited to others, gathered from Zen site, Steam, www.gameex.info pinballx media site, and around the web. If someone objects to an image they created being in this pack, let me know and I will remove it. For those that have two screen setups, then the images for the background on screen #2, named according to the PXP (Steam) file naming convention (which is not straightforward) are in the "Two-Screen Images - PXP Naming.zip" file. The Pinball FX3 Images.Zip file contains a zip of the Launchbox images folders. Within the folder structure they are as follows: Clear Logo = Clear Logo folder Docklet = Box-Front-Reconstructed folder Gameplay Screenshot = Screenshot-Gameplay Full Table Gameplay Screenshot = Screenshot-Game Select Background = Fanart-Background Pseudo-Backglass = Screenshot-Game Title Advertisement - Front and Back (for the recreation tables only) - Flyers folders If you want video snaps, you can find those here: Lastly this platform XML file contains data for each table, PXP name, year, manufacturer, brief description (usually from Zen site), and base information that would normally be downloaded from LB DB. NOTE: The XML file is now located with rest of image downloads. Just click "DOWNLOAD" button at top right, and it is the last entry.
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    Here are some genre banners I made using the background and wheel logos from hyperspin. I'm sure others can make much better ones but these are what I'm using now. There are also a handful of other genres in hyperspin but these are the only ones I needed atm.
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    @Klopjero is it possible to add banners for the auto generated playlists like Williams Classics, Midway Classics, etc? or is this sticking to platforms and systems? I hope to be able to jump on contributing if I can find some time..excellent work you guys have done so far, much appreciated!
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    Version 1.0.0


    Here are my files that I used to create banners for use with my personal collection since I switched to the Banner Box theme by @faeran They incorporate Crylen's framed clear logos, several different fan art Top images, and a few different System art images. Included is also my community theme creator folder to see how it was all put together, and to edit (just have to point it to your launchbox install instead), along with all associated working images and PSD files used. Also included my Banner Box PSD folder that I used to work on playlists and anything else that needed to be done.
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    It looks like a few of these platforms are already here but since I spent the time I'm going to post them here anyway 😉 Enjoy.
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    it needed to be done ! so I did! "But klopjero, nobody plays that system!"I don't care!! .. this was the first time that I found something that resembled source material .. SO! Here!! take it ~!!
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    Adding the ones I shared in the other topic, as well as some new ones I did. The Tiger one is a modification of @rexryan's one; I tried finding a better quality version of the red handheld but could not, so I enlarged and used the same one. If you have a better quality one, share it with me As an FYI for the creators, the baseline of the clear logos that faeran created is at 110 pixels from the bottom side of the banner, so all of the names are lined up and not at different heights.
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    @faeran I was not able to resolve the game banners issue, but I don't mind as I wanted to use this theme for the categories and platform views (which is working beautifully), and then inside each platform/playlist different themes. I am in the process of making specific banners for my needs. Sharing them here in case somebody wants to grab them: Categories: Magazines and Pinball. Playlists: Hacks and Fan-Made, IGS PolyGame Master, and Recently Played. Platforms: Future Pinball and Pinball FX3. Missing for my set (that I will be doing next) are Microsoft Windows (from the 90s), 3D Realms (playlist), Openbor, Popcap, Tiger Game.com (platforms).
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    Version 1.0.0


    I noticed that with homebrew games created from MUGEN and OpenBOR there are not a whole lot of Box art. I thought maybe creating a couple of templates this may help with that. Maybe this can help with the two sections and make it look a little more official.
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    Version 1.0.0


    A set of 269 logos I either created or found on the web,for the Hacks & Fan-Made games Platform. These cover every game I currently have on my own system,but,certainly not every hacked game in existence. Much like my PSP mini set,I could not find a set without the rectangle box behind them,so I just created one. Old Logo New Logo
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