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    fixed a ton of issues, issues i had introduced in and and for that I am truly sorry.
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    Version 1.0.0


    INTRODUCTION This theme was built for people who have vertically oriented monitors in their cabinets - 1080x1920. It is based off of the Bezel and Lay File how-to videos I found on Youtube by the user Chad Wedlake (https://youtu.be/NUTnWWlcL3A) and are used with his permission. The files he used are derivative of the VCabinet artworks by Antolin Aguirre ( http://www.vcabinet.es ). When I started this theme, I was well into creating vertical bezels for use in various platforms with RetroArch. I found it a challenge to set up each platform in a vertical fashion. I'm not sure when, but it was at least a couple months back when I discovered the Community Theme Creator and started playing around with it a bit. Wow, is it ever easy to use. Particularly if you know how layers work in programs like Photoshop or GIMP. Anyways, I started with just importing a bezel I had created and then added the video behind the bezel. Added the marquee view for the arcade games that have marquees and just used clear logos for the ones that didn't. Worked out pretty good I thought so I kept going. Then I thought, how about a view for the Pinball FX, Future Pinball and Visual Pinball tables I have? Well now I have it to a point that I feel like it should be shared. For best results, I suggest setting a hotkey within BigBox to allow you to scroll through the various platform and games views. Many popular console platforms have their own views, but all platforms will display just fine with the default wheel or text views. The special views for Pinball are full screen table video views that do not look good with regular console or arcade videos. This theme was not designed with second monitor support in mind for pinball backglass videos or other marquees. This theme was not tested with Platform Category Views, Genre Views, Playlist Views, or any other non-platform oriented views, but I assume they should work OK as long as your media is set up for those views. I do intend at some point to also release the vertical bezel files I've created for the various platforms. This theme and the bezel files work great together to add a more seamless transition between game and frontend. You shouldn't need anything special to get the theme to work as long as you have good media files. The theme mostly requires a good set of clear logos, box art, and game cart/cd media. You will also need a good set of videos as well as vertically oriented Pinball videos if you want to use the pinball views. I'll release updates as I refine the theme. If you discover any weird bugs or have reasonable requests, please let me know. CREDIT I would like to thank Chad Wedlake for the use of his bezel template. @faeran for permission to use some of the xaml code from his excellent Vertigo Theme for the options views in the backend. @SonicFan53 for the clear platform images that the theme uses. And @y2guru for the excellent Community Theme Builder. I couldn't have done this without the Theme Builder. Incredible tool for theme building in BigBox! Thanks as always to @Jason Carr. INSTALLATION Download the zip file and unblock it by right clicking the file, go into properties and check the unblock check box and click OK. Once the file is unblocked, extract the folder into ==\Launchbox\Themes\ THEME VIEWS In order to see the various games views for the different platforms, you'll need to change to each view. If you set a hotkey within Bigbox (Keyboard Mappings/Controller Mappings - Switch View) to change views, this makes it easy to change views without going into the settings each time. Main Wheel Main Wheel Device View Main Wheel Vertical Text Wheel View Main Wheel Description View Default Games View Alternate Games View (Arcade platform only - I got next game) Vertical Text Wheel Games View Atari 2600 Games View Bally Astrocade Games View GCE Vectrex Games View Mattel Intellevision Games View TurboGrafx 16 Games View TurboGrafx CD Games View NES Games View Sega 32x Games View Sega CD Games View Sega Genesis Games View Sega Master System Games View Sega Saturn Games View Sony Playstation Games View Super Nintendo Games View Fullscreen Pinball Table Games View If you are interested in using any of the Bezels/Overlays within RetroArch, you can find them here.
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    Click on a row and CTRL+A to highlight all the rows and CTRL+C to copy (or click the small cell to the left of the First Column Header and it will highlight all rows). Then you can paste into Excel or various other programs.
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    Moved to a more appropriate sub-forum. (Games Media)
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    Hi Lamonisis, About donate accout better not. You are starting now and despite your goodwill, your arrival ends up driving people away. Normal post, without having to use any code for this. Let people know your work first. Launchbox opens the door for anyone who wants to contribute to the community Welcome for LB fórum. Claudio
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    Version 1.0.2


    Hi all, This is my collection of MS-DOS 3D big boxes I created for my eXoDOS set. It’s a mix of both US and European boxes, basically everything I could find. Enjoy!
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    I'll share what I have, but it's not a lot I'm afraid. I've deleted a huge amount as it was just a big disorganised mess of unnamed images. My method was to cut out the image, create the 3D box, then do any clean up work on the completed box, discarding the rest. Most of this pack was created from ebay photo's, so there's probably not a lot that's useful for a project such as yours.
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    That was fast! That worked! Thank you!!
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    Sounds like you have that button set to "close active window" in Bigbox, that is the command use to close the emulator. Try changing that to something different, a combo of two buttons is normally best to avoid accidental triggers.
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    Glad to help, And again, thanks for finding it for me and letting me know
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    Mikie: High School Graffiti mame arcade bezel mikie.zip
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    @Rincewind wanted another property added to allow the next image/gif/video to be presented when selecting a platform or game plus i fixed 1 major memory leak in the new image control and a minor memory leak in the video control
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    Glad to see a little bit more support for this. Hopefully it'll get added one day as the lack of this feature has stunted my motivation to go any further with my current setup at the moment. And yes, Launchbox is very much a game organizer. It refers to itself as a game organizer multiple times right on the front page.
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    Glad to see LB and BB running through Wine! I'm using Launchbox 11.3-beta-14 and Linux Mint 20 here, and ran a few tests with Retroarch and PCSX2. In case it helps the devs, here's what happened: a) Retroarch: - games on LB, set to launch with the Windows version of Retroarch, work without any additional tweaks: Retroarch ran through Wine seems to behave like native. Couldn't test online features because of the recent "Libretro / Retroarch hacked" situation; - LB can launch the Linux version of Retroarch: setting the folder to Z:\usr\bin\retroarch allows LB to launch the native version of the emulator, but only when right clicking a game and choosing to launch the emulator without the game; the Linux version of Retroarch opens and you can manually open games inside it. I couldn't figure a way to directly launch any game through LB using the Linux version of Retroarch: nothing happens when trying to launch games this way, and the cores are always shown as absent on LB. I tried using custom command line parameters (on Associated Platforms) and point LB to where the Linux version of Retroarch cores are located, under Z:\home\USER_NAME\.config\retroarch\cores, but it didn't work. I also tried creating a link (shortcut) to said directory, putting it in my home folder and pointing the command line parameters to it, just in case LB wasn't seeing ./ folders; but that didn't work either. I'm guessing that if LB automatically knew where Retroarch cores are located on Linux, maybe it would work (but I'm out of ideas for now). By the way, in order to launch the native version of emulators inside Wine, I followed the instructions under Wine HQ Wiki. b) PCSX2: - the Windows version of PCSX2 doesn't seem to work when launched via LB on Linux: it always launches the "first configuration" screen and the emulator freezes after clicking "Next"; - pointing LB to Z:\usr\games\PCSX2 allows the Linux version of the emulator to be launched through LB (and I can then proceed to manually open games inside the launched PCSX2). But I couldn't directly launch any PS2 games though LB when using the Linux version of PCSX2. When trying to launch any game via LB with the Linux version of PCSX2, the emulator opens with an error message, saying that the CDVD plugin failed (and even changing the plugin doesn't stop the error from showing up). It doesn't behave like this when opening the native Linux PCSX2 outside of Launchbox; and even if, within LB, I right click on a game and select "Launch PCSX2" (launching the emulator without opening any games with it), I can then load any PS2 games within the native PCSX2 without any error message. No idea why the aforementioned error is happening only when trying to directly launch PS2 games via LB. Hope that, in time, devs and/or community figure out a way to allow us to directly launch games, through LB/BB, with the native version of the emulators. And thanks, devs and community, for all the hard work towards LB/BB, and for trying and getting it working on Linux. You guys rock!
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    Version 1.0.0


    TeknoParrot-Gaelco-Konami PC Based-Sega NU 2-Sega Arcade PC Full Media Pack all The usual stuff videos, video themes, box art, fan art, platform videos, clear logos etc enjoy guys👍
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    Version 1.0.0


    Systems in this pack are Ringedge, Ringwide, Sega Lindbergh, Namco ES3, Raw Thrills, Namco System N2, Konami PC, Sega Arcade PC, Sega Capcom, Sega Europa-R, all cases come in coloured and black with and without reflections, hope you enjoy them
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    Here is something I found and do every so often and reduces my images folder to almost half the size. When you add games and artwork is scraped, it's a crap shoot as to what format and size you are going to get. Might be jpg's, might be png's, etc.. And the image sizes??? They can be very tiny to HUGE in file size (both physical size and pixel size) . I use a program called FS-Image Editor (FS=FastStone I think). It's free and still updated regularly. It's suppose to be for photos but works with most all images. It allows you to re-size or convert images real easy. One at a time or batch, batch (whole folder at a time) is the key here. If you have a big collection, it will take a little time to do it the first time. I have almost 8tb of game data, so it took me a bit to figure it all out and do it the first time. Start with one system, say Atari 2600, use FS-Image Editor to navigate to where you have say your "Front" images. Decide on the size & format you would like them to be, The 2600 games came in a taller box, where most of our fronts/poster images come from. (I had tried finding the original sizes of the boxes/cases at one time and calculating the actual dimensions/pixels, but eventually gave up on it.) Anyways, so with the taller posters like the 2600 uses, I went with like 675x1000s and used jpg format. I let FS-Image Editor save them to a new temp folder, that way I could look at them before any changes were made in LB. Usually they look great, Every no and again, someone will upload an odd image and it may look funny stretched but can easily be replaced. After I look at the new ones, I delete what's in the "Front" folder in LB for that system and just cut-n-paste the new ones in. Done, never need to touch again, until new games are added. (FS-Image Editor is fast too, I think it took like 1 minute to resize and convert 24,000 images use in one of my mame folders) Most of the fanart (background) images are 1920x1080. I resize all of them to 960x560 using jpg format. I think I use something like 500x600 for the more square type covers, like PS2 or PS3 games. Depending on all the type of images you scrape in will be how much time it will take you to go through everything. You will be amazed how much you can decrease the size! And wow, does it look so much nicer! Something else I check is the videos that have been downloaded, I browse through them and just double check the file size. You might be amazed how many of them are pretty big. When I find one, I usually just do a simple search for the game with trailer in the search and find a smaller 1-2 minute trailer and replace it. I usually try to download webm video files when I can instead mp4 files as they are usually smaller in size. But in the end, it is always personal preference. On PC games, I usually search for them on Steam and I use IDM to download trailers there in webm format. And as always, make backups before replacing anything. I run LB on most of my at 4k and a couple @1080 and it looks amazing, clean and I think actually make LB/BB a teeny bit faster running. Maybe this will help ya out a bit, others too!
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