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    Thanks, @Jason Carr! LB /BB 11.5 are now working as expected on my rig. 👍
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    Big thank you for continuing to work on this. I know it's a major time investment for you but it's hands down the best plugin for LB. I and many others remain grateful
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    Hey all, I've updated the script at the beginning of this topic with the following: Updated to install the new 11.5 release Fix for a possible out-of-date apt-get issue Fix for @jedigu's reported issue above 11.5 was seeing some conflicts with the symlinks that were created by the previous script, so you may need to delete the ~/LaunchBox/drive_c/LaunchBox/Core folder before installing 11.5 if you're not starting fresh.
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    OK, I found the fix, @Mr. RetroLust and it actually does not involve (much to my surprise) changing the DPI scaling or the monitor refresh rate. (Thank you Windows 10 for your convoluted scaling problems.) BigBox's application settings need to be changed. I already had the High DPI scaling override on and set to Application. However, I had to check "Use this setting to fix scaling problems...". It all works now without a hitch and BigBox can now (as it should) actually control which displays the marquee and main windows appear on: EDIT: I spoke too soon. Not working after a reboot-ski. WHY?
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    Having a Wikipedia URL for each game is still rather useful, regardless of whether we actually scrape data from Wikipedia or not. Just having the link available is useful in itself. Per ESRB, it's exactly what it's supposed to be: the official American ESRB rating only. I guess the confusion is coming from "This field is stated to be replaced and/or modified", which I'm guessing is a relic from Vlansix's development. I don't ever plan to replace or remove the ESRB field. What we should eventually do instead is add fields for the ratings from other regions as well, and they'll be labeled as such. For the time being, if a game does not have an ESRB rating (either because it wasn't published in the US or because it was published before the ESRB was invented), the game should be marked as Not Rated, which means that it does not have an ESRB rating. If you don't know whether the game was rated or not, you can simply leave it blank. It's actually really easy to find rating information by searching the ESRB's website. Per adult only games, to be honest I'd rather them not even be in the database at all. I know not everyone agrees with this, however, and it is an open database, so I'm sure there's quite a few in there. We do have a very strict no-nudity policy for the media, however, primarily to protect kids and keep us out of hot water because we have no age checks on the games database website. Please keep that in mind and never upload any images with nudity to the site. If a box has nudity on it, the box image cannot be uploaded to the LBGDB at all, period. Otherwise we risk legal consequences and getting the site shut down, but really it just comes down to protecting kids, my own kids included. I could really use the community's help to mark any images with nudity in them for deletion.
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    So when y'all switched over to .NET Core, 'Unbroken.LaunchBox.Plugins.dll' was moved from the 'Metadata' directory to the 'Core' directory. Besides the Plugin API webpage not mentioning this change, all plugins that reference this DLL must be updated to point to this new path or compiling fails. Obviously it's not a big deal, but it would probably be helpful to new developers if you at least update the plugin documentation. Also, just as an aside, any plugins that get the LaunchBox directory by using something such as 'Path.GetDirectoryName(Path.GetFullPath(Assembly.GetEntryAssembly()))' are also broken by the new update as this now resolves to the 'Core' directory instead of the base LaunchBox directory. Again, not a huge deal, but I just thought I would mention it in case anyone else is having problems. Edit: I'm also now seeing this warning whenever compiling my plugin (after LB moved to .NET Core): Found conflicts between different versions of "System.Drawing.Common" that could not be resolved. These reference conflicts are listed in the build log when log verbosity is set to detailed. Does not appear to be causing any problems at the moment though.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Hello! Almost all the covers have been scanned directly from my collection and I designed a template with the open source Gimp 2 program that I also attached in case anyone was interested. Currently there are 126 and some more from another region. with plastic effect without plastic effect
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    Thanks for liking my post in my dialog with Jason @The_Keeper86. Anyone else who is waiting for the plugin to be fixed and would like to encourage a fix for the problems caused in the recent LB update, it would probably be helpful if you follow The_Keeper86's lead. The thread is here: Regardless of the outcome of that dialog however, I am working on a fix on my end that hopefully won't depend upon the action of the LB devs. It is a bit ridiculous though that I have to manually patch the .NET Core CLR during runtime, dynamically patching LB code on-the-fly, just to allow debugging of my own plugin.. 😒
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    lol, don't worry, I've seen much dirtier work arounds. But yeah, I did all my usual stuff, not a single issue. Thanks to team Launchbox for all your hard work. Cheers
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    Nevermind, the PC-8801 already has one here, I'll just add them to the other two
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    @Jason Carr, first off thank you for everything you and your team has done. You are an absolute legend. Unfortunately I checked windows updates (optional also), and graphics drivers prior to hitting the forum with the issue. However, I greatly appreciate you chiming in! I will keep researching. If I find a solution I will be sure to place it here. For now, I will probably clone her instance and drop it back to 11.2 as suggested. Thank you everyone for the feedback! This community rocks per usual!
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    I am having the exact same problem! I hope there is a fix! This recently just started happening to my BB and 11.5 did not fix the problem.
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    Not a bad idea. Can you create a BitBucket ticket for it? Okay, I'll do some testing on some older hardware to see if I can reproduce. Obviously the core count doesn't look to be an issue. Unfortunately I don't have a solution for this currently. I'd have to re-engineer the setup. My best idea currently would be to install it on another system and copy the files over.
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    Thank you for the clarification! My main concern was indeed these 18+ games and having a "Not Rated" stamped on them instead of a 18+ or relevant marking. Though that concern still exists, since it's been confirmed that we should have them for the time being marked as "Not Rated", until we get more age ratings in the system. The European PEGI would be the most easy to have content wise next I think. For myself, I'm pretty sure I didn't upload any naughty bits in those wacky but cool Japanese entries (with also stunningly beautiful pixel art & animation) - I have to say, some of them are really, really good games and safe for anyone. I recommend using Retroarch's translation API if someone wants to give those games a go without the need of Japanese language skills: https://docs.libretro.com/guides/ai-service/ I'm using sometimes the version that does a screenshot of the current gameplay while pausing and translates the Japanese text into English. I did stumble into a few potentially policy-breaking images in the Windows section today. Since it's fresh in the memory I will try to find them and do some moderation. I'm sure the community will help!
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    Yeah i dunno what the issue is. Will leave for now it will probably fix itself its still perfectly useable for now. Planning on a new windows install soon anyway.
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    Im doing a full refresh of .net framework and updating windows aswell will update with findings. Thanks for link to 11.2 will go back to that if it doesnt work. I have an RTX 2070 Super.
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    Hi guys, please see my post here for some troubleshooting steps:
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    It's actually fairly disgusting unfortunately lol. We literally just copy the theme XAML files to the Core folder if the symlinks can't be created. It works though.
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    That was quick! Thanks alot @Jason Carr. I will check it out ASAP.
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    Version 1.0


    a little video of mario kart games
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    Yes you can use both. In Big Box, go to Options -> Controller and enable. and select allow all controllers. In the option Controller Mappings below, you can set the buttons on the XBOX 360 controller to the actions you want.
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    New HyperMan (3-in-1 with Cookie & Bibi & HyperMan) 3in1semi.zip
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    Well, this is fortuitous. I was looking for an easy way to swap out the PCem settings in the launcher for more than just the renderer settings - it's easy enough to swap out any one value doing what I've always done which is essentially making multiple versions of a config and then making .bats that replace the used config with another with slightly altered settings. I've done this for DOSBox, Retroarch, and other things. This is no problem so long as you're only changing one value and don't need to toggle different things separately - like say a combination of the renderer and CPU speed. At that point that method wouldn't really work unless I made a separate .bat and separate config for every possible combination of those (which isn't going to happen). But I just came across the rather eloquently named FART - Find and Replace Text. It's a command-line tool for replacing text in files. This is perfect because now, rather than replacing the entire config with another, I can replace specific strings of text with another, so I can make changes to specific settings independently via command-line. Another gadget to throw into the tool belt.
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    Thanks for sharing your theme. I've been waiting for more vertical themes, and this is a great start.
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    Here is a realistic overlay for the Arcade game DoDonPachi DaiOuJou for use on Retroarch Thanks to ArsInvictus for allowing me to use his bezel. You can download the realistic arcade DoDonPachi DaiOuJou bezels here - https://bit.ly/2FztEdW
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    Point and clicks are some of the worst culprits of noticeable input latency because you're constantly moving a mouse cursor. It's very noticeable to me even going from the most ideal settings for reducing it in PCem to DOSBox. It's basically always there in PCem, and then there are various changes that can be made that will only make it worse (like enabling vsync, which seems to do very little in PCem to begin with... other than increasing input latency). In any case, my point in all this is that I already make a conscious effort to do what you're asking. If you need to dial down settings more for your hardware, okay. I already do that to begin with until I reach a point that I'm seeing some sort of performance impact (minor, in some cases, to be fair). If someone came to me with questions about what changes they could make to cater to weaker hardware, I'd have no issue assisting with that. But my point is that the settings I use aren't just arbitrary. I won't go as far as to say that tweaks shouldn't be made in some cases (I have a few early ones in particular that I know I need to adjust), but in many cases they're dialed in where they are for a reason; and some people's hardware won't be sufficient. I don't mind switching over to OpenGL 3.0 in theory, if that's going to prove beneficial (although I don't know how comfortable I am with assuming that that's going to be ideal across all hardware/software as opposed to Auto), but only if it's not going to negatively impact the input latency.
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    This. Also check the refresh rate of the second monitor. There were a couple threads where the user had a second monitor using 55Hz. Changing it to 60 fixed the issue.
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    Version 1.0.1


    I've recently been clarifying and curating the genre list in my collection to be as intuitive as possible. I eventually simplified it down to 21 categories where each game had 1 genre. Problem is, when it was time to check out the playlist I made, many did not have a clear logo. I decided to try my hand at making some! The idea was to take an iconic game logo/boxart/title screen and turn it into the genre logo. This is my first time taking on a project like this, so comments and criticism is more than welcome! __LogoShowcase.mp4
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    I'm not sure if it'll fix your problem but have you tried setting both monitors to the same windows dpi scaling?
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    11.5 is out now (we were planning on releasing today anyways). I believe it will fix this issue @Lahma.
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    I think at this point it's clear that 11.5 is a big improvement over 11.4, so I'll be putting out 11.5 as a quality of life release here shortly.
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    Version 1.0.0


    This is a Nintendo Game & Watch Unified video for use with CriticalCid's Unified theme.
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    I can work around these problems by investing many, many more hours of time if I really have to, but I was really hoping that wasn't going to be required... It is looking like it might be though.. I WILL get a working version of the plugin out to y'all regardless. I am genuinely sorry it is taking so long.
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    Just in case you still read this thread. Thanks in a very big way. was struggling a lot with this, but your tutorial vid was really easy to follow and really well done. Got everything working. Thanks a bunch Zombeaver :). Now if you could do one for pinball arcade........😀
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    Any chance to get this one please? Weird regional name difference means the wheel for the US version doesn't match the PAL one. Thanks.
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    Alright, I got the plugin fixed. Give me just a bit to compile a build and post it here. Edit: Turns out I'm running into another problem now... This change to .NET Core in the 11.3 update has really wrecked a whole host of things in the plugin.. I'm working to get y'all a build as quickly as I can. I'm a bit frustrated at the moment, but I'll keep updating my progress here... If I can get something pushed out tonight I will.
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    @Mr. RetroLust @lexx I believe that issue should be fixed in 11.5-beta-2.
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    Can you help me with this one, please? Thanks in advance! 😃
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    I'll tag @Jason Carr here as I don't have the knowledge.
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    Version 3.1.0


    WoodPanels has the old school retro feel of playing games on an old TV in a room with bad, green carpeting, but golden wooden paneled walls. The video game console or platform appears above or beside the television to match that look and feel. It is paired with a set of 8-bit fonts to complete the experience. Designed for 16:9 screens on a 1080p monitor (need feedback on different resolutions) Platform navigation features device images for 40 platforms. Games list view features device images for 40 platforms with support for game videos, game 3D/2D box art, game cart images (SNES, N64, Genesis, 32X, and Jaguar only). Consoles are paired with one of four different TVs from the same decade they were released (70s, 80s, 90s, 00s) "Wall View" for looking at game boxes on shelves is accompanied by the platform logo and image of the original console packaging. WoodPanels Startup Video is here! Alternate all-wood background available below, just unzip it under Launchbox/Themes/ and overwrite the default one. Trailer: Instructions: 1. Unzip in LaunchBox/Themes/WoodPanels. In BigBox under Options>Views>Theme> choose "WoodPanels" 2. To ensure you're viewing the image of the console and TV alongside the game list, go into the BigBox Menu (hit Esc on your keyboard or back on your controller) and select "View Platforms". 3. To view the carousel of devices in your platform view, go into Options>Views>Platform List View> and select "Platform Wheel 1". 4. Lastly, to make sure you keep this view the next time you start BigBox, go into Options>Views>Default Startup View> and select "Platforms". 5. For N64, SNES, Jaguar, Genesis, and Sega 32X, you need to download the game cart images AND you need to set your LaunchBox settings so your fallback images are disabled for this, otherwise when you have a missing game cart image it will pull something else and look...bad. LaunchBox Options>Legacy>Images>Cart Front Priorities>Uncheck all but "Cart - Front" 6. To enable a the "Wall View", change BigBox Options>Views>Games List View>Wall View. Switch it back to "Text List with Details" if you decide to go back. To Do: Need to add MSX platform device image, gameslistview, box PS1 gameslist image missing power light Super Nintendo gameslist image missing power light Nintendo 64 gameslist image missing power light Dreamcast gameslist image missing power light 3DO device image doesn't match gameslist or box images Commodore Amiga device image doesn't match gameslist or box images NeoGeo portable color device image doesn't match box or gamelist image Sega CD box doesn't match gameslist or device image PS1 box image doesn't match gameslist image
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