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    go to your launchbox folder! its in there Videos / Startup... Place it in there, if you dont have one create it. (Startup folder that is)
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    Yeah, I get it. It's probably quite hard finding the balance. I guess it would be better to do encouraging things and devotionals like this, as opposed to in your face sermons. I guess there is a time and place for each, but an online forum where you run a business too, is maybe not the beast for challenging sermons.. 😂
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    Thank you brother. I'm always looking for ways to reach out without pissing people off or coming off too preachy. But yes, there's no doubt, none of this would exist without the Lord's direction and grace in my life.
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    Ex-addict myself to certain things, but still struggle with others things to this day. God is great and merciful, neverending in love and faithfulness to the broken. You should do more of these man, or somehow use this platform a little more? not sure how though? I am just pleased to see such a brilliant bit of software being led by a guy who is Christian and openly one.
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    Amen man, Love this software and Love how it is God leading it. I can really see God's blessing on this business.
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    I love these... Shame they didn't seem very popular
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    Lord knows I'm weary and carry heavy burdens. I've been running my business for 12yrs now. That can bring burdens, lol.. One thing I do know is that I am completely dependant on God for direction. Completely dependant on him for the many blessings that honestly man could never bring. Being in his will is not only wonderful but actually quite stress relieving knowing I'm not in control of my life, this has been the best free will choice I've ever made! And when I do get in a bind I know and fully understand that I can do ALL things THRU Christ Jesus that strengthens me...
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    Its even more prevalent in our society when many Christians are labeled as intolerant or prude but that is sometimes the stigma we have to bear in the name of Christ, but no matter what afflictions we go through as long as Christ is with us, who can stand against us!
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