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    Capcom Play sytem 2 Interface in progress !
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    Year 3140: Nintendo, Sony, Sega, Google, Amazon no longer exists ... For almost 700 years, Mircrosoft now has a monopoly and controls the actions of consumers. Despite this digital and virtual exclusion, it is said remain those we name: The retro, those who have not given in to the illusion of everything dematerialized ... They are discreet, and we often find them in old ruins: we call them ... Cyber Runner !
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    Still some wheel which makes resistance and translate in french, but this one is completely finished!
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    A Collection soon to be shared, it was a long time;)
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    3 years of collection the best is come yet
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    Hi Just wanted to say I started following your work recently you have done a beautiful Job thank you very much for the hours you put into this... Cheers!!!
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