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    On a side note....it will be possible to change mame box names with a hyperspin tool...its not 100% perfect but I ran a quick test and many were renamed correctly....some will need to still be renamed by ticking a box with the corresponding boxart name to match the rom description ..ti be 100% will take time but not as much as doing it 1 by 1
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    The channel remains open, even if I'm going to slow down a lot, I'll continue to post from time to time for fun, (I have more than 4gb of theme not posted) I'll post my ps1 ps2 and ps3 themes here before stopping . thanks guy for your messages!
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    Released Just now 1.2 Added letter pack A
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    As soon as I can ! I must be around 200 hours of hard work. Almost all Photoshop montage done.
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    Thanks very much. I wanted to achieve the comfort of gaming at a living room TV like a games console gamer but with the diversity of LaunchBox & the power & flexibility of a PC.
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    I definitely will.....right now I'm editing wonderswan color 2d images to use ur action script ...basically will cut the top part of original 2d art to remove the swancrystal/wonderswan logo part ....and changed the color of your boxart png template from black to white....not official but I like all boxart facing the same way...the 3d boxart available everywhere is nice but facing the opposite direction and a bit angled
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    Hey I never commented b4 on here but the boxes are gr8 and a huge thanks for the action and tutorial....i used it and it works perfectly...
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    Thanks for your reply, I already thought that was the case or do them one by one but that insane
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    First of all thanks for all the great work on these 3D boxes, super. I do have a question, is there a way to rename these boxes to there original Mame names? Greetings
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    I'll have to look into if this is possible. I could always enable the default indexing method of having the letter row invisible unless triggered.
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    Uno de los themes que estaba esperando, desde que lo vi en youtube, se ve muy bueno, gracias por compartirlo.
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    Thanks for keeping this updated & adding more systems! I use CoverBox as my main theme, and then use Retrotastic to fill in for the systems that aren't available yet (I also use CriticalZone v2 BlueBox for MS-DOS). Using the T.K.O. Cinematics videos for the systems that have them, captures what it was like as a kid, looking at the box art for the games & system. To me, that's what separates LaunchBox/BigBox from just using emulators. There's something a bit sterile about opening a game in an emulator by itself, but having themes like CoverBox comes as close to making me feel like I'm flipping through a physical game collection as possible.
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    Unfortunately, It is hard coded into the theme. You would need to delve into each system's XAML file and find the horizontal scrolling notes code and delete it.
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    Just finished uploading and replacing all 3D boxes to the database, added loads missing flyers, artwork and logo's, added color corrected flyers, added missing games to the database, corrected info etc. I think in total an amount of 5500 images added/replaced. So you might want to scrape your mame/arcade collection in 2 days from now (database mods will be finished by then).
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    I've been waiting for this theme forever but it was well worth the wait. I've combined this theme with the coverbox theme and now I can say my BB setup is practically perfect. Awesome job guys.
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