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    @reddingmyst Here are the Amstrad systems. Let me know what you think.
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    @Retro808 was gracious enough to knock these two 3D boxes up for me, so ill post them here if they are helpful to anyone right now. All credit to @Retro808 for doing the work for me, and @Mr. RetroLust and @bLAZER from the emumovies site for the templates.
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    Had a little time tonight, so I knocked these out.
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    Version 1.4 Added shutdown screen (previous version didn't work) Thanks @neil9000 for testing!
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    Thx @Indyj ! Yes, I will release all sources. For all platform I make. Photoshop and AfterEffect files. (CS6 and sup) I'll put all this online on a dedicated page. The game rules will be simple: All participants will post their work in progress on this dedicated forum thread. Objective: Overall quality and respect of the guidelines. All participants will post on the thread the final video & sources. It is me who will upload here the final result. Objective : Centralize and avoid the multiple download page.
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    hey man. really good video. I hope its ok but i switched the music with a synthwave track that i made. not a huge fan of the 80s guitar type music. Idk if youd want to put it up as another option but i figured id upload it here just in case... lemme know if youd rather me take it down. If anyone wants this let me know and ill upload it Tycho's_BigBox_Arcade_Startup_(PlagueDoxEdit).mp4
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    Here is what I came up with for the two Sega systems. I'll work on the Amstrad ones later.
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    Here we have Bally Astrocade. Again, comments welcome.
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    @Cyclotrode submit a ticket over at emumovies here https://emumovies.com/support/create/ I can upgrade your account no problem.
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    The No Nag turns off all warnings and all messages that appear prior to the launching of the game. I am on my 2nd recompile attempt on version .0211. It seems everyone wants it so I am going to see i can do.
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    Yes, I plan on creating assets for a large number of systems, including those you listed.
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    Awesome thanks for these, really makes some of my systems missing 3D boxes look a lot better. I was wondering if you could do a 3D box for arcade, preferably to match @Mr. RetroLust's 3D boxes, he does provide this template for them. Thanks again.
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    Loved it! The platforms are getting slowly unified! Thanks Lust
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    2.3 Added: NEC Turbografx-16 realistic bezel
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    Resolution or Windows scaling issue?
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    Really cool theme, I feel like the background video would be a nice addition to the cityhunter theme as well.
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    Well obviously there is no way for the plugin to know if there is commentary or not.
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    hey actually i just realized that if you right click the video player, you can save the video. just name it startup and it should be good to go. I am going to attempt to make some of my own videos with my own music in it. when i do that ill post them on the main upload area
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    ok so, i found this one and liked it a bit more so i did the same thing with that song. idk i guess im obsessed with having my own shitty music play when i start up bigbox haha. anyway. yeah here it is. If anyone wants this let me know and ill upload it Tycho's_BigBox_Arcade_Startup_(B)PlagueDoxEdit.mp4
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    Thanks I was hoping to reach that goal in convincing the non-bezel folks Haha yep thats baked into the bezels, to be honest it adds to the realism and you only see them in the darker parts. But I will add clear screens in the future if more people want them.
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    Thanks As far as I know the marquee environment is currently limited to only the marquee binding image, if you try to add another binding image it will automatically revert the binding to the marquee so it gets doubled, however you can add an external image like I did with the marquee border here: https://forums.launchbox-app.com/files/file/1726-realistic-marquee-monitor-fx/
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    @Mr. RetroLust I went ahead and started uploading the zip files to the Emumovies FTP site. I sent a PM to @circo at the Emumovies website.
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    I could do it either way. With the wetransfer link I would have to send 1 of the zips that's 1gb then send 2 zip files in 2 separate instances that total about 1.4gb. Whatever way works for you! 👍
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    @Mr. RetroLust The conversion is complete!!!! I do have an account at Emumovies, but it's only the standard non-pay version. 😐 However, I could create a Bittorrent file and attach that to a DM so you can download the zip files and get them uploaded to the Launchbox FTP. I don't keep the laptop where the files are stored powered on all the time, but if I know when you are available for a couple of hours I would make sure it's on. I named the 5 zip files "Arcade_3D_Boxes_2.5_-_xxxx" with the xxxx being the same as you have listed in the download link. I combined all of the update packs, but didn't include the tutorial file. Each folder in the zip files have a separate sub-folder of the alternate artwork with the naming convention gamename-alt1, alt2, etc. There were some boxarts that had one name but the box was a different name (like the Make Trax/Crush Roller box) that I either named the proper MAME name or if the box was identical to another named box I removed it.
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    Yeah, unfortunately the plugin doesn’t show you when it’s working or when it’s finished. I usually check the videos folder and sort them by date, this way I can see if new videos appear and when that stops I can safely assume that it’s finished. You may also have to reload the image cache for the scraped games to get LB to recognize all the new stuff.
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    Oh ok so it is working but in the background.
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    I wanted to propose to those following/reading this thread that you post your requests for additions. I haven't had any time to work on anything new yet, but I did start to look at the systems @bundangdon listed above. Bally Astrocade stood out as being rather complete when I look at the Launchbox database, so I can't see the need, at least not right away, to create default media for this system. Am I missing something related to this? Regardless, please start to post your requests so I can lend a critical eye on them and start to gather art for my use. Thanks!
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    I've almost gotten all of the game boxes converted to the MAME naming scheme. All I have to do are the S and T games list, then I will go over them to make sure I didn't miss any before zipping them up. I should be done by the end of the week at most and possibly by Wednesday. I have to find a way to upload them.
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    some of the coolest start up vids on the site, thx for the work.
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    lol, oh yeah i see it now in my previous shot, i totally missed that at the time , this is what i get now.
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    Version 2.4 Added Make Trax per request 3D Boxes and flyers have been uploaded to the launchbox database as well
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    Yes, I plan to add Arcade and use RetroLust assets to do so.
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    Lmao I just corrctd it while you posted it at the same time
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    lol, i think you meant to tag @circo, not @Charco
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    Hey @Mr. RetroLust I was just trying to download the full pack of these from emumovies as its easier to get one zip rather than multiples, but there is something wrong. The file is only 53.74mb, and when unzipped 7zip throws a ton of errors of missing files and i actually end up with only 49 covers.
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    Holy sh*t! This looks AMAZING! I need to get home and give it a try! Hopefully my minipc can handle it Thank you as always Lust for your insane and sexy work!
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    @HugoBR no problem, you're welcome. I'm planning on making one for the TurboGrafx-16 mini + PC Engine CoreGrafx mini + PC Engine mini , when they release the list of games. So keep an eye on my profile when that happens 🙂
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    Version 1.4 Added shutdown screen (previous version didn't work) Thanks @neil9000 for testing!
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    🤘 Good to go here, both themes working now.
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    @Mr. RetroLust I'm getting this at startup. But this on shutdown.
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    You would have to delve into the code and alter the text list size to fit your 4k screen. Look in TextListView.xaml and search for FontSize. That, or change your Windows scaling settings to 200%.
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    2.2 Added: Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) PAL realistic bezel, update with proper cart, I'm looking at you @Suhrvivor
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    Hey HugoBR, I'm sorry for the delay, I simply havn't had the time to upload the files you asked for. Not until now. This is what I've posted, please enjoy:
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