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    Really nice set so far, have not downloaded yet, will wait till the set is complete. I will stick to Robin55 set for now, as I did create an additional 300+ 3D boxes to complete my set at the time. Let me know if you need any help with any Logos as I have created sliver ring logos for my mame set + some (a lot of far east roms that I deleted) Looking really good so far, keep up the good work because I know that it is very time consuming.
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    @Raposones if it's there but not clickable the platform probably isn't set up correctly. The only condition for it being valid for a game is that the platform is "Sony Playstation 2" (Which is the LaunchBox default), any other platform name (like "PS2") won't work currently though this could change in the future.
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    Wow, these look great! plan todo any other systems Discs?
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    Thanks for the input mate. No gfx is just a hobby , just enjoy creating ,keeps me busy.
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    any chance we get a SNES PAL Platform Video? You only have the NTSC Version here. Other than that great work!
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    I could, but it's easier to just point the other few views at a new style. It takes 5 seconds where I would have to make changes, re-compile, re-package, re-upload to site etc. etc. I will try to get to it at some point down the line, but I can't say when.
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    Good idea on the three systems from different eras. I'll keep that in mind.
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    Just waiting for my food to cook.....:)
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    Hey Claudio, the disc was a picture grabbed originally as it is from the web, I only removed some circled text, made the transparencies and added the scummvm logo. You can simply slide the hue in PS and change the yellow color to the one you want
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    @Reevesad I already added you to the credits ;), its the least we can do for eachother, like you said we do contribute a lot of time in these projects so its a bit of recognition for this dedication. Thanks bro, I downloaded all the logos from emumovies and launchbox as well, I'll download those ring sets as well in case there are missing logos present in there. \m/
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    No need to credit me mate, That doesn't bother me really, I'm just happy that we have so many people contributing their time and producing really good media. The 3d boxes were uploaded under my name, so should be able to find, oh just remembered they had quite a few of the clone games like Fenix, Batman = Phoenix (link below) https://forums.launchbox-app.com/files/file/1260-mame-3d-boxes-330-launchbox-database-set/ The Silver ring Logos (2,316) were uploaded under my name, but the original version were made by JPG111 (617), (both links below) https://forums.launchbox-app.com/files/file/1585-arcade-silver-ring-logos-2316-based-on-jpgiii-set/ https://forums.launchbox-app.com/files/file/1125-arcade-all-killer-no-filler-silver-ring-clear-logs/ Actually, I've found the original clear logo set on my other pc which I think were just downloaded from emumovies. let me know if you need the or if you need certain ones. I'm also not bad at manipulating flyers,boxes ect for the logos if needed.
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    I uploaded the 300+ additional 3d boxes. A lot of them were using flyers and even screen shots. But it completed my set at the time. One of my hard drives died which had all the clear logos on. But they are all on another upload with a silver ring around them. So would be easy enough to make into clear.
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    Thanks bro glad you like! Did you upload the missing artwork like clear logos, 3d boxes or box fronts to the database back then? If not, any of these files are very welcome! Yeah very time consuming indeed lol, been working like crazy these past few weeks to get a part of it done in time for christmas, but it is fun to do.
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    Crazy work ... GG guys !!!
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    This theme is great! I modified some of the files for a 4x3 display. Theme is attached to this post. I also changed the Play mode icons to Arcade style. GCFE-4x3.zip
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    Here you are man, I'll update the download when I get a chance.
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    That can be easily fixed by changing the Cart Front priorities in Options. Uncheck all image types that are not cart or discs. Here's a capture or how you should have it:
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    Hi @zetec-s-joe the Sega CD Discs are done by others, you can get them from Emumovies: https://emumovies.com/files/file/511-sega-cd-discs-pack/
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    How did I miss these! please say you have plans for the USA Disc set? before ofcourse going onto Dreamcast Great work as always (Y)
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    It's a simple XAML file change, and it's commented fairly obviously in the XAML. Look for the spinning disc animations.
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    Just some friendly notes: - Europe: the flag should not be the union jack. There is a european flag. https://www.quora.com/Do-continents-have-flags
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    Road Rage https://www.dafont.com/road-rage.font
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    You can enable the default CoverFlow view again by editing the ThemeSettings.xml file in the theme. Just change the DisableCoverFlowGamesView value to false instead of true. You should be able to use a different view to get the discs to stop spinning. There are views for no cart/disc, spinning cart/disc, and static cart/disc.