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    Honestly @viking I mentioned it in your platform video thread, but truly you are an amazing asset to this community. Making this public is such an incredible gift. Thankyou! We will treat it with the respect it deserves!
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    Pack has been updated, see change log for details!
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    Just wondering if there's any new platform releases on the horizon or dare I say, source? Would love to expand upon the amazing work created to date. Appreciate it's been a crazy world so just curious. Hope everyone is safe and well out there. *EDIT: And just as I say it he releases source and updates. Honestly, you are a gift to the community @viking and a hero to me!
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    Working on a set for Japan at the moment.
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    Not 100% sure if this will also work with WMP (as I mentioned mine is broken so I can only test VLC for now) but you can try adding MaxHeight to your already modified VideoControls line in GameDetails.xaml like this: <controls:VideoControl x:Name="VideoControl" Background="{StaticResource LD_VideoBackgroundBrush}" Visibility="{Binding VideoVisibility}" MaxHeight="500" Margin="0,-10,0,5"/> The value of 500 is just a suggestion, you may want to tweak it depending on your preferred window size. Also this will most likely pillarbox your vertical videos anyway because reducing height also means reducing width. Thanks, appreciated Note that the workaround I'm working on will have a fixed aspect ratio but I'll make it relatively easy to change the default to another one (e.g. 16:9, 4:3 or 3:4 vertical)
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    I'm impressed by the workload you took on. 👍 If I compare to the latest DB from Hyperspin forums, and look around a bit, not that I'm an expert in GBA games, for the US retail games, it looks to me that you are missing: Cat in the Hat by Dr. Seuss, The (USA) - Dr. Seuss' - The Cat in the Hat (USA) There are two games with about the same name, you're missing the cart for the first. Gadget Racers (USA) Knights' Kingdom (USA) This is a LEGO game, not sure why it doesn't have that in the DB name. LEGO Bionicle (USA) - Bionicle (USA) There are two games with about the same name, you're missing the cart for the first. Sega Rally Championship (USA)
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    Just finished 8 straight days of work in the field so I have just sat down with the code today. I will be posting a file in a few hours as I am currently reviewing and testing the fix and improving some debug logging.
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    Dude! I was sure I had WMP selected in both LB and BB, but maybe I changed it in LB to test something before and forgot to revert it back. That was it. Cheers and sorry for the back and forth. @shadowfire really nice theme, looks sexy and has little to no dead space (I use LB as list, not images, and with this theme I can see a lot of items). Thanks for sharing.
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    Yes it does work with auto-play videos turned off, just tested it. Btw. I really love your theme. I've made a few modifications here and there for myself and now It's my new go to theme for LaunchBox. Great job!
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    Here you go, not sure if the file naming is valid for Mame if there are problems just rename the zips to something without _ Bezel_70s_Large_Night_Mr_RetroLust.zip Bezel_80s_Mr_RetroLust.zip Bezel_90s_Mr_RetroLust.zip
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    Interesting. Thanks for pointing that out. Found the issue. The prioritizedpathselector control seems to have some quirkiness to it. I have it fixed for the next release.
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    Thanks! I am new to all this...
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    Thanks must be missing something . Your directions are good. Thanks anyway.
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    Excellent. This must have taken ages. I've fixed some of the worst scans with contrast/brightness/colour corrections and other improvements (some scratch/dust removed, improved logos). I've also found a few better scans. Some scans were particularly bad and i couldn't find a better one, but i did what i could (Fighters Megamix). I've attached a zip with my fixes. Feel free to add these to your pack if you wish. Fixed.zip
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    Fantastic work and thanks a lot for sharing these!
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    cant wait to see what you come up with 🙂
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    I 100% agree to that cheers
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    Clean, system-specific design, I like it!
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    LOVING ITTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!! soooooo nice, thank you very very much
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    Great job! Just what I was looking for
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    Hello pad !As you leave the choice I would love a resident evil gamecube theme !! Thanks for the share , and your amazing work ! So many memories ..
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    your a superstar mate 😀
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    Pack has been updated with the missing Pocket Professor and Crash/Spyro cart. If any other missing carts are spotted let me know!
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    @Mr. RetroLust - Those worked perfectly for me, thanks so much! If and whenever you do get around to creating more platform bezels for Retroarch/MAME I suggest starting with a few more generic ones for monitors. I'm using these as a stopgap until there is something a bit cleaner and "Lights Off" https://forums.libretro.com/t/classic-crt-collection-overlay-pack-work-in-progress/19322
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    Since I'm using WMP, I don't have any issues with 4:3 and 16:9 videos. I did, however, run into something interesting with vertically-oriented videos. The video ends up taking almost all the real estate in the game details screen, probably because I deleted the height properties in the appropriate xaml file. I don't hate it, but there's so much I can't see when a vertical video snap is playing. This is a tricky one.
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    The sticker can be frankesteined, as the only thing that you do not have a resoruce for is the Professor's face, the rest (game clear logo, background from the box and company logos) can be acquired easily in HQ.
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    I will keep the WMP selected with no black bars (horizontal or vertical) with the xaml tweak from previous posts. If I had to decide between bars, I would rather have the horizontal ones over the pillars. I can test your revised theme if you want.
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    Thank you very much! If i have the media i can do it without any problem.
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    Great work @ABeezy13! The GBA carts was a project long due, and you tackled it like a baws. Scrapping and restoring cart stickers is a frustrating pain in the neck, so kudos for this milestone 🔥
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    @ABeezy13Absolutely my bad. You're right good sir. I was used to seeing someone elses mock-up in my collection.
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    It took way longer then I had hoped lol. Many, many hours over the past month (with breaks in between to work on and do other stuff). The Covid lockdown and being home allowed for me to do this lol. But thank you very much! There was nothing good online for GBA carts so I wanted to contribute
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    Thanks man. I have done quite a few disc projects and this was the first disc project that went fairly easy because who ever uploaded the originals to the ReDump website did a really good job of scanning them in. Yes I do have action files that I use that help with the manual parts. (Like my PC DVD set) For example having a Part 1 action that firstly resizes the disc and creates a selection close to the edge so that then the selection can be manually adjusted before running the next Part 2 action which will resize again and cut out the center, I find doing things that way is much easier than trying to do it ALL manually.
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    On my setup the select button is set to change views.
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    @MoleburtYou need to change that in LB using the image priorities if using the Queso addon. Go to Tools, Options, Legacy, Images and then to Cart-Back Priorities and uncheck all but the Marquees for images to use. It is noted in the instructions above (under Queso addon info).
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    Please add Sinclair ZX Spectrum in next update please
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    Excellent..thanks for posting these!
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    Great work so far...I have an old setup that I had downloaded called TATe Vertical using hyperspin...if ya want to take a look at it and see how the creator setup it up and maybe you use it with RL to continue your work...hit me up and let me know if ya want the setup...here is my email: eli517@hotmail.com and I can upload it to MEGA and you can get it from there...
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    Love your theme! Is there any way to switch the date displays from mm/dd/yyyy to dd/mm/yyyy?
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    code change to ListBoxScrollCenterNS_04.dll
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    Great launchbox theme! Love it
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    Hi ! Sorry for my late reply, well it's not a crazy custom.. because I just got an abstract background from Google image... It could be better, but I pretty like it like this :-)
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    @CoinTos Many, many thanks for this addon. I spent some time this morning, trying to optimize how it locates AutoHotkey.exe, and got some good results to try and reduce the delay in starting up BigBox. I am a super duper novice in Python, mind you, so plenty of people will/should come along and say how wrong I am. Anyway: In findApp() - main.py, line 232..you may want to put some constraints on the os.walk(), or potentially accept an exclude list of directories and/or filetypes as input to this function. As it stands I am excluding: a list of Launchbox subdirectories that very likely do not contain what we want constraining to the extension '.exe', as I understand this only works on Windows so should be safe Results I saw: without any constraints: 14.0886399746 seconds with the ignore_dirs list and .exe constraint: 0.131103992462 seconds If you have the addon in Github/etc I'm happy to submit a PR, otherwise I hope this helps. def findApp(program): result = '' ignore_dirs = set(['Backups','Games','Images','LBThemes','Logs','Manuals','Metadata','Music','PauseThemes','Sounds','StartupThemes','Themes','Videos']) for root, dirs, files in os.walk(launchbox): dirs[:] = [d for d in dirs if d not in ignore_dirs] files[:] = [f for f in files if f.endswith('.exe')] if program in files: result = os.path.join(root, program) return result
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    Hej, If you go to Tools > Download Platform/Playlist Theme Videos, you should see all your consoles and drop downs. Select Vikings videos here and download.
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    @Retroid84 It will be done when it's done, it could be a few months away (hopefully a bit sooner). There is no harm using the old plugin, you should be able to copy all your configs right over when the new solution is ready. I just wanted to make it clear that I won't be updating this any further, it should still work in the same manner as it did before.
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    @faeran I was not able to resolve the game banners issue, but I don't mind as I wanted to use this theme for the categories and platform views (which is working beautifully), and then inside each platform/playlist different themes. I am in the process of making specific banners for my needs. Sharing them here in case somebody wants to grab them: Categories: Magazines and Pinball. Playlists: Hacks and Fan-Made, IGS PolyGame Master, and Recently Played. Platforms: Future Pinball and Pinball FX3. Missing for my set (that I will be doing next) are Microsoft Windows (from the 90s), 3D Realms (playlist), Openbor, Popcap, Tiger Game.com (platforms).
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    @viking Maybe you can help me out, as I'm misunderstanding or something didn't work right on install. I see your modified logos in the folder you specified, but when I installed the theme, it seemed to keep the logos I had from a previous theme. It doesn't seem to be showing the files I see in your theme's folder for clear logos. Do I need to move these elsewhere, or did something go wrong during the install, since these are not displaying? Thanks in advance!
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