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    Excellent, glad the log file helped a little anyway Sorry to have hijacked your thread faeran. Keep up the great work, loving these new themes.
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    Honestly @viking I mentioned it in your platform video thread, but truly you are an amazing asset to this community. Making this public is such an incredible gift. Thankyou! We will treat it with the respect it deserves!
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    Pack has been updated, see change log for details!
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    Interesting. We added a million and one logs to the shutdown process, and it's pretty obvious that the Chromium Embedded Framework is refusing to shut down, based on that log. So I'm just going to force kill it if that happens in the future. Should be solved for the next beta.
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    Just wondering if there's any new platform releases on the horizon or dare I say, source? Would love to expand upon the amazing work created to date. Appreciate it's been a crazy world so just curious. Hope everyone is safe and well out there. *EDIT: And just as I say it he releases source and updates. Honestly, you are a gift to the community @viking and a hero to me!
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    Working on a set for Japan at the moment.
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    Not 100% sure if this will also work with WMP (as I mentioned mine is broken so I can only test VLC for now) but you can try adding MaxHeight to your already modified VideoControls line in GameDetails.xaml like this: <controls:VideoControl x:Name="VideoControl" Background="{StaticResource LD_VideoBackgroundBrush}" Visibility="{Binding VideoVisibility}" MaxHeight="500" Margin="0,-10,0,5"/> The value of 500 is just a suggestion, you may want to tweak it depending on your preferred window size. Also this will most likely pillarbox your vertical videos anyway because reducing height also means reducing width. Thanks, appreciated Note that the workaround I'm working on will have a fixed aspect ratio but I'll make it relatively easy to change the default to another one (e.g. 16:9, 4:3 or 3:4 vertical)
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    I'm impressed by the workload you took on. 👍 If I compare to the latest DB from Hyperspin forums, and look around a bit, not that I'm an expert in GBA games, for the US retail games, it looks to me that you are missing: Cat in the Hat by Dr. Seuss, The (USA) - Dr. Seuss' - The Cat in the Hat (USA) There are two games with about the same name, you're missing the cart for the first. Gadget Racers (USA) Knights' Kingdom (USA) This is a LEGO game, not sure why it doesn't have that in the DB name. LEGO Bionicle (USA) - Bionicle (USA) There are two games with about the same name, you're missing the cart for the first. Sega Rally Championship (USA)
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    Just finished 8 straight days of work in the field so I have just sat down with the code today. I will be posting a file in a few hours as I am currently reviewing and testing the fix and improving some debug logging.
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    Dude! I was sure I had WMP selected in both LB and BB, but maybe I changed it in LB to test something before and forgot to revert it back. That was it. Cheers and sorry for the back and forth. @shadowfire really nice theme, looks sexy and has little to no dead space (I use LB as list, not images, and with this theme I can see a lot of items). Thanks for sharing.
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    Yes it does work with auto-play videos turned off, just tested it. Btw. I really love your theme. I've made a few modifications here and there for myself and now It's my new go to theme for LaunchBox. Great job!
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    Here you go, not sure if the file naming is valid for Mame if there are problems just rename the zips to something without _ Bezel_70s_Large_Night_Mr_RetroLust.zip Bezel_80s_Mr_RetroLust.zip Bezel_90s_Mr_RetroLust.zip
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    With Japanese obscure stuff, I often get great results searching in Japanese on Google, you don't need to know how to read Japanese, just by copy/pasting it on google will return something interesting, this one isn't in HQ, but should work until a HQ scan can be found. For example, I used the SegaRetro 大封神伝 Japanese name and I was able to find somethings: Daihoushinden (Japan)
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    Thx ! Yes, Futur Pinball Platform Video is planned. But I don't know when! I will probably need some help from the community for the Pinball emulator gameplay videos. I will post on the Colorful Video topic. Hmm. It's a good idea! For me, it's important to have a BIG BoxArt, even if the video is a little hidden. But making it disappear slowly seems to me a good compromise. I add it to my ToDO! Yes, I know I haven't posted an update for a while. I am really sorry ! But it's been almost 2 months that I am in quarantine, at home, managing 2 young children (3 + 2) and a full-time job from my living room. It's very hard ! I really do my best. Here is an overview of my ToDo, to give you an idea of what comming next: - Theme: Integration of the update of the Eatkinola plugin / Generalization of all my optimization tests, on all views. - Theme: Split in 2 independent versions: Light & Dark / Finalization of all views in these 2 versions. - Source: Finalization of tutorials and posting of a new topic, with 100% of the source files of my videos already produced. (It's a big job to set up) - Video: Pause the theme a bit, to produce new platform videos. - and more 🤐
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    So I used to play this weird game when I was a kid that had Star Wars droids, and there was some kind of factory where you had to make sure they were assembled correctly, or something like that. I've been searching for the name of that game for years, and nobody knew what I was talking about; no one had ever heard of a game like that from the early 90s. I started to think that I was going crazy, that I had never played such a game, but I held out hope. We're talking fifteen, twenty years I've been trying to crack this. I download this image set, and there are a lot of images for games here that I don't have in my library; naturally, I start going through it, image by image, deleting the files I don't need. And then I see it. "Night Shift", by LucasArts, 1990. Holy. Shit. I'm not lying when I say that my heart literally skipped a beat. I sat there, slackjawed, staring at this box for this game I've been searching for, for a good ten seconds, without taking a breath. I took it all in - my eyes going over every inch, thinking to myself, "Is this real?" And it is. It really exists. So thank you for this pack, for that image alone.
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    I 100% agree to that cheers
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    @shadowfireBeautiful theme, simple and clean and lost of room for Background and Screenshot art to shine Is there a way to change the thickness and fill of the selection brush and hover background brush? To have just a thin rectangle line around selected box art? thanks
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    I probably am... I though it was you mentioning that about the MAME bezels. But... But... How long is eventually? LOL Keep up the good work 😁 I'll be patient(ish).
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    Thanks for the new update. I'm really enjoying your theme
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    Hello kind Sir. Any chance (since you've been working on vertical screens lately) I could twist your rubbery arm to make a Vectrex bezel? I've got overlays for it, but I'm missing a nice bezel 😁 Thanks for these they're great!
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    Nice work. I love it. Thanks a lot!
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    Mate, that is a massive update. I would've never thought it possible to have all MoH themes in my library. And then you top it off with a Collections theme. Hats off. And thanks so much. Out of curiosity, what editing software do you use?
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    @Mr. RetroLust - Those worked perfectly for me, thanks so much! If and whenever you do get around to creating more platform bezels for Retroarch/MAME I suggest starting with a few more generic ones for monitors. I'm using these as a stopgap until there is something a bit cleaner and "Lights Off" https://forums.libretro.com/t/classic-crt-collection-overlay-pack-work-in-progress/19322
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    Since I'm using WMP, I don't have any issues with 4:3 and 16:9 videos. I did, however, run into something interesting with vertically-oriented videos. The video ends up taking almost all the real estate in the game details screen, probably because I deleted the height properties in the appropriate xaml file. I don't hate it, but there's so much I can't see when a vertical video snap is playing. This is a tricky one.
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    I will keep the WMP selected with no black bars (horizontal or vertical) with the xaml tweak from previous posts. If I had to decide between bars, I would rather have the horizontal ones over the pillars. I can test your revised theme if you want.
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    Thank you very much, I appreciate it! Also thank you for posting these missing ones. I was bound to be missing some in almost 1000 images lol! Give me a bit to get these ones created and I will post them here. If you or anyone notice any others let me know! ( I think LaunchBox combined a few games which is why I missed one; I also now have an official list to reference against too, which is helping for my next project.... that ties directly into GBA carts )
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    It goes in the Launchbox plugin folder, not the emulator one.
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    Yeah, i did set it up this way, but no luck. In the meantime i switched back to the default launchbox theme. It doesn't realy matter. As long as the bigbox theme works fine. Thanks anyhow
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    On my setup the select button is set to change views.
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    Thanks for your reply, and also thanks for this awesome theme bigbox looks awesome with it. I already tried that, even more i tried using all 3 versions you have available for download (1.9,2.0 and2.1). With similar effects for each. Is it possible my version of launchbox is to new for this theme. I am using version 10.14
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    Great work so far...I have an old setup that I had downloaded called TATe Vertical using hyperspin...if ya want to take a look at it and see how the creator setup it up and maybe you use it with RL to continue your work...hit me up and let me know if ya want the setup...here is my email: eli517@hotmail.com and I can upload it to MEGA and you can get it from there...
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    Very nice! Thanks a lot for sharing these!
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    I just updated the editor because there were issues with preset 04, you should download and re-tweak your style
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    Very nice. Might need to try loading this on my pincab some time.
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    I wish there was but I couldn't figure out how to do it. I'm not even sure if it's possible, it seems the video box has a forced 4:3 aspect ratio. But if someone with more XAML experience than me knows how to make the aspect ratio flexible, I'm open to suggestions... EDIT (for devs): the issue is with determining the initial height of VideoControl before the video starts playing. The black bars can be made transparent but that won't solve the issue since it leaves empty space above and below the video.
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    If I'll get this feedback more times in the future i'll look into changing the font.
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    Great launchbox theme! Love it
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    ok thanks i reupload and reduce size for gain size of zip. Edit: sorry upload error again.
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    FYI, just found something interesting. I opened LB, enabled debugging, then entered BB with this theme already selected, moved around the theme, selected different platforms, etc, then closed it. It closed immediately as it should. So, I then opened BB again, when into options/views, did not make any changes, then exited that and closed BB, and it's now hung up again. Maybe the issue is related to something in the options/views? Waiting for BB to close out properly before attaching the logs... but thought I'd mention my findings while trying to reproduce the issue.
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    gracias maestro no tenia idea de esta configuración . me estoy inspirando en coinops y el tema unified redux para mi primer tema. la verdad al no hablar ingles me ha costado un poco mirar los vídeos y ver las opciones del programa, así que me has ayudado mucho gracias.
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    @everyone I just want to make a general statement as this seems to have turned into a very negative place. As far as I am aware the plugin does still work with more recent versions of Launchbox. I'd put any scenarios where it doesn't work down to user error. There is an issue with the latest version of Launchbox as the 7-Zip directory has been moved, which I will put out a fix to resolve tomorrow. And then I'll test it to verify that it's working for me. That is very likely to be the final update for this plugin. However I want to point out this plugin hasn't been updated in over 18 months and I don't intend to do the work to update it either. There is a new solution in the pipeline and I will be putting all future development efforts towards that (can't give an ETA yet). Coming here looking for technical support is one thing, coming here to complain that my plugin is straight up broken when it works for others and expecting me to drop everything and "fix" it is quite another.
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    For anyone interested. I added a link in the description to a YouTube video where I showcase how to create your own BannerBox banner images. Here is the link as well: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UtK2S7Owo8Y
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    are there anymore coming in the future?
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