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    Huge THANK YOU to @Nineball for the help. Changed from exFAT to NTFS and that fixed it. Thanks to everyone who helped me on this. You guys are great!
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    I understand running a full time vertical screen is a pretty niche endeavor. I appreciate the ability to use Bigbox along with the theme creator to make it work for me. Keep up the good work guys!
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    Thank you Jason and y2guru. I looked into changing the font scaling myself by hand, but I was a little lost when I looked into it. That's why I love the Theme Creator so much. I do appreciate everything you guys do. Sorry if my comment sounded demanding or accusatory. In defending my position it may have sounded that way, but it wasn't my intent.
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    1.7 - For 'Neon Deluxe Arcade - Alt Views' version - New vertical view 2 added (see screenshot below) with a static wheel just like the last new view. - Added black light/purple/blue neon glow around logo's in wheel for vertical view 1, as it was missing. Black logo's are better readable with glow and it just looks cool. - Added custom xamls like stylized options view and colored pop up like the 'about' page - Shout out to @y2guru for creating The Community Theme Creator as it so awesome and easily natural to work with it, thanks to him all of this is possible, thanks so much man! (I'll keep thanking you lol)
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    Thanks Jason! to everyone following this topic.... I will complete the last feature for the Theme Creator and then I will circle back to address some of the gaps such as options etc..
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    All of the Options pages and screens are indeed themeable in recent versions of Big Box, so there shouldn't be anything holding theme developers back, from that perspective. Changing font sizes is very easy to do, even by hand. I understand though if the Community Theme Creator doesn't support this yet; @y2guru's been busting his butt on it to meet the demands of the community (and they are very demanding lol).
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    @Mr. RetroLust Here is a return , it's on top as i wanted. I have everything as before and it works verry well. Thx u very much for u work , responsiveness and excecution speed 😛 You made one happy ^^
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    @Mr.RetroLust you again made a happy French, you spread retro happiness internationally ! 😊
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    I 100% agree to that cheers
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    I don't know what this is but it's absolutely fantastic!
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    Actualmente solo puede usar las opciones de inclinación y rotación, lo que probablemente se vería bien en esa imagen, pero cortaría la pantalla en Photoshop y tendría el video detrás. You can only use the skew and rotate options currently, which would proberly look fine on that image but I would cut the screen out in photoshop and have the video behind.
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    See this post here which TL;DR is that not doing updates beyond 224 at this point based on changes to MAME in 225: With 225 there is a new option to set flag for disable repeated warnings (although time based). Place this in ui.ini under UI MISC Options: skip_warnings 1
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    I'll see what I can do upcoming week, which version of the theme do you use, the regular one or alt views?
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    Wonderful theme ! It's on my arcade cabinet. But i have a question : is it possible to change the number of platforms displayed at the same time and the size of the clear logo ? (i use Plateform Wheel 3 and vertical wheel 1 views)
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    Nice work on these, don't actually own any of the games but still!
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    I was getting the same error as Holidaze using the 11.7 beta 5 release. I think my error was the result of using an external drive with the exFAT file system. Once I copied my set up over to a NTFS file system and reinstalled the theme, everything worked as expected.
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    Sorry to chime in @Holidaze did you Unblock the zip file before you unzipped it?
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    This is the best theme for bigbox ever
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    Version 1.1 - Added alternate version "Neon", it's almost the same as the original but has a darker background and several layers of effects for clear logo's to create a Neon effect. I also renamed some of the layers giving them better descriptions so you know what to change to your liking.
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    First of all, first I would like to thank you for the excellent work you did in creating this theme, which, in my opinion, is the BEST that exists in the community. My question is whether there is a way to add a visualization in which the platform video is stretched like the visualization that exists within the platform. I use the videos that were distributed with the removal of the Hyperpie logo and it would be great to be able to hide the blur behind the theme. If possible, it would certainly be the best of all worlds and I would be very grateful. I put 3 photos to understand what I mean. THis is the picture that I'm trying to explain. I've made using photoshop.
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    Nice and simple. But most importantly your ears don't bleed from insane volume.
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    1.9 - For 'Neon Deluxe Arcade - Alt Views' version - Fixed: Long standing issue: cropping of the wheel arrow at the left side - New: Wheel arrow is now animated, subtly changing color
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    Amazing work. Can't wait to see your version of a start up video.
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    @Mr. RetroLust I wanted to let you know about an issue with the background image in the options menu (you might already know). In the first options menu the background image looks normal and correct ratio but when you enter the options menu the background image looks cropped. On my 1080P monitor it looks fine but on my 1440P that is where it looks cropped. Its not a big deal, I think the issue started when you redesigned the theme with the theme creator.
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    Hey guys! I tried to fix the plugin, please test it and see if its working.
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    Masterpiece. Thanks.
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    1.8 - For 'Neon Deluxe Arcade - Alt Views' version - Added new views, see screenshots. All have static wheels now. Also static wheels for platform requested by @TVsIan13 Changed the height of the 3D box in vertical view 2 & 3 to make it look better. Platform view 1 Platform view 2 Vertical view 1 Vertical view 2 Vertical view 3 Vertical view 4 Horizontal view 1 Horizontal view 2 Horizontal view 3
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    *Changes I made for my files* ScrollableTextBlock x:Name="TextScroller1text" LineStackingStrategy="BlockLineHeight" TextAlignment="Left" FontSize="{Binding ElementName=Prop_TextScroller1_FontSize, Path=Text}" FontFamily="LAUNCHBOX_ROOT_FOLDER/Themes/Neon Deluxe Arcade Final - Alt Views/Fonts/Roboto-Regular.ttf#Roboto" Foreground="#FF8889E7" Opacity="1.0" TextWrapping="Wrap" Width="{Binding ElementName=Prop_TextScroller1_W, Path=Text}" ScrollBeginDelay="3" ScrollSpeed="1" ScrollEndDelay="3" ReverseScrollSpeed="0.1" ScrollDirection="Up" Above is are the changes I made to speed it up slightly. Hopefully, someone else may find this helpful. ** As Mr. RetroLust mentioned, make sure to backup your .xaml files! ** I seriously cannot thank you enough! 🖐️😃 👍
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    Search for "ScrollableTextBlock" You'll have to play around with these settings to see what fits you best, if you plan to download new versions in the future all these settings get overwritten keep that in mind, best to keep notes around: ScrollBeginDelay="6" ScrollSpeed="5" ScrollEndDelay="6" ReverseScrollSpeed="0.5" ScrollDirection="Up" ScrollAutoReverse="True"
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    Thank you x 100000!!!😃 Posting a little bit of a detailed view of what I did to adjust it, in case someone else is interested. Files that I needed to edit the values within the '...\LaunchBox\Themes\Neon Deluxe Arcade Final - Alt Views' folder: PlatformWheel1FiltersView.xaml PlatformWheel2FiltersView.xaml PlatformWheel3FiltersView.xaml PlatformWheel4FiltersView.xaml Wheel3GamesView.xaml Wheel4GamesView.xaml within the files there were 13 instances of ""BeginTime="00:00:00.25" To="0" Duration="00:00:00.25">" Adjusted slightly from: "BeginTime="00:00:00.25" To="0" Duration="00:00:00.25">" to "BeginTime="00:00:00.25" To="0" Duration="00:00:04.00">" It's now perfect for me as it'll subtly changes from the visible wheel to the full screen where it's replaced with the details page. Last question for Mr. Retrolust, I was trying to adjust the scroll speed for the details so it'll scroll a bit faster (my wife and I are huge fans of reading game descriptions) but as I switched random values I couldn't get that part to change. 😆
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    Thanks man glad you enjoy You can edit the xaml files in a notepad program, search for "<!-- Storyboards -->" Here you'll find: "BeginTime="00:00:00.25" To="0" Duration="00:00:00.25">" If you change the duration to 00:00:00.50 or 00:00:01.00 I think it'll slow it down.
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    yeah I'd say if it can't scale to the screen and it leaves the user with an unusable UI it probably could use some changing.
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    Great work indeed. Thank you a lot. I guess that should read "Launchbox > Tools > Options > Media"?
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    Thanks man, good to hear you like it so much 👍
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    @PaDeMoNiuM Yes , It's THE Big Boss @Mr. RetroLust I try it and i give you a return
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    @Mr. RetroLust This is hands-down the best theme on BigBox for fans of retro-gaming and arcades. Thank you for all of your hard work! I always look forward to what you may release in the future!
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    Hello, I didn't have time to post the theme image sorry ... You were super fast, thank you very much for your work and share 😊👌 At the top of the top !!! I install all this tonight
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    v1.6 - Added "Alt Views" version, at this moment only vertical view 1 is different from the regular version but this can change over time to more alternative views. The new view is requested by @areysius it was a view present in the old theme with non-disappearing wheel etc., see screenshot:
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    I'll recreate that view for you this week
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    It's a shame because it's super simple and beautiful :D I had taken big box only for this one lol Thanks for your help .
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    Yes that view was in an older version it has been replaced by the bezel views
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    In big box settings go to controller or keyboard settings in there you can map a key to change the different views
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    Hi, just click the download button and place the folder in Launchbox/Themes/
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    Sou Neurótico heheheheheeh!! Valeu!
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    would be a cool main background mp4 for sure to build a theme around
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    Update. I went a little nuts with the N64 startup :P. So far I have startups for all CD based games (PS1, PS2, PS3, DC, GC, Xbox, etc.), top loading systems (so far just N64 but will be SNES, Genesis, and more once I find decent front images of the consoles), and a custom jobby for PSP (as seen in the vid below). Still no idea how to get the little guys back in their boxes on game shutdown due to trigger issue. Hopefully someone can help. 2020-05-31 14-29-04.mp4
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    Honestly @viking I mentioned it in your platform video thread, but truly you are an amazing asset to this community. Making this public is such an incredible gift. Thankyou! We will treat it with the respect it deserves!
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    Pretty cool work! Not sure about the dancing robot though
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