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    Happy New Year everyone! latest video showing off the latest progress with Animation (storyboarding)
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    Overview of changes made in the past 6 weeks plus changes in the upcoming build 1.0.3. The video also covers a new feature added in the past week that should assist new Theme creators.
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    Just finished uploading and replacing all 3D boxes to the database, added loads missing flyers, artwork and logo's, added color corrected flyers, added missing games to the database, corrected info etc. I think in total an amount of 5500 images added/replaced. So you might want to scrape your mame/arcade collection in 2 days from now (database mods will be finished by then).
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    Excellent, glad the log file helped a little anyway Sorry to have hijacked your thread faeran. Keep up the great work, loving these new themes.
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    @faeran I was not able to resolve the game banners issue, but I don't mind as I wanted to use this theme for the categories and platform views (which is working beautifully), and then inside each platform/playlist different themes. I am in the process of making specific banners for my needs. Sharing them here in case somebody wants to grab them: Categories: Magazines and Pinball. Playlists: Hacks and Fan-Made, IGS PolyGame Master, and Recently Played. Platforms: Future Pinball and Pinball FX3. Missing for my set (that I will be doing next) are Microsoft Windows (from the 90s), 3D Realms (playlist), Openbor, Popcap, Tiger Game.com (platforms).
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    Looks like that was the issue, only needed to change one line of code to get it working again with the new paths. I've fixed the issue using the dev's github source code. compiled plugin and src attached PCSX2 Configurator Next-fixed.zip PCSX2 Configurator Next.dll
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    So I used to play this weird game when I was a kid that had Star Wars droids, and there was some kind of factory where you had to make sure they were assembled correctly, or something like that. I've been searching for the name of that game for years, and nobody knew what I was talking about; no one had ever heard of a game like that from the early 90s. I started to think that I was going crazy, that I had never played such a game, but I held out hope. We're talking fifteen, twenty years I've been trying to crack this. I download this image set, and there are a lot of images for games here that I don't have in my library; naturally, I start going through it, image by image, deleting the files I don't need. And then I see it. "Night Shift", by LucasArts, 1990. Holy. Shit. I'm not lying when I say that my heart literally skipped a beat. I sat there, slackjawed, staring at this box for this game I've been searching for, for a good ten seconds, without taking a breath. I took it all in - my eyes going over every inch, thinking to myself, "Is this real?" And it is. It really exists. So thank you for this pack, for that image alone.
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    Guys, this is great. Really ! But I would like to avoid multiple sources (tread) to download the videos. It becomes a mess and it is not clear for new users. For this purpose, I'm preparing a upload of all my sources + a tutorial on the guidlines. The idea is to have only 2 topics on the forum: The current video topic : We will find all mine, but also all yours. With your credit. 1 single place to download everything. Futur sources topic : There will be all my sources, and yours. I'll do a quick tutorial on guidline and my workflow. You will post your work in progress there and I could come and give advice and tips. The choice of color is very important, because for my theme, it should not change for the same platform. There may be several versions of the same video. I really do my best to put it all in place quickly !! I promise! Be patient and all possible help is welcome! πŸ‘ 😘
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    Thank you ! Yes, the size of BoxArt comes back often in the comments. The "problem" is that it is important in the overall design. I already started working on it for the next beta. I reduced the overall size of the video by using the bands at the top and bottom. It's not much, but we gain a little visibility. I also reduced the size of the BoxArt slightly. A radical solution would be to remove the BoxArt from the main page and put it in the wheel, instead of ClearLogo. But I must also create Dark version. If I have space, I will make this version. I have a lot of work right now. I do my best to work on Colorful.
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    @reddingmyst Here are the Amstrad systems. Let me know what you think.
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    @Retro808 was gracious enough to knock these two 3D boxes up for me, so ill post them here if they are helpful to anyone right now. All credit to @Retro808 for doing the work for me, and @Mr. RetroLust and @bLAZER from the emumovies site for the templates.
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    @harryoke almost the entire startup folder I have consists of your videos, and I love them! Keep rocking my friend!
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    Probably a within two weeks (could be sooner or later) for the LMNOP pack, around 3 to 4 weeks for QRST and a week for UVWXYZ. For the update packs to the missing boxes I can't make an estimate yet but perhaps a month in total, all could go much faster maybe but depends on real life/time/health things.
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    constructive ideas are always welcome, but comments such as …. "im a visualist, i know if things look good or crap or boring, or interesting, and what others will think" is counterproductive, a lot of time, effort and creative energy goes into the creation of Graphics, Videos and Themes and with a comment like that you are just pissing on their creations, so far I have not seen any contributions to this forum by you, so perhaps you should think before you type.
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    Honestly @viking I mentioned it in your platform video thread, but truly you are an amazing asset to this community. Making this public is such an incredible gift. Thankyou! We will treat it with the respect it deserves!
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    Pack has been updated, see change log for details!
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    Interesting. We added a million and one logs to the shutdown process, and it's pretty obvious that the Chromium Embedded Framework is refusing to shut down, based on that log. So I'm just going to force kill it if that happens in the future. Should be solved for the next beta.
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    Just to make sure we are on the same page. Here is the list of game views that are in the theme right now: Horizontal Wheel 1 - The normal banner games view Horizontal Wheel 2 - The normal banner games view with quicker animations Horizontal Wheel 3 - Simple banner view where the banners never fade away Text Games View - Text view with the text menu on the right Here's the list of Platform Views: Platform Wheel 1 - Normal banners view Platform Wheel 2 - Normal banners view that plays music from your videos Platform Wheel 3 - Banners view that fades out and shows platform details
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    Thanks man Here's an amazing video by @PaDeMoNiuM
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    I'm glad you joined the forums just to complain about not having playtime tracking on a plugin that adds playtime tracking. Thanks for your contribution, hope you have a wonderful day. Thank you for the plugin Grila. Nice little addition.
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    More animation progress πŸ™‚
  23. 3 points Overview of New Features plus sneek peek at Animation (Storyboarding) @ 22:20
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    Looking great! For those who'd like to try it out, I'm attaching my remap file, it basically maps the right analog to shoot in the direction you point it to, this game was created with this concept, so it uses the 6 button gamepad, B shoots down, X up, two buttons will shoot diagonal, etc., so with this remap, you don't have to worry about it, if you use Retroarch, just put this file in Retroarch\config\remaps\Genesis Plus GX, it should load the remap file automatically, otherwise, load this file manually. Xeno Crisis (World) (Unl).rmp
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    Community Theme Creator for BigBox now available!
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    This issue has been resolved and the update has been uploaded here.
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    @xevidroid @pmf5389 @Pixel I have updated the plugin, but to be honest I didnt tested, I will assume that youtube screwed us again, sorry for the delay but Im pretty messed up with my irl work
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    Making some progress on the Commodore systems.
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    Had a little time tonight, so I knocked these out.
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    Version 1.4 Added shutdown screen (previous version didn't work) Thanks @neil9000 for testing!
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    The File has been re-uploaded and now MAME64.exe is half the size.
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    MAME .210 will be available Monday.
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    Version 1.9 Added pack "QRS - UPDATE PACK" Enjoy! 🀘 After all update packs are done I'll release the resources and template so people with the skills can make their own or any missink ones. NOTE! : After installing the images you have to select all (or any alphabetical range) arcade games (CTRL+A = select all) go to Tools and click 'Refresh selected images', let it load and the games should now display the right 3D boxes.
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    Not sure who said that you've "got no talent" but I can guess that it's probably one of the other so-called media creators who lurks around here, or just other grumpy users who have nothing better to do than criticizing and complaining about other people's work. At any rate, keep doing what you're doing and thanks for always contributing some excellent stuff here!
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    If you knew, all the thinking I take in the mouth, for a stall, or an effect that does not please, but how many of the people who appreciate your work? proportionally much more,those who spit on you represent A tiny part minusucule, I m sure the majority likes what you propose many forget that we do this on our free time that despite all that remains amateurs.Continues to do your great job harry, ignore the rest and take pleasure it's the essential !
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    Yours sounds good too, thanks. It is a lot of work, but worth it if you wish to have things categorised like that. You should see my SEGA Mega Drive, haha: I have made custom clear logos and even nostalgia-themed background videos for them all. It took weeks of work, but I am happy with it all now. If you want to set up the Mario hacks here let me know and I will PM you.
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    UPDATE Version 1.3 Added pack "LMNOP" (remember: missing boxes will be updated through update packs in the future)
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    I'll put together a write up of what I do along with the templates into a zip file and add that in when I upload the next couple files. If there any particular series I can add them to the to do list. Making the final video is pretty easy as it's just replacing some files in the template. Toughest/longest part is finding/prepping the relevant sub videos to put in, so if there are particular games you'd prefer on the the screens I'm always open for the suggestions. That and I debate far to long on which music to add in and what image to use for the center.
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    @faeran i absolutely love this. Excellent work if you need box templates for most systems i get them here, will save a lot of time if you are making them yourself. http://vgboxart.com/browse-resources/ cant wait for more systems to be added
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    I love these. I was hoping someone would make specific themes for each platform game list ever since bigbox supports different themes for each platform. I hope you make more platform themes.
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    Hey guys! Just saw the new LB 8.0 video in Youtube, and the mention of this logos set. It reminded me that I made the missing ones some time ago for each type of the 6 backgrounds. @garehard, if you don't mind, I'll leave the zip file attached in this post. If you are not ok with it let me know and I'll remove it. The list: Alf TV Game Arcade PC Atari Classics Big Fish Games Capcom Classics Daphne Data East Classics Doujin Soft HBMAME Irem Classics Konami Classics Konami e-AMUSEMENT Konix Multi-System MAME Microsoft Windows 3.x Midway Classics MiSFiT MAME Namco Classics NEC PC Engine-CD Nintendo Classics Nintendo Super Famicom Nintendo Super Gameboy Nintendo Switch Othello Multivision PC Games PopCap Sega Classics Sega RingEdge (black) Sega RingWide (black) SNK Classics SNK Neo Geo AES SNK Neo Geo MVS Sony PSP Minis Stepmania Taito Classics Taito Type X Tecmo Classics Tiger Game.com Tomy Tutor Touhou Project Vector-06C Vtech CreatiVision Vtech Socrates Williams Classics Minimal Logos update.zip
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    Thank you for this, it's a really awesome video set, my only issue has always been that I didn't like the choice of games for the PC ones, in particular having a racing game set as the first in the AAA titles, so I used your PC one and made it an overlay for this one :-) Not sure if I like it 100% yet, I might end up doing something more unique in the long run, but I think you did an awesome job, and you were truly an inspiration to me with your set of videos. Thank you!
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    These are beautiful and go perfectly with your theme - Which I also love! Your note says you welcome requests. I went through every platform in my LaunchBox and your logos and just wrote out a list of missing ones. It was mostly arcade platlists: Banner for "Playlists" ARCADE PLATFORMS: Capcom Play System 1, 2, 3 Sammy Atomiswave SNK Neo Geo MVS Taito Type X Atari Classics Beats of Rage Capcom Classics Cave Data East Classics FightCade Irem Classics Konami Classics Midway Classics MUGEN Namco Classics Namco System 22 Nintendo Classics Sega ST-V SNK Classics Taito Classics Williams Classics COMPUTERS: Atari 8-Bit Sharp X68000 Windows / PC Games CONSOLES: Atari Jaguar CD Commodore Amiga CD 32 Daphne Funtech Super Acan Nintendo GameCube Nintendo Wii Nintendo WiiWare Nintendo WiiU Nintendo 64DD Philips CD-i RCA Studio 2 HANDHELD: Game & Watch Nintendo DS Nintendo 3DS PopCap Sony PSP Tiger Game.com
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    i agree thats something for jason to add
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    Looking amazing Cid nice unveil can't wait to peep the video project.
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    I was a little more inspired than expected sorryπŸ˜…
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    The problem is that the Runner is set up to only change values under the [NekoProjectII] header within your version's .ini file, while it should be changing these values under the [NekoProject21] header for you. I got it to work by changing the header that the Runner writes to and recompiling it. I'll include my variation, which should work with any version. runner.exe
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    Hi all, work has kept me away for too long, but I'll look into these asap. @Expello - Agreed, it sounds like something may have changed with the form to add games, maybe an ID or class name change, I'll check it out. @Xirious - It may be an incompatible driver. The automation tool, Selenium, uses a driver to load Chrome and interact with the browser. The latest version of chromedriver.exe can be found here: https://sites.google.com/a/chromium.org/chromedriver/downloads Please try updating that driver and replacing the existing chromedriver.exe in the AddToGamesDb folder. It sounds like that will fix it, but let me know if it doesn't and I'll keep it on the list when I can make a batch of updates. @Juan-K - Hi Juan-K, other users have also mentioned Firefox issues. This may also be an outdated driver. Firefox has gone through some major updates recently, so I wouldn't be surprised if the driver to control Firefox needs to be updated as well. The Firefox driver in the AddToGamesDb folder is called geckodriver.exe and the latest version can be found here: https://github.com/mozilla/geckodriver/releases Please try updating to the latest driver and let me know if you run into any issues. Thanks everyone for your patience!
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