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    Update. I went a little nuts with the N64 startup :P. So far I have startups for all CD based games (PS1, PS2, PS3, DC, GC, Xbox, etc.), top loading systems (so far just N64 but will be SNES, Genesis, and more once I find decent front images of the consoles), and a custom jobby for PSP (as seen in the vid below). Still no idea how to get the little guys back in their boxes on game shutdown due to trigger issue. Hopefully someone can help. 2020-05-31 14-29-04.mp4
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    Honestly @viking I mentioned it in your platform video thread, but truly you are an amazing asset to this community. Making this public is such an incredible gift. Thankyou! We will treat it with the respect it deserves!
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    @faeran I was not able to resolve the game banners issue, but I don't mind as I wanted to use this theme for the categories and platform views (which is working beautifully), and then inside each platform/playlist different themes. I am in the process of making specific banners for my needs. Sharing them here in case somebody wants to grab them: Categories: Magazines and Pinball. Playlists: Hacks and Fan-Made, IGS PolyGame Master, and Recently Played. Platforms: Future Pinball and Pinball FX3. Missing for my set (that I will be doing next) are Microsoft Windows (from the 90s), 3D Realms (playlist), Openbor, Popcap, Tiger Game.com (platforms).
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    Excellent, glad the log file helped a little anyway Sorry to have hijacked your thread faeran. Keep up the great work, loving these new themes.
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    Looks like that was the issue, only needed to change one line of code to get it working again with the new paths. I've fixed the issue using the dev's github source code. compiled plugin and src attached PCSX2 Configurator Next-fixed.zip PCSX2 Configurator Next.dll
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    So I used to play this weird game when I was a kid that had Star Wars droids, and there was some kind of factory where you had to make sure they were assembled correctly, or something like that. I've been searching for the name of that game for years, and nobody knew what I was talking about; no one had ever heard of a game like that from the early 90s. I started to think that I was going crazy, that I had never played such a game, but I held out hope. We're talking fifteen, twenty years I've been trying to crack this. I download this image set, and there are a lot of images for games here that I don't have in my library; naturally, I start going through it, image by image, deleting the files I don't need. And then I see it. "Night Shift", by LucasArts, 1990. Holy. Shit. I'm not lying when I say that my heart literally skipped a beat. I sat there, slackjawed, staring at this box for this game I've been searching for, for a good ten seconds, without taking a breath. I took it all in - my eyes going over every inch, thinking to myself, "Is this real?" And it is. It really exists. So thank you for this pack, for that image alone.
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    Guys, this is great. Really ! But I would like to avoid multiple sources (tread) to download the videos. It becomes a mess and it is not clear for new users. For this purpose, I'm preparing a upload of all my sources + a tutorial on the guidlines. The idea is to have only 2 topics on the forum: The current video topic : We will find all mine, but also all yours. With your credit. 1 single place to download everything. Futur sources topic : There will be all my sources, and yours. I'll do a quick tutorial on guidline and my workflow. You will post your work in progress there and I could come and give advice and tips. The choice of color is very important, because for my theme, it should not change for the same platform. There may be several versions of the same video. I really do my best to put it all in place quickly !! I promise! Be patient and all possible help is welcome! 👍 😘
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    Thanks! Sorry, but I will not add those in there But don't worry, I will publish the Theme Creator Tool Files, so everyone can make the changes they want. I just need to clean the files first, so it's easier to make changes.
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    Huge THANK YOU to @Nineball for the help. Changed from exFAT to NTFS and that fixed it. Thanks to everyone who helped me on this. You guys are great!
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    I understand running a full time vertical screen is a pretty niche endeavor. I appreciate the ability to use Bigbox along with the theme creator to make it work for me. Keep up the good work guys!
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    Updated now with a version that works it wasn't really that much of a change tbh (actually didn't need to re-target anything). Credit to @JoeViking245 for helping me find a fix quickly. For anyone confused about the in-development version, it can be downloaded under Artifacts on the linked appveyor page (and that will be updated with new builds, whenever I add new stuff). It is still in development so liable to change, hence a tutorial video may not be a good idea at this point. The basic idea of what's going on is that the program manages PCSX2 versions for you, so you don't ever have to worry about installing it yourself. To install a PCSX2 version you click the cog (in the program) and select version manager and it will give you a drop drown (I'd recommend 1,6.0 for most people). Full Launchbox support for the new standalone version is coming, I've just been busy with other things so not got around to working on it recently.
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    I've decided to hold off until I have enough for one final big update. I have around 400 more completed, and I would expect it'll take me another 3 or 4 weeks worth of work before I'm ready to release them all.
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    give me about half an hour i'll upload videos themes, clear logo's backgrounds they whole set up for this system, and yes GRID is f 'ing brilliant, going through all the Teknoparrot stuff, spoke with Trymado on YouTube and he says yes I have permission to use his hyperspin themes just converting them one system at a time 😁😁
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    I 100% agree to that cheers
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    Pack has been updated, see change log for details!
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    Interesting. We added a million and one logs to the shutdown process, and it's pretty obvious that the Chromium Embedded Framework is refusing to shut down, based on that log. So I'm just going to force kill it if that happens in the future. Should be solved for the next beta.
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    v1.2 - Language format fixed by @y2guru (thanks so much for your hard work!) now works in all languages - Changed graphic for horizontal wheel bar - Fixed horizontal bar clear logo spacing and amount - Added Screenshot Game Title to vertical wheel views - Selected game logo in wheel adjusted
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    Just to make sure we are on the same page. Here is the list of game views that are in the theme right now: Horizontal Wheel 1 - The normal banner games view Horizontal Wheel 2 - The normal banner games view with quicker animations Horizontal Wheel 3 - Simple banner view where the banners never fade away Text Games View - Text view with the text menu on the right Here's the list of Platform Views: Platform Wheel 1 - Normal banners view Platform Wheel 2 - Normal banners view that plays music from your videos Platform Wheel 3 - Banners view that fades out and shows platform details
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    I was a little more inspired than expected sorry😅
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    Thanks man Here's an amazing video by @PaDeMoNiuM
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    Great, then this will be available in
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    I will make these changes. Hold tight.
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    You can use his Nostalgia 4:3 videos until the Colorful versions are made. The backgrounds are all grey, but match the theme. Not sure if there is one for SNES MSU-1 though. You'll want to use the 4:3 versions as the 16:9 videos do not have the systems in the middle of the video, preventing it from cropping properly. Edit: I found the SNES MSU-1 at
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    Thanks man! Yes, it took me a while to compile the background images. I still have quite a few more packages to share. I will keep on posting them here in due time.
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    I think I found the problem. I modified in BigBox the video player for Windows Media Player. For the moment no more bugs.
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    3 years.... old and still the best theme
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    Thank you Jason and y2guru. I looked into changing the font scaling myself by hand, but I was a little lost when I looked into it. That's why I love the Theme Creator so much. I do appreciate everything you guys do. Sorry if my comment sounded demanding or accusatory. In defending my position it may have sounded that way, but it wasn't my intent.
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    1.7 - For 'Neon Deluxe Arcade - Alt Views' version - New vertical view 2 added (see screenshot below) with a static wheel just like the last new view. - Added black light/purple/blue neon glow around logo's in wheel for vertical view 1, as it was missing. Black logo's are better readable with glow and it just looks cool. - Added custom xamls like stylized options view and colored pop up like the 'about' page - Shout out to @y2guru for creating The Community Theme Creator as it so awesome and easily natural to work with it, thanks to him all of this is possible, thanks so much man! (I'll keep thanking you lol)
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    Thanks Jason! to everyone following this topic.... I will complete the last feature for the Theme Creator and then I will circle back to address some of the gaps such as options etc..
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    All of the Options pages and screens are indeed themeable in recent versions of Big Box, so there shouldn't be anything holding theme developers back, from that perspective. Changing font sizes is very easy to do, even by hand. I understand though if the Community Theme Creator doesn't support this yet; @y2guru's been busting his butt on it to meet the demands of the community (and they are very demanding lol).
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    @Mr. RetroLust Here is a return , it's on top as i wanted. I have everything as before and it works verry well. Thx u very much for u work , responsiveness and excecution speed 😛 You made one happy ^^
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    Ah okay, makes sense now, thanks for that. Dot Net Core is a much nicer solution over Dot Net Framework anyway. I'll see if I can easily re-target this legacy version of the plugin for dot net core. Also means I'll be able to build the new plugin based on Dot Net Core too, which is a plus.
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    I don't know what the problem is with Launchbox and why the new update suddenly breaks it. It might be an issue to take up with @Jason Carr rather than myself as it did work perfectly fine in older versions and doesn't really do anything none standard that a plugin wouldn't be expected to. The new version is in development although I have kind of put that on hold for now, and not sure when I'll get back around to finishing it. The current version of the new app can be downloaded from here (also linked on my github, above). It is not quite complete yet It, but works reasonably well for general use (I use it myself to launch and play PS2 games). It is a standalone app and the Launchbox integration is one of the big features that is missing currently. I can't make any promises on when I'll get back around to working on this again (some other things came up), but will try and have a stable release at some point before the end of the year. As for this legacy version, again I am not sure. If it's something relatively simple I can fix it otherwise it's not really worth my (limited) time.
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    Sorry for the delay; AllNightLong is now updated to the latest version in the Big Box Themes Manager.
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    Awesome theme, using for NES for sure. Will be interested to see people edit it to include other consoles being visible. What would also be cool is to have a zoomed in image of the TV as a Retro Arch bezel, so it feels like you never leave BigBox.
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    Any rough idea when the next update will be ready? BTW i've attached a box i made for FX Fighter if you'd like to use it. FX Fighter.zip
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    Dreamcast Marvel Versus Capcom 2 Enjoy
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    It took way longer then I had hoped lol. Many, many hours over the past month (with breaks in between to work on and do other stuff). The Covid lockdown and being home allowed for me to do this lol. But thank you very much! There was nothing good online for GBA carts so I wanted to contribute
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    Just finished 8 straight days of work in the field so I have just sat down with the code today. I will be posting a file in a few hours as I am currently reviewing and testing the fix and improving some debug logging.
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    Dude! I was sure I had WMP selected in both LB and BB, but maybe I changed it in LB to test something before and forgot to revert it back. That was it. Cheers and sorry for the back and forth. @shadowfire really nice theme, looks sexy and has little to no dead space (I use LB as list, not images, and with this theme I can see a lot of items). Thanks for sharing.
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    Yes it does work with auto-play videos turned off, just tested it. Btw. I really love your theme. I've made a few modifications here and there for myself and now It's my new go to theme for LaunchBox. Great job!
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    Ok, took a bit but here you go. Here are the 3D boxes for games 1 through 5. I do not have these games so I did the best I could from the internet but could not find clear logos. If you have any additional artwork for these games let me know so i can make the disc images as well. Anyway Enjoy! You will have to rename them to match your setup. TouHou 1-5 3D boxes.zip
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    Tené en cuenta que cuando descargas los metadatos desde la base de datos de Launchbox, siempre te la va a poner en inglés a la descripción, lo que hay que hacer es pasar una por una la descripción de los juegos que está en inglés al español con algún traductor (lamentablemente, es un trabajo que lleva su tiempo si tenés una colección grande). Esto te lo comento por las dudas por si no lo sabías, ya que el tema Latino aunque esté en español, este no traduce las descripciones que estén en inglés. Saludos!
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    @everyone I just want to make a general statement as this seems to have turned into a very negative place. As far as I am aware the plugin does still work with more recent versions of Launchbox. I'd put any scenarios where it doesn't work down to user error. There is an issue with the latest version of Launchbox as the 7-Zip directory has been moved, which I will put out a fix to resolve tomorrow. And then I'll test it to verify that it's working for me. That is very likely to be the final update for this plugin. However I want to point out this plugin hasn't been updated in over 18 months and I don't intend to do the work to update it either. There is a new solution in the pipeline and I will be putting all future development efforts towards that (can't give an ETA yet). Coming here looking for technical support is one thing, coming here to complain that my plugin is straight up broken when it works for others and expecting me to drop everything and "fix" it is quite another.
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    Doesn’t work in the current build and has never worked since I put out the initial alpha version, but..... it has been fixed in the upcoming build which I will put out in a week or 2
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    Love this theme. been using it since it came out and doubt i will ever switch it. However it is just missing a startup video for Big Box mode. Any chance someone could make one at some point? Just the finishing touch it needs and will be perfect! 😃
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    Why not ! I'll release all my sources soon 😃
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    Just about everything you can imagine, including Nintendo 3DS. Android, Nintendo Switch, PS3, even Japanese arcade cabinets like the SEGA RingWide / RingEdge I'll be uploading these one at a time, when I feel like it's "complete" enough to share with everyone. Up next I'll be uploading video snaps for the 3DS each cropped at its proper dimensions while still being internally up-scaled.
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