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    Version 1.0.0


    Alright I had been working on these for a year now so this first pack is a whooping 1GB (blame my lazyness) and don't worry, other packs will come in the future and be much smaller in scale. I'll update this description later with all the games included but for now there is plenty in here, I'm sure you have some. Of course you'll need @faeran's amazing theme that you can find in the theme manager of Big Box or over here, you'll also find the instruction on how to set these backgrounds for yourself and don't worry, my files are organized to be an easy import Also in this pack, you'll find graphics with no backgrounds and that's because these are my own personnal addons to @Scratcher's already great contributions to this theme which you can find here if you don't already have them IMPORTANT NOTE: A few of my backgrounds use animated graphics as gifs which in the current version of Retrotastic do not show up, Faeran has already mentionned on forums that this will be remedied in a future update so keep in mind that games like Baba is You, South Park: Stick Of Truth and Cuphead will feel empty as a result.
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    Version 1.0.0


    I love this one, hope you guys do too, best one ive done shame there is only 2 games for said platform. here's my best I think,
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    Version 1.0.0


    I decided to do a little updating on my setup and there isn't much I could find for cartridge art for the MVS, so I made some of my own. The only one I did not make is the Aero Fighters 2 one (got it from the LB scraper), but used it as the template for the others. These are all quick and dirty and not the best they could be, but they get the job done. Hopefully this helps others flesh out their art collections. I don't have a huge collection of MVS titles, but the download includes 2D cart fronts for the following: Aero Fighters 2 (since I already had it) Aero Fighters 3 Blazing Star Captain Tomaday Crossed Swords Garou: Mark of the Wolves The King of Fighters 2003 Magician Lord Metal Slug 4 Metal Slug 5 Prehistoric Isle 2 Pulstar Real Bout: Fatal Fury Special Shock Troopers Shock Troopers: 2nd Squad Spinmaster Zed Blade
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    Version 1.0.0


    This is the Authentic version of the Sega Dreamcast Japan Set. This means it uses the Templates made by @Suprakarma some of which I have altered slightly. 101 Boxes have inlays that have been researched properly so they are correct. About 20 boxes that should have inlays don't as inlays could not be found for them.The Database was made by @aorin1. Thanks again Aorin! LIST OF BOXES IN THIS COLLECTION: SEGA DREAMCAST - JAPAN.xml
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    Version 1.0.0


    Here's a full media set for Sega Europa-R Clear logos, backgrounds, box art, videos themes, videos etc enjoy
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    Version 1.0.0


    hi all this is my cart art for neogeo console around 251 but sum are different versions of the rom like 2020bb and 2020bba ect. i also have 3D version if anyone wants it.
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    Version 1.0.0


    I've enjoyed making this one, hope you guys do too, yuzu is coming along in great strides
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    Version 1.0.0


    Raw Thrills intro video, inspiration from Trymado, hope you enjoy
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    Version 1.3


    AllNightLong is trying to be a clean simple theme with little animation and stuff going around. Designed for 16:9, 16:10 and 4:3 screens. Platform navigation features banner images for 52 different platforms. Includes default playlist image in the themes playlist folder. Supported Views: Platform Wheel 1 Platform Wheel 2 Text Filters View Text Games View Horizontal Wheel 1 Games View Horizontal Wheel 2 Games View Vertical Wheel 2 Games View Vertical Wheel 2 Games View Background color: Change the background image/color. (LaunchBox\Themes\AllNightLong\Media\Custom Assets\). The default background file name is "default-bg". So change the backgound file name to this and it will show up in the theme. There are now 5 alternatives or you can make your own also. The only limiting factor is the text color, which will always be white, so white or very light backgrounds will not work. Credits: Theme was created by @thimolor Theme was created using COMMUNITY Theme Creator by @y2guru Uses Google Fonts: Barlow and Barlow Condenced Designed by Jeremy Tribby. Platform Text Filters View Screenshot uses video made by @viking as a platform background. This theme uses some of the device images from EmulationStation theme Tronkyjared (https://github.com/cowboyjeeper/tronkyjared). Many device images and system logos are taken from Wikipedia. Support: Support will be slow, sorry for that. If you run into issues concerning the custom banner images, please refresh the images first. Also please check your LaunchBox image options for fallbacks. I could not test all the platforms so there could be file naming issues. Special Thanks: @bundangdon @Retro808 @proghodet @Tromzy I received crucial feedback from these fine gamers. Without them, the theme would be less refined.
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    Version 1.0.0


    This is a companion art set for the "Vectrex 2D Front Cover Box Art - By Simon Quincey", aka hitm4n. His set can be found here. My art is named per his files, and is based on his art. V1.0 Initial release. Includes the latest 281 files from hitm4n's V1.3-1.4 update.
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    Version 2.0.0


    Hello everyone, I've uploaded NEW versions of my previous MK11 Game Theme. I've created Two Different versions of the original MK11 game theme, one slightly different from the other, three in total. The first Theme is the original version with two different resolution options. The second theme has new animated decals and a cinematic ending at the end with also two different resolutions options. The final video is the same as the second video with a different ending, and it also has two different resolution options as well... The videos run a bit long, so if you guys like, feel free to edit the videos to your liking. These videos features character select screen, two trailers, friendships videos, and cinematic ending (spoilers). Resolution: 1920x1080 and 720x406. Original video is at 960x498. Ending one is Liu Kang's ending, and ending two is Shang Tsung's ending. Hope you guys like them and make sure to watch them all the way to the end. Cheers and Game ON!!!
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    Version 1.0.0


    The four NES bezels have had the screen added from the previous uploaded versions. Using in retroarch - I'd recommend setting the transparency on all these bezels to around 0.70 Cheers!
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    Version 1.0.0


    Last Blade 2 (Neo Geo) Super Mario Brothers (NES) Streets of Rage 2 (Sega MD) Super Metroid (SNES) Zelda (NES)
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    Version 1.0.0


    Garou Ganryu Samurai Shodown 2
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    Version 1.0.0


    4 NES bezels with screens, enjoy Shiv
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    Version 2.01


    Use this plugin to filter and import MAME Software Lists into LaunchBox. Features:- Choose to import clones as Additional Apps, separately or not at all - Skip Prototypes (filter option) - Skip Non Supported games (filter option) - Import the selected (filtered) Console/Computer games into LaunchBox - Adds the appropriate command to each imported games' Command Line (ex. a2600 -cart) - Copy the filtered selection of roms to a separate folder (optional) (After copying files, they will automatically be imported) *New v1.32 - If a newly imported game is tagged as not supported by MAME, it will be marked as "Broken". Will also check existing games in the Platform being imported to (in case MAME updated its' status) What's needed: - (2) dll files included in the zip file Starting with v2.0, only the (1) dll file included in the zip. - MAME Software List hash files (located in the "hash" sub folder of your Mame's main folder) - MAME Software List roms* and BIOS files (only if you want to actually play them) *The rom set needs to be either a Split set or a Non-Merged set for a full import - If you plan to not import clones, any type set will work. What it won't do: - Filter/Sort by Region (it's a MAME hash file limitation) - Determine if/what BIOS files are needed - Import Metadata and Media (just use LaunchBoxs' built-in Tool) How to: - Copy the "ImportMameSoftwareLists" folder from the zip file to your ..\LaunchBox\Plugins folder. - Navigate to that folder and unblock the 2 dll files. (Right click, Properties, and click Unblock) *New in v1.31 - Start LaunchBox. Click on "Tools" and select "Import MAME Software Lists". Note: - The "Destination Folder" is required even if you don't plan to copy the files. It's needed to set up the Application Folder for the games when Importing. See what's new in Change Log. * MESS xml * To see MAME's Overall and Emulation status [Preliminary/Good/Imperfect]in the Import Mame Software Lists plugin, you will need to have the MESS xml file that matches your version of MAME. messxxx.xml (where 'xxx' is the MAME version. i.e. mess215.xml) This file needs to be located in the same folder as the plugin (..\LaunchBox\Plugins\ImportMameSoftwareLists\) and can be download from: http://www.progettosnaps.net/mess/ These files are [relatively] large (24MB+) and will slow down the screen updates when selecting different consoles/computers. Use "Shrink_MESSxml.exe" to reduce the mess xml file size to a little over 1MB to eliminate slow screen updates. (April-2020 V2.0 is available. Reduces file size even more.) After 1st making a backup, it then removes unneeded data from the xml file. Place only the one 'shrunken' xml file in the plugin folder. ..\LaunchBox\Plugins\ImportMameSoftwareLists\mess215.xml (a 'shrunken' mess215.xml is included with v1.30) The Import Mame Software Lists plugin will search for "mess*.xml". So as you update, just replace the old xml file (mess215.xml) with the new one (mess216.xml). ONLY HAVE ONE MESS XML FILE IN THE PLUGIN FOLDER AT A TIME! v1.32 includes mess219.xml (shrunken, of course) Other Notes: (things I've learned) - Software List folder/file locations: - *Associated Platform Command line parameters - MAME and CDROMS
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    Version 1.0.0


    If you are like me, and like to avoid using silver ring and docklets in your build then the following pinball clear logos maybe what you need. Pinball FX2 - Complete set. Pinball FX3 - Complete set. The Pinball Arcade - 165 logos. Future Pinball - 457 logos. I want to add, i did NOT create a lot of these logos, they are from various sources spread around the net, some are on LB's database, but i have yet to find them as a complete set, They may well exist on PinballX's private ftp, but as i have no access there i spent time going through each one to complete them for my own build. I made any logos that i could not find or ones that were exceptionally bad. Thanks goes to all persons involved in making any media for our hobby.
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    Version 5.0


    **5.0 Version - Updated to Volume 5 Pack** Here is a set of 1920 x 1080 game play video snaps (~30 seconds each) for Pinball FX3 that I created. Note the pinball table logos that fade in at end; credit to others on those. The files have been compressed by about 50% since in most cases the window used to view these in a theme will be much smaller. If someone wants the native 1920x1080 files, let me know (~65 MB each). Here is what is included: Pinball FX 3 Video Snaps - Volume 5 Update.zip Pinball FX 3 Video Snaps - Universal's Monster Pack.zip Pinball FX 3 Video Snaps - Pinball FX 3 Video Snaps 3.zip Pinball FX 3 Video Snaps 1.zip Pinball FX 3 Video Snaps 2.zip Pinball FX 3 Video Snaps - Marvel Tables Pack #2.zip Pinball FX 3 Video Snaps - Star Wars Tables Pack #2.zip Pinball FX 3 Video Snaps - Universal and Other Tables.zip Pinball FX 3 Video Snaps - Zen Tables #1.zip Pinball FX 3 Video Snaps - Zen Tables #2.zip
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    Version 1.0.0


    Visual Pinball clear logos pack consisting of 300+ images collected and edited from sites like VPForums, Pinsimdb, Google image search, Hyperspin Forums, and other users' collections. NOTE: These logos may be large and, in most cases, were originally intended for use with HyperPin and HyperSpin. They can be easily resized in HyperSpin and LaunchBox but BigBox apparently doesn't allow for resizing (that I can find). If you need smaller versions of the images, let me know and I will post an update. TO VIEW THESE IMAGES DO THE FOLLOWING: 1. Remove any images in your ..\LaunchBox\Images\Visual Pinball\Clear Logo folder 2. Unzip the archive to the same folder. 3. Delete your LaunchBox and/or BigBox cache. 4. Set LB/BB to show Clear Logos for the Visual Pinball games. Visual Pinball Videos: https://mega.nz/#F!lYF30BoC!Sqaxb1Hf2d0pZzuFFzdAoQ
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    Version 1.1.2


    I designed some overlays for my 4K TV since I couldn't find any at that resolution at the quality I was looking for. I'm in the process of creating more systems in Photoshop, but the console themed designs take quite a while at 4K resolution. Many of these are inspired by the consoles design, so they aren’t 100% accurate to the source, they are just formatted to look nice as bezels/overlays. These overlays are designed to maximize screen real estate (IE no integer scaling), so there is no gap on the top and bottom of the screen. Use standard 4:3 aspect ratio or custom scaling. So, I won't be creating designs for consoles / handhelds that display primarily in 16:9, as doing that requires shrinking the game. I use the CRT_Geom shader with these settings changed and the screens are curved exactly where they need to be: CRT Geom Curvature Radius: 3.00 CRT Corner Size: 0.00 CRT Geom Sharpness: 3.00
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    Version 1.0.0


    New platform view in the 1.3 update to my theme and here is the psd-file for it to make more banners. These are added to the ../platforms/device/ folder to work in my theme.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Systems in this pack are Ringedge, Ringwide, Sega Lindbergh, Namco ES3, Raw Thrills, Namco System N2, Konami PC, Sega Arcade PC, Sega Capcom, Sega Europa-R, all cases come in coloured and black with and without reflections, hope you enjoy them
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    Version 0.9


    # BETA ? Yes, for now, it's preliminary version. I have a lot of ideas, new view and things to fix in the near future! # WHAT IS IT ? COLORFUL is a complete and coherent high quality graphic set, around a unique design. Made with love in France. I hope you like it ! 😘 Here are planned development axes: COLORFUL Theme : The main hub, a unique interface for BigBox. COLORFUL Platform Video : Complete 4K video set, with a unique design. COLORFUL Source : To involve the community in the platform video creation. (new) COLORFUL BigBox Startup Video : (soon) COLORFUL Startup Theme : (soon) COLORFUL Pause Theme : (soon) # HERE IS COLORFUL THEME FOR BIGBOX: On this page we are talking about COLORFUL Theme for BigBox: Design for work with my platform video set, COLORFUL THEME is thought to be used on the big screen (TV) in gaming console mode. Modern, elegant and animated are the key words of this interface. # I NEED YOUR HELP : PATREON ? Same problem as with my video set ! Creating videos & theme takes a loooooot of time. And I have to deal with a full-time CGI artist job and 2 young kids. So I opened a Patreon page that could allow me to dedicate days on my work time to continue creating video. I'm not trying to get rich, but like everyone else, I cant spend 1 day/week working for free! I hope you understand. If the project interests you: Here is my Patreon page. # IN DETAIL ? The main features : 16:9 only. (Works on other ratio, but with black bands) Full 4K asset. (Any resolution must work, 4K assets) Totally responsive. No resolution deformation on text size or placement. Because of the white/black background, some ClearLogo comes with the theme. Gamepad connection indicator & battery level. # RECOMMENDATION ? Any design choice gives limitations. Here are some recommendations for this theme : LaunchBox/BigBox v.10.0 (and up) VLC highly recommended. Design for work with COLORFUL platform video set. (but you can use any video you what) Beware of full white/black ClearLogo. They will be invisible on Light/Dark views! I didnt test this theme on a lowend configuration. There may be slowdown. (Curious to have your feedback on this subject!) # COOL, HOW TO DOWNLOAD ? 2 ways : In Windows : Right here, with the download button. Extract the "Colorful" folder and place it in your "LaunchBox/Themes" directory. (dont rename it!) In BigBox : Option > Theme manager > Found "COLORFUL - Light" or "COLORFUL - Dark". # SPECIAL THANKS ! @Jason Carr for his hard work on LaunchBox/BigBox! Thx man! To all Patreon guys! A GIANT THANKS to all of you!!! 😍 The whote community for yout support! # CREDITS ! @Jason Carr for LaunchBox/BigBox. @Grila for Grila's Custom BigBox Controls. (Gamepad icon & battery level) @eatkinola for Ao.Bigbox.Themer. (Awazing work! Thx again) Christian Robertson for Roboto Free Font Set. Impallari for Raleway Free Font Set. # BY FILE, EVERY CUSTOM VIEW SUMMARY (Here in LIGHT. Same principle/animation for DARK) PlatformWheel1FiltersView.xaml PlatformWheel2FiltersView.xaml WheelGamesView.xaml : Wheel2GamesView.xaml : TextGamesView :
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    Version 1.0.0


    Neo Geo Super Dodge Ball and Sengoku3
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    Version 1.0.0


    These are the custom logo packs I made for the Retro Console BigBox Theme. There are logos here for pretty much every console and every game that is playable in Launchbox, as long as I have it I will make it. To install these just download them and unzip to the following folder within the theme folder itself: \LaunchBox\Themes\Retro Console Light V3\Images\Games\Custom Images 1\ If the folder does not exist then create it exactly as it is here. Within the 'Custom Images 1' folder you need to have a folder named for each platform with game logos inside it. You can find the theme that these were made for here: Click to get the theme While using the new logo packs you may find that your game list is different or you just want to make some of your own. @faeran has made a video tutorial on how to use the new Custom Image Creator to make your own logos. It is very good. If you want to make your own logo packs for any of the views in my theme, watch his video and then download the file, 'Retro Console Logo Creator.zip'. found here. All the files you need to make each one exactly are included, even for the custom platform views and the banners. Video: How to make your own custom logos for this theme: Click Here Once you get an understanding and are setup to go you can follow these instructions to make matching logo sets from your own collections for this theme: So once you open the logo creator file (that you got from here) in the community theme creator, you need to select the platform that you want to make logos for from the left panel at the top (3rd drop down) and then you will notice a long string of dots toward the bottom of the screen from left to right and centered just above the box that offers 2 or 3 options such as 'Theme, Platform and Game'. Use the following for each sub type of logo you want to make: Platform Logos: Use the first dot for these and select 'Theme' from the box below. (Put these in the 'images/Platforms/Custom Images 1' folder within this theme) Game Logos: Make sure to select the correct platform from the menu(panel) on the left. Then use the second dot and choose 'Theme' from the box below the dots. (Put these in the 'images/Games/Custom Images 1' folder within this theme) Custom Platform View (game logos): Use the same instructions above but select the 6th dot and choose 'Platform from the box below the dots. (Put these in the 'images/Games/Custom Images 3' folder within this theme) Custom Banners: Use the same instructions above but select the 4th dot and choose'Platform from the box below the dots. (Put these in the 'images/Games/Custom Images 2' folder within this theme) Now you will be able to make logos for your exact set of games using all of the assets that are in the ones I made so they will match. You now just have to select the Hamburger Icon form the menu at the top of the screen and then hover over 'Render Custom Images', now select 'All Games for Selected Platform' from the menu that pops out. Once you have completed making your set you will need to go and get that whole folder of logos you just made and move them to the 'Retro Console' theme folder in the 'Custom Images 3' folder with the others. Remember, each platform logo set needs to be in a folder that exactly matches your Platform name as it appears in your LaunchBox setup.
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    Version 1.0.0


    A bezel I made for the board game Risk on the Sega Genesis. I used an old photo from a family game night I took years ago... mixed it with other elements... I thought it turned out pretty decent.
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    Version 1.0.0


    They're all 1920x1080 and the .cfg files are included Bases Loaded: I haven't found any bezels for this game. It's the best video baseball game, even now, so it deserves to be paired with the best stadium in all of baseball Blaster Master: Original box art on the left with a bit of the game on the right. Dr. Mario: Same with this bezel. I kind of liked doing that... seemed like a cool theme Trog: Same theme, but I split the box art in half (almost) for both sides of the screen. Sudoku: A home brew and so not really necessary to make a bezel, but the game is popular in this house, and I needed the practice, so I made it part of this project. I think it came out great. I'm pretty sure nobody else has a bezel for this game! ha! Metroid: What better use of the sides of the screen than with the blue and gold passages? They're the first and main passages we were introduced to on planet Zebes and so I wanted to proudly display them here, with some editing, of course. I kept it simple after that, just Samus and a couple of Metroid, including the game and Nintendo logos as I always do. Thanks for looking! I hope you find something in here you like.
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    Version 1.0.0


    These are bezels I made for games I love. I couldn't find anything I liked out there, so I put these together. I hope you enjoy them. They are 1920x1080 and includes the .cfg file
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    Version 1.0.3


    *These are available through Emumovies Sync and have been uploaded to the LaunchBox database. This is a collection of 770 PlayStation 3 3D boxes made from covers downloaded from FreeCovers.net. and The Cover ProjectSome of the boxes in the collection have a few different versions to chose from for Europe and the USA, mostly just the age stamp is different, P.E.G.I for Europe and E.S.R.B. for the USA. If you find my work of use could you please consider donating to my Patreon found here: https://www.patreon.com/RobinLevingstone LIST OF 3D BOXES IN COLLECTION: My PlayStation Store Boxes Can be found here:
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    Version 2.0.1


    UPDATED FOR RETROTASTIC [THEME STREAM]! These are Gamebackground files to be used with the "Retrotastic [Theme Stream]" Bigbox Theme by faeran. First get the Theme here: After installing the theme, extract my Background Packs into "Launchbox\Themes\Retrotastic". Enjoy! 😄 For more visit the Retrotastic Forum Thread:
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    Version 1.2


    Welcome to Faeran's BannerBox. A horizontal banner based theme, inspired by 80s retro. This theme relies heavily on custom banner images that were created using the COMMUNITY Theme Creator. Because of reliance of custom banner images this theme is a whopping 2 GB. Please make sure you have enough space on your drive. Also note that this theme requires you to be running at least version 10.15 of LaunchBox. Download this theme from the theme manager within Big Box. This base theme has banners for the following systems (Some System packs will be released separately): Download extra banner packs and install them into: LAUNCHBOX\Themes\BannerBox\Images\Games\Custom Images 1 Explaination of some files: BannerBox.zip - The same theme that can be downloaded from within Big Box's theme manager BannerBox - Base Theme - No Game Banners.zip - Same theme as above, but without any game banners. Use this if you want to create your own banners BannerBox - Template - Create Your Own Banners.zip - Use this file to load into the COMMUNITY Theme Creator to create your own banner images Learn how to create your own BannerBox Banner Images: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UtK2S7Owo8Y Looking to create your own theme? Learn how by: Following me on Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/retrofaeran Subscribing to me on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2C5q0Muy-ehYpZUIIdJ94Q CREDITS ---------------------------- Theme was created by @faeran Theme was created using the COMMUNITY Theme Creator by @y2guru Theme uses some amazing artwork by Rachid Loft. Find his work at: https://rachidlotf.com/
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    Version 1.0.0


    Edited and Animated by me , enjoy !
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    Version 1.2


    This theme is a port of the HyperSpin Unified Widescreen Megatheme project, which was originally started by gibbawho and continued by many other talented artists over the years. It’s supposed to bring a unified look (hence the name) across all platforms while giving every platform it’s own individual touch. I’ve tried to stay very close to the original look and feel but also took some creative freedom, especially when it comes to the new fading info panel at the bottom of the screen. This theme was designed for 16:9 screens and display resolutions only. Big Box will automatically scale itself to a 16:9 aspect ratio when you use a different aspect ratio on your machine. Features: Individual Artwork for a lot of different platforms and playlists + some alternatives you can choose from Matches with the Unified platform video set from EmuMovies Fully animated wheel pointer Spinning discs for disc-based platforms Various other custom animations Templates to build your own platform artwork are included as .psd files Brings a small taste of the HyperSpin feeling to your Big Box setup Currently featured Views: Games Text List View: 3D Box Games Vertical Wheel View 1: 3D Box Games Vertical Wheel View 2: 3D Box + static cart/disc Games Vertical Wheel View 3: 3D Box + rotating disc Games Vertical Wheel View 4: Fullscreen video Platform Vertical Wheel View 1: Fullscreen video + scrolling text Platform Vertical Wheel View 2: Fullscreen video without scrolling text More Views are planned, so stay tuned. The theme includes artwork for the following 498 Platforms/Playlists: The theme will also display a default artwork for Platforms/Playlists which are not yet covered or wrongly named. How to install: This theme only works on LaunchBox version 9.4 or higher! Just download the archive and extract it to: “..\LaunchBox\Themes\” Go to the “Plugins” folder inside of the extracted folder and right-click on the .dll file. Choose Properties -> Click on “Unblock” at the bottom of the window. Close the window. If the "Unblock" button isn't there than you are already good to go. Open the Options menu in Big Box -> go to “Views” and change the Theme to "Unified". Change the “Games List View” and “Platforms List View” to one of the currently featured Views that are listed above. Make sure that in the Big Box Options -> Views –> “Show Games List Title” is enabled. Info: Never rename the theme folder! The theme folder has to be named exactly "Unified" or the theme won't work properly! (that's btw. an universal tip for all other themes as well) Known issues: The logo of the Platform/Playlist and the individual video border don't show up in the Game Details screen and the theme displays the generic Big Box logo and metallic video border instead when it gets opened through any other Games View than the Text List View. Tips for tweaking your LaunchBox setup for this theme: In LaunchBox: Tools -> Options -> Cart Front Priorities -> Select all Cart and Disc related entries, deselect everything else. In Big Box: Options ->Transitions -> Change "Game Image/Video Transition” to “Fade” In Big Box: To avoid spinning cart art go to: Options -> Views -> Make sure that „Remember separate View for each platform” is checked. Than go either to the Keyboard Mappings or the Controller Buttons settings and set up a key/button for “Switch View”. Now you can go back to your platforms and switch the games Views for each platform individually on the fly. Use the Unified Platform videos from EmuMovies for an overall uniform look. You can either download them as free user from the EmuMovies website or if you are an EmuMovies premium user you can get them directly through LaunchBox under: Tools -> "Download Platform/Playlist Theme Videos". Individual platform artwork not showing up?: The media files that are inside the “..\LaunchBox\Themes\Unified\Images\Theme\..” folder have to be named exactly like your platforms inside LaunchBox. I've went with the HyperList/RocketLauncher naming conventions for the filenames in this package. If Big Box doesn’t show any individual artwork for a system that is listed above you may need to manually rename the relevant files for that platform in all four sub-folders. Also make sure that in the Big Box Options -> Views –> “Show Games List Title” is enabled! Discs are not spinning / showing up?: Make sure you have the right Games List View selected and Disc images in your Cart Image Priorities enabled (see the tips section of this download description). Thanks and Credits: @ninja2bceen for creating the default and various other pointers All the artists who created the original HyperSpin themes, pointers and other work that helped me to create this theme (please contact me if I have forgotten someone!): Gibbawho @Styphelus Unknown50862 @Klopjero Neonrage @knewlife @Creloce Ghostlost https://www.youtube.com/user/GhostlostGames @ninja2bceen @THK adamg @RetroHumanoid http://retrohumanoid.weebly.com/ Rkh Rondar @scooter1974 Zinger19 Aloner187 @guyverjay MetalThrix SophT Ledgerewskie hoscarconh https://www.youtube.com/user/hoscarconh @viking @bmonomad @Jason Carr
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    Version 1.5


    This is a collection of 3693 3D Boxes for the Japan Region Original Sony PlayStation. Only four are missing as original artwork for them is unavailable online because they are demo discs. The naming convention is based on the 2019-3-31 ReDump set. A Database is attached. Also included is a folder with 225 3D Boxes not listed in the ReDump rom set. This project was a collaboration between @aorin1, @diskmach and myself and has taken a long time to complete. @diskmach was able to work out a way of converting the original covers serial number to real names (with out this the project would never of got started). Then @aorin1 was able to download and rename the original artwork. I then converted the images to 3D Boxes. Thanks to more help from Aorin, who converted all the covers with missing spines to Japanese names I was able to create Spines in Japanese for about 1200 boxes that there are not scans of. Any corrections that users find may be necessary please leave a comment and I will make the corrections in later releases. Sony PlayStation - Japan.xml
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    Version 1.0.3


    Happy New Year 2020 to all NOTE THIS THEME IS BUILT FOR STEAM STYLE BANNERS FOR THE FAVOURITES & RECENTLY PLAYED BOX IMAGES. This is Play Box 3, A continuation of Play Box 2. I have redesigned this theme for a more modern look of Steam Big Picture Mode or TV Media Center Graphical User Interfaces. All games & apps that have been added as your favourite & recently played now have a Steam Banner style shortcut on the Home Screen for quick access. Platform & Games views now have faded backgrounds for artwork. Included in my theme is alternative control layouts for Microsoft XBOX One & Sony Playstation 4 & a collection of steam Banners for games of various platforms. There are 2x Platform views & 6x Game views to choose from all with menu controls, All the videoborder views from my previous Play Box Themes are there. Important note**If the artwork & videoborder views do not display properly for a platform on your system, there will most likely be naming conflicts between your platforms & files in my theme. To fix this issue, you must locate these files in the background & videoborder folders of my Play Box theme then change the names to your actual platforms name. Installation Unzip the Play Box 3 folder to your Launchbox /Themes directory. Setting up Steam Banners Make sure you set Platform & Game images as Steam Banners within the game options in Launchbox. Then for them to be used in the theme correctly set the priority of the boxes view to prioritise Steam Banners first - if you ever want to revert this it is then simply a case of lowering the priority of the steam banners in the boxes list rather than having to remove or reorganise images. To do this open Launchbox and go to Tools --> Options and in the window that appear select Box Front Properties in the Images section and use the Up button to move the Steam Banners to the top of the list. Big thanks to Jason Carr, CriticalCid & RetroHumanoid for there Unified themes which has inspired me to create my videoborder views. And a big thanks to BlazingRyuu for his Device Icons which i have slightly edited to scale to my theme. Demo.mp4
  37. 1 point

    Version 1.0.0


    A simple startup and shutdown screen theme revolved around clear logos and fanart artwork, with a big progress bar on the bottom. (You need LaunchBox version 9.2 beta or newer for this theme to work). How to install and setup: - Download the zip file of the theme and extract it to LaunchBox's root folder. - Open LaunchBox, go to Tools --> Options, Click on the Game Startup tab on the left, then change the Startup Theme to Big Logo. Any feedback is much appreciated. Enjoy!
  38. 1 point

    Version 1.0.0


    Threw these together quickly for personal use, someone asked me if i had done them, so posted here. I'm sure someone will make better ones, but these will do for now. I added the clear logo for Creature from the Black Lagoon, as there wasn't one i could find online in case anyone wants that instead, Monster Bash has logos already in the DB
  39. 1 point

    Version 1.0.0


    5 games released on teknoparrot on the pack: Under Defeat HD+ Transformers Human Alliance Guilty Gear Xrd SIGN Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate Arcade
  40. 1 point

    Version 1.2


    This is a collection of 1094 Japanese Game Discs for the Sega Saturn. If you find my work of use could you please consider donating to my Patreon found here: https://www.patreon.com/RobinLevingstone 3D Boxes can be downloaded here: 2D Covers can be downloaded here:
  41. 1 point

    Version 2.0


    - These are available through EmuMovies Sync also. This is an almost complete collection of PlayStation 3 - PlayStation Store 3D Boxes. There are 766 Boxes in this collection. Please note these Boxes are for Games that were Released on the PlayStation Store ONLY, cross-overs are not included. If you find my work of use could you please consider donating to my Patreon found here: https://www.patreon.com/RobinLevingstone My PlayStation 3D Boxes for Disc games can be downloaded here: GAMES COVERED:
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    Version 1.0.1


    various swith game themes enjoy!!
  44. 1 point

    Version 1.1


    Some additional Future Pinball Docklets (35) not sure who to credit with the original design. Have included a couple of templates if anyone needs to make some more.
  45. 1 point

    Version 1.1


    30 Wii Video Snaps that were missing from my collection and couldn't find at Emumovies. So I downloaded some gameplay videos from Youtube and cut them down to roughly 40+ secs per file (roughly what the usual Wii video snaps titles are on Emumovies) I also had to have a better version of these two titles as the ones on Emumovies were no good. Goldeneye 007 = just someone looking around a room/no action & Madden NFL13 = a stuttering 2 second video Have now completed my Video Snaps for my 77 wii collection. Happy Dayz.
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    Version 1.0.2


    4 Quick Docklets for Pinball FX3. These tables are currently in Beta via steam, release date is unknown, but most media is completed, i will need to do flyby videos, so look out for these a few hours after the tables go live on Steam. Use this link to see other Media by me. https://forums.launchbox-app.com/profile/85978-madk9/content/?type=downloads_file
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    Version 1.0.0


    Hey guys, I did these for myself because I use the Unified theme and wanted to use the Nostalgia videos but the wheel on the right side doesn't make it look too good. So I cut the Nostalgia videos and added a background and some clear logos so it would look better with the wheel on the right side. I hope this is useful for someone. All credit goes to viking for all his hard work. Thank you so much for these videos, your work is amazing. ================================================================================================================== Original Link to Nostalgia |16:9| videos
  48. 1 point

    Version 1.0.0


    This is my first attempt at creating a playlist video. I couldn't find one for Bubble Bobble games so I made my own. Sharing just in case anyone else wants it
  49. 1 point

    Version 1.0.0


    A quick Thomson MO5 platform theme. Background: BLUE WAVES HORIZON by AA VFX Music: Atari 8-bit Music Power by Serge K
  50. 1 point

    Version 1.0.0


    Platform theme for Windows 10 16:9 (1080p) 60fps
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