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    These are very good - an improvement on the previous standard for MAME 3D boxes. There seem to be 795 files here - looking forward to the updates to the rest of the set in 2019! Thanks!
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    Very clean startup theme, exactly what I was looking for. Thanks a lot! 😎
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    Amazing work, really love the music as well! (I know it's a Sega song but forgot which one, it's a beautiful rendition)
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    Such a huge project just like any other cover project. I appreciate all the hard work and incremental updates. Looks incredible!
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    It's been awhile since I've posted a review on anything. This theme definitely got my attention and will be a permanent fixture on both my cab and my gaming PC for BigBox! Love the attention to detail, uniform look, and high quality art! Job VERY well done!!
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    I was looking for something a little different, this set fits that very well. In between simple and overloaded. Thanks to y2guru for sharing.
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    Should be included as the default startup theme
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    Really nice startup video. I will be adding this to my setup. Thanks.
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    Best Bigbox intro ever dude, thanks
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    Awesome startup video! I love it and will probably never change to another one. 10/10 Startup Video
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    After trying out lots of different themes, I found this, and it was fantastic! It works just fine on my ultrawide, though there's a little stretching of a couple of the images, the rest were fine and I love it! It displays a picture of the console - or even a windows PC! The select screens shuffle screenshots or videos on the monitor of a picture of the console/PC. A lot of themes just show a single screenshot, so I like that this slideshowed a game's screenshots on the monitor image.
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    Such an amazing theme! Unlike any I've seen before it, definitely a must have!
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    My all time favorite style so clean , deserves more attention