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    Loving these @Robin55! Thanks so much for all your hard work man (I'm now finally able to adding the megadrive/genesis to my collection)
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    Great! Short & sweet, my new startup Cheers.
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    First I would like to thank you for your beautiful work.
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    Beautiful black 3D boxes! Thanks Mr. RetroLust!
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    Amazing as always, thank you for making this @CTRL-ALT-DEFEAT 😀
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    These game background really makes Retrotastic shine even more! They are so well done, fits so perfectly! Thank you Scratcher for making and sharing your work!!!
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    I'm biased... but this is genuinely a really great, super-useful plugin that anyone using PCSX2 should check out!
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    Great Theme, nice video backgrounds. I've used this theme ever since I purchased Launchbox. I can see a lot of work has gone into this theme and I salute you sir. Looks Great on my 49'' 4K TV.
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