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    Great theme, thanks for making and sharing it. Can I suggest adding the year the game and platform came out to the game and platform views. I always like seeing that info Also, it would be nice if the selected Platform and Game logo resized slightly larger when selected to make it a bit more obvious of which one is selected. Both of these are just suggestions.
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    My all time favorite theme just got a huge update/overhaul, what a day! This theme has it all: It's gorgeous; It's well optimized; It has a lot of parts that you can customize; It has an absurd amount of beautiful custom art made by @Scratcher. Stop reading this and go get it! I guarantee you won't regret! Huge thanks for @faeran and everybody that contributed to this!
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    I love it! Thanks alot
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    Wow, I am absolutely floored at your effort and resultant quality of this pack. You have done a great service to the community. Can't thank you enough.
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    This theme is just incredible, it's exactly what I wanted. It's clear a ton of effort went into this! Will be using this for a long time to come, I'm sure.
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    Great work! It was a pleasure to be one of the alpha/beta testers for this theme and it turned out extremely well!
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    Very clean and stylish. One of the best yet.
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    Awesome theme. Clean and fast and still has some sweet features like different cartridges. Reminds me of my living room.
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    WOW 🤩 making the work of a certain name that rimes with maker look like amateur hour.
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    Simple, modern and compact. This is the kind of LaunchBox theme I'm looking for!
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    I use all the bezels in the set and I've got to say, retro gaming just feels so much more nostalgic with these bezels. My only complaint is that bezels like that don't exist for even more systems. Any chance you might update the set and add new bezels?
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    First I want to say Thank You! This is exactly what I have been looking for, it's great! I like using Game List View : Vertical Wheel 1 and Platform list View : Platform Wheel 1. For me this is PERFECT! Thanks again!
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    Excellent work, thanks @Robin55 and @goofers 🤘
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    Great custom theme with incredible potential.
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    I've been using the Colorful theme by Viking and this is the first theme that made me wanna change things up...One request...I use bigbox to launch PC games so it would be dope to have banners for it as well. I made my own for the meantime which I'll attach for anyone interested but I'm no graphic designer so please "bear" with me. (That's a pun because my image has a bear in it) I'd also love to learn how to use that mass banner making tool, it would save me so much time because I have a lot of Windows games. Big thank you to Faeron!
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    Been using the StationEmulation theme for a couple of years now, with photos only. Randomly decided to see what's changed since then, if there was any interesting new themes. I'm a person who loves minimalistic design, so many of the other themes and platform videos didn't interest me as they came across as messy and quite tacky. Finding this theme was such a blessing, fell in love with it completely. Very sleek and works so nicely together with the platform / playlist videos. Can't wait for more of them to be added! Truly amazing theme and work.
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    I like it! and I like the fact that you use the community theme creator to make these banners! that's really lowering the bar for other people !! very nice! Wanted to add that I made use of the templates you provided... also thanks for making me aware of rachid lotf..alot of what he does looks samey but I like it
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    Hi there, thanks for your hard Work! I get a lot of errors messages after complete the first screen: OS: Windows 10 LTSC Any help?
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    Great intro nice work!!! Thanks again.
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    these are great! was wandering if you could make a "Playlists" one and a "Collections" one please...?
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    The best theme (by far) for BigBox. According to my tastes of course You are an excellent graphic designer and I hope to see your productions for a long time. I am impressed by the attention to details and the intelligent use of space. Never overloaded, always super stylish, clean and responsive. Bravo!
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    How you add the game clips
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    Still my favorite startup - however, I would love it to be longer. Does anyone know what the music is?
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    This 80s startup video is awesome! It definitely brings me back! Keep up the great work man!
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    Mate, this is amazing work! Please keep them coming! On my wish list: - Battlefield 1 - Rainbow Six Siege - FEAR series - Gears of War 4 - Resident Evil 6 - Evil Within - Vanquish - Outlast - Metro series - Company of Heroes 2 - Killing Floor 2 - Left for Dead 2
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    excellent feature, it will be cool if you guys make an start up video for every platform you choose, but this has surprise me Thanks!
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