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    Great looking theme...love the retro arcade look and feel. One of my top go to themes for sure!
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    The new "view" and features look huge with City hunter it is undoubtedly my favorite theme, What research work on the media! Congratulations again and yes briskly PASC !!
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    Thank you. Works perfectly. May want to add that the .dll needs to be unblocked to the instructions/description. (at least i needed to)
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    This is simply amazing. Thank you so much Lahma!
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    One of my favorite unexpected finds/adds -- thanks for making & sharing this! I don't have a 5.1 setup, but instead have it automatically play on my networked google homes around the house when I fire up Bigbox. I still hear a little of the rotating effect, and the wide dispersion/echoing from the speakers in other rooms really makes it sound realistic!
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    Incredible -- obviously a ton of time & love (and probably pain) went into making these. Thanks so much for letting us all enjoy them as well!
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    Nice! Worked great. My first pinball setup in LB/BB and this helped tremendously.
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    Works fine, and is a really awesome feature! Mass update would be awesome!
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    Definitely I'm a fan you go to the point, visually it's very clean and it starts right away and that's what launchbox users are looking for! Congratulations and lots of encouragement for the rest;) So I used it too: p
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