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    I love these. If i could, i'd use no other bezel but these as they are perfect. Unfortunately i am forced to use some other "not so retro" bezels for Gamecube, NDS, and 3DS. Any chance you might update this with some of the missing consoles? I found some alternatives that work for now, until that joyous day that i login here and see that you have updated this set.
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    Does exactly what it says it does and was exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for this!
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    I've been using the Colorful theme by Viking and this is the first theme that made me wanna change things up...One request...I use bigbox to launch PC games so it would be dope to have banners for it as well. I made my own for the meantime which I'll attach for anyone interested but I'm no graphic designer so please "bear" with me. (That's a pun because my image has a bear in it) I'd also love to learn how to use that mass banner making tool, it would save me so much time because I have a lot of Windows games. Big thank you to Faeron!
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    Excellent theme, even without the add-ons. The arcade add-on is a must have though. The changing marquee on the video cab is something i have not seen in a theme before, especially video marquees. My go to theme on my main LB build.
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