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    Great Theme, nice video backgrounds. I've used this theme ever since I purchased Launchbox. I can see a lot of work has gone into this theme and I salute you sir. Looks Great on my 49'' 4K TV.
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    0/5 for not being uploaded last night when the rom hit the net Just kidding, great job on getting this up so fast.
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    These platform videos are getting very interesting and look fantastic in my Big Box setup. Could you possibly update the Commodore 64 video with the Tape Deck. Also I know these may be different from other platforms but I would really love to have videos for KODI and the XBOX App for Windows 10, Some pics for reference are attached. Many Thanks.
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    This is such a great feature. I'm so happy this community has people dedicated and knowledgeable enough to listen to user requests and bang out a perfect plugin to make the experience that much better. Yet another awesome plug-in my man. Keep up the amazing work!
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    You took the concept of Unified to the next level and I’m really happy to see that my little theme led the creation of this jewel. It' very polished and I really love your own spin on it.
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    What I love most about these themes is that the game details option doesn't change the game view. I haven't seen any other themes integrate the game details into the game view like this before. Game List Game Details
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    This should be an official part of LB/BB. Great work and fantastic idea. PM @Jason Carr and I am sure he would agree. Kudos.
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    These are superbly designed and presented. In BigBox they really grab your attention while not cluttering up the screen. And I really like the inclusion of the vintage 8-bit systems. Hats off to you @viking
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    Breath taking work mate! can't wait til I make time to design some!
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    This set has something that no other video set on LaunchBox has and that's nostalgia. Seeing the consoles set up with their peripherals on a TV from the era bring memories flooding back. I would highly recommend these videos over the default platform videos.
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    These videos are amazing, They are very crisp, clean and complete the look of my Big Box platform selection. Just a couple of things though, My PC is hooked up to my big telly so would you be able to do these in 16:9 aspect ratio & also I just need a Commodore 64 video, Magnavox Odyssey 2 video & Sinclair ZX Spectrum +2 video to complete my collection if you get time please, Keep up the good work.
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  14. 4 points
    Best collection I've ever seen. This gives a whole new enjoyment level to my arcade box. Truly amazing work. You are to be congratulated.
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    Phenomenal. Others have already said it, what great style! ... oozing nostalgia. Thanks for sharing your work, viking.
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    Outstanding work nyny77. These Platform videos ooze class; uncluttered and stylish with great music to match. Might I be so bold as to suggest one for the BBC Microcomputer sometime in the future?
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    My all time favorite theme just got a huge update/overhaul, what a day! This theme has it all: It's gorgeous; It's well optimized; It has a lot of parts that you can customize; It has an absurd amount of beautiful custom art made by @Scratcher. Stop reading this and go get it! I guarantee you won't regret! Huge thanks for @faeran and everybody that contributed to this!
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    Looking to create a theme for BigBox? This is what you should be using, whether you know XAML or not. This is just an amazing program.
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    Holy moly, get in here people with theme inspirations.
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    these are great! was wandering if you could make a "Playlists" one and a "Collections" one please...?
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    The best theme (by far) for BigBox. According to my tastes of course You are an excellent graphic designer and I hope to see your productions for a long time. I am impressed by the attention to details and the intelligent use of space. Never overloaded, always super stylish, clean and responsive. Bravo!
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    great work a phillips cdi would be very appreciated thank you!!!!
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    Beautiful work, i very like much... But I miss the following videos: MAME Computers Consoles Handhelds Extras Exit Themes NEC PC Engine GT NEC TurboExpress Some are not popular, but others seem essential. In any case, great job! and thank you very much.
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    These are very good - an improvement on the previous standard for MAME 3D boxes. There seem to be 795 files here - looking forward to the updates to the rest of the set in 2019! Thanks!
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    Excellent beautiful theme. Very detailed and lots of time and effort and retro goodness went into designing it!
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    These are just incredible, I'm impressed too that it has all the arcade classics!!!! I'm in the process of grabbing them all!!! Excellent work my man
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    Excellent work! It's nice to see the Sega Genesis finally get some love!!
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    Thank you for making those themes and sharing them. I like them very much, great work!
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    Another AWESOME theme to add to my setup! No complaints here! BIG thanks to Faeran for making this!
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    This theme is awesome, near to be perfect. I Think that another alternative view would be great: Name, company, release date and genres on top right. And game description on bottom. I have tried to modify your theme but it is a bit difficult for me.
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    Awesome ! Best theme Genesis currently
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    Amazing videos, like the retro music that goes along with each era of the console.
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    Amazing videos that all follow the same style which go perfect with my setup, clean, simple and plenty of platforms to choose from....PERFECT!!! keep up the great work my friend
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    Awesome really great videos for the platforms . A polished look with great BGM !!! Love this!!!
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    I've been using the Colorful theme by Viking and this is the first theme that made me wanna change things up...One request...I use bigbox to launch PC games so it would be dope to have banners for it as well. I made my own for the meantime which I'll attach for anyone interested but I'm no graphic designer so please "bear" with me. (That's a pun because my image has a bear in it) I'd also love to learn how to use that mass banner making tool, it would save me so much time because I have a lot of Windows games. Big thank you to Faeron!
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    Thank you so much man, bringing some light in these dark times! Hope you are well in France!
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    Amazing Theme. I'm using this now
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    Possibly the cleanest and most visually pleasing and well organized set of themes on the site imo. So glad to be able to use these. Makes the experience that much better!
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    Salut @viking , j'ai pas trouvé la PC Engine CD, est ce possible de la créer si tu as le temps ? Merci a toi
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    Really neat and clean small theme. I love the glass look.
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    These look ace but i'm a bit of a noob and cant seem how to get them full screen, i've seen videos on youtube where they cover the full screen cant seem to get it to do it i've disabled all images etc, would be greatfull for some help but if not thanks for sharing anyway they're exactly what i wanted!!!!!
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    I love your work, and am using it. But i would like to sort my game by type (Shoot'em Up, Fight etc.), i want to use some of your work for basis, have you work this on after effect ? If this is the case can you share your source ?
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    You sir are a legend, did you know that?
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    Very great work, as always ! Thanks buddy
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    Such a cool theme, love all the custom backgrounds to choose from...great work on this one, keep it up
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    Wow looks really professionally done! Great Work!
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    Super idée les vidéos 4k continue ! J'adore =) Sur ma tv 4k ca rentre super bien !
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    *Just To Note* Outstanding Work Very Crisp N Clean, I Was However Confused By Assuming Sega Master System V2 Was The *MSII Console* .
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