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    Beta 13 is out now with the following: Pause screens now fade (with an option to disable in the global LaunchBox or Big Box Game Pause options) Pause screens now mute audio during transitions (with an option to disable in the global LaunchBox or Big Box Game Pause options) Added an exit game option to pause screens Fixed save and load states and reset game pause screen functionality for MAME (new default scripts and forced keyboardprovider dinput) Fixed Retroarch game reset AutoHotkey script using incorrect default key Added default pause screen settings for Steem, Hatari, and ePSXe (no scripts yet though) Here's what's left on my hopeful to-do list before the official release (note that they are not at all guaranteed): Game-specific pause screen settings Improved emulator compatibility Additional emulator AutoHotkey scripts for save and load game states and reset game Add retro achievements to pause screens Add disc swapping to pause screens Save PDF browsing location for next time Add themes manager for pause themes Not sure if all of those will be possible, but that's what I'm shooting for. Thanks all; let me know how this beta fares.
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    Beta 15 is out now with the following: Game-specific settings for pause screens (available under the Startup/Pause tab of the game edit dialog, as well as in bulk edit) New themes manager in Big Box for pause themes (though none are available yet and I still need to modify the website to support adding them) Fixes for PDF viewer zooming (should be much smoother and faster now, as well as fix the bug that was introduced in the previous beta) Fixes for PDF viewer page up and page down (should work properly now) Fixes for the updated version of CefSharp (Chromium) not including the proper version of the Visual C++ libraries Added the ability to clear keyboard mappings in Big Box by waiting 5 seconds Added the ability to clear the pause key setting in LaunchBox with a new button There's one minor issue still with the PDF zooming, and that is that you have to wait a second or two for the interface to fade away after loading up a PDF before you can zoom. I spent over 8 hours just getting the stupid PDFs to zoom without reloading them, so I'm calling it done for now. The input options for the PDF viewer inside of Chromium are more than a little bit wonky, so it was way more of a hassle than it should have been.
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    Beta 7 is out now with the following: New global pause screen options for disabling or changing the pause theme (separate options for both LaunchBox and Big Box) New option to set a pause key in LaunchBox - Tools > Options > Game Pause New emulator-specific options for enabling as well as custom AutoHotkey scripts for pause and resume - Add/Edit Emulator > Game Pause Screen tab Updated pt-BR and ru-RU translations Fixed: Keyboard automation now ignores zero for key values (was causing weirdness with Xbox controller guide buttons) Fixed: Pause theme folder not being created properly on Big Box startup Fixed: While in Big Box, the shutdown themes were using the LaunchBox startup theme setting instead of the Big Box one Fixed: Rare threading error with hiding mouse cursors Fixed: Possible null reference error while auto-generating child playlists This should get us a lot closer, at least. The custom AutoHotkey scripts should hopefully allow us to start fixing some of the emulator-specific issues. Feel free to experiment, and let me know if anyone solves any of them and gets them working. Also, just a reminder: we're working through emulator coverage over here:
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    Beta 12 is out now with the following: Pause screens now have a menu You can now view manuals from pause screen menus You can now view additional application PDFs from pause screen menus You can now save and load states from pause screen menus (for correctly configured emulators only) You can now reset games from pause screen menus (for correctly configured emulators only) Hopeful fix for a keyboard automation culture issue where certain keys were causing errors Per the new saving and loading states and resetting games features, they require emulator-specific AutoHotkey scripts for them to work properly. I have added working scripts for Retroarch, Project64, and Dolphin, and they all seem to work great. However, unfortunately MAME is being a nightmare because of it's odd refusal to accept any virtual key presses, so MAME does not yet support save states or game resets. Rocket Launcher apparently gets around this issue by using LUA scripts, which is a scripting/plugin interface of sorts for MAME, so we may have to do the same in order to get MAME working. Per other emulators, generally, all that is needed is to figure out the keyboard shortcuts for saving and loading states and resetting games, and then mimic the existing scripts using the new keyboard shortcuts. It should be relatively easy to set up for other emulators. If you do get other emulators working, please let us know here and I can include new default scripts for them. At this point, other than bugs, emulator compatibility, and stuff like that, I'm looking at pause screens as functionally complete. I have a few plans in my head for ways to clean them up a bit (such as strategically muting audio), but for the emulators that are working, I'd say it's where I was hoping it would be. Let me know if you have any additional features that you want to see in the pause screens; I can't make any promises of course, but I will consider them before release.
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    Version 9.8 - Released May 22, 2019 - New Premium Feature: Game pause screens are now available in LaunchBox and Big Box with options to view the manual or other additional apps documents or URLs, reset the game, save and load states, view retro achievements, swap discs, and more. - New Premium Feature: Big Box key bindings can now be bound to up to four different keys (primarily added so that all players on keyboard-based arcade boards can control Big Box together) - New Premium Feature: Big Box now has "Keyboard Automation" features similar to the existing Controller Automation features, primarily for keyboard-based arcade boards that are lacking in buttons. You can enable and configure the keys in the Big Box options under Keyboard Automation; this will allow you to use key combinations instead of individual keys for closing games, focusing Big Box, or turning the volume up or down. - New Feature: Installed GOG games can now be more easily and accurately imported via the new Import Installed GOG Games Wizard. Access it in LaunchBox under Tools > Import > GOG Games. - Improvement: LaunchBox screenshots in the game details sidebar are now in order based on your screenshot priority settings - Improvement: Nested playlists performance has been improved when combined with custom fields - Improvement: Updated the included version of the Chromium web browser to the latest version - Improvement: Viewing PDFs with the internal PDF viewer now zooms much more quickly and smoothly - Improvement: Page up and page down now work properly with the internal PDF viewer - Fixed: Retroarch Netplay features were broken by a previous release - Fixed: While in Big Box, the shutdown themes were using the LaunchBox startup theme setting instead of the Big Box one - Fixed: Rare threading error with hiding mouse cursors - Fixed: Possible null reference error while auto-generating child playlists
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    Beta 11 is out now with minor emulator compatibility/default settings updates. I figured out that a lot of the emulators that were previously not working with the pause screens now work great if you uncheck the "Forceful Activation" setting in the emulator pause screen options. So I think we're getting pretty close to ready to go with the pause screen showing and hiding functionality. Next week I can focus on game-specific pause screen settings and actually make the pause screens useful. I'm marking Project 64, Sega Model 2 Emulator, and VisualBoyAdvance-M as fully working with this release. We can really use some more help testing various emulators in the Emulator Coverage thread here: Going forward, if an emulator isn't working with the pause screens, please try unchecking/checking the "Forceful Automation" box in the emulator pause screen settings, and let us know which setting you're using when you report an emulator as working or broken. Thanks all.
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    Beta 16 is out now with the following: New exit game AutoHotkey scripts New swap disc AutoHotkey scripts Redream default pause screen settings with AutoHotkey scripts Demul default pause screen settings with AutoHotkey scripts PCSX2 default pause screen settings with AutoHotkey scripts ScummVM pause screen fixes and settings/scripts At this point, I'm going to call this beta feature-complete. The only thing left that still needs to be done is to see if I can resolve some pause screen issues with a few troublesome emulators. Hopefully I can figure that stuff out without too much trouble and we can put out the official release early next week.
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    Beta 14 is out now with the following: Pause screens default theme updated to show controls information images from EmuMovies for the Arcade platform and cart images for non-arcade Retro achievements added to pause screens Additional apps that use web URLs, JPGs, PNGs, or GIFs now show up and work on the pause screens as well Back key now exits pause screens, same as selecting Resume Game Added load and save states and reset game scripts for Sega Model 2 Emulator (will need to reset to default scripts in the emulator settings to use them) Updated the built-in Chromium web browser to the latest Updated Brazilian Portuguese and Simplified Chinese translations
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    Radiance View File Here is an early release version of theme Radiance. This theme is based around the Aura theme by iGarikoitz. Things to note: Theme works best with game music. Theme works best when you have 1 boxart image per game. If you have more than 1 boxart image for a game, the box highlight may not work properly. This is because the coverflow will randomly select a boxart image to display, and the box highlight will also randomly select a boxart image to use for sizing the highlight. If they choose differently, then it will look off. There is currently no way to know which image the coverflow will select to display. This theme does not work well if a system has boxart that is not uniform. Custom changes on a per-platform basis need to be made. All system may not be currently covered. If you find a system that is not currently covered, please let me know and I'll look into it. Have fun! Credits: Faeran - Created the Radiance theme for Launchbox iGarikoitz - The inspiration for Radiance, including his Aura and Aura 4k themes for RetroFE Tronkyfran - Platform background graphics used from his Tronkyfran theme for Emulation Station Submitter faeran Submitted 04/27/2019 Category Big Box Custom Themes  
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    I have been messing with some of the scripts and what some of the emulators can and cannot do/use as far as reset and swapping disc scripts. So here is list as of Beta 17: Daphne: Pause Works but not through normal method if: Suspend Emulator Process While Paused = Off Forceful Pause = Off On Pause Tab ;Daphne pause is keyboard "p" #IfWinActive ahk_exe DAPHNE.exe ; note ahk_class SDL_APP used by Hatari and KAT5200 Send p 3. On Resume Tab ;Daphne toggle back to active #IfWinActive ahk_exe DAPHNE.exe ; note ahk_class SDL_APP used by Hatari and KAT5200 Send p 4. Reset Tab (it takes about 10 seconds to reset so initially seems like not working) ;Daphne emulator reset is F3 #IfWinActive ahk_exe DAPHNE.exe Send {f3} 5 . Save State, Load State, Swap Disc ; not used by Daphne If Suspend Emulator Process While Paused = On (normal) then loses focus during Pause (Menu comes up) and also doesn't pause game. ===================== Pinball Visual Pinball (with B2S running): Pause Works Normally: Forceful Off Reset, Save State, Load State, Swap Disc; Not Used by Emulator Pinball FX3: Pause doesn't work normally with or without forceful. Doesn't bring up menu at all. The Suspend Emulator Process While Paused = Off trick like for Daphne doesn't work (no menu). Doesn't seem to capture AHK entries. Reset, Save State, Load State, Swap Disc; Not Used by Emulator The Pinball Arcade (using TPAFreeCamMod.exe) and Future Pinball (with BAM) Pause doesn't work normally with or without forceful - loses focus, no pause. The Suspend Emulator Process While Paused = Off trick like for Daphne doesn't work, exits out of full screen and doesn't always pause with default ESC. Reset, Save State, Load State, Swap Disc; Not Used by Emulator. Still messing with them with combos but "pre-launcher" type programs don't play well.. ===================== AppleWin Pause Works Normally: Forceful Off 1. Reset Tab ; works ; AppleWin emulator reset is F2 #IfWinActive ahk_class APPLE2FRAME Send {f2} 2. Save State; works, but not too useful without getting fancy with AHK since need keyboard ; AppleWin save state is F11 but not too useful since brings up explorer window for selection and have to use keyboard #IfWinActive ahk_class APPLE2FRAME Send {f11} 3. Load State; works but need keyboard ; AppleWin load state is F12 but not too useful since brings up explorer window for selection and have to use keyboard #IfWinActive ahk_class APPLE2FRAME Send {f12} 4. Swap Disc; works ; AppleWin swap disc is F5 #IfWinActive ahk_class APPLE2FRAME Send {f5} ============== miniVMac Pause Works Normally: Forceful Off 1. Save State, Load State, Swap Disc Tabs ; not used by miniVMac 2. Reset Tab; works (CTRL R) but not useful since it is ejects disc with reset and reboots with no disc in drive (i.e., have to exit and restart) ;Reset causes disc to eject so comment out #IfWinActive ahk_class minivmac { Send {LCtrl Down}RY Send {LCtrl Up} } =================== Altirra Pause Works Normally: Forceful Off 1. Reset Tab ; works ;Altirra Hard Reset is SHIFT F5 - Keeps disc in system #IfWinActive ahk_class AltirraMainWindow Send +{f5} Save State, Load State, and Disc Rotate - No default keys assigned. Must use Shortcut feature to assign in Emulator to one of the functions: Assign these functions: Quick Save State, Quick Load Save State, Save State (brings up Menu-keyboard needed), Load Save (brings up Menu-keyboard needed) - None really useful since keyboard. Quicksave will over write last used of any game. Swap Disc Example ;Altirra assigned in Shortcuts menu CTRL SHIFT F10 for Rotate Down #IfWinActive ahk_class AltirraMainWindow Send ^+{f10} ====== Steem Pause Works Normally: Forceful Off (must be off) Similar to Altirra, no default keys for Swap Disc, Load State, or Save State. Must assign via the Configure Keyboard Shortcuts feature. Assign key for "Cold Reset and Run" = Reset Tab Assign "Swap Discs in Drives" = Swap Discs Tab Load and Save Memory Snapshot feature requires keyboard. Similar issues with quick save states as Altirra but haven't fully tested. ================= KAT5200 Pause Works Normally: Forceful Off 1. Swap Disc Tabs ; not used by kat5200 2. Reset - if controller assigned rather than keyboard the reset key command doesn't appear available. 3. Load State from 9 slots - ALT 1 to ALT 9 - Results seemed unreliable (emulator issue), games would work oddly after load. 4. Save State from 9 slots - SHIFT 1 to SHIFT 9 - Not using due to above. ============== WinVice Pause Works Normally - Forceful off 1. Reset (Hard) - CTRL ALT R - Not using since seems to fry emulator and not reboot disc. Similar with soft reset 2. ALT S and ALT L for Quick save and load state; haven't tested ============ ePSX Pause Works Normally: Forceful Off (must be off, doesn't work with on) 1. Save state; works ;ePSX save state F1; F2 is to increment up a slot #IfWinActive ahk_exe ePSXe.exe Send {f1} 2. Load State; works ;ePSX load state F3; F2 is to increment up a slot #IfWinActive ahk_exe ePSXe.exe Send {f3} 3. No reset or swap disc command that can be assigned to hotkey that I can find.
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    For some time now, using dev versions of fs-uae we don't need to launch a game using uuid for it to find the correct launch parameters. If you pass a file path, it auto-generates the uuid and tries to match to its DB. (https://github.com/FrodeSolheim/fs-uae-launcher/blob/master/launcher/launcherapp.py) So now we can simply get the latest portable version here -> https://fs-uae.net/download-devel#windows , update the games database, add the emulator to LaunchBox and import all our .zip/.lha games (bonus in doing like this is if you have the HyperSpin romset you get LOTS of media matching from emumovies) Problem now is all your titles will be file names and you can't get any meta from LaunchBox DB. To fix this I created a simple tool that extracts the titles from a HyperList or the FS-UAE DB and replaces in your LaunchBox DB, here's how you use it: First, import all your Amiga games to LaunchBox and close it. Next copy LaunchBox\Data\Platforms\Commodore Amiga.xml to AmigaBox\LaunchBox\ If you have the HyperSpin romset and want to get the titles from a HyperList, download "Commodore Amiga.xml" from here https://hyperlist.hyperspin-fe.com/ or get from your HyperSpin, and copy to AmigaBox\HyperSpin\ Run AmigaBox.exe, press 1 If you want to get the titles from FS-UAE DB, open FS-UAE and update the game database. Now copy FS-UAE\Data\Databases\Launcher.sqlite to AmigaBox\FS-UAE and all your game files to AmigaBox\Games (it's needed to generate uuids and get the titles) Run AmigaBox.exe, press 2------------ Now copy and replace the generated file to LaunchBox\Data\Platforms\ Open LaunchBox, click Commodore Amiga, Ctrl+A to select all Games, Tools, Download Metadata and Media... And you can uncheck all media and get only meta if you want. In the end you get something like this AmigaBox.zip
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    One feature that I would like to see in the Pause screens is a "View Images" option similar to the one on the game details screen. But the difference from the game details screen View Images option would be, is when you clicked on the View Images option in the Pause menu, it would maybe enter into a sub menu where you could choose which image you wanted to look at vs scrolling through all the images. This would solve the problem as well if you wanted to look at controls information, boxart,maps and etc in your LaunchBox/Images folder for various platforms. I also think this would be a great option for users who would prefer the Pause screen to look less crowded when you first enter the Pause menu with no box or cart images covering the fanart.
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    I was able to get it to work by setting keyboard automation in BigBox as follows: Shift key: Left Shift Key on Keyboard Pause menu: M on keyboard Then use the following AHK script for your emulators: vk07sc000:: ; This section toggles pause screen If GetKeyState("vk07sc000") { Send {LShift down}{m down}{m up}{LShift up} } That will activate pause with a press of the Xbox Guide button. If you want to use guide + start to activate pause use this AHK script: vk07sc000:: Joy8:: ; This section toggles pause screen If GetKeyState("vk07sc000") && GetKeyState("Joy8") { Send {LShift down}{m down}{m up}{LShift up} }
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    Any chance of being able to have pause set as a single key on a controller? Like the "Guide" button on an Xbox One controller, Pause menu is working well - I will try and get some emulators tested for reporting
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    I had to give myself a break from pause screens today. Beta 8 is out now with a new Import Installed GOG Games Wizard. Per the name, it only imports installed GOG games. There's a plugin out that imports games via GOG's API, but it takes a very different approach, importing all a user's games and launching them via GOG Galaxy. So I guess now you get to choose. The new built-in importer takes advantage of the fact that GOG puts "Launch Game Name" Windows shortcuts into the game folder of every game. So you just give it the root folder of your GOG games, and it finds all the shortcut files and imports them. Any additional shortcut files are added as additional apps on the games as well. Previously you could import GOG games via the Windows import, which just found games in the Start menu, but this works a lot better.
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    Alright...so I am settled in now,and ready to get back to doing stuff...so I will be doing a live stream on my youtube channel on the weekend. Now the bad news...the drive I had all of the current work I was doing for the startup screens,has died...so I have to start over on them. The worst part was that I was literally a few weeks away from replacing it with a brand new drive before it decided to give up finally. I lost some other pretty major stuff I was working on as well...which sucks...really bad...but,it is what it is. I will update on the progress of the startup screens soon.
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    I thought I'd create a few for Collections. i like your theme
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    For anyone following this thread, I have released an early copy of this theme on the forums. Please find it here:
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    My Windows port for The Bezel Project's Retropie script is ready for open beta. The app support Windows installations of native/standalone MAME, Retroarch, and RocketLauncher. While the app is in beta, it will have a rolling, 30 day expiration period. Also, after the app leaves beta, there will be no expiration and I plan to post the source code to Github. Note that you should backup any existing configurations and the app is not responsible for nuking your computer (really, it should be fine, but always backup!) If you find any issues, please post a message here in the thread. I will attempt to get back to you within 24 hours. One final caution, any process involving downloading, installing, disabling, and/or enabling the MAME bezel pack can take a while to complete, so be patient. Here is the download link (temporarily on my Google drive). The final app will be hosted on our Github account. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Fr-Z0ISu2vgrxnFpn2NokbWEwSfsthCS
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    The aim of this thread is to test and confirm/fix coverage for the LaunchBox and Big Box startup and pause screens, as well as detail good, working AutoHotkey scripts. I've replaced the table that used to be here with a Google Sheets document: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1wuGiwg8I5QqulDncQvGBZP83BVDSXpbSOzdYqDrsCxI/edit?usp=sharing The above document contains compatibility details on all known emulators, and known working scripts for many of them. There are two sheets in the document, so be aware that you can navigate between them via the tabs on the bottom. Please let us know if: You're aware that an emulator in the document no longer works properly on modern versions of Windows (so we can remove it from this list) You're aware that an emulator has been completely obsoleted (so we can remove it from this list) You're aware of a missing emulator (so we can add it) You've tested and confirmed an emulator broken or working for startup and/or pause screens You have working scripts to add to the document We have moderators who have access to editing the document, so please post in this thread if you have something to add, and we'll get it updated.
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    Basically it's used for keyboard mappings. You can press a key to bind the mapping or wait five seconds to clear it out. Thank you all very much; I have all the translations updated for the next beta. Planning on putting out the official release tomorrow.
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    I've updated all of my Japanese Candy Cab Bezels for Mame. They now include Dark Mode. Download my entire Candy Cab Collection here - https://bit.ly/2uhIc9g
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    Here is a realistic bezel for the arcade game Xevious. You can download it here - https://bit.ly/2Jt71bI
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    Updated 5/16/19 to version 0.16 with 200 additional games. Full details here. TLDR / What is it? This is a huge work-in-progress collection of hand-picked C64 games (1200 currently), demoscene demos, SID music and C64 magazines. 100% of the collection has been tested, streamlined and custom-tailored to get you into the games and playing as easily and quickly as possible. It's also portable and doesn't require any front-end to function (though it does come packaged with Launchbox). Introduction Some of you may know that I have a website where I update older PC games to run on modern computers. While I primarily stick with DOS and Windows 3.1/95 games, I've also done a few Amiga games and even made a collection of C64 games called C64 Dreams. That was a collection of 128 of my favorite C64 games from my childhood, and it turned out relatively well. I've always been extremely picky when it came to C64 emulation. Having done my time with a real C64 as a kid, I have no desire to go back to the hassles that that entails (extremely long load times, cumbersome disk swapping, constantly swapping joystick ports from game to game, etc.) and, having been into emulation since the late 90's, I've messed around with a lot of different C64 emulators over the years. In nearly all cases there was always something that just rubbed me the wrong way; something that kept it from being exactly what I wanted. That said, CCS64 had always been my emulator of choice, because it got the closest to what I wanted. The Windows version of CCS64 has some significant... idiosyncrasies (more like bugs) however. What I ended up doing was using an admittedly rather convoluted method of setting up the DOS version of CCS64 (yes, it's that old) in DOSBox Daum which actually worked a lot better than you'd probably expect. I had custom joystick controls that allowed me to swap ports, swap disks, fast forward, have a dedicated button for up on the joystick (useful for platformers), and it had the massive boon of "Maximum 1541 Speed", an awesome auto-warp feature in CCS64. I was relatively satisfied with that collection, but knew that eventually I was going to have to expand it into a larger project. That's what I've been working on for the last 6 months. For the first month or two I continued to do the same thing I had done with the original collection but simply expanded the library. The further I got, however, the more some things started to creep through and bother me. There were a few things that I just could not remedy no matter what I did. Fairly frequent, inescapable vsync flaws were basically the final straw for me. After literally months of work and an insane amount of testing, I finally came to the conclusion that I just needed something else. It just wasn't where I wanted it to be. I was at about 600 games completed when I decided I was just going to have to burn it all down and rework the whole thing. feelsbadman.jpg I kindof went back to the drawing board at that point and decided to do a fresh sweep of a bunch of different emulators to see if anything would be satisfactory. I used Vice (both SDL and GTK3), Hoxs64, micro64, C64 Forever, Yace64, Frodo, and several versions of CCS64. CCS64 2.0B in DOSBox was still better than basically all of these options, which didn't exactly bode well. Finally I tried Vice in Retroarch. I love Retroarch and I've used it for years, but computer platforms isn't exactly something that it typically handles all that well, as that tends to introduce a lot of additional complications - it's just not all that conducive of an environment for it. After a fair bit of fiddling, however, I could see that there was real potential there. Something that Retroarch excels at is giving you the ability to custom-tailor your settings for individual games, which is really essential for this project. Fast forward a couple weeks and I had something working really well that was actually shaping up to be what I wanted. Breaking down the features of my prior setup and the new one, it's a pretty clear choice. It doesn't have savestates (yet), but if that's my only complaint, I can live with that. I've actually spoken with Hidden Asbestos (he's worked on a number of Retroarch cores) about potentially adding savestate support, and he said it's something he wants to do, but didn't have a definitive time on when this would be done. C64 games are generally short to the point that a lack of savestates isn't necessarily a huge deal, and the ones that are long typically have their own save system. It would be nice to help cut out initial loads/cracktros however, as you could just load straight to a state after that. The Games At this point, you're probably saying "Well that's great and all... but what about the games? What's in it and why should I care?" Something you have to understand about the C64 is that its library is absolutely massive. There are literally around 30,000 C64 games. To put it into perspective, if you took the entire libraries of NES, SNES, Genesis, N64, Dreamcast, Playstation, and Playstation 2, combined all the games together and then multiplied them three times it still would be less games. Think you have a hard time deciding which Playstation game to play? Try diving into the C64 library some time. It's insane. My goal with this project is to bring some semblance of order to all that chaos, while providing a play experience that's as simple, streamlined, and pain-free as possible. Gamebase64 is a collection of essentially every known C64 game. It's one release per game (often times several different cracking groups would release their own version of any given game, in some cases with 10+ groups releasing their own version of the same game), although it does include alternate regional/language versions as well. The end result is about 27,000 games in the library. It's an incredible accomplishment and an awesome resource, but it presents an obvious problem - where do you even begin with all that? For every Last Ninja or Bruce Lee there are at least 10 games that look like this. This presents a ton of noise to have to filter out. Sure, you could find a top 50 or top 100 list of "greatest C64 games of all time" or some such and call it close (even though you honestly can't even scratch the surface with that few games), but I wanted to do a genuinely deep dive. It's a platform I've loved since I was a kid, and one that I want to help more people experience, including lesser known games; the C64 is packed with hidden gems that have never had the honor of finding their way into some paltry little best of list. When I was a kid, I had the benefit of having literally boxes and boxes full of generic hand-written label C64 disks (clearly entirely legit) that I would just pore over like an absolute treasure trove, and I found all kinds of neat and weird stuff. I guess it's all come full-circle. So how am I going about the selection process? Well, I'm literally going through the alphabetical screenshot folders in the Gamebase64 collection by hand and picking out anything that looks interesting. There are over forty two thousand images in there... I'm currently making my way through "D". To put into perspective the amount of filtering I'm doing, there are 9227 images between # and C, and I have 555 games in the collection within that range. Once I find a game that looks interesting, I don't actually pull out the Gamebase64 version (not typically anyway). I source most of the games from csdb.dk because I like to individually pick and choose which group to use (and sometimes there are newer/better versions than what's on Gamebase64, like an Easyflash version) - I sortof have a mental flow chart of group priority, which is something like Remember > Triad > Genesis Project > Nostalgia > Hokotu Force > Laxity > Ikari > whatever else. Then I set the game up and test it. In some cases there might be some issue with a particular version of a game, like it might not work with True Drive off whereas a different version would (with True Drive enabled, it emulates the original drive read speeds, which is required for some games to work, but results in significantly longer load times), so then I'll try a different version and see if I can get around that. Only 5.58% of the games currently in the collection have True Drive enabled, which means speedy load times for the vast majority of them. In some cases I've gone through 10 different versions of the same game to find the one I want. I also set each game up to use the correct joystick port (which varies from game to game) so you don't have to guess every time you load up a game whether or not you'll need to switch it - it's done for you already. In some cases I'll add in my own custom joystick controls like with Spellbound Dizzy, a game that's ordinarily keyboard input only. I've also mapped a number of handy functions to the controller, but more on that later. I'm currently at 1200 games complete and, as I said, I have a long way to go. This is something that I will be continually working on for, very likely, several years. However, I thought this would be a good point to put out a sortof "alpha" release to get it out there for people to play around with, see what they think, and give me some feedback. The full list of all currently available games, along with game-specific notes can be found here: >>>C64 Dreams Game Details Spreadsheet<<< Usage The collection can be imported into existing Launchbox libraries, but this requires a bit of additional work. I'll be providing some instructions on how to do this and will streamline a separate import-only version in the future, but the current version is just a standalone LB package. You can copy your existing license file, if you have one, into the folder and it'll function just like your normal version of LB. It's functional without that though. If you're really set on importing it into your existing library as-is, we can walk through how to do that. I've tried to incorporate as many useful functions into the controls as possible. These will take care of the most common situations, but it should be noted that a keyboard will still be required because you'll need access to things like the F# keys on occasion as well as other specific things in one-off cases. Disk swapping works using .m3us and, as such, functions just like any other platform in Retroarch that has .m3u support, like Beetle PSX. If you want to swap from disk 1 to 2, you would use Eject/Insert Disk > Next Disk > Eject/Insert Disk. In this case that means you simply press (on a 360/XB1 controller) Back+RB > Back+Y > Back+RB and then you just keep on truckin'. Many games have cracktros and trainers (cheats) before the game starts. Ordinarily you'll press space (or B on the controller) to bypass these. You'll often press N or Y to indicate yes or no on a trainer screen, and this can be accomplished with the left and right joystick buttons. Some games have doc screens (explanation of a game's story, controls, etc.) and will say to press "Runstop" in order to proceed - this is mapped to the start button. The C64 only had one fire button on the joystick, so it was somewhat common practice in platformers to use up on the joystick to jump - this will most likely feel pretty awkward for new players, so I've added an additional mapping to send an up input on the X button - giving you a dedicated jump button. If you need a reminder of the mappings, you can press Back+Start to display the above screen in-game, then press it again to go back to the game. The keyboard can be used for joystick input as well. 8456 on the numpad = Up, Left, Down, Right Left Alt = Fire Left Ctrl = C= Key ESC = Runstop Numpad * is the combo key Numpad * + Numpad 0 = Eject/Insert Disk Numpad * + Numpad 8 = Next Disk Numpad * + Numpad 7 = Previous Disk Numpad * + Space = Fast Forward Numpad * + ESC = Quit While not exactly a primary feature, it's probably worth noting here that this collection does not in any way require Launchbox or any front-end for that matter in order to function. Launchbox is and will continue to be my front-end of choice, so it's what it will be packaged with, and what I use it with personally, but this collection is setup in such a way that it can function independently of the front-end, because it's all setup with .bats. Each game, each demoscene demo, etc. has its own .bat in their folders, these .bats are setup with relative paths so all you have to do is start the .bat and it does everything else for you. As far as the front-end is concerned, these are just like starting a PC game - no emulator is specified in LB, as the .bats already take care of starting programs, directing files, etc. So if you want to use something else, go for it. It should be noted that you will actually want to use the .vbs files in each folder, not the .bats themselves - the .vbs files are visual basic scripts that run the .bat for the game but hide the command prompt window. The Collection The thought occurred to me while I was working on this that I could expand it beyond just games, and incorporate Demoscene demos, SID music, and even C64 magazines into the collection as well. One C64 collection to rule them all, as it were. I really liked the idea of doing this because the C64 scene is still huge, and very much alive and kicking, and there's a ton of great stuff out there outside of the games themselves. This aspect of the collection is still very much in its infancy, but there's some interesting stuff here for you to check out. There are currently 25 demoscene demos, 25 SID tracks, and 66 magazines available. The SID tracks are setup both with the disk version (default launch) as well as standalone .sid files with a built-in player (accessible via the right-click menu). The library is broken into Games, Demoscene, SID, and Magazines, some of which are further broken out into specific playlists. There are separate playlists for Commodore Force, Commodore Format, and Zzap!64 in Magazines, for example. Games has playlists of favorites, Best Of Vol. 1 (this is the 128 games featured in the original release of C64 Dreams), and Best Of Vol. 2 (this is a new set of 128 games). I'll be creating more Best Of playlists as I continue to expand the library. The Tools A number of additional tools were needed to bring all this together, so I wanted to take a bit of time to go over those. AutoHotkey: This one's kindof a given. I used it extensively in the previous version of C64 Dreams, which brought about its own set of complications. The current version pared this back significantly and at this point basically all it's used for is to 1) move the mouse cursor out of the way on launch (the mouse is always visible in Retroarch if overlays are used, so this moves it off screen) 2) to start Antimicro as well as specify the Antimicro profile to use (customized in the case of certain games like Spellbound Dizzy) 3) close Antimicro and AHK once Retroarch closes. I've converted these to .exes (via Ahk2Exe) so that you do not need AHK installed on your computer for this to work, but if you want to know what's in the scripts specifically, they're available for your perusal in the C64 Dreams > C64 Dreams > Utilities > AHK Script Compiler > Completed folder. Antimicro: This is an open-source joystick mapper, similar to something like Xpadder. I use this to map the arrow keys to the right stick for all games as well as pipe in custom controls in one-off cases. CDisplay Ex: This is a great comic book viewer that, in this case, I'm using to display the magazines. BZRPlayer: This a lightweight, portable music player that supports a huge range of audio formats. I use it to play the standalone .sid files in the SID platform. FastStone Image Viewer: This is a lightweight, portable image viewer. I use it to display the commercial game message, which is actually just an animated .gif. Known Issues Screen Resolution This is designed, by default, for 1080p resolution. If you use something else, it will still work, but is going to need a bit of adjustment. I have the base resolutions covered for 1600x900, 1080p, 1440p, and 4k. You can switch between these by going to the C64 Dreams > C64 Dreams > Utilities > Screen Resolution Adjustment folder and starting 1600x900.bat, 1080p.bat, 1440p.bat, or 4k.bat (I'll be adding these to a separate "Utilities" category in LB later). Thanks to @Lordmonkus and @neil9000 for helping me get 1440p and 4k sorted, and @jophran for 1600x900. However, while this takes care of the vast majority of cases, there are a few specific games where I do some custom cropping because the games made weird use of the overscan space. The base settings cover all but those games. The games in question are as follows: Alien Syndrome Another World Bangkok Knights Bear Essentials, The Brainway Cyberall Dominion Draconus Game Over II - Part 1 Heatseaker It's Magic It's Magic 2 Mega Phoenix No Mercy Phobia Tiger Claw Wizball Wolfling This means that if you're on a non-1080p resolution, the cropping is going to be a bit off on these games. This is something that I want to remedy, and will be able to incorporate into the resolution change .bats, but only with the help of someone who has a 1440p/4k monitor at their disposal and is willing to help me test and fiddle with numbers. If you're using something other than 1080p, 1440p, or 4k, I can incorporate that as well but again will need your assistance in testing in order to do so. If you're using Windows 10 and are using 1080p but most of the screen is cropped off, you may need to adjust your "high DPI settings". Go to the C64 Dreams\C64 Dreams\Retroarch folder, right-click on Retroarch.exe and select "change high DPI settings", select the checkmark "override high DPI scaling behavior performed by" and select "application". Thanks to @MacGuyver for bringing this to my attention and sorting it out. Commercial Games There are a number of modern C64 games in the collection (as I said, the C64 scene is still very much alive), and a few of these are still commercially available - 9 of them, to be exact. Because of this, the roms for these games are not included in this collection. The game details spreadsheet has links to where these can be purchased where relevant. Then you simply drop the .d64 file into the relevant folder, name it "Disk1.d64", then start the "Install Real Config.bat" in the folder and you'll be good to go. Until you do this, when you start those games, you'll just see the following message: As I said though, this only accounts for 9 games in the entire collection. The specific games in question are as follows: Galencia It's Magic 2 Moonspire Organism Pains 'n' Aches Rocky Memphis Legend of Atlantis Sam's Journey Steel Ranger Sydney Hunter Future Plans At this point I just need to keep moving forward picking out and adding more games. That's priority number one. More music, demos, and magazines will be added as well, but that's of secondary importance. 12% of the games don't have covers, and I'm using a screenshot in lieu of one - I've been in the process of coming up with some form of generic cover that I can slot game-specific stuff into to address these, but it's not done yet. I actually really like @Lassiveran's cover project and use those wherever available. That doesn't cover everything in here though. While I'd certainly be thrilled if he were able to take care of the missing ones, I know that's a lot to ask, so I'm not expecting that, which is why I've been trying to come up with something on my own. That's basically priority number three. Beyond that, I'm also creating video snaps for all of these. That's at the absolute bottom of the pile though and will have to remain on the backburner for a while as it's just not as important as the other stuff. This is basically where I'm at content-wise, which I realize makes it looks like there's nothing here, but it's just that there's still a long way to go from what is already a lot of stuff. So that's pretty much it! I'm looking forward to having some more people test it out, provide some feedback, and let me know if there are any issues that I need to get sorted out. Have fun! Download Here Oh, and there are a number of people that I've either spoken to previously about this project directly or that I just know have an existing interest in C64 emulation that I thought I should shoutout here in hopes to get as many potentially interested eyeballs on this as possible @CriticalCid @Belgarath @ALIE @dragon57 @bundangdon @vaderag @djsim101 @orac31 @Zeaede @InfinityFox @C64Crazy @alnyden @zorkiii @mothergoose729
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    Here is a realistic arcade bezel for the Sega Aero City Candy Cab with vertical screen. You can download it here - https://bit.ly/2JJS4Bz
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    Alright, version 0.16 is now available. The download link in the opening post has been updated. 200 new games have been added as well as a number of other changes. Everything should be working, but admittedly this did involve a lot of find and replace work as I made format adjustments to... basically everything. If anyone has any issues, please let me know. The good news is that from this point on additional updates should basically just be drag and drop. All games, demos, SID tracks, and magazines updated to use visual basic scripts (.vbs) so that a command prompt is no longer visible when starting; all paths updated in Launchbox Version Updates: Atomic Robo Kid - replaced with Easyflash version by Master Bop'n Wrestle - replaced with 2019 Hokotu Force version Buck Rogers: Planet of Zoom - replaced with 2019 Hokotu Force version Cabal - replaced with 2018 Easyflash version by Nostalgia Cauldron II - replaced with 2018 gold version by Fairlight Caverns of Khafka - replaced with 2018 Onslaught version Hammerfist - replaced with 2019 d81 version by Master Psi-5 Trading Company - replaced with 2019 Easyflash version by Mayday Wrath of the Demon - replaced with 2017 Easyflash version by Master Other Changes: Bugbomber - added support for 4 controllers Space Lords - added support for 4 controllers Misc: Cleaned up Zzap!64 issues 1 and 21 which had some duplicate/extraneous pages Best of Vol. 3 playlist created, though it's currently only 51 titles - will be expanded as more games are added to the collection Added 3 new overlays: Black Tiger, Retrograde, and Supremacy. These three as well as Project Firestart (default) can be swapped between by going to C64 Dreams\C64 Dreams\Utilities\Overlays and starting the .bats that correspond to each. Added 1600x900 base config that, like the other options, can be activated via C64 Dreams > C64 Dreams > Utilities > Screen Resolution Adjustment. Thanks @jophran! New configs that use custom dimensions: Bear Essentials, The Brainway Dominion Game Over II: Part 1 Wolfling All games with multitap (3-4 controller) support: Bruce Lee: Return of Fury Bugbomber Frogs IK+ Gold M.U.L.E. Players 3 and 4 can use either controllers or keyboard; see game details spreadsheet for more info Mashed Turtles Shotgun SNAFU '64 Space Lords New games in v0.16 8bit-Slicks Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Dragons of Flame Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: DragonStrike Algol Aqua Racer Aquaplane Argos DX Arhena the Amazon: Special Edition Astex 64 Atom Heart B-Ball Balloon Flight Barbie Beach Bar Bear Essentials, The BinTris Blastopia Blok Copy Border Blast 2 Border Blast 3 Brainway Bruce Lee: Return of Fury Bulbo and the Lizard King Chef Quest Chilly Willy Conflict in Vietnam D.I.S.C.: Damned Into Space-Craft David's Midnight Magic Demigod Demon Stalkers Demons of Dex Denarius Deneb Denga Denniffia Desert Hawk Desert Trader Desolator Destroyer Destroyer Escort Devil's Wheel Di-Art: Moebius II Diamond Mine Dick Tracy Die Hard 2: Die Harder Die! Alien Slime Digiloi Digital Tangram Dino Wars Dinorace 64 Dioroid Dip Diver Discovery Dive Bomber Dizzy - Down the Rapids DJ Puff's Volcanic Capers Django DNA Warrior Doc Cosmos Doctor Who and the Mines of Terror Dodgeball II Dodgy Geezers Dodo's Deep Doo-Doo Dogfight 2187 Domain Dominion Donald the Hero Donald's Alphabet Chase Donkey Kong (Atari) Doomdark's Revenge Doriath Double Dare (Alternative Software) Double Dare (GameTek) Double Digger Double Dragon Double Dragon 2 Double Dragon 3 Double Dribble Double Lizard Doughboy Down at the Trolls Down, Down, Down Downhill Challenge Dr. Mad vs. the Topsy Turvy Moon Men of Mars Dracula Dracula's Castle Drag Race Eliminator Dragon Dragon Breed Dragon Hunter Dragon Ninja Dragon Spirit Dragonfire DragonHawk Dragonriders of Pern Dragons Cave Dragonworld Drak Dream Team Basketball Dreamcars Drip Droid Droid Dreams Druid Dustin' Electric Warrior Enigma Everyday Tale of a Seeker of Gold Exploding Fish Exterminator Firefighter Mario Floyd of the Jungle Forbidden Forest Frantic Freddie II Frogs Galaxy Game Over Game Over II: Part 1 Game Over II: Part 2 Gauntlet: The Deeper Dungeons Gyruss Head Over Heels Hero of the Golden Talisman Hibernated 1: This Place is Death Honey Bee Howard the Coder IK+ Gold Jars' Revenge Jupiter Lander Killer Bees Knight Lore Lala Prologue Let's Invade 2 Lords of Midnight Lotus Espirit Turbo Challenge Lumberjack M.U.L.E. Magic Candle, The Mario Bros (Atari) Mario Bros (Ocean) Mashed Turtles Maze of Death Memory Metal Gear Miner 2049'er Mission Impossibubble Moonshadow Neutron Newzealand Story Nucleo 447 Oil's Well Panzer Pharaoh Pharaoh's Curse Pharaoh's Revenge Pit, The Planetoids Pogo Joe Pool of Radiance Rock Maze Rogue Burger One Scooby & Scrappy Doo Secret Tunnel Seven Cities of Gold Shadow Switcher Sheep is a Key Shotgun Sidelines Slipstream SNAFU '64 Snokie Stacker Starfysh Remix Sub Hunter Super Bonkey Kong Super Galax-I-Birds Super Toboggan Challenge Survivor Tank Blasta Tenebra Macabre Tombstones Tower of Rubble 64 Transporter Trolley Follies Ultima III: Exodus Vegetables Vortex Crystals VVVVVV Warhawk Wizard of Wor Wolfling Worm X Force Xerons Zagor and the Fortress of Smirnoff Zap Fight 2: Special Edition Zig-Zag Zilspleef Zombie Calavera Prologue Zone Runner
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    Here is a realistic bezel for the arcade game Pang. You can download it here - https://bit.ly/2LCckYb
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    Here is a realistic bezel for the arcade game Swimmer. You can download it here - https://bit.ly/2YkDV1E
  29. 3 points
    Here is a realistic bezel for the arcade game Vanguard. You can download it here - https://bit.ly/2YlXFlB
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    I agree that it would be a good thing to have. It just comes down to priorities and time, as usual. So it will hopefully happen eventually, but not before the official release.
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    Yes they are themeable like the startup/shutdown screens are. They are not linked to any existing themes, they go in the Launchbox/PauseThemes folder.
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    Here is a realistic bezel for the arcade game Gang Wars. You can download it here - https://bit.ly/2H7ub5l
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    Hey Guys, i bought myself a license yesterday for Big Box, and i am so so so super happy with it. I didn't know where else to put it here on the forums so yes... this is just supposed to be a big thank you from germany. The way Launchbox and especially Big Box works, fits my needs just perfectly. Please keep up the amazing work! I am just in the middle of set up Big Box to my needs right now, lets see what more i can discover! Cheers, Ryze
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    We can add that eventually, but I have to stick with pause screens for now.
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    Death Gate has now been added to Zomb's Lair.
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    Here is a realistic bezel for the arcade game Virtua Racing. You can download it here - https://bit.ly/2ZP0sVT
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    Alright, beta 10 is out now with fixes for the following bugs from beta 9: When disabling forceful pause screen activation on an emulator in Big Box (MAME for example), the pause screen was not always showing and hiding properly After exiting games in Big Box, the game startup screens were not always exiting properly
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    Here is a realistic bezel for the arcade game The King of Dragons. You can download it here - https://bit.ly/2DIDwyh
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    The problem is that your own video shows where your mistake is which makes what you are telling us untrustworthy when you are literally the only person with the issue you are claiming. Any time someone comes to the forums with a problem with games not loading it is always a user configuration error. As Jason said, Launchbox doesn't "just forget" or "change settings" for no reason. I have been using Launchbox for several years now and never encountered anything close to what you are saying is happening. I have also been helping here on the forums and discord for nearly as long and never seen this issue.
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    Blue Heat has now been added to Zomb's Lair. Unfortunately, due to technical issues I wasn't able to incorporate Retroarch into this particular release. I have a blog post about it here. Hopefully it'll be resolved in the future at which point I can add it back in. Until then, regular old DOSBox Daum will have to suffice.
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    This was something I tried to tackle ages ago, but MS made it far more difficult than it should be. I'll add it to my list to revisit.
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    Alright, this has been a huge headache, but beta 6 is out now and I'm hoping the pause screens are a lot more stable than beta 5. Thus far with this beta I have not seen any issues with MAME, Retroarch, or Dolphin in my testing. Other emulators are still up in the air, however, and I still haven't added any real features outside of just showing and closing the pause screen. Let me know how this beta fares compared to beta 5.
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    Beta 5 is out now with the very beginnings of the pause screens. At this point it's really just a proof of concept, but simply getting the pause screen showing and hiding properly is the hardest part of this endeavor. Some important notes: The screen that is displayed currently is really just a placeholder that was carried over from the startup screens. I haven't yet put any work into what happens or what is available on the pause screen itself. In Big Box, there are several options for ways to pause and show the pause screens: Options > Keyboard Mappings > Show Pause Screen Options > Keyboard Automation > Show Pause Screen Options > Controller Automation > Show Pause Screen If you bind a key to Show Pause Screen in Keyboard Mappings (without automation), then that key will of course no longer work for anything else while you're in games, so it's recommended not to bind a key that is regularly used. In LaunchBox, currently the only way to show the pause screen is by using controller automation. There's a new option for Show Pause Screen in that section of the Options window. Other methods will be coming for LaunchBox. I've primarily tested with Retroarch and MAME. It seems to work fairly well with both, but I still see an issue or two every once in a while. If you're testing with this beta, be prepared to potentially have to force close things, or even worse, force log out or reboot. Sometimes you won't have a mouse or just get a black screen if things go awry. I am interested in test results for various emulators, so do let me know what emulators are working and what emulators aren't in your setups. Pause screens are proving to be even more difficult than startup and shutdown screens were, but I do believe that we can pull it off.
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    That is a issue with using MAME inside of Retroarch. F4 is the default load state key for Retroarch, but with the MAME core loaded that takes the input of F4 instead, which shows the palette screen, just as it would on standalone MAME if you pressed F4 during a game. MAME has its own save and load state buttons.
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    Thanks guys! I've already started work on the next update. I'll probably release it at 1500 games. I'm going to try to work in some new demos, SID tracks, and magazines this go as well. It will probably be a couple weeks.
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    Just a heads up for anyone interested ( @jwarn010, @SiriusVI ), the next big thing on my to-do list is to see if I can get the plugin working with Steam Big Picture Mode (either LaunchBox/BigBox having been run through BPM or just while BPM is running in the background). I know it is not currently working (or at least a couple of you have reported to me that that is the case) but seeing as I have never tested it, or even thought of doing so, I won't have any idea of the feasibility/difficulty until I look into it a bit further. I will keep y'all updated in this thread.
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    Just drop Zoms shader folder in your \Retroarch\shaders folder and load his presets like any other. It's a self contained pack, it doesn't require any other files from the default RA shaders.
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    In a word, no. This is way beyond the scope of the project. As we say in the readme and help, we use the No-Intro naming convention when we can, then for like CD based bezels, we ask for consensus and majority wins. Even No-Intro is problematic because changes are always creeping in. The only way to fix this is to distribute rom packs with the bezels that match and that sure isn't going to happen. You can't even go with 'trusted' packs because most are incomplete with always a few games named slightly different, often because of what I have already stated. You can try to use CRC matching, but again, there are so many versions of roms out there that you can never be sure what you get will work, plus there are quite a few renaming tools out there that allow you to rename in mass according to whatever standard you have. The old "Don's renaming utility" from the old Hyperspin days is still a mainstay with many users and continues to work well. Games names will always be problematic and I don't see that changing any time soon.
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    I've finished that and the other requests. In the process, I've also gone back and reworked things a bit so that now there will no longer be a brief command prompt visible when starting games. Beyond simply looking nicer, this should allow them to work properly with startup/shutdown screens now, though I'll need to do some testing tonight to confirm. I'm using a visual basic script to do this. Because of this, the paths will all need to be updated as well from .bat to .vbs. As result, the first update pack will actually be a repackaged complete set since the formatting and paths will be altered. Future updates should be drag and drop from that point. God bless Bulk Rename Utility and Notepad++
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    Oh, so now it's MY fault, is it? 🤣
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