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    Hello all, 9.6-beta-1 has been released with the significant new feature being a brand new themes manager and downloader inside of Big Box. You can get to it by navigating to the System menu and choosing Manage Themes: This has been a very large undertaking, and there's still quite a bit to do yet, but it should be mostly functional. The plan for this system is to allow theme developers to use a separate web form to upload their themes for approval, and then use a manual approval process to allow them in the app. This is to help stability and ensure that only fully-working themes are available in the interface. I've been working hard on the web interface for uploading themes as well, but it's not quite ready yet. In the mean time, I'll be uploading some of the more popular themes so that things can be tested in the betas. Currently there's three themes available, but I'll be adding more later today. Features that have already been implemented: Trailer video and screenshots Installing and uninstalling themes Repairing themes (delete and re-install) Applying themes as the main theme Support links Details on the developer, aspect ratio, current version, and latest version Description, Credits, and Changes List of installed themes with updates available List of recently updated themes List of newly available themes Support for Startup Themes Features that are planned: Like/unlike themes Apply a particular view of a theme to a particular platform View screenshots of every single view available in the theme (Views tab) Probably more, but that's all I think of Let me know how it all works for you guys.
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    Beta 3 is out now with a hopeful fix for the issue with the theme details not loading, as well as the following: List of installed themes with updates available List of recently updated themes List of newly available themes Support for startup themes Unfortunately, most of the above additions aren't very useful currently because of how few themes we have up there at this point. I haven't added any startup themes yet, so there's nothing available to download, though you can still manage your installed themes. My next objective is to finish the theme uploader web forms so that we can get the theme lists decently populated.
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    Sharing the latest update, my to-do list is getting shorter 🙂 This was my 2nd video attempt this evening/tonight as the 1st attempt resulted in the YouTube video having no audio! so please forgive me if I appear tired. Added the ability to embed your own XAML code 🙂
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    If all goes well the QRS pack will be released next week, I decided to put the T in the TUVWXYZ folder so I can balance the amount of boxes and release QRS sooner, soo many games starting with "space" and "super" lol it's a crazy amount of work. Here's a (not all color corrected yet) preview of a handful of Sega games, note the Space Harrier flyer, I've seen about all of the arcade flyers to this point and non of them are as colorful and vibrant as this flyer, it might be arcade flyer number 1, in my humble opinion that is. Hope you enjoy
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    Retrotastic 2.0 has been released. This version of the theme is fully compliant with the version 9.4 LaunchBox changes, therefore only works properly on version 9.4 and above. This version of the theme is a more streamlined, polished experience. Here are most of the main changes you can expect: Removed horizontal marquee text, game information, publisher logo graphic, play mode graphic, and star rating graphic from over the video. Added the play mode graphic and star rating graphic as part of the icons in the top right (created new icons for these elements). Added release year and developer in the bottom left hand side of the screen. Changed the Boxart animation to come straight down from the top, and reduced the amount of time it takes to appear by a significant amount. Overall reduction of the time it takes for all elements to appear on the screen after selecting a game. Vertical Game Wheel 1 now acts as the main game menu screen. If a platform uses cartridge, it will use the cartridge animation, if it uses a disc, it displays the disc spinning animation. All graphics, including Boxart, Cartridge/Disc, Game Icons, Game Specific graphic, and Game Specific Backgrounds, now have a more elegant fade out animation Vertical Game Wheel view 2 displays the disc animation, but is no longer required as it has been integrated into Vertical Game Wheel 1 view. Vertical Game Wheel 3 has been completed revamped to include a more basic Cartridge/Disc animation with less movement. included a few more game specific backgrounds and graphics in the base theme, but still highly recommend @Scratcher's Game Background/Graphics packs Updated @eatkinola's themer plugin to version 3.9.2 Added @Jason Carr's PrioritizedPathSelector plugin, which allowed for better logic to display the correct platform/playlist background image. Correct backgrounds should now appear in more places throughout the theme (like in searches). Fixed: the correct font was not appearing in the Options menu Fixed: The text games view is now working properly when using different views per platform We are now able to change a view on a per-platform basis, which means if you find something off with one of the platforms, let me know, and we can fix it. Have fun.
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    Status update: MT-32 and General Midi / SoundCanvas lists have been completed. 760 games have had Roland MT-32 support added and 485 have had General Midi/Sound Canvas support added. 45 Games have had Tandy 3-Voice support enabled, and I'm still running counts on the number that had CMS\GameBlaster support added. If you don't understand what any of this means, don't worry! I'll be providing some write-ups in the near future to shed light on these options. The main thing to know is that the sound options are astounding now, and you don't have to jump through hoops to benefit from it. My current project is going through and finding games that allow saves to be imported from previous games, and setting them up in such a way that this is possible within the structure of the project. I've tested it with the Krynn series and gotten it to work there. So now I'll be working on the other identified series that have this feature. Over on the discord server a small but passionate team of folks have really stepped forward to assist the project. Python is chugging through a list of all games that supposedly have cd audio, and verifying they actually do. This has helped me to identify many games that were either missing their CD, had a bad rip with garbled or no audio, or simply weren't set up right. He has also been very active in our #bug_reports channel, and has been absolutely invaluable in helping to identify problematic issues throughout the collection. @Smiling Spectre is going through all of the games that old-games.ru have and checking them against eXoDOS to identify games on their site that are not in the eXoDOS collection. He has also been very active in assisting with image issues, and has become our resident bounty hunter when it comes to finding a rare or missing game version. @Jemy Murphy has been back to making major progress on his game launcher. The #dos_game_installer channel is a great place to keep up with his work. @bigjim has recently located a few games on our missing list, continues to find missing manuals, and has been very active in helping @Jemy Murphy with the #keyb2joypad_project Between the bug fixes, the game updates\improvements (cd audio, original media, etc), the sound improvements (tandy, mt-32, sc-55, GM, cms/gameblaster, etc...), the video improvements (higher resolutions, adding CGA composite mode to older titles, the 3dfx upgrades, switching out early PC versions for enhanced Tandy\PCjr ports), the new games, the new manuals, and all the other things we have done that I know I am forgetting about, I am very excited about this next release. For nearly 10 years eXoDOS has been a project that allowed people to easily play DOS games. With this release that is changing. It is now becoming the easiest way to enjoy thousands of DOS games in their best possible presentations while giving the user the option to hear and see these games in multiple ways. There are dozens of games that were released with broken video and audio drivers. Thanks to assistance from a dosbox developer and all around DOS genius, Ripsaw, many of these games have been fixed and will be presented here with working audio or enhanced audio for the first time. Thanks to @Python , dozens of games have had their options changed to launch in the highest possible resolution. I've spent time going through and fixing\enabling 3DFX in every game I could find support for. And through all of this, the master database has grown to include checks and balances to track most of these changes. I'm very proud of the work being done on eXoDOS. As soon as I have decided how many new games are going to be added to the next release, I will release an ETA for it's release. If you are interested in following along, helping out, or just hanging out feel free to join the discord at : https://discord.gg/37FYaUZ
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    And added to the LB database
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    As I was still playing with the embedded code feature, I decided to further refine the analog clock design and code, the Hour hand now transitions from hour to hour as the minute hand advances
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    Hello to everyone, I realise I don't really post here regularly and generally offer rather crappy tech support for my PCSX2 plugin. The main reason for this is because it is generally extremely difficult to be able to tell what is wrong with the (usually) limited information given or even just an error message, and 9/10 times it is a user error and not an actual issue with the plugin itself. I really need to be able to see the issue properly to be able to fix it. Because of this I am going to invite anyone requiring tech support to contact me through discord (you can find me on the LaunchBox channel same name as on the forums), and we'll deal with it on a case by case basis possible involving screen sharing and/or the use of chrome remote desktop. As for development on the plugin itself, it has been on a bit of a hiatus, with very little work being done on it since the last release, however I am looking to resume work on the plugin relatively soon, and hope to implement a more practical system for handling user errors, and tracking the most commonly occurring issues. -Alec
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    i happen to think the bigbox startup video's are cool , especially the ones made by that handsome chap called Harryoke. He may have flooded the forums with them but hey they are free and he isnt bothered about the download count he has (so i have been told) he enjoys making them and isnt hurting anyone.
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    For what it's worth, @lunaticx came to me begging for a free license, all the while saying that "even if he could afford it he wouldn't probably pay that money anyway" because he'd just pirate it instead. So, sadly, he's not the kind of person we want translating for us, or even on these forums at all.
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    I created a simple plugin to integrate launchbox/bigbox with my yeelight rgb. It kind of simulates a backlight (I have the bulb behind the tv) but I think it looks better, for this case at least The light turn on when I start bigbox, change the color based on selectedgame -> platform and turn off when I exit.. Here's how it looks right now I don't plan in doing a public release but I can share the code if anyone gets interested.
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    Here is an update to my realistic arcade bezel for Paperboy. This version has animated handlebars for a more realistic look while playing the game. This new feature is in part thanks to MQC. A fan and supporter who wants to help out. I'm very appreciative of his help. You can download the animated version here - https://bit.ly/2VFVmIB
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    Yeah, I can see this being useful if you like to change your main theme often. It's certainly tricky due to the whole "different themes for each platform" thing. Really all we need is an easy way to back up and save settings, which would be a more generic solution that would help out in a number of other ways as well. That could even be done by a plugin I think, but I'll put that on the list for the next poll.
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    Version 1.4 Added pack "QRS" (remember: missing boxes will be updated through update packs in the future) Enjoy! 🤘
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    Beta 2 is out now with fixes for all of the above issues, at least as far as I can tell. Let me know if anyone runs into any further bugs with the theme manager.
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    Here is a realistic arcade bezel for the DoDonPachi. You can download it here - https://bit.ly/2XtUAQV
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    Jason: One thing I think would be pretty neat is to see which theme is applied to which platform. Something like this.
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    Thank you guys; planning on fixing the above issues either over the weekend or early next week, so a new beta will be out soon. It looks like there's just a translation/culture error and the non-scrolling issue, which should both be easy to fix.
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    Here is a realistic arcade bezel for the game Super Monaco GP. You can download it here - https://bit.ly/2IHBvXX
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    Here is an update for my realistic arcade bezel for the 1943. You can download it here - https://bit.ly/2EmgI71
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    Sorry for the delay on getting the translations into a beta guys. I've been working on the new Big Box themes manager and downloader and it's been taking a while. They'll definitely be in for the first 9.6 beta.
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    Just a quick update for those interested. I have finally gotten universal Steam launching working in the plugin (all games/roms launched via Steam by default, including non-default emulators and such), and I'm now working on cleaning up and documenting the code. It will still probably be a little while before I release a public update containing this functionality, but I just wanted to let y'all know I'm making solid progress. Oh, and this new functionality is working with game startup/shutdown screens intact (this is actually what has taken so long to get working). I'll continue to update this thread as a public release gets closer.
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    UPDATE Super Pause Menu 0.80 DOWNLOAD>>> Super Pause Menu V 0.80.zip Added the option to allow the user to use their own custom AHK code instead of simply sending hotkeys, this new option adds a whole lot more functionality than before. Added full Xinput functionality! I have included an older version of Xinput1_3.dll into this release, you may have to unblock the dll after download. No more Need for external software like Joytokey! Changed the menu "Emulator Hotfixes" to "Emulator Settings. I have added the option to have a delayed start to coincide with Launchbox's Start up screens. This will help prevent any possible interruptions during your loading process. I added a 5 second delay to all my default settings files. I also added a new option to optionally force maximize the running emulator after the pause menu is closed. This way you can use the pause menu with Windowed mode AND full screen mode. -I have added a new Notes section to the main menu Added working settings for PCSX2 and ePSXe, as well adjusted some settings to all the others so most of the default settings will work with either Full Screen or Windowed mode. My preference is full screen mode, so if an emulators default setting doesn't work with windowed mode you may have to play around with the settings. Fixed a lot of annoying bugs. Next on my list is to add options for the user to create their own custom menus/sub menus, maybe I'll try my hand at some nice layouts, (I'm not so much of an artist) but if anyone wants to share their own backgrounds and layouts let me know, I'll include it into the next update! UPDATE Super Pause Menu 0.75 I have been working pretty hard on this pause menu and implemented a lot of changes. I have a few more additions I want to add before putting this into the released section. My major changes: -Optional Fade in when pause button is pressed -Auto finds your emulator and applies the correct hotkeys if a setting file for it exists - Auto adjusting resolution. Your emulator changed your resolution to 800X600? No problem, this menu will adjust for that. -Works with the new launchbox start and gameover screens. - Works with fullscreen mode on emulators - New settings program makes it extremely easy to create and customize the pause menu on a per emulator basis. -Comes with pre-configured emulator settings for Dolphin, Mame, mednafen, Project64, retroarch, SNES 9x, visualboyadvance-m, visualboyadvance-M-WX (with their default hotkeys). Working on epsxe and pcsx2 for the next release. -Limited joystick support for Dpad, and all buttons. Passive mode will require the use of a third party program such as joytokey or controller companion to use a controller. (Thus far it appears the only emulator that absolutely needs passive mode is Project 64). -Works well with the Xbox guide button as a pause key. (Only activated if quick pressed in case the user needs to hold down the button to turn off the controller.) -Simplistic hotkey entry that auto detects the key you hold down (no going through complicated settings files). -Added easy string support in case a a simple key combination doesn't cut it, and you need a sequential key command. Example: To load save state in slot one for Mame you would enter "F7 1" into the hotkey entry) , which would simulate Pressing F7, followed by a pause, and then a press of 1. -Support for 0-4 Save/load slots and an optional reset - The files are now compiled into .exe format rather than autohotkey .ahk for better compatibility. Quick installation and setup (if simply wanting to use a preconfigured emulator): 1. Unzip the folder and all of it's contents wherever you like, I would suggest the launchbox folder. 2. Go into that folder and open up "Settings.exe" 3. Double click the emulator you want to configure for. It will show the emulator information at the top when it loads the settings file.4. Click the "Menu Keys" button on the left. If you are happy with the current menu keys configuration you can move on to the next step. If you would like to change a key, double the form and a hotkey entry will pop up. Hold down the key you would like to use and then click submit. Once you are happy with all your Menu hotkeys press save at the bottom: 5. Click on the "File" button on the left hand and repeat steps 3 - 4 for all the emulators you would like to configure for. 6. Click on the "Installation Notes" button on the left hand side, then click on "Copy to Clipboard" on the bottom. 7. Close the settings program. Open up Launchbox, click on the settings buttons -> Tools -> Manage Emulators 8. Double click you emulator of choice, and then click on the "AutoHotkey Script" tab. Paste the contents of your clipboard (ctrl+V or right click-> Paste) on the first line, then press OK. Repeat this step for all the emulators you would like to use the pause menu with. 9. Launch a game with launchbox or Bigbox. The pause menu will start hidden in your toolbar. Upon launch it will look at all the running executable and match it to it's corresponding settings file. If it does not find a config file it will time out and give you an error message after 30 seconds. After your game loads, press the hotkey button you have configured as your pause button in the previous steps to launch the pause menu. Use your configured navigation keys to navigate the menu. Pressing your pause key again will exit the pause screen and unpause your game. If your emulator closes expected or unexpectedly, the pause menu will detect that and close itself. 10. If you want to change your background, font, font colors, etc etc for any specific emulator, or create a whole new settings file for a different emulator altogether just use the settings program. DOWNLOAD: Super Pause Menu V0.75.zip --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I started doing this as a personal project for my holidays days off. I find myself keep wanting to add more and more, and now I have to go back to work soon, so I thought I'd release this before it never sees the light of day. I hope to continue working on this in my spare time. And if I don't someone can very easily modify and customize to what I have done thus far. I present to you, Chadmando's Super Pause Menu v0.5. (AUTO HOTKEY SCRIPT). Features: Pause, Four Save and Load States, and a Reset. The menu is customizable within the provided settings.ini folder (I tried to make it as straight forward as possible). Customizable settings include custom controls, Background image, Font color, alignment of title text and menu list. By default I am using a resolution of 1920X1080, if you're resolution is any different I have no idea if it will still work, (I hope to fix that in the future). Outside of this, it's just a script, you can modify it all you want. I have only done a configuration for Dolphin, and it works just fine so far with their default hotkey set (Be sure to add SHIFT+ F9 for the Reset hotkey in dolphin settings). I plan on adding separate settings files per emulator in the future and have this one script handle everything. In the mean time if you want to use it for other emulator's you'll probably have to copy this script and rename it to a new one. I was using this in Windows 10, no guarantees it'll work with other versions of Windows. I don't really have any installation notes. As long as everything in the provided zip folder is extracted into the same folder, with the same file structure there should be no issues, simply run Super Pause Menu.ahk , it's up to you to set up to your liking. Upon launch the program hides itself into the notification bar and won't show the pause screen until you press the user defined pause button. By default I set the pause button to the XBOX One guide button. Default buttons are: UP and Down controlled by Arrow keys Select is ENTER DELETE is back Credit for the background image to Rincewind Super Pause Menu V0.5.zip
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    Alyssa - A Modern Theme View File This is a modern looking theme I've been working for a month or so. It has 2 platform views and 4 game views. One of the game views is very simalair to the Xbox One Interface. There's lots of art included in this theme. All of it was found via Google image search, so I don't believe there should be any legal issues with using it. I've also created and included some custom playlist banners. If anyone wants to create and share any custom art for this theme that would be awesome. I intend to add more views. Feel free to offer suggestions. To install -- just extract the Alyssa folder into your Launchbox/themes folder. Then install the teko-semibold font. Alyssa_-_A_Modern_Theme.mp4 Submitter bbweiners Submitted 02/26/2019 Category Big Box Custom Themes