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    Hey all, the first 11.8 beta is out now with the following: New Feature: Steam Achievements are now available inside of both LaunchBox and Big Box! They can be viewed in the game details sidebar and via a popup from the game details menu in Big Box. New Feature: LaunchBox and Big Box now both have a Retroarch Netplay lobby browser! Access it from the tools menu in LaunchBox or the system menu in Big Box. Improvement: Games are now marked as duplicates in the Audit window if there are multiple games with the same LaunchBox Games DB ID assigned to them Improvement: Manuals/documents that have been added as additional apps will now be automatically recognized and dealt with properly in the Delete Platform, Edit Platform, Bulk Edit Platform, and Clean Up Media processes Fixed: Potential error when downloading media for manually-added games before they are saved for the first time Fixed: On rare occasions, Bulk Edit changes were not properly saving after a restart, mostly affecting Custom Field changes Fixed: Uplay import was not working due to Ubisoft's changes to Ubisoft Connect Fixed: The "Set Selected Name as Title" button in the Alternate Names section of the Add/Edit window wasn't always adding the currently used title to the list of alternate titles Fixed: The "Prioritize Music Over Video Audio" option in Big Box was sometimes not allowing video audio to play if no music was playing
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    ===🥂Announcement🥂=== I started this project on 13 November 2019, can't believe how fast the year passed, I honestly thought I might not be able to get this far as it's quite a lot of work but here we are From the looks of it I'll finish the project somewhere in the spring or summer. When that's done I might be doing requests (if I still have the energy left that is, but I think so) for games you really love that I didn't cover so perhaps it's a good idea to already start keeping notes. Cheers and thank you for all your enthusiasm and support through the year, it really makes it fun to do! 🤘
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    I'm currently creating/modifying a full(?) set of platform clear logos. By creating I mean literally DRAWING FROM SCRATCH in Adobe Illustrator in vector! One logo can range from taking one hour and go up to FOUR HOURS to perfect! Of course many of the logos have great versions already available and I won't be drawing those from scratch but simply examining thoroughly and touching up those if necessary. I will release all of these in extreme quality as well as my original vector drawing files. I don't want to take full credit for my upcoming collection because a lot of them will be essentially the same vector svgs used by the emulation station community. I'm combing over all of them though trying to fix flaws and redrawing logos if necessary. All of the ones shown here are either heavily altered or brand new drawings! Thanks to Pit's Arts on the forums for the TeknoParrot PNG that I traced from. I also drew a new arcade classics logo just for fun. The goal of this upcoming platform clear logo collection is to make all of the logos we use for platforms simply more accurate and higher quality. This is not to knock others who have worked hard to create currently used versions in the past but simply to improve upon that hard work further. Hopefully I don't come off as pretentious! I just want to make our platform logos the best they can be! This whole process started because I am also making a theme which needs accurate logos for a collection of hand drawn icons. I was touching up so many logos along the way that I decided to actually focus on just the logos for a while and get them fixed up some. I have spent around 90 hours doing just the logos as of right now! I know that this is not something people care too much about but I hope you can get some enjoyment from my labor of love once I release the full logo set. As a sneak peek of my theme's art, I'm going to show off a couple of my Icon backgrounds here for the first time. The theme will be called "ICONIC". I've been working on it everyday for nearly 3 months . The reason it has taken so long is because I wanted to draw all of these icons very accurately. It will support only about 40 to 50 platforms because It's just not reasonable to do more than that for me. The backgrounds scroll and loop continually through the magic of the theme creators animations. Currently it has a Nintendo style look with greys, reds and white. I know it looks really red but In the theme it's not too overpowering the way I'm using it. I plan to make a more neutral version as well. You'll see more of the ICONIC theme later. I have made a few long Youtube videos that show my tedious logo creation process in action! Feel free to skip around them because they aren't the most exciting videos in the world. If you take a peek at the (rough/unedited) recordings you can feel the vibes I'm putting into these logos. The logo collection will release very soon. The ICONIC theme will release....not as soon but still soon.
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    Hi guys, thought I'd post this here as I imagine we have a few Streets of Rage fans on the forum, Streets of Rage Remake has had an unexpected and very substantial update. The latest version includes the following: - Full 16:9 widescreen support for the main game and for Sormaker mods - 15 New tracks (both remixes and original) from BGM1401 - New scenes added and graphics updated throughout the game - All new intro and updated graphics for endings, main menu, and shop - AI has been hugely improved, providing a better challenge and better balance - Achievements added - Overhauled menu layout with submenus and all new options - Choice of Remixed or Retro OST https://sorr.forumotion.net/t838-new-streets-of-rage-remake-v5-2-download-and-info
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    Quartet mame arcade bezel quartet.zip Quartet 2 mame arcade bezel quartet2.zip I reconstructed this from @Mr. Do Japanese bezel to the English version, the fonts are not entirely the same as the original but it comes very close.
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    Sorry for the lack of new bezels like I used to release, I'm preoccupied with RL things. Hope to be on the old schedule again next week somewhere, I'll try to squeeze a bezel in between.
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    CoinOps Redux View File What is it? CoinOps Redux is a port of CoinOps Next to BigBox, co-created with @Klopjero. The theme has been developed using the Community Theme Creator (all the credit to @y2guru) and should display correctly in both 16:9 and 4:3 ratios. As in the case of CoinOps, it relies on 1120x1080 fanart images for game wheel views. Big thanks to BritneysPAIRS and the CoinOps team for their work in CoinOps and for their amazing theme design. Views It includes the following BigBox views: - 4 platform views. - 2 game wheels for arcade based systems. - 2 game wheels for non-arcade based systems. - 2 horizontal game wheels. - Systems view. Supporting more than 130 systems. For platform views, we suggest to use @viking colorful videos. Files available [CoinOps Redux 1.0.zip] The BigBox theme files. Just uncompress and copy / paste to Launchbox\Themes folder. All platform background images are included in the file. [Platforms] Sets of fanart images (1120x1080) for several platforms. If you want to use them, just unzip and copy / paste to Launchbox\Images\[Platform]\Fanart - Background. * It is also possible to use the fanart packs uploaded by @RedSnake for his DarkRoom theme (or use these in DarkRoom). Screenshots Showcase CoinOps Redux - Showcase.mp4 Submitter CMOSS Submitted 11/01/2020 Category Big Box Custom Themes
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    Rainbow Islands: The Story of Bubble Bobble 2 mame arcade bezel rbisland.zip
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    Here's a special one, I couldn't find high quality resources for this game except for John Merrit's excellent bezel, so I got his kind permission to use and alter it, yes the legend is back! https://forums.libretro.com/u/John.Merrit Rail Chase mame arcade bezel rchase.zip
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    Mr. Do's Arcade I haven’t done much self promotion over on this side of the internet, so after 14 years, I figured it was about time. I’ll keep this thread ongoing for all future MAME Artwork updates; link to the main site is above. ------------------------------------------------------------------- 2020's almost done, so I guess it's time for a new MAME Artwork update. 173 new or updated games in this release. We've got fresh new faces helping with the cleanup of artwork, and a newly overhauled artwork system in MAME, thanks to Vas Crabb and the rest of MAMEDev. Special thanks to @ArsInvictus, @Mr. RetroLust, PapaShine, @Dreamstate, and @Orionsangel for contributions in this update. I made sure to include lots of different examples of how the new artwork system works in this update; there is an extensive writeup over on the MAMEDev website today. I'll be updating related pages on my site hopefully before the year is over. Pretty sure this is the largest update on the site in years, if ever, so head on over to the main page and check out all the new artwork.
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    50 new games since the last batch: More significantly, however, is a lot of other work that's gone on since the last update. All the audits are complete. New SID (+40 / total of 100), Demonscene (+10 / total of 60), Magazines (+19 / total of 110) and Diskmags (+25 / total of 25) are now complete. I've also come up with a way to enable quick-swapping between the game and manuals with a key/button combo (numpad minus + numpad enter or back + R3) and navigate them with either keyboard or controller so that's pretty exciting. I have to enable this on a game by game basis one at a time though. I've gotten 150 manuals added so far. I'm not sure how many I'll do for the release but I'm sure it'll be at least 200. At the very least I want to get all the SSI, Origin, Infocom, and a few other outfits that tended to include fairly elaborate documentation. It wouldn't be quite as time consuming were it not for the fact that I'm parsing through about 5 different sources to find the best version of a manual available and then to make matters more difficult (because why wouldn't I?) I've been converting most of them from .pdf to .cbr (which involves extracting all the pages and then combining into an archive) because they look noticeably better in the reader (CDisplayEx) in the majority of cases. This also allows me to combine multiple docs like manual + reference card + story booklet etc. into a single doc. It's time-consuming but, as they say, anything worth doing... You have to view these at full size to see the difference but it's clear as day if I have both open and alt-tab between the two. For some reason it just handles scaling a lot better with .cbrs and makes it much sharper. PDF: CBR:
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    Raiga: Strato Fighter mame arcade bezel stratof.zip
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    Beta 4 is out now with the following: Improvement: New option to hide the Search option from the Big Box system menu while Big Box is locked Fixed: On rare occasions, Bulk Edit changes were not properly saving after a restart, mostly affecting Custom Field changes and changes made via the Audit window Fixed: The Epic Games importer was occasionally not finding all of a user's games Fixed: Changing a game's platform via the Audit window now removes the game from the list when auditing a specific platform
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    Radical Radial mame arcade bezel (Thanks to @Mr. Do for letting me restore the artwork) This game is friggin' hard 😬 radrad.zip
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    Radiant Silvergun mame arcade bezel rsgun.zip
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    Beta 5 is out now with some fixes for the Epic importer. Unless anyone finds any glaring issues, we plan to release 11.8 tomorrow.
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    Beta 3 is out now with the following: Fixed: Very rare "argument out of range" error when submitting MAME high scores for certain games Fixed: Rare "must create DependencySource on same Thread as the DependencyObject" error when editing theme-specific options in Big Box Translation updates
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    Raiden Fighters Jet mame arcade bezel rfjet.zip
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    Raiden Fighters 2: Operation Hell Dive mame arcade bezel rdft2.zip
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    Radikal Bikers mame arcade bezel radikalb.zip
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    Rack 'em Up aka The Hustler mame arcade bezel rackemup.zip
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    Rabio Lepus aka Rabbit Punch mame arcade bezel rabiolep.zip
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    RayCrisis aka Ray Crisis mame arcade bezel raycris.zip
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    Rapid Hero aka Arcadia mame arcade bezel raphero.zip
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    Rambo III mame arcade bezel (Sadly I could only find an unusable very low res image of the original bezel, instead I used a generic camouflage artwork) rambo3.zip
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    Rally Bike mame arcade bezel rallybik.zip Not the best quality but it was the only source I could find, feel free to use in your projects.
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    For sure bro anytime, your "doing" is a downright game changer and I really just wanted to hammer that home, as it means the world to me and I'm sure many others, even if many do choose to remain silent. ☺️
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    You have no idea how eagerly I've been waiting for you to get to the Raiden series, my all-time favorite shmups. Thank you!
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    Beta 2 is out now with the following: Fixes for the netplay-lobby related issues above An overhaul for the add/edit platform category screen
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    Countless people have contributed in large and small ways to this scene for many years. Contributions which you have undoubtedly reaped the benefits of no small number of times. If you've downloaded a single piece of media or metadata you have. None of that stuff just appeared out of the ether. It's a scene made up of a wide array of different people good at various bits and bobs that all come together to make a better whole, and it's all niches within niches. That's the nature of the hobby (or any hobby, really). You either enjoy it or you don't (and, if you don't, why the hell are you doing it?) You're either willing to put the time and energy in for the benefit of that hobby or you're not. If you're not, my suggestion would be to stop. If you need to stick your digital coffee cup out into the crowd in order for it to be worth it to you, you might want to take a moment to consider why you're doing what you're doing. I've spent literally thousands of hours on various projects for this scene, and continue to do so to this day, without receiving penny one. Hell, I spend money every year on these projects. And I'm married, have a mortgage, and a full time job. You enjoy the hobby or you don't. If you don't, stop spending your free time on things you don't enjoy. My two cents.
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    Thanks @GreenGriffon I appreciate it bro. To every story there is a second, we can't base our judgements by one side of a story, everyone has their reasons why they act. I have my reasons why I don't share every asset I created or restored, but I don't feel like discussing it. That said I don't like dramatics and certainly not in this thread (just saying before more replies come at this topic) as I like to keep it clean and compact for people searching a specific bezel to download manually for now and in the future.
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    It's unfortunate that there are people who freely share their hard work, and others who are possessive or "elitist" about it. As Dreamstate seems to be saying, it sort of saps any motivation to be generous when people like that exist in the community. Makes me all the more appreciative of people like Mr. Retrolust and many others who give so much to the hobby, but ask nothing in return. GG
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