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    Beta 6 is out now with the following: New Feature: A new "Export/Copy ROM Files from Selected Games to New Folder" option is now available under the Tools menu in LaunchBox. This is helpful, for example, if you wanted to export a particular genre playlist of ROM files to an EverDrive or similar. Improvement: When LaunchBox is repopulating games or populating different games, the games lists will now fade out and disallow selecting a different game. This should both serve as a visual cue that LaunchBox is processing and also help to prevent selection confusion/misselections. @RULLUR @Mr.Laor @Omen Game-specific startup screen settings are now available under the Startup tab of the Edit Game window Default startup screen settings are now available for a handful of emulators. Existing settings will not be overwritten; default settings will only be applied when adding a new emulator or upgrading to a 9.2 beta or the official release for the first time. Sans for any potential bugs/issues, or issues with particular emulators (I have a few on my list that I need to play with), this completes my vision for the initial round of startup and shutdown screens. Depending on how testing and translations go, I'm hoping to put out the official release before the end of the week.
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    No worries. The official release just went live.
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    Beta 7 is out now with a couple of improvements for the startup screens: Demul (and possibly some other emulators) should now work properly with shutdown screens Steam now works properly for the majority of games with both the startup and shutdown screens
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    Thanks again to all the beta testers who provided feedback: @ALIE, @androtaz08, @bundangdon, @Klopjero, @Kondorito, @Lordmonkus, @MadK9, @misterlamide, @neil9000, @Nicodemus, @Porl Hendy, @Retro808, @Zombeaver. It wouldn't have turned out half as nice without good feedback. Consider this thread closed. Please use the new thread for further comments:
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    Jason is right..I am currently working on one with a default background for every platform...and it will be very "tweakable"...I am putting every project on hold at the moment though due to the holidays,but,I will pick it back up after new years,and it shouldn't take long to get the initial setup out.
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    SNES Startup...takes about 5 minutes for each one now that I got the base one done..
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    WootLauncher View File WootLauncher provides game load/exit screens, bezels/overlays and a pause menu with built-in PDF viewer for manuals, as well as support for emulator savestates and images to remind users of emulator control mappings. I looked into using RL but didn't feel like going through the trouble of setting it up, so I instead ironically went through loads of trouble creating this plugin. It's not meant to do everything RL does (caveat: I've never used RL), but maybe it does enough and you'll find it useful. It's designed to be easy to setup but also quite customizable. It will not support all emulators but should support "enough"; tested with RetroArch, MAME, Dolphin, Demul, and PCSX2 which I think are the more common ones used (anyway what I use). It should work with other emulators, too. The PDF bundled with the download describes how to quickly setup and also how to customize ... so I'll not repeat that here. You can also download the PDF guide separately. Please use the support thread if you have any questions or spot bugs. When reporting issues, supply the log file and any relevant screenshots to help troubleshoot. It's worth mentioning this is not compatible with the new built-in game startup screens for LB/BB, and it likely never will be as it uses a different window management strategy. Absolute requirements for using WootLauncher are: 1. LaunchBox / BigBox version >= 9.2 2. Disable the built-in LB/BB game startup screens (which are present as of 9.2) 3. Do not try to use both RL and WootLauncher; it will not likely work 4. Configure your emulators to run in windowed mode NOTE: If criteria 1 and 2 are not met, the plugin will simply disable itself. Submitter eatkinola Submitted 12/22/2018 Category Third-party Apps and Plugins
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    Version 9.2 - Released December 20, 2018 - New Premium Feature: Game startup and shutdown screens are now available in LaunchBox and Big Box! They are fully themeable and are now on by default for premium users; you can disable them separately in the LaunchBox and Big Box options under Game Startup. Emulator-specific options are also available in the LaunchBox emulator settings under the Game Startup tab, as well as game-specific settings in the Startup tab of the Edit Game window. See the LaunchBox\StartupThemes folder for the theme files. - New Premium Feature: The new startup screens will show a progress bar while ROM archives are being extracted (if applicable) - New Premium Feature: The new startup screens will allow you to cancel launching the game by pressing Escape or whatever key you've bound to Back in Big Box. The Back controller button should work as well. - New Feature: A new "Export/Copy ROM Files from Selected Games to New Folder" option is now available under the Tools menu in LaunchBox. This is helpful, for example, if you wanted to export a particular genre playlist of ROM files to an EverDrive or similar. - Improvement: With the new startup screen features (assuming they are enabled) it should now be nearly impossible to start multiple instances of a game or mess up window focus by spamming buttons or keys during game launch - Improvement: Auto-generated playlists have been removed from the "Add to Playlist" menu option in LaunchBox in order to prevent the list from getting too unwieldy - Improvement: Plugins have been overhauled with better interfaces for startup processes (including the new startup screens) and accessing the new LaunchBox interface. Documentation is available here: http://pluginapi.launchbox-app.com/ - Improvement: When LaunchBox is repopulating games or populating different games, the games lists will now fade out and disallow selecting a different game. This should both serve as a visual cue that LaunchBox is processing and also help to prevent selection confusion/misselections. - Fixed: Various Big Box screen positioning issues with multiple monitors that use different DPI settings
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    I really feel bad for people who never got to grow up in an arcade like I did, being a child of the 70s and 80s was the best.
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    Don't know if anybody would be interested in this but I am working on a little plugin/EXE to help sort out Images for games in the Launchbox collection. It's been written in VB.net and there is nothing special about it, it just does the job it was written for, or at least it does on my system. I will say this is my very first post in any forum so please be gentle with me, I have no idea what I am doing here, just making it up as I go...……. WooHoo a you-tube video I am also learning VB.net while writing the plugin, used VB6 in the past and now on VB.net 2017 so a big leap, Would anybody be interested in testing it on there system? If I can figure out how to get it out there. Butler_Soft.zip
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    A new theme I am working on, based off of the following theme THE EYE. Still plenty to do but I'd like to say thanks to @y2guru & @faeran for helping me with the xaml side of things.
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    Yes, this is already available. Check out the LaunchBox\StartupThemes folder. I've heard this from one other person, but I haven't been able to replicate it as of yet. I think it must be a particular system configuration or something. For now, you might just have to turn off startup screens until we can get it figured out. I can't predict all of people's hacks that are in place, so I can't make every situation just magically work perfectly. Startup screens are a complicated mess of a feature, pretty much no matter what we do. I've done my best to make them work generically while not requiring a bunch of tinkering (and we've honestly made great strides in this area compared to previously available solutions), but there's no promises that everything will work perfectly in every situation. That said, I do have literally every emulator on my systems working perfectly with the startup screens, so they do work well with most configurations, and that was my goal. Merry Christmas everybody.
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    So you said that having an option to disable them would be nice while at the same time you said you had them disabled ?
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    UPDATED v1.0 - releasing for public use today; will close out this thread fixed: moved xaml files to a more central location, directory Layouts fixed: made inactive buttons a bit lighter in pause menu, better font fixed: disable WootLauncher plugin if LB/BB version is insufficient added: ScreenshotLooper (load/exit screens) can prioritize fanart added: bundled some fonts for load/exit screens pause menu, etc... added: more usage details in the PDF guide
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    It may; I have thought about it. We can probably put something like that on the next poll.
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    That's odd. We do some processing that hides the cursor (of course) but nothing that should change it. It could be some kind of odd incompatibility between that X-Mouse program and the Win32 API calls we're using, I suppose. I would reboot and see if it happens again, and then try and narrow it down by disabling mouse hiding in LaunchBox or disabling X-Mouse Button Control. Right now no, but honestly that would be easy to add so I can certainly do that. I can probably add it before the next release. That is a good point.
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    Been a few weeks since the last video and have made many updates to the Editor since then. The video will demonstrate the new features recently added but it will also demonstrate the platform specific settings, its a lengthy video and for that I apologize for not editing it down.
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    This is awesome...as I currently have a large pdf collection already,I would love to get ahold of your premade setup (minus the actual books)...It would look great in my setup,and make D&D night more convenient. I will have to make a platform category video for "Books & Magazines" now if I set this up
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    Arcade 3D Boxes 2.0 View File Happy Christmas or Yule brothers! Arcade 3D Boxes 2.0 Important: Press follow button in the upper right corner to get notified for any future updates to this project, future updates to this page will not be pushed to the "What's New" section. I was inspired by the Mame 3D Boxes by @Robin55 and @Reevesad and the work by @spycat and @MadK9 At first I experimented to convert Robin's work to a darker color as it fits my dark colored setup better, one thing let to another and was helped enormously by @Robin55 in the process of automation and more, if it wasn't for all his help and work this project wouldn't have happened, thanks again so much brother! \m/ The 3D boxes are mostly for the Mame set (could include other emulators as well) but only includes Arcade video games, no pinball, fruit machines and such. Features: Covers based on official flyers, instruction flyers or fan art, customized official artwork and more. I've hunted down previously artwork missing from databases and/or very rare flyers, original resolution of these images can be low some times. Each box has a logo for the game, if it was missing I've hunted it down or extracted it from images (I upload these logos to the database as well) Each box has a logo of the company that either developed or published it (some flyers may have a different publisher from another region, bit confusing at times) Each box is manually color corrected, cleaned and optimized Some games have a second alternative version, made from cabinet side art, marquees or from a different region for example More packs (5 packs total: FGHIJK, LMNOP, QRST, UVWXYZ) are coming in 2019, missing 3D boxes will be released later through update packs. Please remember if you miss boxes to also check the naming convention of the file and if it is the same as the most recent version in the database. Any entry with "The" in front (Like The Astyanax) will be included in the QRST pack. Hope you like Credits Thanks go out to anyone contributing and making art for the launchbox games database. Thanks for any help, encouragement and advice: @Robin55 @spycat @MadK9 @Reevesad @Jason Carr @Kondorito @zetec-s-joe @Fablog @andyco47 @mikty Special thanks to: @neil9000 and @Retro808 for those logistics \m/ Submitter Mr. RetroLust Submitted 12/24/2018 Category Game Box Art  
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    Another Idea I have been throwing around today btw...custom themes per platform for the main platform category view of Refried...but,who knows if I will have time for this anytime soon...it would take a bit of work.
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    I LOVE and cannot get over the DKC OST, specifically DKC2. Years pass and I keep discovering new sounds and stuff in them. Even when you read about how the composer David Wise pushed the SNES boundaries in terms of size, memory and sounds availability, using waves instead of fixed notes, its incredible.