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    I have been heads down focusing on which will introduce nested UI Elements, for those of you that have knowledge of XAML will understand what that means and hopefully understand what a challenge this is 🙂 but anyway... I am working on the visual side of things now and figured I'd give you a little sneak peek of what to expect.
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    Beta 8 is out now with the following: New Premium Feature: Big Box theme-specific options are now available, which allow you to change nearly every setting individually for each theme. They're available under the Big Box system menu; items that have been changed away from global settings values are noted with an asterisk (*). Overridden theme-specific settings are saved as BigBoxSettingsOverrides.xml in the theme folders. Fixed: The "Don't exit DOSBox when exiting games" option was inverted (recently introduced) Fixed: The Big Box PrioritizedPathSelector control was not working properly for priority #3
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    OK, Update time ! 🤩 Finally ! Thank you all for your patience. Especially my Patreons! 👍 I'm still working on the (soooooo long) Arcade Vanilla Playlist. First part today with all the "Classics". Already available on the usual channels. Download page + Platform Video Tools, in 4K or HD. Hope you like it! UPDATE : +15 PLATFORM VIDEO Arcade ATARI Classics Arcade Capcom Classics Arcade Capcom Play System I Arcade Capcom Play System II Arcade Capcom Play System III CAVE Arcade Data East Classics Arcade Irem Classics Arcade Konami Classics Arcade Midway Classics Arcade Namco Classics Arcade Nintendo Classics Arcade SNK Classics Arcade Taito Classics Arcade Williams Classics
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    Thx @Seroczynski ! 😃 I know I'm not very active here at the moment. A big project for my job ... bills have to be paid! 🤒 But I still have Colorful in mind and it will be maintained. No worry about it, just patience. My development schedule: Complete the Vanilla Arcade Playlist Video. Finish my version of StartUp Video. Finish and release v.1.0 for the main theme. Work on Startup & Pause Theme. .... To infinity and beyond ! (More and more platform video / new view for main theme / a new banner set /...) 💪
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    Here we are! Finally!! The end of the BETA for the theme! 🤗 Thank you for your patience! I tried to integrate your main requests and refine the existing view as much as possible. The only point not finalized: the scanline effect. I integrated it, it's in the code, but disabled because I can't have the desired effect. As it is, the scanline covers the entire video area and works well ... except for square or vertical ratio video. Then, The effect overflows the SnapVideo to go over the background ... and it's very ugly! I'm trying to fix this for next release ! You can already download the theme on the forum. It will be available in BigBox tool as soon as Jason is validated. For the occasion, I made a new quick presentation video. (A little ugly, but the old one was too dated) Version 1.0 - Released October 16, 2020 New Feature: (both) In game views, FrontBox now fade out after 4sec, to clear the view on video. Improvement: (both) In all GamesView, replace the "Platform Name" by "Game Genre". Thx to RedSnake ! Improvement: (both) Speed optimization on GamesViews, identical to platform. Improvement: (both) New ClearLogo set, depending on the Light or Dark version. (Please clean your cache) Improvement: (both) Massive PNG size optimization. Fixed: (dark) "PlatformWheel2FiltersView" now displays the dark arrows. Fixed: (both) "Wheel2GamesView" fix "5-Player Simultaneous" display. Add all last video color HEX code for Platform & Playlist. Hope you like it ! 👍
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    Beta 7 is out now with the following: Translation updates When removing images from the Add/Edit Game window, the next image is shown instead of the previous You are now prompted to delete media when deleting platforms Fixed null reference bug: https://bitbucket.org/jasondavidcarr/launchbox/issues/5631/launchbox Preventing possible Music VLC error with corrupted music file (sending it out to debug log instead of UI error) Extra logging to help with a couple of issues reported elsewhere Possible stability fixes with VLC videos (for testing)
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    Beta 6 is out now with the following: Fix for the disappearing game wheel items Fix for custom LaunchBox themes causing large interface delays when loading retro achievements Fixes for various rare error messages
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    Beta 13 is out now with a fix for the freezes I was seeing only on my dev machine. As it turns out, it had to do with the option for certain themes to force 16x9, so it was only happening on machines that did not use a 16x9 monitor. Assuming nothing else major comes up, I'm planning to release 11.7 tomorrow. Any extra testing you guys can do would be appreciated. Oh, also, @C-Beats put this fix in as well: Fixed: When changing a game's title via the Edit Game window, region-specific images weren't being correctly saved to their appropriate region folder
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    Beta 9 is out now with the following: Fixed a bug with marquee screens not working correctly (introduced in a previous beta) Fixed the Big Box platform views not switching properly bug (introduced in a previous beta) Translation updates Hopeful fix for very rare crashes caused by disposing VLC videos incorrectly Fix for a potential memory leak in LaunchBox when game details videos are disabled
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    Psycho Soldier mame arcade bezel psychos.zip
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    Made some great progress recently as you can now nest/group UI Elements. I'm working on the UI Element List control, it has the features i want but its not quite as user friendly as I would like at this stage. Desktop 2020.10.07 -
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    Pleiads aka Pleiades mame arcade bezel (Thanks to @Mr. Do for letting me restore the artwork) pleiads.zip
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    I've made an impression video of the project you might like:
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    Beta 3 is out now with the following: Improvement: Significant reductions in Big Box RAM usage and requirements Download Images and Media window has been overhauled Fixed: Column headers in the Audit window are now copied when copy and pasting the grid from LaunchBox to spreadsheet applications
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    As of 30th September MAME has introduced the soft no-nag, so going forward, i will no longer release no-nags, as the soft version they have implemented is in my eyes a good compromise going forward. That being said i'm sure others will still want to remove the no-nag completely, and as such i suggest looking for MKChamp's diff files and compile your own version, or wait for someone else to release their version. -frontend: Added option to skip repeated imperfect emulation warnings. [Vas Crabb] * The option is called skip_warnings, and it must be set in ui.ini (it can be set using the internal UI). Red warnings cannot be skipped; yellow warning can be skipped under certain circumstances. * For a yellow warning to be skipped, the system must have been launched in a way that allows warnings to be displayed, in a configuration with the same set of devices flagged with unemulated/imperfect features, within the last seven days, and the warning must have been displayed within the past 14 days. Thank to all who have download the no-nags in the past. /K9
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    P.O.W.: Prisoners of War mame arcade bezel (Thanks to @Mr. Do for letting me clean up the artwork) pow.zip
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    Q*bert aka Qbert mame arcade bezel @!#?@! qbert.zip
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    Beta 12 is out now with the following: When migrating media after changing a platform's name, empty folders from the old locations are now removed The same media migration process's progress bar now spans the whole window The Add/Edit Platform window's Image Type context menu now shows up no matter where you click in the box (instead of just on the text) Translation updates Theme-specific options for platform and games list views have been added now as well (but of course any platform-specific views will take precedence) We still need as much testing as possible on the theme-specific options and the new Add/Edit Platform features specifically.
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    Beta 11 is out now with the following: New Feature: When editing platforms and changing the platform name, you'll now be prompted to optionally change all the platform folder names, and also optionally migrate all media (from the poll) Some minor changes to VLC video playback that will hopefully fix some random crashes that certain users were getting on occasion We could use some significant testing throughout LaunchBox and Big Box to confirm that the VLC changes don't negatively affect anything. Also, the new Add/Edit Platform window (with the associated batch editing features) could also use some extended testing.
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    Daphne Slingshot News: Here a demonstration of Daphne running Dragon's Lair with cinematic startup/shutdown video, bezel and Instruction card using this Launcher from within LaunchBox.
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    Prime Time Fighter aka Top Ranking Stars mame arcade bezel prmtmfgt.zip
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    Prehistoric Isle in 1930 mame arcade bezel prehisle.zip
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    MAME Slingshot News: Today I finally started all over re-coding my MAME Launcher and so far I got Marquee's and Bezels up and working better than before and the code is much cleaner and organized making it easier for me to add future system platforms as well as using the code for future emulator Launchers. Still have a bit more work to do as well like adding in Cinematic Fades and Instruction Cards but made a lot of progress today!😁 I am removing the option of running everything in window mode because I see no point in that really as it runs and looks so much better in fullscreen.
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    Pocket Gal Deluxe mame arcade bezel (Thanks to @Mr. Do for letting me clean up the artwork, scans by TheGuru) pktgaldx.zip
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    Pac-Man & Chomp Chomp mame arcade bezel (Artwork is a recreation of Brendon Parker's art, see his project at: https://www.pacificarcades.com/pac-man-and-chomp-chomp.html, @bparker let me know if you're ok with this if you read this, I can't seem to get in contact with you through your site's email) This is a fun game btw pacnchmp.zip
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    Pandora's Palace mame arcade bezel pandoras.zip
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    Puzzle! Mushihime-Tama mame arcade bezel mushitam.zip
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    Point Blank 2 mame arcade bezel (Thanks to @Mr. Do for letting me clean up the artwork) ptblank2.zip
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    Point Blank mame arcade bezel (Thanks to @Mr. Do for letting me clean up the artwork) ptblank.zip
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    Pipi & Bibi's aka Whoopee!! mame arcade bezel pipibibs.zip
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    I'm working on a plugin/theme for BigBox that I'm calling Eclipse. It's meant to mimic the look and feel of Netflix. It has a random game and a voice recognition feature that I'm excited to add to my cabinet. It's almost ready for release but I'm still tweaking things here and there. I thought I'd post it in case anyone is interested and I can get some feedback on any improvements that others see. One big improvement is just cleaning up the metadata. Grouping games by anything other than platform is a bit messy since there are so many similar variants in genre, series, play mode, etc... I am trying to decide if there's a programmatic solution to this via a mapping utility or if I just want to go clean up the data in my launchbox installation.
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