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  1. Time Soldiers aka Battle Field mame arcade bezel (Thanks to @Mr. Do for letting me restore the artwork, it was a tough one, hope you like the result) timesold.zip
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  2. Got it figured. Had inadvertently dropped it in my PS2 games folder. Thx
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  3. Ok. Got the keys set and have added my Winkawaks script below in caseit helps anyone. Remainin issues.. No Auto full screen and when I pause and exit, the emulator does not close. Here is my setup ini for WinKawaks 165. ; Configuration file for WinKawaks 1.65 ; Apr 28 2016:13:52:51 ; ------------------------------------- [VideoSettings] ; If you want to use 640x480 in full screen with Capcom games, make sure to set FullScreenCorrectRatio=1 ; This is the resolution for non rotated Capcom games HorizontalFullScreenWidth=800 HorizontalFullScreen
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