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  2. Last Screens before the launch...
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  3. I forget but it's starting to make some !
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  4. Zelda ultima collection eventually became a custom theme on its own. The result is surprising and unwittingly for the anniversary of the series Zelda is, in my eyes, the very definition of "video game". Despite its flaws, its limits, and the general evolution of the video game sector, the series retains an incredible charm that regularly pushes me to start this or that episode. It's a bit like the TriForce and its heroes, the license seems cut off from time and any form of reality. It doesn't matter that open-worlds are always more complex, that action / adventure games and A-RPGs fe
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  6. The Legends Will Never dies ...
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  7. *12 games themes Animated *3 views *Silver and black icons *Cinematic upscaled in 4k * french and english games themes and it will be followed ready by that of zelda reviewed and corrected before Christmas;)
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