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    Thank you so much man, bringing some light in these dark times! Hope you are well in France!
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    These are so amazing man. Great Job! Anyone can use these with any theme especially anyone who is using the Nostalgia platform videos. You are making so much for all of us with your endless hard work, keep it up man.
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    Breathtakingly stunning, absolutely beautiful! Okay, that is enough about me. Neon Deluxe Arcade is seriously gorgeous. I just implemented it for the first time and now cannot imagine going back to anything else. I have been using Viking's Nostalgia theme for BB and have been waiting for the completion of his color set but in the meantime I might have to give this a go on BB too as I am very impressed.
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    Thank you very much friend.👽 👍
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    This is fantastic, Thank you so much for making it.
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    Best theme out there in my opinion, looks fantastic and displays a lot of informations at the same time while keeping big videos, love it
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