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    Version 1.3.0


    A set of 155 (with more to come) platform videos,that I have created to match perfectly with my Refried theme. I have used the same character,Background,and border art in the videos,that is in the theme, for the majority of the videos. I am sure it's obvious where the influence came from for the theme,but, this whole thing started out as an alternate version to the Unified theme,which sort of took off and became something slightly different overall. While I do have plans for about 60+ more videos to add to this set,I am afraid I cannot take requests,at least until the project,as a whole, is completed. A special Thank you to @RetroNi for allowing me to use his white bordered logo set,with a few changes,for the titles in these videos...As well as @CriticalCid for giving me the unspoken inspiration to even start this project in the first place! Samples - Super Nintendo Entertainment System - Sega CD - AAE - Capcom CPSIII - Pinball FX2 - Nintendo Virtual Boy - Microsoft MS-DOS - The Main Theme can be found here... The Logo set can be found here...
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    Version 1.3.2


    The idea of this set is to place the gameplay video in context, with the hardware of its time. A touch of nostalgia to better understand an unknown material especially for the youngest. Most of the montages use the EmuMovie gameplay videos. The others are mine. This video set is also available in 16:9 ratio here I also share the gameplay videos I create with the help of the community. On EmuMovie FTP : "Upload here > _Video Snap Submissions > Viking (Platform Video)" /!\ IMPORTANT NEWS /!\ Dad of 2 young children, I dont have enough time to make another video. Thanks to him, @dragon57 are nicely create new video for this set. You can find additional videos here. If other people are interested in creating video for this set, here is a Mega link to download a 7zip archive with some source files that will help you stay in the graphical lines. Thank you for your help and your understanding! // VIDEO // Platform = 253 videos Category = 5 videos // INFORMATION // 4:3 format HD resolution : 1440x1080px MP4 format - H264 Codec - AAC audio - most with 30fps EmuMovie or community video integration, unless not available, I created myself the games loop. // INSTRUCTION // There is 2 way to download my videos : Way 1 : The easy one In LaunchBox, go to "tools > Download platform video theme" Select "Viking's Nostalgia (4x3)" Clic "OK" Way 2 : By hand Download files here one by one and copy into : ... / LauchBox / Themes / <theme name> / Videos / Platforms / ... Rename the videos exactly as the name of the desired platform in LaunchBox. Launch BigBox
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    Introduction If you’ve tried your hand at PS2 emulation with PCSX2 for any length of time, you’ll know that it’s an impressive but thoroughly imperfect emulator that needs a guiding hand more than most. There’s really no one-size-fits-all setting solution when it comes to PCSX2 configuration (other than setting it to software mode and leaving it there, and even then you’ll still run into some issues, just much less frequently) which means that you really need to create configurations on a per-game basis to get the most out of it. This is often a slow, tedious, and incredibly time-consuming process of testing, making changes, reading wiki and forum posts, testing, making more changes, and then testing some more. In some cases, it’ll never be perfect, regardless of settings used but with some adjustments you can get it “pretty close”. Some cases are nigh on perfect and others are a broken mess with any setting (even software, in a few cases). There are a significant number of one-off fixes that are often necessary in games, from special hacks, to fixes like running all FMVs in software mode, to things like skipdraw for disabling buggy post-processing effects and TC offsets to fix sprite alignment issues - all kinds of things that are needed to offset various visual bugs brought on by upscaling. It’s just the nature of the thing. I’ve been using PCSX2 for a while now - since version 1.2.1 (2014). My Launchbox library had been a mishmash collection of configs for versions 1.2.1, 1.3.1, and 1.4.0 so several weeks ago I decided to finally break down and go through the process of updating all of these to 1.5.0 and then try to add more once that was complete. The thought occurred to me though, that if I was going to go to the trouble of doing this, I might as well share them here for others to use as well. That presented a question, however, as to how best to distribute them. PCSX2 is a bit more complicated when it comes to creating and using custom configs - you have to duplicate not one, but several .ini files that contain various settings that PCSX2 will use, and then direct these specific .inis to PCSX2 via command-line (--cfgpath “[path\to\the\config]”). User @alec100_94 created a great plugin for Launchbox called PCSX2 Configurator that helps automate the configuration creation process by duplicating sections of your current .inis into a new folder named after the game title, then injects the appropriate command-line parameters into that game’s Launchbox library entry. As an added bonus, it can even create independent memory cards for each game. I thought this might be a way to at least help simplify the process for people so they could more easily use the configs, so I contacted him about it about a week ago to get his thoughts on it. To my surprise, not only was he willing to help me in my attempt to streamline the process for people, he offered to come up with a way to incorporate the configs into the plugin and allow users to download and apply them directly from within Launchbox. So we had a lot of back and forth over the course of the last week and did a lot of testing and now we’ve ended up with something I’m really happy to say works very well. Exciting! Major props to Alec for all his hard work on this (and for putting up with all my picky crap ). Note: All tech support requests for the plugin itself need to be directed to Alec on the Launchbox Discord, not here. Our Discord server can be accessed here: https://discord.gg/AFxfhnv Go to the plugins channel and message @alec100_94#4327 Getting started All you need to do is download and install the plugin, then right-click on a Playstation 2 game in your library, and then click on the "PCSX2 Configurator" option at the bottom of the right-click menu. From here you can either click "Create Config" to create your own config (or overwrite your current config) or "Download Config" to download mine. If I've created a config for the game, the "Download Config" option will be enabled (lit) - if I haven't, it won't be (note that a takes a second or two for a match to be made, so "Download Config" won't immediately be lit even if I've created a config for it). If I've updated a config since you originally downloaded it, an update option will be lit which can be clicked to update the config to the newest version. Once you've downloaded or created a config, the "Remove Config" and "Configure with PCSX2" options will be usable. Clicking "Configure with PCSX2" will open PCSX2 for you to edit that config as you see fit. Once a config is present, the right-click "Configure" option will do this as well. The games must be scanned and matched with the LBGDB first! The LBGDB ID is how configs are matched, so you must do this first. Once they're scanned/matched you're ready to go - just right-click -> PCSX2 Configurator -> Download Config and you're all set! First and foremost, and I cannot stress this enough, is that these configs are designed specifically for PCSX2 1.5.0. The latest stable version - 1.4.0 - is more than a year old at this point and a ton of improvements have been added in the meantime. Some of these configs likely won’t work at all for 1.4.0 as there are hacks implemented in 1.5.0 that don’t even exist in 1.4.0, and the plugins have changed over time. You need to be using PCSX2 1.5.0 in order to use these configs. You can find the latest development builds (1.5.0) available here. I'll update this over time as needed, but the specific version I'm currently using is this one: pcsx2-v1.5.0-dev-2711-g8307cfc54-windows-x86.7z The configs Now that everything's squared away with the plugin, I'll be able to get back to working on more configs going forward. Right now I’m at 86 configs [EDIT: up to 244 currently]. Not a whole lot, I know, but it’s a start. I’m open to requests, but understand that I’ve already got a stack of about 200 more games that I have set aside to work through as a start (to-do list is at the bottom). I’m prioritizing stuff that’s 1) of interest to me and 2) don’t sound like they have huge game-breaking issues based on their PCSX2 wiki page. The PCSX2 compatibility wiki is kindof a mess that isn’t particularly well-documented and, in my experience, is frequently full of outdated and/or outright incorrect information, but it’s at least a sortof starting reference point for whether or not I decide to try out a game. Also try to keep in mind that this is often a very time-consuming process so don’t expect to see 20 new configs added in a day. In cases of really severe complications, it can be 30 minutes to multiple hours of testing and tweaking for one config. I have an ongoing spreadsheet detailing what’s in each config as well as some additional notes where appropriate and a rating of what I consider to be the relative significance of emulation issues present for that game, from minor/nonexistent to moderate to broken. Software mode is generally only used as a last-resort when no other hacks or fixes could resolve various issues brought on by hardware rendering, but be aware that there are some configs that use software rendering because of this. I’ll periodically be making updates in this thread to note new configs that are added, and of course the spreadsheet will be kept up to date. >> PCSX2 Config Spreadsheet << The configs are fairly moderate in terms of system requirements, as my PC is about 4 years old at this point (specs at the bottom) and can often push these a bit higher than what’s included in the configs, depending on the game, but realize that there’s going to be some variance in performance depending on your hardware. Because of this, I wanted to provide some tips below on how these can be altered to improve performance. Performance improvement tips (if necessary) If a config isn’t performing well on your PC, my first suggestion is to try enabling MTVU in speedhacks (if it isn’t already enabled for that config). Technically this can impact compatibility which is why I usually leave it off when I can get away with it, but generally speaking it causes very few issues so it’s a good place to start. Note that "preset" has to be unchecked at the bottom-left and speedhacks have to be enabled at the top-left. They will already be set in those positions for any downloaded configs, however. If MTVU alone doesn’t work, try dropping the scaling by 1x at a time until performance improves. Most of the configs use 4x scaling, which is middle-of-the-road. If performance is struggling, dropping that to 3x (or 2x) can make a big difference. One additional thing you can try is changing the sync mode in the SPU settings from timestretch to async. I mention this one last because it has the highest probability of causing problems, but compatibility is still quite good overall. Basically what this is doing is changing it so that audio and video no longer have to be 100% synced at all times, which sounds like a bad thing but in practice it’s not. With timestretch there can be times where, if the game is performing poorly, you’ll get this really awful, stuttery, warbled mess for the audio because it’s going out of its way to keep them in sync and it creates a bit of a mess. Async can make these problematic moments much less noticeable. It's useful for games that have occasional and brief dips in performance - if a game is just constantly running at 50% speed though, the only thing it's going to do is make the audio way out of sync from the game. Again though, I recommend starting with MTVU and reducing the scaling first. You can also try adjusting the EE Cycle Rate, but I don't recommend doing this unless you really have no other option. This has a significantly higher probability of breaking things, so leave it alone unless absolutely necessary. My hope is that the vast majority of people won’t have to change anything at all, but I wanted to give some pointers here in case your system is struggling. My current to-do list: My PC: i7 4770k CPU GTX 780 32 GB RAM 256GB SSD System Drive Windows 7 Pro (64-bit)
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    Version AddToGamesDb v.Next


    *** Updated for Initial Support for LaunchBox v.Next *** AddToGamesDb: A plugin to help automate the process of submitting all of your game information and images from your collection to the LaunchBox Games Database. About the Plugin This plugin makes use of an application traditionally used in automated testing (Selenium) to automate the process of submitting games to the LaunchBox Games Database. It will open an instance of your default browser (provided that browser is either Chrome or Firefox. If some other browser is your default, it will try to open Chrome), and attempt to submit the selected game to the LaunchBox Games Database based on the information provided in your collection. If the game does not exist in the database, it will create a new game entry and submit it to the database. If you have added additional information or images to a game that already exists in the database, it will enter the title and platform, then pause to let you choose the existing game, then add any additional information from your collection to the LaunchBox Games Database. Installation Instructions Note: For this plugin to work, you will need to have either Chrome or Firefox installed. If you have both installed, it will use whichever you have set as your default browser. If you are using Firefox as your default browser and have enabled Firefox Profiles, please note that this will run under the default profile. For any and all other cases, Chrome is the preferred browser. Unzip everything to the Plugins folder. Usage Instructions Note: If, in editing your collection, you are prompted to download an update for the LaunchBox Games Database, afterward you will need to close and re-open LaunchBox for the plugin to detect the changes. Open LaunchBox and browse to a game that is either missing from the Games Database, has additional information not in the database, or has images not in the database -- right click that game, and select the appropriate option, it will show either: Add Game to LaunchBox Games Database Update Game in LaunchBox Games Database Add New Images to LaunchBox Games Database The first time you run the plugin, you may be prompted to login to LaunchBox Games Database. If so, the plugin will pause here to allow you to login as normal. Check "Remember Me" to skip this step going forward. Your login information is not read or stored in the code, it is stored in Chrome or Firefox's normal AppData cache on your system. If you do not login, the plugin will time-out after 5 minutes and close the browser. Depending on the game, you may be prompted with a screen that identifies similar titles and you will be asked to either select the correct title, or click the button to add a new game. If so, the plugin will pause here until you make your desired selection, then automation will resume for the remainder of the process. Logging By default, the logging is only set to a general "Info" level and up that contains generic start and submission successful messages, along with any errors encountered. If you continue to encounter an error somewhere along the way, please take the following steps: Browse to the plugin's folder -- LaunchBox\Plugins\AddToGamesDb Open NLog.dll.nlog in Notepad or another text editor. Scroll down to the bottom and find the <rules> section of the configuration. Find this line: <logger name="*" minlevel="Info" writeTo="file" /> And change it to this: <logger name="*" minlevel="Trace" writeTo="file" /> Try to submit the problem game, if it is a particular game causing the issue, or another game in general otherwise. Browse to the log file in the plugin's folder -- LaunchBox\Plugins\AddToGamesDb\log\AddToGamesDb.log Feel free to post the error and preceding trace either on the plugin's support page or PM me either the entire log or the part pertaining to the last issue, whichever is easier for you. From there, I'll investigate and make any updates necessary. Supported Fields Auto-population of the following fields is currently supported: Name/Title Platform Release Date ESRB Developers Publishers Genres Wikipedia URL Overview Max Players Cooperative Images Known Issues Context Menu (right-click menu) does not refresh on Audit window. If you update the information for a game in LaunchBox (clicking Edit from the right-click menu for the game), you will need to click away from the game (click some other game, for example), and then right-click on the updated game again for the context menu to update. Even without doing so, however, the correct process should run even though the text and icon on the menu haven't yet updated. A lot of work has gone into stabilizing the initial release and this latest release, but if you encounter any issues, please let me know and I will be glad to work with you to update the plugin accordingly. Thanks, Jason, for providing your amazing software and thanks again to Jason, the LaunchBox staff and the community for your support in developing this plugin.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Here's a quick little intro I made for my own system and thought I'd share here for others.
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    Beta 3 is out now with the following: Improvement: The Enter key will now launch games in LaunchBox Improvement: You can now bulk edit the Broken field on games Improvement: When editing an emulator and making it the default emulator for a particular platform, LaunchBox will now ask you if you want to change all games in that platform to use that emulator. Improvement: Double-clicking on the video in the game details sidebar in LaunchBox will now open the video fullscreen with VLC Improvement: When auto-play videos is disabled in LaunchBox, the videos in the sidebar will now display a black background with a play icon instead of an empty space Fixed: Various places in LaunchBox and Big Box were occasionally using the operating system's language/translation settings instead of the language specified in the LaunchBox options
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    Version 1.3.0


    Here is a set of 11 Platform Category videos,done in a unified Neon style,with Retro synth music in the background. The categories are: Arcade Consoles Handhelds Computers Pinball Collections Genres Developers Years Favorites Hacks
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    Unified View File This theme is a port of the HyperSpin Unified Widescreen Megatheme project, which was originally started by gibbawho and continued by many other talented artists over the years. It’s supposed to bring a unified look (hence the name) across all platforms while giving every platform it’s own individual touch. I’ve tried to stay very close to the original look and feel but also took some creative freedom, especially when it comes to the new fading info panel at the bottom of the screen. This theme was designed for 16:9 screens and display resolutions only. Big Box will automatically scale itself to a 16:9 aspect ratio when you use a different aspect ratio on your machine. Features: Individual Artwork for a lot of different platforms and playlists + some alternatives you can choose from Matches with the Unified platform video set from EmuMovies Fully animated wheel pointer Spinning discs for disc-based platforms Various other custom animations Templates to build your own platform artwork are included as .psd files Brings a small taste of the HyperSpin feeling to your Big Box setup Currently featured Views: Games Text List View: 3D Box Games Vertical Wheel View 1: 3D Box Games Vertical Wheel View 2: 3D Box + static cart/disc Games Vertical Wheel View 3: 3D Box + rotating disc Games Vertical Wheel View 4: Fullscreen video Platform Vertical Wheel View 1: Fullscreen video + scrolling text Platform Vertical Wheel View 2: Fullscreen video without scrolling text More Views are planned, so stay tuned. The theme includes artwork for the following 498 Platforms/Playlists: The theme will also display a default artwork for Platforms/Playlists which are not yet covered or wrongly named. How to install: This theme only works on LaunchBox version 9.4 or higher! Just download the archive and extract it to: “..\LaunchBox\Themes\” Go to the “Plugins” folder inside of the extracted folder and right-click on the .dll file. Choose Properties -> Click on “Unblock” at the bottom of the window. Close the window. If the "Unblock" button isn't there than you are already good to go. Open the Options menu in Big Box -> go to “Views” and change the Theme to "Unified". Change the “Games List View” and “Platforms List View” to one of the currently featured Views that are listed above. Make sure that in the Big Box Options -> Views –> “Show Games List Title” is enabled. Info: Never rename the theme folder! The theme folder has to be named exactly "Unified" or the theme won't work properly! (that's btw. an universal tip for all other themes as well) Known issues: The logo of the Platform/Playlist and the individual video border don't show up in the Game Details screen and the theme displays the generic Big Box logo and metallic video border instead when it gets opened through any other Games View than the Text List View. Tips for tweaking your LaunchBox setup for this theme: In LaunchBox: Tools -> Options -> Cart Front Priorities -> Select all Cart and Disc related entries, deselect everything else. In Big Box: Options ->Transitions -> Change "Game Image/Video Transition” to “Fade” In Big Box: To avoid spinning cart art go to: Options -> Views -> Make sure that „Remember separate View for each platform” is checked. Than go either to the Keyboard Mappings or the Controller Buttons settings and set up a key/button for “Switch View”. Now you can go back to your platforms and switch the games Views for each platform individually on the fly. Use the Unified Platform videos from EmuMovies for an overall uniform look. You can either download them as free user from the EmuMovies website or if you are an EmuMovies premium user you can get them directly through LaunchBox under: Tools -> "Download Platform/Playlist Theme Videos". Individual platform artwork not showing up?: The media files that are inside the “..\LaunchBox\Themes\Unified\Images\Theme\..” folder have to be named exactly like your platforms inside LaunchBox. I've went with the HyperList/RocketLauncher naming conventions for the filenames in this package. If Big Box doesn’t show any individual artwork for a system that is listed above you may need to manually rename the relevant files for that platform in all four sub-folders. Also make sure that in the Big Box Options -> Views –> “Show Games List Title” is enabled! Discs are not spinning / showing up?: Make sure you have the right Games List View selected and Disc images in your Cart Image Priorities enabled (see the tips section of this download description). Thanks and Credits: @ninja2bceen for creating the default and various other pointers All the artists who created the original HyperSpin themes, pointers and other work that helped me to create this theme (please contact me if I have forgotten someone!): Gibbawho @Styphelus Unknown50862 @Klopjero Neonrage @knewlife @Creloce Ghostlost https://www.youtube.com/user/GhostlostGames @ninja2bceen @THK adamg @RetroHumanoid http://retrohumanoid.weebly.com/ Rkh Rondar @scooter1974 Zinger19 Aloner187 @guyverjay MetalThrix SophT Ledgerewskie hoscarconh https://www.youtube.com/user/hoscarconh @viking @bmonomad @Jason Carr Submitter CriticalCid Submitted 04/01/2018 Category Big Box Custom Themes
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    Version RetrAO Cafe Classic 1.0


    Enjoy the nostalgic inducing feel of the 80's and 90's era with bright neons, MORE NEONS, the latest in cinematic VHS and the good Ol' CRT effects that will surely awaken the inner 80's child in you. RetrAO Cafe started as a theme variation of "Minimal-AO" by @eatkinola with the main focus of recreating a tribute to the golden era of gaming that bloomed through the arcades and home consoles with customized artwork and retro overlay effects that compliments the gaming pop-culture from the past. RetrAO Cafe at its core is based on eatkinola's Minimal-AO thus they share the same Recommendation Setup and general guidelines of the original theme. Moving forward there will be three versions of the RetrAO Cafe theme: RetrAO Cafe Classic - This will be the 2017 theme build but with the fixes and quality of life improvements to make it compatible to LB 9.4+ updates. As such, please be aware that this theme will only work on systems with LB 9.4 and above. RetrAO Cafe 2.0 - This major overhaul of the theme have been in development for 2 years and includes more than 70 customization options and new features and views, etc. Coming soon RetrAO Cafe Lite - This version of the theme is intended to use light resources for weaker systems and special hardwares such as GPD Win and Pi systems. The development of this theme will continue after the release of RetrAO Cafe Classic and RetrAO Cafe 2.0 RetrAO Cafe Classic v1.0 Changelog: RetrAO Cafe Showcase: Installation Guide: Extract RetrAO Cafe Classic folder in "RetrAO_Cafe_ Classic.zip" to ...\LaunchBox\Themes Read the supplied text file in the Fonts folder and install theme fonts as per the guideline instructions IMPORTANT: RetrAO Cafe Classic uses plugins as of v1.0 so make sure you unblock the plugins found in ...\LaunchBox\Themes\RetrAO Cafe Classic\Plugins by highlighting Grila's plugin and then mouse right-click-->properties-->then scroll down and check "unblock"-->Apply Choose RetrAO Cafe Classic in Options > Views > Theme Set Video Playback Engine to VLC in Options > Videos Refresh the platform wheel cache under options Restart Big Box OPTIONAL: In order to fully enjoy the theme download the "RetrAO_Cafe_MEDIA_V2.zip" and follow the guidelines on how install Big Box Intro and add additional Background Videos as per the supplied instruction text files Downloads: RetrAO_Cafe_Classic.zip: CORE theme file ---> Contains the Theme folder and the Fonts folder that are the only requirement to use this theme (144 MB) RetrAO_Cafe_MEDIA_V2.zip: Optional but highly recommended additional media and theme backgrounds that will enhance the nostalgic experience of the theme (367 MB) Credits: @Jason Carr - The BRAINS (Launchbox and Big Box creator) @eatkinola - The Architect (Minimal-AO creator, coding senpai) @SNAK3ATER - The Designer (RetrAO Cafe landlord) @Grila - The Wizard (Many thanks for the ListBox Scroll Center Plugin for BigBox) Special thanks and credit goes to @eatkinola for granting his permission and assisting me in finalizing the theme for LB 9.4+. @ea4492 for the use of his Neon Platform Clear Logos and @keltoigael for granting his permission to include the awesome CityHunter background videos that can be found in the additional media folder in the download section (only included video is CyberPunk 2077, check out the rest of his amazing work Here). Also hats off to @dmjohn0x for his amazing intro video that is included in the additional media folder (permission granted), and last but not least @Zombeaver for the usage of his Platform Banners in the video showcase which can be downloaded Here.
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    Version 1.0.0


    I wanted to see if I could create a startup video in the same style as the Nintendo GameCube intro and here's what I came up with. It's 60 seconds long, but the main animation is only around 6 seconds, which makes the rest of the animation a loading screen. I also made another version of this startup with a remixed GameCube intro song so depending on your preference you might want this one or the remixed one. I don't want to spam the forum with essentially the same video so I included the link to the second version of this startup in the description box of this video if you want to see it. Edit: Added a 4:3 aspect ratio version.
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    Version 2.01


    This is a modern looking theme. It has 2 platform views and 4 game views. One of the game views is very simalair to the Xbox One Interface. There's lots of art included in this theme. I've also created and included some custom playlist banners. If anyone wants to create and share any custom art for this theme that would be awesome. I intend to add more views. Feel free to offer suggestions. To install -- just extract the Alyssa folder into your Launchbox/themes folder. Alyssa_-_A_Modern_Theme.mp4
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    BigCouch Theme View File #01. Description: BigCouch was designed for use on big TV screen. A clear and clean interface to navigate easily in your games and platform. Seems to be a display bug for the video alignment for few users on PlatformView 2 . It's random and it sounds like a bug in the video engine. CriticalCid has bypassed the problem by fixing the placement of the video for the 16x9 screens. If you have an alignment problem, try its patch. Available next to the theme. Thank you ! #02. Features: 4 custom platform view + 7 custom games view. Design for used fanart in background, with automatic blur. Custom icon set. (favorites, broken, ...) Custom media set for Banner and video. (See below.) Use auto config : No adjustments to be made. Annotated XAML file for easy customization. #03. Showcase: Platform view 1 > Same design as the video version, but here with the banner images. (Download link below for Hardware images set) Platform view 2 > Specially designed for my 4:3 video set. (Download link below) You must use the WMP video engine for proper alignment. Platform view 3 > Same spirit, but with fanart background. (The blur is coded, no images modification required) Platform view 4 > Another way. (The blur is coded, no images modification required) Platform view 5 > A basic list page. Because I can't disable it. ^^ Game view 1 > Media center style, with horizontal cover wheel, in light color. Game view 2 > Media center style, with horizontal cover wheel, in dark color. Game view 3 > Media center style, with horizontal coverflow. Game view 4 > Media center style, with horizontal cover box. Game view 5 > Same style for the classic list view. Game view 6 > Same style as the classic list view, but with clear logo. Game view 7 > Other style, for maxi cover size. Selected Game view > For all pages, once the game is selected. #04. Request : LaunchBox Premium with BigBox - v.7.0 (beta) and superior. Windows Media Player must be installed on your computer. #05. How To Install : Download the latest version of the theme. Unzipped the "BigCouch" folder into your : .../LaunchBox / Themes. Open BigBox, go to [Option> View] and select [BigCouch] as theme. In BigBox option, set the video engine on WMP. (you can test with VLC, But there are still some bugs) Relaunch BigBox. Done ! #06. How to Setup : HOW TO - CHANGING THE VIEW STYLE (platform & games pages) In BigBox Option > Keyboard Mapper > Change View = assign a key. Go back to main view and press this key. #07. Specially designed custom media : In addition, I shared a whole series of custom media designed to work with this theme. I invite you to follow the installation instructions on the download pages below: #08. Changelog : v.1.5.7 fix - Detail text space. add - Search by letter in all games view. v.1.5.5 fix - minor graphic change. add - 2 more Games View ! v.1.5.1 fix - try to fix video alignement issue with windows 10. Tell me if it's work ! fix - Now work with VLC video engine as well. But there are still some bugs for some user ... I dont know why =/ v.1.4.0 fix - try to fix video alignement issue with windows 10. Tell me if it's work ! fix - In game view, grey bakground everywhere for games without any fanart. fix - minor bug and graphic issues. add - new custom platform view. (video style, but with hardware banner pict) add - new custom games view. (list style with clear logo) add - readme file into theme folder. v.1.3.0 add - rating stars on games view. fix - adjust cover flow image size. v.1.2.0 add - another custom platform view add - auto-scroll text everywhere. fix - minor graphic fix. v.1.1.0 add - a custom platform video view fix - minor bug v.1.0.0 Initial release. Submitter viking Submitted 11/21/2016 Category Big Box Custom Themes  
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    Here's a few screenshots of my current project based on the Nintendo Switch UI. For as simple as the original UI is, it is proving difficult to bring it to BigBox (at least to my liking, since I am a perfectionist), but I am slowly making progress. I have managed to include a real-time, working clock although it's analog only. Unfortunately a digital clock is out of reach unless some code-behind can be added from @Jason Carr (but he is super busy, as we all know). There probably won't be many views in this one, as the Switch doesn't have many different layouts to it's menu system, but I'll add as many as I can. The good thing is I recently got one, so studying the original UI is what I have been doing to help with replication. The Box Game view is almost complete. I still have to add the controller icons at the bottom right and a few other miscellaneous things like the star rating image. Then it's on to the other views. I don't have an expectation as to when this will be done, but I am working on it diligently. Anyways, here's the shots. The lower icons are displayed according to what you have set in LaunchBox (the star rating image will also be here when I have it finished).
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    Hey everybody, just sent this email out to our email list. I'm copying it here so that it's available online as well. We Are Being Attacked and Threatened First off, thank you so much to the entire community for the amazing success that LaunchBox has seen over the past few years. Everything is going extremely well and we look forward to continuing to improve LaunchBox and Big Box going forward. Over the years, we have come across some major bumps in the road, and we've surpassed every single one of them with relative ease. We expect to surpass this issue in the same way. That said, we need your help. We are being attacked and threatened by a hard drive seller named Christopher Shaw, who goes by wizshaw. We do not believe that he is capable of serious damage, but there's no doubt that he could become a thorn in our side. He became angry with the LaunchBox community because of a thread on our forums, and claims that LaunchBox forum users are continuously reporting and getting his YouTube channel shut down. I have no way of determining if that is the case or not, but regardless, his channel has been repeatedly reported due to his own illegal practices. This morning I woke up to a message from Mr. Shaw: Mr. Shaw ultimately sells hard drives full of ROMs, emulators, and frontends. We do not support people like this, but we have never taken legal action against him or any other hard drive seller. Ultimately we believe that it is wrong to make money off of other people's work, which is exactly what he is doing and continues to do. However, we are not concerned about his "business", as it is minimal and has never been an issue for us. We are primarily concerned with his threats to massively distribute illegal versions of LaunchBox Premium and Big Box online. This is not the first time that someone has massively distributed pirate versions of LaunchBox Premium, and it won't be the last, but it is a potential further issue for us. We have chosen to take a DRM-free approach to our licensing system, which means that we are at risk here. We have chosen not to annoy our customers with crippled software in order to prevent piracy, and we have dealt with a fair amount of piracy over the years. However, we do believe that the best way to prevent piracy is simply to put out quality content with regular new features, and this approach has worked very well for us so far, thanks to our wonderful community. We have no intentions to ever change this, even if our sales do start to suffer due to piracy. That said, it is our hope that we can prevent this from happening. Going back to Mr. Shaw's conversation with me this morning, my response to him was to the point and very clear: I hate making threats like this. This is the first time in my entire career that I have ever felt the need to say something like this, and it disappoints me and troubles me greatly. As a Christian I value forgiveness and love above all else, and it's painful to share with the world that I would write something like this. However, LaunchBox is a business that needs protected, and I do need to be entirely open and honest with you all. Regardless, this was Mr. Shaw's response: Clearly, he is accusing us of destroying his business, despite the fact that none of us have had anything to do with his YouTube channel getting shut down. We have more important things to do (like LaunchBox development!) than to go around and attempt to shut folks like him down. It's worth noting that I did replace all names in the above text with (REDACTED) in order to protect everyone involved, and I did censor some inappropriate language as well, as I will continue to do going forward. My response to him was this: And his response: And once again mine: At this point he is dead-set on destroying us, simply because he's convinced, without proof, that someone in our community has been getting his illegal YouTube channels shut down. He feels entirely in the right in this. Here's his response: Clearly at this point, there was nothing I could do. I can't message the whole entire community and ask them "if you're the guy who banned his YouTube channel, can you unban it?" I'm not even sure if that's possible, but I also don't know if anyone in our community even did it, nor should it matter, as it was full of illegal practices to begin with. So once more, Mr. Shaw is threatening to do everything he can to ruin our business (which, for what it's worth, is not much). And the conversation continues with my response: So here we are. I am so very disappointed to have to send this email out, and I poured over this email for hours before even considering actually sending it. Mr. Shaw's response was more of the same: If that's not incriminating enough, I don't know what is. He has some of the most disgusting intentions that I have ever seen in all of humanity, and he's not in the least bit ashamed to admit it. My response to him was this: As of right now, I have not received a response from him. I thought about waiting until he actually did retaliate, but considering that I probably won't even know about it when he does, that wasn't really an option. I wanted to make the entire community aware of this; my apologies for the extremely long and involved email, and for involving you all in this. What Can You Do? First and foremost, no one in our community is obligated to do anything, so please don't feel that way. Even if nothing is done to stop Mr. Shaw from his attempts to hurt us, we will still survive, as I do not believe that he is capable of doing any major damage. The most important thing that you can do is to simply not purchase any of his products and to discourage others from doing the same. The public needs to be aware of his horrible business practices and corrupt nature. Also, if he does come forward with illegal versions of LaunchBox Premium and Big Box, we would ask that you not download or use them (of course). Even though we have not reported any of his social media sites in the past, I believe that now is the time to do so. Probably the most effective way of preventing his business from continuing is to report his YouTube, Facebook, website, etc. as being illegal. Here are links to his known sites: https://www.hyperarcadesystems.com/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/205573939885510/ Most importantly of all, I must insist that we do not resort to attacking him. I'm not so naive as to think that no one will do so, but I do have enough hope in humanity that most of us know better than to personally attack someone over a business issue. Please DO NOT take any further action other than reporting his websites and discouraging people from purchasing or using his products. We do not want to become the enemy here, nor do any of us want to face any legal issues. This is extremely important. Thank you all very, very much for your continued support, and please rest assured that LaunchBox and Big Box development will continue for many, many years to come. We're only just getting started here. Love, LaunchBox (Jason Carr)
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    Version 1.1.0


    A pretty long intro video,at over a minute...but,for anyone who wanted a Big Box version of my Hyperspin intro I made months ago,here it is. Big thanks to @jaceroni for his big box logo screen shown at the end of the intro,which matched perfectly with it! *Added a 30 second version as well*
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    The first 7.15 beta is out guys with initial support for retro achievements! We may add more features before the official release, but the important stuff is there in LaunchBox. You can add your retroachievements.org account under Tools > Options > Search > Retro Achievements, and then achievements should start showing up in the sidebar. I'll be adding the achievements into Big Box next. Of course I'm open to feedback on the achievements stuff, because it's actually quite new to me, though I'm very excited about using it. Let me know how it goes.
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    Hi All, This is an updated look at my setup. I use RocketLauncher for Fades, Bezels and Universal Pause. The theme is NoshOnThis @nosh and the RocketLauncher Media is all from @RetroHumanoid. I left Hyperspin for LaunchBox last year and am not missing it one bit. I have 30,000+ games throughout: - 28 Arcade Systems - 10 Computer Systems - 46 Console Systems - 17 Handheld Systems Then I have 9 custom playlists (Batman, Castlevania, Crash Bandicoot, Street Fighter, Moral Kombat, TMNT, Simpsons, Mario Party, Super Mario. This is about 10TB of data over 2 external 8TB drives. I will have full Wii set shortly which will bump me to around 15TB of data. If you see any systems that I am emulating that you have questions on, just let me know. Some were trickier than others.
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    New beta is out guys with the work from the live stream this morning: - A new "Launch With" option is available for each emulated game in LaunchBox and Big Box that will let you choose an emulator to use on the fly when launching games. This is available via the right-click or Game menu in LaunchBox and via the Game Details menu in Big Box. It can also be hidden in Big Box via the Game Menu options. As I stated on stream, I'm going to take a few days to try and consolidate the logins for the Games DB, the forums, and the www to see if we can bring them all in under the same accounts. This will enable us to do cool stuff like have people brag about their licenses and games database contributions, etc. on the forums. It's also been a major source of confusion having separate logins for the games database, forums, and licenses, so we'll see how it goes.
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    ClassicMini View File ClassicMini is a lightweight theme inspired by the NES (and Famicom) Classic Edition that was recently released. It doesn't feature all the flashy videos that seem to be the rage nowadays, but it's simplistic pixel design will take you back to the days of yesteryear. 16:9 aspect ratio is suggested, I haven't had time to test at any others so don't complain if it doesn't look right. Working game ratings if you have them set in LaunchBox ClassicMini Changelog: v1.2.1 (01/23/2017): - Changed the font to a normal sans-serif (Segoe UI family) to help with overall aesthetics and readability - Added filter/platform details to the text filter/platform view v1.2 (01/21/2017): - Changed the binding of the cover images to use the transition presenter instead of calling them directly v1.1.1 (01/19/2017): - Added a missing opacity mask for the text platform and text game view v1.1 (01/19/2017): - Added a Famicom styled theme. I had to make it a seperate theme because of the way BigBox shares some of its views. - Re-named the NES version of ClassicMini to ClassicMiniNes to reflect the addition of the ClassicMiniFamicom theme - Added Famicom skin images - Skinned the platform text view, system menu, and options menu - Minor changes to various image files v1.0 (01/16/2017): - Initial release Screenshots: Submitter Grila Submitted 01/16/17 Category Big Box Custom Themes  
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    Switch Theme View File Switch v1.0.3 BigBox Theme 8/30/2017 Display scaling over 100% will cause alignment issues with the platform wheel banner images. Switch Changelog: v1.0.3 (8/30/2017): - moved the GrilaControlLibrary.dll to the theme Plugins folder, which is an added feature since the theme release (the .dll will still need to be un-blocked before launching BigBox) - fixed the large outline bug reported by @jamesclarke555 (thanks again for reporting it to me) v1.0.2 (5/2/2017): - redesigned Text Games View (thanks for the inspiration @NahuelDS) v1.0.1 (4/21/2017): - Dark version added v1.0.0 (4/20/2017): - Initial release Theme Description ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Switch is a very lightweight, clean theme that was designed to be as close to the original UI as possible. There isn't much artwork in this one: banners for the platform wheel view, covers for the box game view, and a video snap in the game details screen so it should run pretty smooth on low spec systems. It includes a custom control library that I've started to build that contains the battery status indicator as well as a separate 12 and 24 hour clock (since we can't change the format of the built-in one without changing Windows settings). Theme Notes ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ * Requires the file GrilaControlLibrary.dll to be un-blocked before launching BigBox. Make sure to do this for both the light and dark versions of the theme. * Utilizes the font Oxygen-Regular, which is included in the root theme folder. Install it before running this theme. * Designed for 1920x1080. I can't guarantee it will work at any other resolutions (really only the platform wheel), even in the same aspect ratio, because of the margin that is applied to the wheel to get it off center. The box game view and all text views are NOT affected by this and will work at any resolution, although text spacing and some other misc. elements may not look as perfect as they do at 1080. * Included is a sound pack for BigBox. Move it from the theme directory to LaunchBox\Sounds and select it in the BigBox options menu. It can also be downloaded here https://forums.launchbox-app.com/files/file/467-switch/ * I've included some extra buttons and controller images along with the .PSD and .AI files to edit them if you feel the need. The extras can be swapped out to fit your system by simply copying them from the extras folder to the core image folder and renaming them. The file names have to match what's in the XAML, so you'll need to overwrite or delete the ones you are changing. Filenames are controller.png, play_button.png, and back_button.png. Alternate Versions ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1280x720 GPDWin focused version (video replaced with screenshot): Switch_v1.0.1_1280x720.zip 1280x800 Tablet focused version (video replaced with screenshot): Switch_v1.0.1_1280x800.zip Submitter Grila Submitted 04/20/2017 Category Big Box Custom Themes  
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    Current version date: 8-30-18 - Updated overrides to use new aspect ratio numbers for Retroarch 1.7.4 (they will not work correctly with older versions). Older versions of the overrides are still available for older versions of Retroarch. Introduction: There were two overall goals with these: Goal #1 was to ensure that the image was properly scaled to the top and bottom of the screen for all of my games. Something you'll notice if you play a lot of PSX games using RA Beetle PSX is that the aspect ratio settings that work best (scale to the top and bottom) for one game doesn't necessarily do the same for another game. This is because there's a wide array of resolution modes used in the PSX library that are entirely game-dependent, so what works for one thing won't necessarily work for another. Thankfully, overrides give us the flexibility to custom tailor these as we need from one game to another. What I found worked best was one of three scenarios: "AR Setting 1" Aspect Ratio = Core Provided Integer Scaling = Off "AR Setting 2" Aspect Ratio = Custom Custom Viewport Width = 1600 (5x) Custom Viewport Height = 1200 (5x) Integer Scaling = On Other Aspect Ratio = Custom Custom Viewport Width = [customized per game] Custom Viewport Height = [customized per game] Custom Viewport X = [customized per game] Custom Viewport Y = [customized per game] Integer Scaling = Off Most games fall into one of the first two categories. AR Setting 1 is what I'm using as a Core Override base. AR Setting 2 was used in per-game overrides as needed and when something more unusual came up I created a per-game override using custom width, height, X, and Y settings. Goal #2 was to setup each game to use the appropriate controller settings for that specific game. During the lifetime of the PSX there was quite a range of controllers, starting with the regular old d-pad-only gamepad up through the original dual shock controller. Support for the later controllers varied by game. The original pad (called "PS1 Joypad" in Retroarch) + Analog to digital type = Left Stick is used as the Core Override base. If the game supported it, either Dual Analog or Dual Shock was used as an override. For these, the analog to digital type is set to none (because otherwise you'll still be sending d-inputs) unless it's one of the instances where a game actually supported the vibration function of the dual shock controller but did not support actual analog input (there are a number of such cases); for those the analog to digital type is set to left stick just like the original PS1 Joypad ones, but you'll have vibration as well. Complete PSX and Saturn Audit Sheet 483 PSX / 109 Saturn titles covered The sheet shows what was used for each game along with the name of the relevant override file. The file name is important because it must match the filename of the game you want to use it with exactly in order for Retroarch to know that it needs to apply it. This means you're going to need to rename the configs to match your game if it's named differently. On that note, I'm using .m3us for all multi-disc games (.pbps would work as well), which means that there's only one override for those games (because it just needs to match the .m3u/.pbp filename) but if you don't use one of those and just have several disc images that you individually direct at Retroarch, separate overrides would need to be made to match each disc filename. You should really be using either .m3u or .pbp for those though... Another caveat is that these are designed for a 1080p display; if you're using a different resolution, the AR settings more than likely won't be correct for you. If a game used AR Setting 1 and the original controller, no game override is necessary as those are covered by the core override. Also, these are designed for the Core Option settings of Renderer = Software and Internal Resolution = 1x (native). You might be able to get away with alternate settings for those, depending on the game, but I can't guarantee the AR settings will be correct. This is the full list of core options (from retroarch-core-options.cfg) that I normally use for Beetle PSX HW (note that 32-bit color depth doesn't actually do anything in software rendering, but I leave it there for when I do want to try out either vulkan or opengl renderers, at which point I turn dithering mode to off; the PGXP options don't do anything in software mode either): One final note is that I'm using the CRT-Hyllian-Multipass shader in the core override (Beetle PSX HW.cfg) so that will apply to all your games unless you change it in the core override. You can edit the Beetle PSX HW.cfg file and change the "video shader = " line to a different shader or just remove the entire line. You could also just do this via Quick Menu -> Save Core Override, but you'll need to be careful that you don't accidentally overwrite a setting that you actually need as a base for these to work (listed below). CRT-Hyllian-Multipass is a good one because it looks good, it's super lightweight, and it looks correct even without integer scaling (which is super important for these). CRT-Aperture is a good choice as well. Oh, and a final final note (we'll call this Goal #3) is that there are some PSX (and Saturn) games (primarily fighting games) that are in interlaced 480i format. I made some custom deinterlacing shader presets that I use for these games to remove interlacing artifacts and it's enabled in their overrides (they're noted on the audit sheet). The presets are included below. These just need to be placed in the base Retroarch\shaders folder. The overrides need to be placed in your Retroarch\config folder so the path should look like Retroarch\config\Beetle PSX HW\[config name].cfg Notes on the Saturn overrides can be found here and here. Beetle PSX HW Overrides 8-30-18 (RA 1.7.4+).zip Beetle Saturn Overrides 8-30-18 (RA 1.7.4+).zip CRT Deinterlacing.zip PLEASE NOTE: If you're using Retroarch version 1.7.8+ some changes were made to how shaders were handled, which means you'll need to use the files in the attachment below rather than "CRT Deinterlacing.zip" above. Be aware that you'll also need to rename the presets to match your own files, just like with the overrides. 1.7.8+ Deinterlacing.7z Older (pre RA 1.7.4) versions: Let me know if you have any questions or issues! Obviously this isn't everything in the PSX library - I curate my library so I've "only" got a little under 500 PSX games but this makes a big dent.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Here is my .psd file that i used to create these neon effects in photoshop. simply place your logo/pic into the smart object. everything is customizable. hope this helps the community.
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    Version 1.0.0


    For some reason media for this platfom is pretty thin on the ground so I went on a Google image mission and filled in the gaps. Full.... game box, logo, gameplay, title screen and disc (if available) for 492 titles. Share n enjoy
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    Alright! Beta 4 is out now which should hopefully fix all of the remaining issues with the startup videos: Fixed startup video getting cut off slightly for long startup videos Fixed startup sound playing at the same time as the startup video Startup video will now show up on whatever screen is marked as the primary screen in Big Box (previously always showed up on the first screen of the system) Fixed startup video causing issues with Big Box not being focused on startup (hopefully at least) Curious to know if anyone has any further issues with keys not working in Big Box on startup; that is simply caused by Big Box not being in focus once started up. Of course you can alt-tab to fix it if it happens, but we want to avoid it altogether. I've fixed it on my system but it is notorious for being a difficult issue to fix. Also, please let me know if anyone is seeing any further issues with the startup videos, or if the above fixes aren't working for you. Tomorrow I will be live streaming implementing the "different themes for each platform" item from the poll, which should get us fairly close to the next official release. Thanks all!
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    Hey guys! I got the idea to make this theme last summer/autumn after following the ReignStumble Console artwork project. I wanted to create a theme that would work aesthetically with this artwork. It was originally intended for personal use, but if it could be of use to anyone i wouldn't mind contributing to the LaunchBox community. After all, i've picked up coding ideas from looking at other peoples contributions. Even though i did most of the design last year, due to a shortage of sparetime i've yet to start programming, so the shots here are not rendered in BigBox. There will be some changes depending on how well it works implementing the different elements. There's a few things i'm not sure is currently possible (such as SelectedPlatform.Completed). I'm only planning on having 1 view per level, and it will be built for 4K (or rather, UHD, 3840x2160). Regards,
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    Quick update guys, sorry I've been distant for the last couple of days. I'm knee-deep in development on the final playlist pieces: sorting options and automatic playlists for arcade divisions. I have both working currently but I still need to go back through and clean some things up and work on performance yet a bit. I should have a new beta out for you guys some time tomorrow. I haven't been through the thread yet because I'm still focusing on development, but I should be able to catch up here tomorrow as well. Thanks all!
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    Version 2.0


    Native Launcher for MS-DOS LaunchBox for MS-DOS 2.0 is here! If you run MS-DOS (or the DOS console in Windows 95/98), this should be very much enjoyed. It allows you to easily sort through and manage your games/apps within DOS, without taking any extra memory from your apps or introducing any compatibility issues at all. This is done via a simple batch file that starts up and shuts down the launcher as needed. LaunchBox for MS-DOS also works very well with DOSBox if you'd like to use a menu system inside of DOSBox. System Requirements MS-DOS 3.30 or higher 286 or higher CPU (uses 286 CPU instructions) Installation Unzip the zip file and place the contents onto a floppy disk or other media. Copy the four files into a folder on your hard disk (or just keep it on the floppy, it runs from the floppy as well). Navigate to the folder with the files and run LAUNCH.BAT. LAUNCH.BAT can also be called from your AUTOEXEC.BAT file if you'd like LaunchBox to start on boot. You can then add Windows 3.1 or 95/98 to LaunchBox in order to optionally start up Windows by just browsing for WIN.COM. Change Log Version 2.0 - Released Sunday, January 29, 2018 - Many new fields are available for each item: Genre, Series, Developer, Publisher, Release Year, Status, and Favorite - Can now sort items by Title, Favorite, Release Date, and Status - Can now filter items by Genre, Series, Developer, Publisher, Release Year, or Status - LaunchBox now remembers your last selection - List titles and counts have been added Version 1.1 - Released Tuesday, January 17, 2017 - New "Move to Top" and "Move to Bottom" options are available under the Edit menu - New "Insert Separator" option available under the Edit menu - Each application can now have a separate set of commands for configuring the application - New explicit "Run Selected" and "Configure Selected" options are available under the File menu - New "Browse and Run" option is available under the File menu - New "Lock" option is available under the File menu to help prevent accidental changes - Changed the batch file process to better support DOSBox and older versions of MS-DOS Version 1.0 - Released Friday, January 13, 2017 - Initial Release Easter Eggs There are several incredibly stupid easter eggs in the program. Hint: What is the second most popular cheat code ever? Version 1.0 Announcement Video Screenshots
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    Beta 5 is out now with the following: New link to the retroachievements.org game details in the LaunchBox game details sidebar (globe icon) The game achievements popup in Big Box now shows the retroachievements.org game details web page in a new tab That's about it. We're working on some other things, but most likely they'll make it into the next official release, instead of this one (we've also been off for the holidays recently). Currently planning on putting out the next official release here very soon (probably beginning of next week).
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    Version 1.0.0


    This is a set of 985 3D Boxes for the Original Microsoft Xbox. The set is named after the Offical Hyperlist XML and is complete. Please note in order to complete this set I added 33 Boxes with spine art I created. Also a handful of boxes may be the wrong region but again to complete the set these were added. These use the same template as my WII U, Xbox 360, PC and Steam Boxes. To any one who finds this set of use enjoy! LIST OF GAMES COVERED:
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    Version 1.2


    The idea behind this project was to make as many DVD-ROM Discs as I could find for PC games, a sort of "Last of the Physical DVD Games" it could be called. Most discs were downloaded from Moby Games, however not all DVD-Rom games listed on the site (3200) had DVD-ROM's in English. They would however have CD-Roms in English as an alternative so some CD-ROMS were added to the collection for the sake of having English version Discs. Also some Collections such as the "Hitman Collection" had CD-ROM's and DVD-Rom's in the collection. I have also added the odd fake label here and there for games such as "DreadOut" just to fill gaps in the collection. Bare in mind that the quality of the labels will not always be very high as Moby Games does not allow access to high quality scans but very low quality scans were rare and the quality is pretty good overall. Also worth noting is a lot of the more recent games have a good few discs which of course makes sense given the size of most recent games. Anyway, to anyone who finds this set useful ENJOY! Also if anyone has a disc image they would like made up just post the image I'll do what I can. If you find my work of use could you please consider donating to my patreon found here:https://www.patreon.com/RobinLevingstone LIST OF GAMES COVERED ATTACHED: GAME LIST.txt 3D Boxes for PC/Windows games can be downloaded here
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    Hey folks, the first 9.4 beta is released with the following: - Improvement: LaunchBox will no longer download images for inapplicable regions during batch imports and media download processes. This will help to save disk space and speed up the download processes. Please be sure your region priority preferences are correct in LaunchBox under Tools > Options > General > Region Priorities, as this will define what types of images are downloaded for games that have no region specified. - Improvement: Debug logging has been improved for media downloads and cleaning up media, now reporting the downloaded and deleted files. - Improvement: Debug logging can now be turned on or off under Tools > Options > Debugging in LaunchBox. Debug logs were previously available, but had to be manually turned on via the Settings.xml file. I have several other things in progress, but I wanted to release this now for testing. Enjoy.
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    Alright, here's the first beta for 8.6. There's quite a bit in this one so far: - Please note that the original LaunchBox interface has been completely removed and replaced with the LaunchBox.Next interface for this beta (the same will be for the 8.6 official release). This was done in order to allow much quicker development going forward, solve a number of long-standing stability and flexibility problems caused by the previous interface, and solve fragmentation problems. - LaunchBox now supports custom themes just like Big Box. Check out the new LaunchBox\LBThemes folder, and change the theme under Tools > Options > Visuals. - A new "Disable Mouse Cursor Across All Apps" option in available in Big Box under Options > Mouse; this option will hide the mouse cursor completely while Big Box is open, in all apps. - Fixed: Some message boxes were not centering properly - Fixed: Several background music priority/overlap bugs have been fixed in Big Box - Fixed (hopefully): Controller input in Big Box was experiencing occasional hiccups on some systems - Fixed (hopefully): Setting controller buttons in LaunchBox was occasionally glitching out I'm very much looking forward to seeing what the community can create for LaunchBox themes.
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    Version 1.2.1


    ClassicMini is a lightweight theme inspired by the NES (and Famicom) Classic Edition that was recently released. It doesn't feature all the flashy videos that seem to be the rage nowadays, but it's simplistic pixel design will take you back to the days of yesteryear. 16:9 aspect ratio is suggested, I haven't had time to test at any others so don't complain if it doesn't look right. Working game ratings if you have them set in LaunchBox ClassicMini Changelog: v1.2.1 (01/23/2017): - Changed the font to a normal sans-serif (Segoe UI family) to help with overall aesthetics and readability - Added filter/platform details to the text filter/platform view v1.2 (01/21/2017): - Changed the binding of the cover images to use the transition presenter instead of calling them directly v1.1.1 (01/19/2017): - Added a missing opacity mask for the text platform and text game view v1.1 (01/19/2017): - Added a Famicom styled theme. I had to make it a seperate theme because of the way BigBox shares some of its views. - Re-named the NES version of ClassicMini to ClassicMiniNes to reflect the addition of the ClassicMiniFamicom theme - Added Famicom skin images - Skinned the platform text view, system menu, and options menu - Minor changes to various image files v1.0 (01/16/2017): - Initial release Screenshots:
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    Hey all, I'm hoping to make significant progress on this next week, once I get back from Colorado.
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    @Kriven Wow, good question. That might actually work just as a side-effect of the images stuff, but I didn't build it that way on purpose so honestly I'd have to test it. See if you can give it a test. New beta is out guys with quite a bit of new stuff. Cid's recorded Hyperspin game theme videos are now available from EmuMovies, and you can now also download them from within LaunchBox using the regular import or download wizards. I'm really excited to finally have those available for everyone. Huge thanks to @CriticalCid and @circo for finally getting them available to us despite all the red tape. There's now an option in Big Box to prioritize the theme videos over the standard game footage vids. The Download Platform Videos screen has also been improved; it now supports EmuMovies videos (Circo is in the process of populating them all and adding more new vids). I've also hit up @Nyny77 and @viking to get their awesome videos added in as well. This should provide some amazing options for videos. Finally, Tools > Scan for Added ROMs is now live as well. Let me know how it works for you guys, and let me know if it finds any files with file extensions that it shouldn't find (such as save states); I need a good list of file extensions that should be ignored. Let me know if anyone has a good list of those. It's still a work in progress but should work for the most part. Oh, lastly, there are quite a few new views for Big Box that have been added as well, which should allow theme creators to create some spiffy new views to support those recorded themes. Thanks all!
  36. 9 points

    Version 1.0.6


    This is a collection of mostly Console based Genre Intro Videos I have made. The concept is to make the videos fit with @letstalkaboutdune's Arcade Genre collection though there are some slight differences. Big thanks to letstalkaboutdune for his help and his Beat 'em up, Shoot 'em up, Puzzle, Fighting, Platform, Racing Sports and Run & Gun Logos. Thanks to @Mute64 for his LightGun Logo. The other Logos are either Hyperspin logos or were made by me. Many thanks to the EmuMovies community and the HyperSpin community. The video files are hosted at EmuMovies. If you find my work of use could you please consider donating to my Patreon found here: https://www.patreon.com/RobinLevingstone My Playlists can be found here, They are not perfect but a good starting point
  37. 9 points

    Version 1.0.0


    Hi media fans!! I finished my new wheel for Hyperspin, take a look and please leave a comment if you like it and download the complete media for free too 😜 https://youtu.be/KWDqmk4gmQ4 For all the launchbox users I'd like to share this pack, where you'll find a total amount of 742 carts for the Super NES for the USA Version. Hope you like it and feel free to use it in your projects.
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    10.10-beta-1 is out now with the following: New Feature: Background blurring can now be fine tuned to any amount (or easily turned off) under Tools > Options > Visuals > Backgrounds. Background blurring options are also now available for all themes, including the old default theme. Improvement: Performance for the new default theme is now on par with the old default theme. We're using a completely new method to blur the backgrounds, since the old method was causing performance degradation. Improvement: Box shadows for the new default theme can be disabled under Tools > Options > Visuals > Boxes in order to improve performance on lowend systems Improvement: Numbers sections of titles will now be sorted numerically by default, instead of alphabetically. For example, the new logic will sort 1, 2, and 11 as 1, 2, 11 instead of the 1, 11, 2 order that was used previously. Fixed: In Big Box, the retro achievements game details web view can now be zoomed in and out with the proper bindings We've also added the manifest to supposedly support long path names, but we haven't been able to test and confirm that it's working. If anyone can confirm either way on this, please let us know.
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    Version 1.0.1


    This is a reboot of my Nosh On This theme with new views, improved performance and a ton of platform category, platform and playlist images. Platform and game background videos are force enabled in the theme settings but you can change that if you like. There is more work I would like to do to the game views and that will be hopefully coming soon. Quick and dirty video of what you can expect below. You can either download the entire package which is currently 2.5gb or the no images zip that just contains the theme and download the clear logo, banner and device images separately from the links below. Nosh On This Twice - Banners Nosh On This Twice - Clear Device Logos Nosh On This Twice - Clear Logos Installation: Install the fonts from Fonts.zip and place the theme in your LaunchBox themes folder. Other Nosh On This Downloads Nosh On This Twice - LaunchBox Theme Nosh On This Twice - Black LaunchBox Theme
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    This video demonstrates some of the new features added based on user feedback over the past 3 weeks. Huge thanks to the following @neil9000 @wallmachine @Retro808 @faeran @Rincewind
  41. 9 points

    Version 1.34.0


    These videos are created in the 'Nostalgia' style originally created by @viking. I created these to fill some gaps in my collection. Let me know if you have any questions, or concerns.
  42. 9 points

    Version 1.0.0


    Hello Arcade Fans, in this pack i'll share the wheels and videos for the new games supported in MAME, corresponding to 0.201 till 0.204 version. You can see how it looks here: New games supported: - A Day In Space (31/03/87) - Bare Knuckle III (bootleg of Megadrive version) - Cart Fury - Nerae! Super Goal (J 981218 V1.000) - Night Mare (Spain) - Pitapat Puzzle - Sky Challenger (J 000406 V1.000) - The Burning Cavern (31/03/87) Hope you enjoy it ;P
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    Update 0.9.0 This new version will try to give the Libretro Server Admin a way to help conserve the bandwidth by adding a User-Agent Header "Stellar Updater" to identify. It also has an Update Notification that will appear in the Title Bar if there is a new Stellar release. Download https://github.com/StellarUpdater/Stellar/releases Or Select Stellar from the Download Menu. Change Log Added New Release Self-Update Notifier in Title Bar Added Internet Connection Check if Offline Added User-Agent Header for Server Admin Optimized Controls using C# MVVM Menu Options Troubleshooting @Retro808 @Mizar @JamesBaker @Rincewind @dragon57 @neil9000 @spectral @TheMadMan007 @Mizar @Daliant
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    Keltoigael’s comment made me think that I should give you guys a proper status update for 2.0 as I'm constantly insisting to wait for it regarding small issues and feature requests concerning CriticalZone. To be honest, almost everything except the revised background video engine is ready for release since at least a month. My initial approach for what I have planned for the background videos didn’t work out as I would have wanted it and as I don’t want to release half-baked stuff I will withhold the release until everything is exactly like I want it. Currently I’m working together with @eatkinola to get it done (actually he is doing all the hard work, I’m just giving my input and do the testing ) and we are nearly at the finish line. At the moment we are waiting that Jason adds a missing feature for the plug-in engine so that we can move forward. So @Jason Carr if you read this, check your PMs Jason has also added a Wall View to Big Box in the latest beta version so I will probably include a custom version of it as well with 2.0 but that probably won’t delay the release at all, so no worries And before anybody gets too hyped: Please don’t expect a complete new theme. I've changed and added a lot of stuff but it looks mostly the same as the current version just with a few new added features and a lot of small changes to streamline and unify the whole theme experience.
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    Version 1.0.1


    I was looking for the full art (without any text or logo's) of this legendary megadrive/genesis Ghouls'n Ghosts cover, I couldn't find it anywhere so I reconstructed it. I've wanted this as a poster in my game room for a long time and so may you perhaps, now we can Maybe it can serve for other purposes as well. Happy Halloween all!
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    If all goes well the QRS pack will be released next week, I decided to put the T in the TUVWXYZ folder so I can balance the amount of boxes and release QRS sooner, soo many games starting with "space" and "super" lol it's a crazy amount of work. Here's a (not all color corrected yet) preview of a handful of Sega games, note the Space Harrier flyer, I've seen about all of the arcade flyers to this point and non of them are as colorful and vibrant as this flyer, it might be arcade flyer number 1, in my humble opinion that is. Hope you enjoy
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    Version 1.0.0


    Just Sharing , ripped from Speccymania V4 , so all thanks should goto Sparky for Compiling such a great collection. keeping the Speccy alive
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    I starting fixing the DPI scaling issues today so they should be completed in a day or so. I'm also making a few other minor changes to solve some of the more prominent issues: I embedded the font so there will no need to make sure the correct one is installed on your system I removed the rounded corners from the videos. This negates the need to use WMP for video playback and VLC is now preferred, but we lose the pretty rounded corners on the videos in the process. I'll post when the update is available in the "Downloads" section. Thanks for the patience guys and gals.
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    Let me start by saying thanks to Mysterysmellyfeet on Reddit. I came across his build and decided to make it with some modifications. Also, thanks to stephenpbhs who put his Vewflix standup mod build out there for Mysterysmellyfeet and myself to steal/borrow. Also, a big thanks to Scott at Gameongrafix for printing the CP graphics. Another thank you to Stigzler for CPWizBiz. A last minute addition with a 7" screen under the main screen to show controls and of course the Launchbox Team for a great front end. With all those thank you's I gladly accept the award for most thank you's in a forum post... Anyways, for the real topic at hand, the finished project and a link to the album. Can see the album here: https://flic.kr/s/aHskUxhi9j
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