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    Arcade Project Notes: 181228: Researching Platform & Apps - Comparing (Pi3 vs PC): Each has its place. I would lean to Pi3 for a bartop build (Space\Heat\Cost\Ease). My build will be a full arcade cabinet so I am dedicating focus on a PC build (Performance\Functionality\Experience). - Next step is to learn what's applications are out there and how they interact. - Long story short - I am working on an application combo of LaunchBox (Bigbox later if it goes well) and RocketLauncher to serve as front end and emulation management. How I got here? - Performance, functionality, experience, and an active support community.
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    Love to see you do some playlist vids such as Favorites, Most Played and the like. Keep up the good work!
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    Updating my profile on Launchbox and other social media sites!
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