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    Wow man, what a bro. Thanks bud, these are perfect. You're my new best friend
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    Unfortunately I didn't have any of these, but I was able to mock them up pretty quickly. Hope you can use them. I have attached a preview and a zip with the files. Cart - 3D.zip
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    In my case ....was missing on default command parameter....
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    If it is setup and working for MAME then it should also work with Retroarch. Go to Tools/Manage Emulators/Retroarch/Pause Screens and make sure it is actually turned on for that emulator.
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    Well the thing is what I'm showcasing of these bezels don't include the light up parts of the arcade cabinets like the marque or buttons.
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    FS-UAE Startup Screens: Work on my setup for both LB and BB (WHLoad games). Screen is relatively fast ~5 seconds before going to UAE control. Slider doesn't alter timing so suspect exclusive screen at that point. Pause: Broken. Mutes the game but doesn't pause and doesn't bring up menu for both force and non-forced.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Your thanks and feedback are always welcome
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    Version 2.02


    Welcome to Retrotastic! A fun little theme hoping to capture childhood memories through the artwork of the systems we know and love. The theme comes pre-packaged with over 150 platform/playlist backgrounds. Each one can be customized or replaced altogether. Please read the documentation for more info. This theme can also display game specific backgrounds and graphics, check the demo video to see an example of this (look out for the NES section of the video), and view the documentation for how to create and add your own. Please read the documentation to add your own flair to this theme! Retrotastic - Documentation.pdf This theme comes with a few different views: Platform View 1 - A view with a vertical platform wheel Platform View 2 - A view with a horizontal platform wheel Game View 1 - The main vertical game wheel view. This view determines which type of media a platform has, and displays its appropriate animation. Game View 2 - Vertical game wheel with spinning disc based animation (this view is redundant, and only use if a platform is not displaying its spinning disc in Game View 1. Game View 3 - Vertical game wheel is basic animations (the most mainstream view). Game View 4 - Vertical game wheel with no Box image or Cart/Disc image. Designed to allow your game specific backgrounds/graphics to take center stage. Text List View - A text list with box animation Installation Instructions Download the Retrotastic.zip file You may need to right click the zip file, click on properties, and unblock its contents Drag and drop the Retrotastic folder into your LaunchBox/Themes folder Load up BigBox. Go to Options > Views, and choose Retrotastic from the list of Themes. This was truly a collaborative project. If you like this theme, please take a moment to see who made it possible. Credits: Faeran - Coding of the theme, many of the platform/playlist backgrounds, pixel ESRB icons, and the pixel genre icons Broskiplays - Creating the idea for this project, along with many platform/playlist backgrounds Harryoke - Creating many platform/playlist backgrounds, the platform background video, options background, and many other various videos/images Nyny77 - Creating platform/playlist backgrounds, along with the use of his extensive collection of platform logos GreatLemon - For creating most of the pixel genre icon graphics Thanks To: Eatkinola - For his amazing themer plugin Jason Carr - For use of his PrioritizedPathSelector (as of Version 2.0) OrionAngel & ReignStumble - The use of many of their bezel art Highly recommend downloading Scratcher's Retrotastic game media packs, for a ton of game specific backgrounds and graphics. He has truly done some amazing work, and makes Retrotastic shine:
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    Version 1.0.0


    as requested by @Drtruffles
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    Version 1.0.0


    Here's a quick little intro I made for my own system and thought I'd share here for others.
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