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    @dukeemu You're totally right, he needs to be added there. I didn't even add Gamehackers translation credits yet. I'd suggest we do it alltogether in the next big update. Jason can remind everyone then that it's need to be changed. I don't think this minor change is worth it for Jason to update every translation again. He has features to work on 😀 For now Aleksey has his credit on the patch note popup 😀
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    Yes, I've seen and translated that. That's why I mentioned About form to be updated next time, just to acknowledge @alexposad in the credits.
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    The file size of the preview images of the theme manager are ridiculously high, takes too much time to load some of them. There's no need for them to be full resolution png when a high quality jpeg would look the same but it will be dramatically smaller in size. They only fit a small portion of the screen yet some of them are 4K 6MB png images. Is it be possible to optimize those images to make the navigation lightweight and faster?
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    Version 1.0.0


    Sega Channel Big Bod Platform Theme Video This is the original trailer for Sega Channel i grabbed from youtube it is very retro and goes great in Big Box Mode.
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    Here is part 49 of my Realistic Arcade Bezel collection. You can download it here - https://bit.ly/2TUL8Id
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    Version 20190321


    Video theme for this now free to play fighting game. Videosnap included. Download, rename and move to the Videos/Windows/Theme folder. Preview:
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    Awesome work my friend! this covered like 90% of my library!
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    Version 1.0.0


    Some video themes and video snaps I made for this system. I might add more as soon as I make them. How to add to your LaunchBox and BigBox: Download the zip files. Extract to LaunchBox's root folder. Content will be extracted to its proper folders. Done! Video snaps will show up in the game details panels. Video themes will appear on BigBox themes' views that use them. List of Video Themes: Catherine Demon's Souls Diablo III Reaper of Souls - Ultimate Evil Edition Earthworm Jim HD God of War HD God of War II HD Lollipop Chainsaw Ni no Kuni - Wrath of the White Witch NieR Replicant Persona 5 Red Dead Redemption Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix The Last of Us Details for Nerds: Video themes are mostly 1080p60, some are 4K, all encoded with HEVC for optimal file size. Videosnaps are usually 540p, some lower resolution, some higher up to 720p60. Encoded using x264 for compatibility. Video themes' audio is 160 kbps aac, video snaps 96-160 kbps aac.
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    Awesome. Also it seems i missed you uploading the first update pack, so im downloading both update packs now.
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    Version 1.7 Added pack "FGHIJK - UPDATE PACK" Enjoy! 🤘 After all update packs are done I'll release the resources and template so people with the skills can make their own or any missink ones. NOTE! : After installing the images you have to select all (or any alphabetical ra
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    Hello all, 9.6-beta-1 has been released with the significant new feature being a brand new themes manager and downloader inside of Big Box. You can get to it by navigating to the System menu and choosing Manage Themes: This has been a very large undertaking, and there's still quite a bit to do yet, but it should be mostly functional. The plan for this system is to allow theme developers to use a separate web form to upload their themes for approval, and then use a manual approval process to allow them in the app. This is to help stability and ensure that only fully-working themes are available in the interface. I've been working hard on the web interface for uploading themes as well, but it's not quite ready yet. In the mean time, I'll be uploading some of the more popular themes so that things can be tested in the betas. Currently there's three themes available, but I'll be adding more later today. Features that have already been implemented: Trailer video and screenshots Installing and uninstalling themes Repairing themes (delete and re-install) Applying themes as the main theme Support links Details on the developer, aspect ratio, current version, and latest version Description, Credits, and Changes List of installed themes with updates available List of recently updated themes List of newly available themes Support for Startup Themes Features that are planned: Like/unlike themes Apply a particular view of a theme to a particular platform View screenshots of every single view available in the theme (Views tab) Probably more, but that's all I think of Let me know how it all works for you guys.
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    When I had this issue, the fix was to go to the emulator site: https://www.ppsspp.org/downloads.html Then download the Windows ZIP file with the emulator and look inside the Asset directory. Make a duplicate of your existing PPSSPP directory in your Retroarch/System/PPSSPP path. Copy the the newer *.zim files, two of which are UI related from those you downloaded from the PPSSPP site into your Retroarch/System PPSSPP directory (which is basically all the files that are in the Assets folder from the PPSSPP site). That should fix. Alternatively, if that doesn't work try replacing all files with the entire contents of the Asset directory from the downloaded PPSSPP zip file to your Retroarch/System/PPSSPP path. Make sure to move the PSP folder (which has all your save files) from your backup over to the new PPSSPP directory with the Asset contents.
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    Hi @dukeemu, I think he already gave a positive signal in "9.6 Changelog" New Russian translation thanks to @alexposad on the LaunchBox forums Claudio
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    Version 1.0.0


    Media for this platform is pretty scarce so I put this 'logo' pack together. Around 75% of these aren't 'proper' logos, I made them using a online font editor. They look better than the white text in BigBox so these will do till the database gets updated. 700ish Logos.
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    Available on GitHub. Installation details To install the one available plugin, download the DLL file from the latest release, and add it to the Plugins subfolder from your main LaunchBox installation folder. Plugin description Currently, LaunchBox allows you to edit genres for games, however if use the default Bulk Edit Wizard to edit genres for multiple selected games then they will all be overwritten with the same exact set of genres. for This plugin allows you to add or remove genres to multiple games, while keeping each game's existing genres. The new menu item is available for one or multiple selected games: The menu item opens the following dialog form, where you can select the genre(s) that you want to either add or remove from each game: Example: Let's say I have 3 games: Game 1, Game 2, and Game 3. To start, they have the following genres: Game 1 has genres: Action; Game 2 has genres: Role-Playing; Game 3 has genres: Action; Adventure; After using this Bulk Genre Editor to add the genre "Beat 'em up", the result is this: Game 1 genres: Action; Beat 'em up; Game 2 genres: Action; Beat 'em up; Role-Playing; Game 3 genres: Action; Adventure; Beat 'em up;
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    Love this one! Sleek and beautiful!! 😊
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    Beta 10 is out now with the following: Hopeful fix for videos in game startup themes not stopping audio when games start Fixed an issue with horizontal wheels that I introduced in beta 9 (they were not scrolling properly) Added a download acceleration-type-system for updates and theme downloads in the themes manager; got tired of crappy connections (*cough* Comcast) causing issues Per the download accelerator stuff, it might seriously help update speeds, but you won't notice until the *next* update, and currently it's not yet implemented for background downloads. However, you can test the new system by downloading themes in Big Box, as those downloads all use the new download acceleration. Basically, what it does is divide up the downloads into a million different chunks, and instead of downloading the file all in one go, it downloads bits and pieces and retries up to 100 times if any of the pieces fail. It also threads the downloads so that multiple parts of the file are being downloaded at the same time. Hopefully it all works.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Just a simple startup theme that uses the clear logo and fanart of the launching game with a sleek loading bar and a play count in the bottom right. The shutdown screen is just the fanart slightly darkened with a stylized "Fin..." in the corner. Installation: Extract the zip file into the Launchbox/StartupThemes folder. Under the options menu in Launchbox & Bigbox, select Just Simple as the startup theme. Optional - You can also install "Roboto-Light" inside the font folder of the theme to match the text style in the screenshots. Included is an alternative version that will be used for the Arcade Platform without the loading bar since these games don't get decompressed. You can also copy and rename the "Arcade.xaml" file to any platform name or "Default.xaml" if you don't want the loading bar for other or all systems. Also check out my Platform Fanart images that can be used if there is no specific fanart for the game that is launching (as seen in the last two screenshots above).
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    Very nice. Glad to see new themes pop up.
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    Version 2.0.0


    A simple theme I made for this game. Videosnap used in the video theme also included. Download, rename and move to the theme folder. Preview:
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    Atari 2600 - Stella Atari 5200 - Standalone kat 5200 (don't use RA) Atari 7800 - Prosystem Atari Jaguar - VirtualJaguar Atari Lynx - Handy Sega SG 1000 - Gens Sega MS - Gens Sega MD - Gens Sega CD - Gens Sega GG - Gens Sega 32 - Pico Sega Saturn - Mednafen (standalone still recommended) Dreamcast - Demul Standalone NES - Nestopia/FCEUmme SNES - BSNES accuracy/balanced or Snes9X Virtual Boy - Mednafen VB N64 - Mupen64, Dolphin standalone for some games, PJ64 standalone for others (its a patchwork) Game Cube - Dolphin standalone PC Engine/Turbo 16/turbo CD - Mednafen PCE Fast Gameboy/Gameboy Color - Gambette Gameboy Advanced - mgba Nintendo DS - Desume/Desume standalone Playstation - beetle PSX hardware, with the software render (default vulkan, still experimental) PS2 - PCSX2 standalone PSP - PPSSPP standalone 3DO - 4DO core is good, 4DO standalone is supposedly a bit better (your choice) Wonderswan/Color - Mednafen wonderswan GCE Vectrex - Vectrex NeoGeo Pocket - Mednafen NGP NeoGeo AES - MAME NeoGeo CD - MESS (Haven't tried it myself) There are cores for the Oddessey 2 and coleco vision, but I haven't tried them yet. Fairchild Channel F, Amiga CD, CDI, and a few more obscure consoles can be made to run in MESS I have read, although I have not tried that either. These are the consoles and handhelds. Let me know if you are also interested in the 8 bit computers.