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    Launchbox is a commercial product and nothing to do with preservation, preservation is for the emulator devs and rom archivers. Any notion that the XBox is "the best hardware" or that the community is moving over to it for emulation is just laughable. It's nothing more than a novelty and something for YouTubers to make videos about. The PC will remain the leading emulation platform for quite some time to come because it is by far the most flexible and open platform, not to mention the most powerful for newer and more accurate emulators. At the end of the day Jason needs to make money to provide for his family not make a frontend for a platform only a small handful of people will ever use. Hell, there's more of an argument to be made for a Linux version of Launchbox but that too does not have enough people to make it a viable business decision at this time. This may or may not change in the future but I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for it.
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    Thanks guys, glad you like them I should be back at the project somewhere in January again, things are more busy in RL than I hoped.
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