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    I just uploaded LaunchBox for Android 0.24 to the Play Store, and it should be available shortly. Here's the change log: New long-press menu is available in the games lists (either by touch or by holding down the A button on a controller) Games can now be deleted via the long-press menu in the games list, and you can choose whether or not to delete game media and/or game files Added Yabo Sanshiro and Yaba Sanshiro Pro emulators for Sega Saturn (now working properly) In between desktop development, my primary plan for the Android app going forward is to get it functional without the desktop exporter. Personally I find the desktop exporter to be the best solution by far, but the number of requests coming in for importing things directly on their Android device suggest that it should be a priority. So that will be my focus from the Android side here for a bit, starting with editing games and such.
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    That is how it works currently, as it overwrites the previous platform XML file. That is by design with the current version. You can export platforms separately, but you'll have to re-export entire platforms.
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    Hey All This is the slot machine emulator MFME in LaunchBox I think it looks ok... :) A brief guide to setting up MFME & putting it in LaunchBox MFME stands for Multi Fruit Machine Emulator - it's like VisualPinball in that the roms are emulated and the appearance of the slots is simulated You can download the current version (6.1) here - you'll need to join and post to access the downloads: http://www.desertislandfruits.com/forum/index.php?/files/ The site also has a large selection of slots - and the following sites are the other main locations for slots: http://www.fruit-emu.com/ http://dadsfme.co.uk/index.php Install MFME wherever you like, and you’ll end up with something like this: The folder “Fruits” you need to make yourself – call it what you like – and this is where the slots go Each slot needs its own folder and the .zip needs to be unzipped in the folder – so you’ll have something like this: To put MFME into LaunchBox add the emulator like any other, so just point LaunchBox at the MFME.exe You will then need to add each slot individually, so select “Import… Rom File” and add the xxx.gam file – no need to try and download any metadata, MFME is a complete mystery to LaunchBox :) To add the images launch a slot then screengrab it – don’t use MFMEs own screengrabber as it gives poor results – use Gadwin or similar Then set the image as Box-Front & Screenshot-Gameplay or however you have your LaunchBox setup That’s it :)
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    We'll get something like an in-game list of emulators in once we allow adding new platforms on Android. There's currently no public poll or roadmap. I'll take requests any time though. Gotcha, yes, we'll add sorting options in eventually, probably along with a Sort Title so you can adjust it.
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    COLORFUL platform video set View File # WHAT IS IT ? COLORFUL is a complete and coherent high quality graphic set, around a unique design. Made with love in France. I hope you like it ! 😘 Here are planned development axes: COLORFUL Theme : The main hub, a unique interface for BigBox. COLORFUL Platform Video : Complete 4K video set, with a unique design. COLORFUL Source : (soon) To involve the community in the platform video creation. COLORFUL BigBox Startup Video : (soon) COLORFUL Startup Theme : (soon) COLORFUL Pause Theme : (soon) # HERE IS COLORFUL PLATFORM VIDEO SET: On this page we are talking about COLORFUL Platform Video Set: A complete new series of platform video for our frontend! Colorful is a modern and elegant way to present each platform, with its hardware of the time. With maximum accuracy and future proof. (4K video) # I NEED YOUR HELP : PATREON ? I will make a first batch of 65 systems, according to my personal use. But we are far from covering any game system! If the community doesnt take over the creation, 2 choices: the project stops /or/ I finish it. Problem, creating these videos takes a loooooot of time. And I have to deal with a full-time CGI artist job and 2 young kids. So I opened a Patreon page that could allow me to dedicate days on my work time to continue creating video. I'm not trying to get rich, but like everyone else, I cant spend 1 day/week working for free! I hope you understand. If the project interests you: Here is my Patreon page. # IN DETAIL ? Obviously, Colorful is a direct legacy of my previous video set "Nostalgia". But improved on all aspects: Centred design with colorful background, according to the platform. (theme/logo/box/design) 4K video (3840x2160px) @ 30fps (MP4 H264 AAC) Only available in 16:9, but design compatible with 4:3 All designs are completly rebuilt. More care of details. More TV variety and better accuracy. Arcade cabinet fully made in CGI, by myself. More variety and better accuracy. Added characteristic effect on CRT TV. Added platform boot screen. (if existing) All sources will be available. (Community effort!) # ABOUT CODEC FORMAT ? Initially, I was thinking of working in H265, more modern for 4K. But after talking with Jason, this is problematic on some old configuration and with Windows Media Player, which does not support it. So, I will leave you the choice! There will be 3 formats. But to simplify maintenance, there will only be one available here. (The recommended one) Others will be available for download on EmuMovies FTP. 4K | 3840x2160 | mp4 h264 AAC recommended 4K | 3840x2160 | mp4 h265 AAC HD | 1920x1080 | mp4 h264 AAC (for small resolution screen) # A PREVIEW OF ALL THIS ? Instagram Youtube Twitter # A COMMUNITY EFFORT ? Yes, all sources will be available on a dedicated page. (soon) Everyone can create their own videos that will be included here, in this set. Some rules to follow: - Advertise on this thread which platform you want to achieve. - Post the work in progress on the same thread, for exchange/feedback. - Post the final video + sources on the same thread or by MP. To avoid scattering and centralize everything here. - I will moderate the general quality of your proposals for a coherent result. So, I acting like a modertor on this thread. Do you want to participate? Cool !! I post soon a guideline tutorial ! # OK, HOW TO DOWNLOAD ? 3 ways : One by one - right here, with the download button at the top right. Automatically - in LaunchBox > Option > Platform Video Downloader Tools > Select "Colorful 4K" By batch - On the Emumovies FTP ://Upload Here/_Video Snap Submissions/COLORFUL Platform Video Set/ # SPECIAL THANKS : @Jason Carr for his hard work on LaunchBox/BigBox! John G. for his support via Patreon! Thank you Gentleman!!! Marcel W. for his support via Patreon! Thank you Gentleman!!! Neo8x for his support via Patreon! Merci à toi !!! Casper H. for his support via Patreon! Thank you Gentleman!!! Jhonny R. for his support via Patreon! Thank you Gentleman!!! GoblinDriver for his support via Patreon! Thank you Gentleman!!! Alfredo O. for his support via Patreon! Thank you Gentleman!!! Richard P. for his support via Patreon! Merci à toi !!! (je n'ai pas reussi à t'envoyer un message de remerciement via Patreon. Désolé!) Jukka T. for his support via Patreon! Thank you Gentleman!!! Gregory C. for his support via Patreon! Merci à toi !! Jan W. for his support via Patreon! Thank you Gentleman!!! Matias K. for his support via Patreon! Thank you Gentleman!!! Jeremy D. for his support via Patreon! Thank you Gentleman!!! Kevin. for his support via Patreon! Thank you Gentleman!!! Dan D. for his support via Patreon! Thank you Gentleman!!! Guido. for his support via Patreon! Thank you Gentleman!!! The whote community for yout support! # SOURCES - COPYRIGHT : Each brand of hardware and software here represented as a tribute. Emumovies for (most) gameplay videos The Vanamo Online Game Museum for (most) photos. If special credit, see .TXT file in the corresponding source archive. (soon) # PLATFORM COVERED / CREDITBOARD : Last update : 2019/09/02 ACTUAL TOTAL COUNT = 57 platform + 0 category + 0 playlist List of covered PLATFORM: (Open the spoiler form) List of covered CATEGORY: (Open the spoiler form) List of covered PLAYLIST: (Open the spoiler form) Submitter viking Submitted 06/07/2019 Category Platform Theme Videos
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    UPDATE ! +6 platform video. ☺️ Next step, all automatic arcade playlist. Anyone have a full list? I can't find it. And after, sources release! DOWNLOAD : On download page, as usual. In LaunchBox Platform Video Download Tool. (soon - @Jason Carr I can't connect to the FTP... sorry) On EmuMovies FTP. Atari 5200 Nintendo Satellaview Taito Type X (full CGI render here, like all arcade cab) Windows WonderSwan (happy with pixel screen effect!) WonderSwan Color
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    That's great to hear (direct setup on Android). I already have all my roms & assets on my STV and don't use LB on PC so I've just been in a holding pattern on full setup with LBA. You're doing great work...thx....Piper
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    For those that are looking, I was finally able to find and get a portable version of ePSXe version 2.0.5 setup. I found the link located at the source forge website and have confirmed that it is indeed the latest version and works virtually (portable) https://sourceforge.net/projects/portable-apps-for-dummies/files/Games/ePSXe Portable/ The bios, memcards, plugins, shaders, sstates, etc. folders need to be pasted to where the help.html and portable executable file is housed. If there is anyone out there is trying to get a portable setup up and going, we're one step closer! Happy gaming!
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    Ahh i understand, a tru Masters mind
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    @Wonderwhy: You might consider setting up Syncthing to do this. I use it to sync my libraries between Windows and Linux (NAS/backup) devices, and I think there's also a client for android. Just a thought ... I think it's easy to use. Syncthing is mentioned in another thread, and I don't want to hijack this one just thought I'd mention it. Here's the thread: https://forums.launchbox-app.com/topic/50502-does-anyone-have-a-method-for-keeping-their-save-states-updated-across-multiple-computers/?tab=comments#comment-324017
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    The special launcher hasn't been needed in about 2 years dude. That's been stated in this thread multiple times. It was to address a bug that was fixed ages ago. You just need to direct Launchbox it to Launcher.exe.
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    @andyco47 We'll need more details if we're going to be able to help you with anything. I upgraded to .NET 4.8 because there were a number of bugs that were fixed by MS that do affect us.
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    Hi @Jason Carr Portuguese-BR - LB 10.2 beta updated translations. Language-pt-BR_10.2_Beta_16.09.2019.zip Claudio
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    Thank you @alexposad. I have this updated for the next beta.
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    Hi @Cauptain; that is part of the new Android app. It describes the style to use for the boxes view. Plain is a a plain white background currently, but it could be a dark background optionally in the future.
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    Cougar Force sounds like you are going to be attacked by a group of hot older ladies.
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    @kpop I have had this error before when adding Windows and TurboGrafx Platforms. For me it was games that had special characters that were causing the errors, I had to either remove those games or rename them without the special characters.
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    Thanks for the info @douglasamcintosh. That might help; I can try manually adding /storage/sdcard1 as a possible storage location to see if the app can access it.
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    Here is my collection of slot machines. The folder contains a few duplicated slots where I've updated to a better layout but not deleted the old one, and a few of the slots do not have the .gam file needed to run them, this is because if I didn't like the layout I deleted it within LaunchBox but didn't delete the slot's folder. As mentioned in an earlier post, I've altered the LED/dot matrix displays to my preferred look - if you want to alter the appearance of any element of the slot machines just select Edit Mode from the Design menu then right click on any part of the image and you can play around with the appearance. To keep yourself update with new releases visit the sites in the first post, and say thanks to the creators & if you feel like it make a donation to show your support 🙂 https://drive.google.com/file/d/1KuBJbonBKTKE0DwmkXcBFQGWuHNWwI6K/view?usp=sharing
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    I don't think that there will be any official way to import Gamebases into LaunchBox. It's a niche, hard thing to do it well as every gamebase is slightly different thanks to capabilities of Microsoft Access database engine, and work on better import of things was very low priority recently. Things that, seven years after last update, GameBase is doing better than LB logging, you can check what command line was sent to emulators. launching emulators, passing arguments to them is extremely advancement. more than one manual, music file, URL etc. unzipping that works, with information which file from archive open, AND which file open on extracted floppy. OK, that one only for C64, I think. better data in gamebases for 8/16 computer system than in Launchbox Games DB. But overall, LaunchBox has better usability. So, I hacked crude, very unoptimised converter in Python. Result of converting Gamebase 64: https://imgur.com/a/XIjMO File is 55 MB big, and has info of 25.000 games. Every important field is imported, extras are imported as "Additional Apps", VLC plays original sids. Music, games, extras stay in gamebase folder, screenshots and box covers are converted to LB naming. Games are launched via GBLauncher.exe but you can start them also by emulators configured in LB. Two things that doesn't went well: - "Additional Apps" can't have custom command-line, so I can't pass necessary arguments to GBLauncher.exe. They are run by separate emulator (WinVice, for example), which adds some problems with running them. - auditing crashes LaunchBox with CheckInvalidPathChars error. I have no idea why, so I attach platform file, so maybe someone can tell my what I should fix. Commodore 64 (GB).zip
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