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    Okay so here's the version for testing. The version number is 0.20 instead of 0.19 because this one's kindof a milestone update so we're skipping. Shenanigans! C64 Dreams v0.20-testing I'm not going to post a changelog (which is quite extensive) at this point - I basically just want people to play around with it and let me know if they have any issues. The new NTSC bezels are done and cleanup is done. I still need to make custom joystick controls for one game (Renegade) but that can wait for the final release. Reminders: This does not include Launchbox at the moment as that side of the update isn't done yet. It isn't needed to use these though. Just go into the Games folder and then into a subfolder for a game and start the .vbs file inside. There's a new configurator for quickly switching out shaders, overlays, and adjusting the base config. This should work out of the box for any 16:9 resolution. If you are using 4:3, 5:4, etc. it's going to need some manual adjustment. There are still 11 games that have 1080p-specific settings that won't be right on anything other than that resolution; and because the dimensions have changed somewhat, the previously provided settings for other resolutions will no longer be valid and new ones will be needed. The 11 games are listed below: Alien Syndrome Ballblazer Brainway Draconus Forgotten Forest Frogger Arcade Gemini Wing Genesia Tiger Claw Turbo Outrun Zolyx Everything else is setup in such a way that it should "just work" with any 16:9 resolution, including the three NTSC titles - Death Bringer, Donkey Kong (Atari), and Masquerade.
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    Spent a while working on some new bezels: Bruce Lee: Retrograde: Times of Lore:Ultima III: X-Out: I still need to make some more for NTSC.
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    Another quick status update: All of the 300 new games are done, bringing the count to 2000. All version updates are complete (86 games updated). I've added Blast From The Past volumes 16-25. I've updated the controller mapping image to reflect the addition of the virtual keyboard function, as well as note some special keyboard keys (Esc = Runstop, Tab = Ctrl, etc.) I've added 55 new custom notes overlays bringing the total to 80. (I originally thought it'd be 100 for this release but I honestly feel like I'm scraping to come up with more that really warrant it at this point so I'm going to stick with 80) I've added 16 new demos bringing the total to 50. I've added 10 new SID track bringing the total to 60. Zzap!64 issues 36-50 conversion is complete. PRG/Group/Version info is now complete for all 2000 games. (phew!) I've setup a simple configurator panel as I do with some releases on Zomb's Lair to allow for quick selection/adjustment of different settings: I need to add custom controls to 1 game. I've created a new bezel with the updated aspect ratio for Project Firestart but I still need to do it for Black Tiger, Retrograde, Supremacy and hopefully one or two new ones. I also need to do this for 4:3 NTSC games - that's done for the Project Firestart one. I still need to do a bit of housekeeping before releasing the early version. Once this stuff is finished up I'll be releasing a version for testing here that will not be setup with Launchbox, since I've yet to even start that side of it yet. You'll just have to go into the Games folder then one of the subfolders for a game and start the .vbs inside to start the game.
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    Version 2.2.28


    These are matching video snaps I created to go along with the genre/category Clear Logos and playlists packs I did. Since they are individual files, you can download just the ones you want. They work with most of the themes I have tried. Please keep in mind I done them using the Retro Console theme. There are a couple samples videos below. (screenshots really don't let you experience the "video" portion). You can get the Matching Clear Logos from here: 1000's of Clear Logos focusing on Genres/Categories Other video sets I have made NEW - Ultimate Playlist Beginner Setup Guide & Starter Collection (with brand new Video Sets, smaller in size and easier to download) MASSIVE #2 - 100's of Videos focusing on Genre/Categories (videos made forRetro Console Theme V2) Per request, I added the complete set broken up into 14 files for easier downloading. The links are at the bottom. Download Retro Console Theme: Retro Console Theme or Retro Console Theme V2 (I use this one) NOTE: After about 1/2 way through I decided to start from scratch to reduce size. If you have downloaded anything from version 1, you may want to replace them. Version 2 is much smaller in size (usually more than half the size). The videos are nothing fancy and there are lots of them (485). I am using videos that are already in my LB folders. The videos specs are: 1920x1080 Around 30-40 seconds (looping) Title bounces in at 15 seconds (with a few exceptions at 20 but will be changed) I mainly do this stuff for my grandson that my wife and I are raising. He usually see's these things for the first time on my monitor or the TV in my bedroom as I am creating or testing, that's why we called it "The Papaw TV Collection" (he's only 5). IMO it just takes away from the experience if you boot up BigBox to kill a little time and not sure what mood of game you might want to play and as you scroll through and say land on the Pac-man genre, and BigBox is showing you a Barbie video...haha. I think the visualisation part of launching BigBox, well it should make you think something like "Hmm, I just might like to play something like that today", ya know what I mean? I never have made video snaps or done artwork like this before, So don't be too hard on me. I think the "playlists" features in Launchbox are some powerful tools for a front-end but under-utilized by many of us because of not very appealing to the eye out of the box, especially on large setups like mine. Of course I searched for video snaps here first, I found some awesome videos, but usually there would only be a handful of them, and when I looked at the next great set, well they started turning in to bits and pieces I tried try to cobble together and then things just don't look very appealing. These are simple drag-n-drop into your: "...\Launchbox\Videos\Playlists\" directory. I will be uploading them by letter ("A's", then "B's", etc.) as I get them done. I do hope you enjoy them and maybe if and when possible, you're given the opportunity, you can give a little something back to someone else someday. Links for complete set: Part 1 of 14 Part 2 of 14 Part 3 of 14 - being uploaded Part 4 of 14 - being uploaded Part 5 of 14 - being uploaded Part 6 of 14 - being uploaded Part 7 of 14 - being uploaded Part 8 of 14 - being uploaded Part 9 of 14 - being uploaded Part 10 of 14 - being uploaded Part 11 of 14 - being uploaded Part 12 of 14 - being uploaded Part 13 of 14 - being uploaded Part 14 of 14 - being uploaded Feel free to leave comments, questions and suggestions and I will get back as soon as I can. 19xx.mp4 Hockey.mp4 Off Road.mp4 Joust.mp4
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    Appears that the "Exit" automation was being used instead of "Close Active Window". "Exit" closes Big Box, "Close Active Window" closes the game.
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    Version 4.0


    This is a complete Collection of 3D Boxes, 2D Carts and Logos for the Sega Genesis USA Region. The set is named after the 2019 No-Intro Rom set and includes all Betas, Protos and Sega Channel Covers and as a result of the naming convention used with No-Intro there will be a lot duplicate artwork with slightly different naming. The concept behind these No-Intro named packs is that the user can either have seperate systems with an entire library of artwork for each system or choose a region they would prefare and simply overwrite the region artwork that is not wanted as the artwork and roms will have the same names (for example: Japan, USA), doing this will leave a library of artwork with a complete region and only the exclusives would be left for the region that was overwritten, then all that is left is to delete the unwanted Artwork. There are three different versions of 3D Boxes to choose from: Normal, With Plastic Cover, With Plastic Cover and Sheen. A big thanks goes out to @Aorin who put a lot of work into the Logos and helped create artwork for many parts of this project. This project wouldn't of been finished if it wasn't for his help. The great looking carts were made by @WallyWonka and I have added and made many of my own using his templates. Though some of the naming may seem a bit strange in some instances, LaunchBox and Emumovies will download the correct information and videos for all games. NORMAL: WITH PLASTIC COVER:WITH PLASTIC COVER AND SHEEN: CARTS: LOGOS: AN ART PACK FOR THE SEGA MEGA DRIVE EUROPE REGION CAN BE DOWNLOADED HERE: AN ART PACK FOR THE SEGA MEGA DRIVE JAPAN REGION CAN BE DOWNLOADED HERE:
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    Amazing work RetroLust, really awesome. Now I'm hoping you take a week off of the Arcade bezels and finish the console generations. Until this week, I didn't know if emulators past PS2 were playable. My God was I wrong.
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    Closing the emulator would not at all be a good idea here, because I can see it now: people will lose scores as a result. That said, I am planning to look into the option to show *previous* high scores in the pause screen. Regardess, no matter what, it's impossible to show the current ones that were just achieved in the pause screen. I still think it's valuable though to show previous scores, because that's what you'll be competing against.
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    Did you use my bezel here? I don't mind. I just wanted to know.
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    I think this is a known Cemu issue. I saw some forum and reddit posts of users having the same issue. It seems to be related to command line loading when used with Vulkan. So it was mentioned some frontends were having issues. Here is a Cemu bug log from 12/2019 on it. I have seen some recent posts in February. So this may not have been fixed.
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    It seems there are some timing issues with video playback with startup and exit videos do not playback correctly and conflict with startup videos so I am switching from videos to static backgrounds with animated gifs instead moving forward. Using videos just not stable at this time so until a fix or resolve is made to LB/BB I will just use gifs which I have tested on startup, exit and pause screens and are working perfectly! Not as cool as videos with all the special effects but will still be good none the less.
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    Not yet, within 2 weeks it should be out on the forum
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    I've tested this and I can replicate it, so I can confirm it's an issue. It's on my list; hopefully I can get to it soon.
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    UPDATE: Thanks to @C-Beats for taking a look at the crash log and screenshots I sent. It turns out this is related to a failed .NET 4.8 installation, and Launchbox was reacting to missing components.
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    Use ActiveGame.LaunchBoxDbId SelectedGame.LaunchBoxDbId then rename your custom file names to use database ID instead of game titles
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    Here is a realistic Arcade overlay for the Nintendo Red Tent cabinet of Vs. Super Mario Bros for use on Retroarch This arcade overlay is coming soon in my Nintendo Red Tent Pack
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    Thanks that did the trick. I thought I initially tried that and it didn't work..me being frustrated and this staying indoors did it to me.
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    @oblivioncth As you noted later in your comment above, you tell LB to use the folder names for naming versus the "rom" name. With that feature, it imports and scrapes correctly for most of the games. There were a few that I had to manually adjust but for most part LB is pretty good about fuzzy matching.
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    I would like to see it expanded as well, but of course the only barrier is the time and effort required to make it happen. It's on my list, but not currently a super-high priority.
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    Glad you like Personally I use videos from different makers so I can't recommend any specific.
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    You need both files, but Launchbox only needs the .cue file imported. The .cue tells the emulator what other files there are.
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    Version 1


    A Few Collection themes (1080p) (60fps) 16:9 Devil May Cry HD Collection Bioshock The Collection Broken Sword the Collection Dead Island Definitive Edition Five Nights at Freddy's Collection Resident Evil Origins Collection Metal Gear Solid V The Definitive Experience Call of Duty Collection Halo The Master Chief Collection (x265 Format 17mb)
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    Version 1.0.0


    Quick disclaimer: Very few of these may not have audio. Some of these are also in the form of montages to capture the best parts of an otherwise slow-paced game. If you don't mind either of those for some, then you should be fine overall. For the most part, these are all straightforward uncut footage cropped to fit the 3DS's aspect ratio without stretching or compressing any of the dimensions. As far as I know, this is the closest you'll find to a dedicated HD 3DS video snap collection on the internet, so I'll try to update these and accept requests as much as I can. Hope you enjoy!, here are some examples of what to expect: Animal Crossing_ New Leaf.mp4 Bravely Default.mp4 Hatsune Miku_ Project Mirai DX.mp4 Mario & Luigi_ Dream Team.mp4 Miitopia.mp4 Tomodachi Life.mp4 Game List.txt These were used in my video on the most ideal way to emulate the Nintendo 3DS, if you're curious on how to capture footage this way.
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    Hey all, for the most part I think the LaunchBox Games Database has been running smoothly for a very long time now, but I've had an item on my list to step in and make a few changes/fixes for a long time, and I finally did it this morning. They're all minor fixes/changes, but I thought I'd update everyone, regardless. Here's a list of what all I did this morning for the DB: Added an option to clear out your default collection. This was needed because there was previously no way to empty out your default collection, so you couldn't start over (for example, when syncing your local collection to the cloud). You can now do it from the Manage Collections page: https://gamesdb.launchbox-app.com/collection/manage The above Manage Collections page received some minor usability improvements as well Finally removed the little Alpha banner in the top right (lol, about time I'd say) Fixed a few broken links Fixed an issue where occasionally images that were marked for deletion (and approved) didn't end up getting deleted Fixed an issue where occasionally alternate titles that were marked for deletion (and approved) didn't end up getting deleted For both images and alternate titles, any images or titles that were previously approved for deletion but never actually deleted have now all been deleted successfully (so the backlog has been fixed up as well) Please let me know if anyone sees any issues with the above. Thanks as always to everyone contributing to or moderating the DB. It's really grown to be an amazing asset to the community, and I think it's very quickly rising to be the best available resource for game metadata and images (if it isn't there already).
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    Mr. Retrolust Just to say how greatly your work is appreciated. I personally think your "lights out" style is of all the artwork I have trawled through, my number one choice. It doesn't detract from the gameplay yet still shows off the cab assets (where available yeah ) and the cropped toggle is bang on too. I have seen variants around with a tilted screen effect for some of the Donkey Kong and Pac-Man games - is this a Mame thing or Retroarch as I am on the Mame.exe route? And what do you think of those styles? Mainly to say thanks though Brent
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    Donkey Kong: Pauline Edition (Hack) dkongpe.zip
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    Donkey Kong II: Jumpman Returns (Hack) dkongx.zip
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    Well, LB doesn't have a need for Search logo so none were needed/made. But here are a couple quick ones:
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    Don Den Lover Vol. 1: Heukbaeg-euro Jeonghaja ddenlovrk.zip
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    Basically, anything requiring the DVC (Digital Video Cartridge) in MAME is not supported because they haven't emulated the DVC add-on module (MPEG decoder). The current v219 set naming for the CHDs uses [dvc] in the file name if it needs the module, ~177 non-working (but includes multiple versions/regions of same game). Added a list I have of the v219 CHDs that are DVC. 219 MAME DVC List.txt
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    I was a little more inspired than expected sorry😅
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    Version 0.219


    mame64.exe - Normal Mame with Nags removed. mamearcade64.exe - Mame Arcade ONLY emulation. (No MESS systems). Its recommended to download the full 0.219 official pack and install it, then just overwrite the exe with the replacment, this covers any changes the mame devs may have made to the support files. After you have done this, make sure you copy the folders artwork, ctrlr, cheat, hlsl, ini, folders and the mame.ini file from your original mame folder, and move/copy them to the new install. .
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    Nintendo Wii U - eShop 3D Box Pack (494) View File This is a collection of all the Nintendo Wii U eShop game Covers available (494). Virtual Console games are also included. LIST OF GAMES IN COLLECTION: Submitter Robin55 Submitted 01/18/2020 Category Game Box Art
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    Version 1.0.0


    This is an almost complete collection Of Microsoft XBox 360 - XBox Live Arcade 2D Boxes. There are 694 2D Boxes in the collection with the choice of either an orange case or green case. These are made from the official Microsoft covers and as a result the quality will vary. A Big thank you goes out to @mccorkled who supplied the original artwork files. LIST OF GAMES COVERED: ORANGE SKIN OPTION: GREEN SKIN OPTION:
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    Im trying to have platform bezels setup on retroarch but there doesnt seem to be any info out there on how to make this work. Does anyone have a link of any kind on where I need to add these and have them active? Id like to slowly add game specific bezels eventually but I thought I would start with something a bit easier first. These are the bezels I have downloaded and look to use
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    Version 1.0.0


    75 3D Box's for Pinball FX3, All boxes have the table layout as the back panel of the box. These go well with Critical Cid's Unified Theme, All tables are covered, While these do the job, they are far from perfect as finding art suitable was very scarce. There is also a pack for Pinball FX2, covering all tables. Some of this is based upon the 2D Box set from @rexryan I will add to this pack when and if they release new tables.
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