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    Hello all, as many of you probably noticed, our data SSD drive in the games database web server slowly started dying yesterday, which was wreaking havoc on the games database website and downloads in LaunchBox. It took us a bit to figure out what was happening, but we've since had the drive replaced and everything is back up and running, sans for some images that are still being restored. There are approximately 800,000 images to restore from backups. Until they are fully restored, you will likely see missing images on the games database website, and many image downloads in LaunchBox will return 404 Not Found errors. It may take a bit to finish restoring all of the images, but I will update everyone here when all is completed. My apologies for the trouble and thanks for bearing with us.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Midway Classics for you guys/gals enjoy
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    Version 1.0.0


    Hey Guys Here are the Dreamcast Disc Images (US) used where possible PAL and PAL/J used where no good quality image could be found or if they looked good 233 Disc Images Within the download is the template so you can make your own Please let me know what you think *If any one has high quality Images (1400X1400) please message me for Saturn or Sega CD or even Dreamcast ** If you want a game done specifically please let me know
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    Version 1.0.0


    New and improved Model 3 Video for you guys enjoy
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    Version 1.0.1


    Happy Christmas or Yule brothers! Arcade 3D Boxes 2.0 Important: Press follow button in the upper right corner to get notified for any future updates to this project, future updates to this page will not be pushed to the "What's New" section. I was inspired by the Mame 3D Boxes by @Robin55 and @Reevesad and the work by @spycat and @MadK9 At first I experimented to convert Robin's work to a darker color as it fits my dark colored setup better, one thing let to another and was helped enormously by @Robin55 in the process of automation and more, if it wasn't for all his help and work this project wouldn't have happened, thanks again so much brother! \m/ The 3D boxes are mostly for the Mame set (could include other emulators as well) but only includes Arcade video games, no pinball, fruit machines and such. Features: Covers based on official flyers, instruction flyers or fan art, customized official artwork and more. I've hunted down previously artwork missing from databases and/or very rare flyers, original resolution of these images can be low some times. Each box has a logo for the game, if it was missing I've hunted it down or extracted it from images (I upload these logos to the database as well) Each box has a logo of the company that either developed or published it (some flyers may have a different publisher from another region, bit confusing at times) Each box is manually color corrected, cleaned and optimized Some games have a second alternative version, made from cabinet side art, marquees or from a different region for example More packs (5 packs total: FGHIJK, LMNOP, QRST, UVWXYZ) are coming in 2019, missing 3D boxes will be released later through update packs. Please remember if you miss boxes to also check the naming convention of the file and if it is the same as the most recent version in the database. Any entry with "The" in front (Like The Astyanax) will be included in the QRST pack. Hope you like Credits Thanks go out to anyone contributing and making art for the launchbox games database. Thanks for any help, encouragement and advice: @Robin55 @spycat @MadK9 @Reevesad @Jason Carr @Kondorito @zetec-s-joe @Fablog @andyco47 @mikty Special thanks to: @neil9000 and @Retro808 for those logistics \m/
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    Probably a within two weeks (could be sooner or later) for the LMNOP pack, around 3 to 4 weeks for QRST and a week for UVWXYZ. For the update packs to the missing boxes I can't make an estimate yet but perhaps a month in total, all could go much faster maybe but depends on real life/time/health things.
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    Version 1.0.0


    took 4 hours to render this bad boy . But totally worth the wait imho.
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    The website is back up, and the problem has been fixed, but I'm now restoring the ~800,000 image files from backups. That could unfortunately take a few hours. Right now, everything should be working, but many of the images will return 404 (Not Found) errors.
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    The disks in the server are hot-swappable, so in theory we should be able to get the disk replaced very quickly. My host is already working on it.
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    After further research, I was wrong. There appears to be a hardware issue on the server with one of the two hard drives. I'm getting it replaced. I'll update with a schedule as soon as I hear back.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Thank you to @CriticalCid for his hard work in creating the unified theme, this is my first attempt at making a video so please let me know if there is any changes i need to make. hope you like it!
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    Version 1.0.0


    Clear logo: @eXo
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    Great. I was just about to start a post with the 404 on images. Thought it was on my client side
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    I am fully aware of this, per the 404 Not Found errors I mentioned above. Images are still being restored from backups.
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    Agreed! Loving the Invaders one.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Download on Download here 2 new themes tomorrow and do not forget to subscribe to the channel of exclusive content and first-time content;)
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    Version 1.0.0


    Second stab at a theme. This one will use a static background image for each platform when a game is launched. So it does not use fan art from each game. The images are those supplied in the BigBox Unified and Unified Redux themes. So I claim no credit to any images. I only copied them over from those themes. Credit to @Jason Carr and @CriticalCid for those themes. I claim no credit to any artwork displayed or included in the theme. If you know the creator please mention so I may credit. IMPORTANT: Launchbox 9.2 or higher required for Startup Themes. Version 1.0.0 Startup Theme: has a header style framed banner that will display "Now Loading..." (text color does change by platform. I used common brand colors or as close to), the game's clear logo, and the platform's clear logo. Main field will display 3D Box, Screenshot, and Cart or Spinning Disc (for CD based games) are in the main view. IMPORTANT: Make sure you set your image priorities in Launchbox for these categories. Also set backup images in case you are missing image types for a game. Shutdown Theme: uses a static image in its current default state with the words "Thank you for playing..." displayed. You can use any static image you want. However, please note the text in the default one is scaled to a size to fit in the background image's marquee. There is an alternate Shutdown xml file that will be pretty generic. The Shutdown text in that one is in the middle of the screen and would be better for those preferring their own image. There are read me files in the folders with simple steps to change the shutdown. If you prefer use the game specific backgrounds and games images in the shutdowns I will be uploading a version of this theme that will use the game fanart backgrounds. Installation: 1. Download the Framed Platform_Static Background v1.0.0.zip file and unzip it into the Launchbox\StartupThemes\ folder. 2. Install the supplied font. 3. In Launchbox go to Tools>Options>Game Startup and choose the appropriate named theme. I will be adding more platform xml files in an update after the holiday. There is probably about 100 in there now.
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    Burn:Cycle has now been added to Zomb's Lair.
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    some cinematic themes by me will upload at the weekend hope you enjoy. sorry about the post earlier was at work and on my phone it didn't post right for some reason Sega Model 2 Konami Classics Irem Classics, needs to be trimmed down as this was my first attempt Sega Model 3 more to follow in the next few days enjoy
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    Thanks for the update and the restoration (thank god for backups) you guys rule! \m/
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    Such a huge project just like any other cover project. I appreciate all the hard work and incremental updates. Looks incredible!
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    Amazing work!! I’m working in my new Wheel for Neo Geo MVS on my Hyperspin FE and I’m going to use your restored images. I’d like to know if you could please upload a pack with the restored images for pack 2. Thanks in advance and continue with your incredible work!
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    Why would anyone want this randomization? Not my preference either. Seems an option to have it on or off would be helpful. I have the same issue with rocket launcher. If I have more than one bezel for a game, it randomly chooses one each launch. I want alternates I can choose with a key when I want a change. I don't want to keep having to reset my preference each time, or create a subfolder and manually rename or copy things into it so the program can't find them. So there are 2 of us
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    Arcade - Multiplayer Games View File MAME Arcade Games that are Multiplayer. Version 170827.1 This is an Auto-Populate playlist, it will look for any games under "Play Mode" labeled "4-Player Simultaneous" or "2-Player Simultaneous" or "2-Player Alternating" . Submitter natemac00 Submitted 08/27/2017 Category Playlists