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    Thank you so much for the new update! I love the vintage/nostalgia set and looking forward to replace all the videos on my personal build with Colorful versions in the future.
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    2.1a Added: NeoGeo CD realistic bezel, thanks to @Kondorito for the photo 🤘
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    That's the NeoGeo CD version Z; I will see what I can do
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    Got it Does this help (open to show full size)?
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    Loving it! I am very intrigued to know if you have a list made on systems to tackle, or if you are simply doing the ones you like.
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    2.1 Added: Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) NTSC realistic bezel 2.1 Added: Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) PAL realistic bezel
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    2.0 Added: Nintendo Famicom Disk System realistic bezel
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    And it radiates all the love and accuracy you've poured into it brother!
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    @Krako13 Without looking at the code i'm unsure what I changed but you should find it in the "MainView" xaml it's more than likely the Grid.Row, Grid.Column and Alignment that got adjusted
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    omg this is amazing can you make alle the command and conquer games ?
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