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    https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Finger Phobia
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    Nothing! Is just that it throws me off a little to have thumbs on the TV Thanks for the variation Lust!
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    "I'll check out the video positioning issue." No need. Not sure what happened there, maybe I messed something up when editing, but it's fixed now after relaunching the theme.
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    Nice to hear it's working well. That's a great catch with the SEGA_GAME_GEAR; I'll fix that for the next release. I'll check out the video positioning issue. FYI, the ALL CAPS naming convention (e.g., AMIGA_CD32) is something I use internally to get things to match up -- this is how the files and images in AVLF are named. There is a mapping in Plugins \ Ao.Bigbox.Themer.v3.9.6.dll.config that defines how to get from user-defined names to my standardized name. The files in Nostalgia \ Images \ Platforms do not employ this mapping and must be renamed manually to match how you name the platforms. P.s. I fixed the Amiga naming for the next release, too. Thanks again!
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    Working great. After more testing, the only issue I've had so far is I had no Gamegear platform image so I had to rename SEGA_GAMEGEAR.png to SEGA_GAME_GEAR.png as well as in Views\Images\AVLF\Platforms\@index.txt. I also had to rename the Amiga consoles in said file and I think the theme config also to match Launchbox's default naming convention, ie, rename Amiga_CD32 to COMMODORE_AMIGA_CD32 for the platform images to show.
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    Love it! If you can share a finger-less version as well, that would be awesome
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    3.8 Added: SNK Neo Geo Pocket & SNK Neo Geo Pocket Color realistic bezels
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    Thank you so much for this set! I was using Nostalgia for a long time, thinking nothing would make me change from this already great set...I was wrong BTW, thanks also for the Colorful BigBox theme! Insta switch!
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    For the most part, you should be able to edit the section where the FontFamily resources are defined. That section in PlatformWheel3FiltersView looks like this: ... <!-- FONTS DECLARED HERE BECAUSE DOES NOT SEEM TO WORK FROM WITHIN NOSTALGIA.XAML --> <FontFamily x:Key="NostClockFontFamily">/Ao.Bigbox.Themes.Nostalgia;Component/Fonts/#Arcade</FontFamily> <FontFamily x:Key="NostLoadingFontFamily">/Ao.Bigbox.Themes.Nostalgia;Component/Fonts/#Arcade</FontFamily> <FontFamily x:Key="NostVertYearFontFamily">/Ao.Bigbox.Themes.Nostalgia;Component/Fonts/#Neon Pixel-7</FontFamily> <FontFamily x:Key="NostWheelShadowListFontFamily">/Ao.Bigbox.Themes.Nostalgia;Component/Fonts/#Bebas Neue</FontFamily> ... These references pull fonts from the Nostalgia DLL, but you could also pull a font installed on your system. There is a new(-ish) way to use fonts in BB themes without installing them on your system, but I've not used that approach so cannot comment on it. When editing the fonts above, you'll need to leave the key name alone; just change the content of the FontFamily tag, e.g.: ... <FontFamily x:Key="NostClockFontFamily">SomeFontInstalledOnMySystem</FontFamily> ... Changing fonts for certain view items (e.g., most of the lists) might change spacing a little and therefore mess with the layout. When I use lists in my views, for example, I space items so that none are cut off on the top or bottom of this list when scrolling since that irks me.
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    @bundangdon, @neil9000 -- updated to support LB10+ ... Turned off by default is when then selection wheel fades to platform/game details. You can turn this back on if you want by quickly editing Views\Styles\Nostalgia.xaml ... near the top of the file, and the bundled PDF describes what to change.
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    loving the overlay's, thank you retrolust. using for all my portables. do wish the ps1 had more screen real estate, however. maybe for the next jump up in 4:3, with the ps1 to the side to save room. if using overlay scale, the tv quickly goes off screen.
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    Did you download the COLORFUL video set ? In LaunchBox, go to Option/Tools/ Platform Video Download Tool, and set COLORFUL 4K, and clic Download.
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    Easy to do just replace "SelectedGame.Rating" with "SelectedGame.StarRating" in line 131 of the Default.xaml. Also update line 125 to read "Star Rating:" if you want. Or just drop this Default.xaml in the theme folder. This one has those lines changed if you don't want to mess with it.
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    It's Perfect now. Very beautiful your theme. Thank you.
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    Thats not possible, the "List" view is just that, you cant use a clear logo wheel there.
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    What resolution and DPI scaling are you using? @BBG Try the new version I just loaded. Small fix to text code I hope will fix the issue. Still let me know the information above.
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    @viking Oh ok, thank you for your response. I did not know that.
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    @JesseBlue : Thx! I will do my best! @Mumut : Ahah merci !!!! This is the original idea! Create a complete and coherent experience. I have already made a intro video for BigBox. But I would like to finalize and fix the main theme before declining. For example, I'm thinking of creating a Banner set, based on videos montage. @GodElite : The easiest way is to continue the discussion on the forum. Comments are less convenient. @Palada : Cool !! Thx man!! I also planned to do my version. But any help is welcome! And the more choice, the better! Good job !! @kidflash : The players number isn't fixed in the theme. He will look for the info in your database. In "LaunchBox > Option > Tools > Manage platforms >"
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    A dark version was not planned. But considering the number of requests, I think to do it! Give me time to completely finalize the white version, and I'll do a dark version 😉
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    I've had to update early because I missed something beforehand. The glass overlay was over the top of the character image which made it look incorrect so sorry about that. Now there shouldn't be another update for awhile. Good news is, that with the update it also includes a video background from @harryoke for a new view option.
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    Hey Aorin I know the borders are a bit thick, but the Europe set is not my work and I was trying to get them all to match up. I might make my own Europe set soon.
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    it's a design bias ... I know it will not please everyone! For me, it's enough to make a quick idea before playing.
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    No, you have nothing to do with game video snap. This is the theme that comes to hide a part of it. No video files are modified. Same for the platform videos, by the way ! EDIT : The theme work with any video ratio or format. 16:9, 4:3 or fancy Nintendo DS video. The theme must manage them, without distortion or modification. That's why the gameplay video doesn't pop in full screen, like platforms view. Because of the variety of video format. For platform video, I still recommend a classic 16: 9 format, but it must work with anything !
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    Ahah, no problem ! Yes, I thought this theme for use on a TV, so at a safe distance from the screen.
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    Wow !! Thank you for your feedback ! 😍 I will try to answer everyone: @lordoftorrents : Happy to see that it works! @EdenSerrot : I will look at the side of the theme manager to see where the problem comes from. Thank you for the feedback ! @Retrofrogg : It's not a bug, it's a feature! 😉 The top space is reserved for the game name. If it is longer, it will occupy the top space and push up the platform name and special icons. In this view, the information text is reduced because the information banner is larger. (2 lines) The other view has a reduced one. (1 line) Here is a exemple with a long game name & a "fav" icon :
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    Thanks this worked like a dream!
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    Download the zip file from here and extract on the themes folder on launchbox directory, then inside Big Box go to options>views>theme and chose "colorful". Downloading inside BigBox didn't work for me either, but manual install works.
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    OK! 3min and first bug! 😁 Still in beta, remember it! I have not finished writing all the presentation text yet. It misses the recommendations. I do not understand this problem. Probably the fact that I am with BigBox v.10 (beta)? And you in 9.10 (stable)? Otherwise, thanks for the comments. And no, the videos are not cropped, but animated by the theme. This is my video set exactly as you can download it.
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    @viking those transitions look so sexy and professional! I love how this theme is shaping up Just food for thought: inverted/black version? I am following this thread now.
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