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    Honestly @viking I mentioned it in your platform video thread, but truly you are an amazing asset to this community. Making this public is such an incredible gift. Thankyou! We will treat it with the respect it deserves!
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    Just wondering if there's any new platform releases on the horizon or dare I say, source? Would love to expand upon the amazing work created to date. Appreciate it's been a crazy world so just curious. Hope everyone is safe and well out there. *EDIT: And just as I say it he releases source and updates. Honestly, you are a gift to the community @viking and a hero to me!
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    Thanks must be missing something . Your directions are good. Thanks anyway.
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    Where is your best Atari 2600 list for the Sega Master System?
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    Excellent. This must have taken ages. I've fixed some of the worst scans with contrast/brightness/colour corrections and other improvements (some scratch/dust removed, improved logos). I've also found a few better scans. Some scans were particularly bad and i couldn't find a better one, but i did what i could (Fighters Megamix). I've attached a zip with my fixes. Feel free to add these to your pack if you wish. Fixed.zip
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    Fantastic work and thanks a lot for sharing these!
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    cant wait to see what you come up with 🙂
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    I 100% agree to that cheers
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    Clean, system-specific design, I like it!
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    Hi really good. i love the mini themes. by any chance could we get a dreamcast version without the box outline. just have a tile like other themes?
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    Amazing content... Congratulations!!!
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    @shadowfireBeautiful theme, simple and clean and lost of room for Background and Screenshot art to shine Is there a way to change the thickness and fill of the selection brush and hover background brush? To have just a thin rectangle line around selected box art? thanks
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    excellent! and again, my apologies.
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    All fixed, download the new 🙂 sorry about that
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    I probably am... I though it was you mentioning that about the MAME bezels. But... But... How long is eventually? LOL Keep up the good work 😁 I'll be patient(ish).
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    LOVING ITTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!! soooooo nice, thank you very very much
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    Thanks for the new update. I'm really enjoying your theme
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    Hello kind Sir. Any chance (since you've been working on vertical screens lately) I could twist your rubbery arm to make a Vectrex bezel? I've got overlays for it, but I'm missing a nice bezel 😁 Thanks for these they're great!
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    Hey MetalRaven, I've been taking a hiatus from theme development as I was focusing on my real work and other projects but since the lockdown I do have some free time to get back to my hubby and work on my themes. I was thinking of updating BIGFLIX as I also feel more great stuff can be added to the theme. One View I had in mind is from the Netflix 2019 UI update where we have Horizontal View consisting of tall rectangular wheels that opens up to a full fledged Horizontal rectangle once a Platform/Game is selected similar to the example below: However, I'm not really sure if this is possible on Bigbox but I have seen new themes here that incorporates some elements of the example above like the excellent @faeran's theme BannerBox so I would love to hear his input on the above view. I am open for suggestions so if you have any ideas for new views or features please feel free to share them and I will try to work on them for the next BIGFLIX update.
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    So far My Main theme its really cool, i actually took it a step further and decided to make Game videos (not going to happen for all the games) but its a cool idea Here is a look
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