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    Here are my realistic Arcade Bezels for Neo Geo games for use on Mame. You can download it here - https://bit.ly/2XLb6eV
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    Yes, it's open. Everything is in your RL/Lib directory. That's how people, like myself, have been modifying things. If it were closed source that wouldn't be possible. IIRC the post you mention was about Jason inquiring about the licensing, including RL in the LB download and making a new UI (which he didn't need permission for but was a nice gesture/courtesy). Regarding implementation, it's not as simple as just copy/pasting RL code. For one, that would mean using AHK rather or porting/implementing it to C# and doing it natively. Since Jason is the sole dev and it's closed source it's his sole burden to maintain it. That means figuring out the best way to work it into the existing codebase, allow for expansion and ease of maintenance going forward. It seems simple to end users but if you're a dev you know different. Natively handling control mapping for everything in LB would be a very hefty thing to do, it's not simple. Utilizing standalone keymapping software would be pretty easy to do via a plugin or script. And of course, everyone tends to think their requests are super important and/or wanted by most, whether that's the case or not. In the end, I'm sure Jason will tackle a bunch but it comes down to prioritizing what is easiest/most requested to implement.
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    thanks for link.. I am using the standalone and resolved the issue by adding this line twice in the pause settings 'on resume' tab. Brings it back to full screen. sleep, 50 send !{Enter}
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    It's a very simple solution currenty, which should work well for most users. Currently there's only one save state accessible and it always saves and loads that state. We may come back to it at some point in the future to add extra functionality, but it's not an immediate priority. Unfortunately more extensive solutions will be a major challenge due to all the differences between the emulators. Yes, this is certainly possible, but it is still a challenge, so it's not something I plan to tackle immediately. I'll take note that you guys want this feature expanded though. It may end up on the next community poll.
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    Mother effer that was it. Sorry to have wasted your time man, I could have sworn I checked that. At least I didn't disassemble my entire cabinet to rewire the joystics hahahaah (looks around nervously as he grabs a screwdriver)
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    No worries! Good luck and enjoy the new pause feature😁
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    Good advice, but for the record, PAUSE seems to work fine in Retroarch, although as you said, it may not work well with all cores...I shall see...
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    From the title I think he download a whole bunch of Rons
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    Yes, there currently are no settings we can adjust to get marquee images a certain way. I have tried editing a theme to get it to work, only partial success. I could get the clear logo shown, but never a static background image. It would always default to the marquee image or the next priority. So, we have to wait until Jason is ready to take on updates to marquee images and priorities. He did say it will be coming.
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    Have those Neo Geo ones been updated? I've been using the second one (plain red) for a while, cropped. I'll have a look at the last one - not seen that one before.
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    I don't know how to add text to my original post. Just wanted to share this collection with you guys. I consider these consoles as official hardware, maybe some of you do too and want them in your BigBox collection. Please enjoy.
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    I would like to livestream an early build of the PASC CE BigBox Theme Creator today, the interest level will dictate whether i should proceed
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    @drewjbxFor TPA, you don't have to use RL. Here is how have setup in LB with TPA purchased from Steam, but shouldn't make any difference as long as TPA is up and working outside LB since using TPAFreeCamMod.exe. The TPAFreeCamMod.exe needs to have the proper path in its Settings.ini file to the PinballArcade11.exe location. 1) Make sure you have the TPAFreeCamMod.exe and use that as your emulator application path. You can name the "emulator" whatever you want. You need to make sure to check the "Use file name only without extension or folder path...." Also note the -table command in command-line 2) Then setup "dummy" roms which are just plain text files with the name that TPA uses for launching: This is example of "rom" folder which plain text files. Note the name is key since that is what is used to pass to command line to launch table. The benefit here is that once have named can import into LB like any other roms and "in mass" through import tool. Will have to fiddle with the names to fix in the title once imported. Full list of game names Freecam needs (got this list from one of the pinball sites):
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    As i said, Launchbox only checks for a new metadata package once every 24 hours, if you have already updated it within the last 24 hours it will not look for the new data.
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    Move retroarch where you want it, then double click retroarch in your image and browse to the new location. As for roms, highlite all the games in a platform with CTRL A, and go to Tools/Change rom path.
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    your not alone, i usually add at least 50% to those numbers for me to beet it..... I love retro games, dont confuse this with me being any good at them lol.
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    You keep mentioning this and it's a moot point. The whole point of RL is to be frontend independent and support all of them. All of the code for RL is open so there's nothing stopping Jason from looking at or using it so there's no need for collaboration anyway. It boils down to how Jason wants to implement things which is likely different from how RL does, which is completely understandable.
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    Thanks a bunch!! I finally got it and did everything right. The way I want at least.
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    Thanks to an Nvidia forum post I have found the answer to this: It is a fault with some Nvidia graphics cards (and possibly others). Note to people offering advice: The problem isn't stuttering. Stuttering is normal in some games which use fixed-point arithmetic scrolling, such as Super Mario World, which is at the centre of the problem. The problem is tearing, this isn't normal for the SNES, not even for Super Mario World. On the SNES SMW stutters, on a faulty Nvidia card, it actually tears so you can see the screen refresh. The solution to it I have found is to right-click on the RetroArch icon, and choose "Integrated graphics" from "Run with graphics processor". Also, in the Nvidia control panel, which you should find under the "hidden icons" arrow on the right, choose "Manage 3D settings", in there choose "program settings". Choose "RetroArch", and in "Select the preferred graphics processor for this program", choose "Integrated graphics". I hope that works for you, because it's what worked for me!
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    There is a Turbografx CD video in the Nostalgia set. It once was available in the downloader. That is where I got my copy. There is an Xbox video in the Nostalgia set too. If you can't find them in the downloader, you can download them directly from the Downloads area:
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    I'd like to say something (essay) on save states because Iv recently started to get save states into BB. I have 6 emulator's on my pc at the moment... The challenge being... match the rom to the save state. Retroarch save states are easy enough to deal with. I guess the only issue is where the save states are stored. 3 options... In one folder...all save states are saved to 1 folder, the save state folder. This isnt a great idea because if any rom is named the same, then they overwrite each other. I checked, I had a mario game that was named the same for different platforms... The other thing is the amount of files to search through to get to the save state. Could be thousands. I guess you wouldnt iterate through all save states, just search for matching rom name. Separate core folders. Better and LB knows what core is being used. Content folder, which is the one I'll use to put save states in BB. Retroarch saves the states to the same directory as the rom. Means all roms will need to be individual directories.I wont be doing that by hand lol. LB knows where the rom is. I personally think its the better option. Anyway LB would need to take these options into account. Also how could launchbox know if you were to launch another game using retroarch xmb/dashboard/menu thingy? <This is a genuine question? Project 64... this I cant work out. It saves to individual directories per rom. The directories are named like "Title-MD5 checksum". The "title" does not match your rom. Project 64 has database files, in the database your find rom names. None of the rom names in the database match my mario world 64 rom. You could regex it I guess. Or maybe use the checksum, except my mario 64 checksum doesnt match the checksum of the save state directory? Also getting the checksum from the rom isnt a quick process. Dolphin... iv found a way to match gamecube iso's to their save states but iv only tested iso's. I dont think this method would work if the game is in zip etc and im not sure if there is any other format. If wii save states are named the same way as gamecube then this method will work for wbfs as well. Im not sure if this method will work for iso's but I imagine it would. PPSSPP... Same method as dolphin but only in iso format. The issue with this... my 250ish collection of .cso psp minis goes from 7gb to 40gb. You could also use this method to find save data but I havent looked to see if there is a way to differentiate between game data and save data, they both save to the same directory nut named slightly different. Cemu... in the same directory as the executable is an xml file which you can use to determine in what directory the save is in cemu. But its only a directory, not a file. This is for save data not save states. Does cemu have save states? rpcs3... I havent looked to much into it. I thought I could use the same method as my trophy plugin but some games dont have trophies. There might be a different way im not sure. Anyway the moral of the story is... shit... show. I just wanted to get that out there.
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    Internet connections are really finicky things, unfortunately, especially now with Internet neutrality abolished in the US (what a ridiculous mess that is). I've already proven that the LaunchBox traffic is being throttled by ISPs, so I wouldn't be surprised if EmuMovies traffic was as well. It sucks to have to pay money for a VPN, but that may be worth trying, as that gets around ISP sniffing and throttling. If only big corporations weren't screwing everybody over...
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    Makes sense. I can see that being useful; I'll add it to the list.
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    Thank you so much. That worked perfect. I love this community and sry if this was a dumb question.
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    Just downloaded a fresh version and tested. It is working. I did notice from platform to platform there was some occasional lag, but no crashes like @Edulnmigrante mentioned.
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    I hope we can get a way to change which Emulator a title can be set to within BigBox instead of having to go back to LaunchBox to do it. Maybe even be able to change the Status within BigBox too would be nice. As we know not always the same Emulator is gonna work with every title on a Platform, especially if it's something of a Mod, Homebrew, or Hack. So being able to switch and keep it that way instead of "Launch with..." each time would seem better. I think "Launch with..." is still a good choice for times some wanna do 3DNES and then switch back to a normal NES look within the same title though
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    Nosh On This Twice - BigBox Theme View File This is a reboot of my Nosh On This theme with new views, improved performance and a ton of platform category, platform and playlist images. Platform and game background videos are force enabled in the theme settings but you can change that if you like. There is more work I would like to do to the game views and that will be hopefully coming soon. Quick and dirty video of what you can expect below. You can either download the entire package which is currently 2.5gb or the no images zip that just contains the theme and download the clear logo, banner and device images separately from the links below. Nosh On This Twice - Banners Nosh On This Twice - Clear Device Logos Nosh On This Twice - Clear Logos Installation: Install the fonts from Fonts.zip and place the theme in your LaunchBox themes folder. Other Nosh On This Downloads Nosh On This Twice - LaunchBox Theme Nosh On This Twice - Black LaunchBox Theme Submitter nosh Submitted 03/11/2019 Category Big Box Custom Themes  
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    Yes. When you edit an individual emulator you can turn on/off Pause themes as well as Startup themes. You can also bulk edit games and do this. Helpful in the case of windows games or any that do not use an emulator.
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    I know this is a old question, but I'll post my solution in that it might help others. There are several ways of doing this. Launchbox includes pre-run and post,-run AHK scripting tools,Launchbox also allows additional apps to be run before and after each emulator is run. I have had random issues with using these methods and currently if you are using the additional app features, currently Launchbox doesn't let you set this per emulator. You would have to set to each rom/file. (It's been on the feature request vote but hasn't received enough votes.) I find it's much simplier to just create a bat file in the same directory as your emulator and in Launchbox, point the emulator executable to this bat file instead of the emulator exe. (Your bat file will call the emulator executable.) Here is an example of WinVICE.bat I use for loading in a custom iPac2 map for Commodore 64, and restoring the default iPac2 map after the emulator is closed. @echo off call "C:\Program Files (x86)\WinIPAC V2\WinIPAC.exe" "C:\Program Files (x86)\WinIPAC V2\WinVICE.ipc" call C:\Users\ARCADEPC\LaunchBox\Emulators\WinVICE\x64.exe %1 call "C:\Program Files (x86)\WinIPAC V2\WinIPAC.exe" "C:\Program Files (x86)\WinIPAC V2\Default.ipc" exit 0 Obviously you have to create your custom iPac2 maps using WiniPac, (the *.ipc files), but I found this to work flawlessly.
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    Are you using Startup themes in LB/BB? If so try turning that off in Launchbox for Kegafusion and see if it helps. Just tested it on the latest stable version of LB with Startup themes and it closes fine.
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    Commodore 64 'Logo' Pack (T) View File I have 6000 C64 games and after scraping for game logos from the database and Emumovies I only acquired around 3000. So, as in my other 'unofficial' logo packs here are the missing ones created by myself. This is a big job so I'll release them in alphabetical order as I make them. (T) 219 logos. Submitter Lukeyboy67 Submitted 06/09/2019 Category Game Media Packs  
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    I have made a Frankenstein theme from Unified Refried, and Aeon, with inspiration from Coverbox and Retrotastic. I enjoy attract mode and wanted something that showed off the art of the games without to many distractions and could work in a multi-platform playlist. I also like subtle animations to keep the screen alive. It was made for my 3x4 4k screen of my Surface Pro. What I can't figure out is how to make alternative alternative game views work. I can only get Wheel2GamesView.xaml running. I have small animations and glows I would like to turn off for lower spec machines but not matter what it only loads Wheel2GamesView.xaml. Here are some images from my theme. Supported systems are:Atari 2600, Magnavox, Intellivision, ColecoVision, NES, SNES, N64, GameCube, Dreamcast, Wii, Gameboy, Gameboy Color, Gameboy Advanced, Nds, 3ds, SMS, Genesis, SegaCD, 32X, Saturn, Dreamcast, Turbo 16, Turbo CD, Ps1, Ps2, ScummVM, MS-Dos, Arcade, Steam
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    Updated to v1.5 -- see download page for details: https://forums.launchbox-app.com/files/file/1619-wootlauncher/
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    Yeah thats is what i meant, changing slot number on the pause screen instead of it always saving to #0 or loading the #0. Sorry Not 100% english here. As i understand this is not curently available.
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    @Jason Carr Sorry I'm late. Japanese translation is here. Language-ja-JP.zip
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    Hi guys, here's my video guide to set up Yuzu within Launchbox Enjoy
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    Beta 2 is out now to attempt to fix an issue with the updated game exit AutoHotkey script. It's only been reported by one user so far, but it's a major issue for @MazJohn [Mr Arcade]. The issue is detailed in this thread: Hopefully this beta fixes it and we can go forward with the 9.9 release.
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    I think this was originally done to fix a performance issue, though I agree that it's not ideal. I'll put it on the list. I see; is there a reason why Rocket Launcher would work properly with missing files? Sadly, that would be a mess to implement because every emulator of course implements save states differently. The best option would be to add (yet again) more AutoHotkey scripts for that, and they would end up being too complicated in most cases for people to come up with the scripts. We could take a guess whether a save state "worked" or not, but that would be iffy at best. Hehehe, not usually. I'm all good over here (actually didn't really work at all over the weekend). A lot of it was done late last week. Thanks all; I'm currently taking a couple of days to work on Music Box Alpha, which has metadata/tag editing just about done. Assuming this beta continues to go smoothly, we'll probably put out the official in the next day or two.
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    Time goes by so fast, and so much stuff went on and improved... Seems like yesterday when the BigBox concept started to appear in LB 5.0... And if you think about it, each LB/BB version number hast 10 revisions inside, so it will be reaching 100 releases in 10.0!
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    Hello everyone, The Bezel Project was created with the goal of making a custom bezel for every ROM with an easy install script for the raspberry pi. It has been ported over for Odroid, and Mac and I would love some help getting it over to LaunchBox for more people to enjoy! We’ve made thousands of them for multiple consoles and there has been a lot of demand to get them working on PC, but I need help. Here is more information about us from our GitHub page if that helps. Thank you and we appreciate it very much. https://github.com/thebezelproject/BezelProject
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    PSONE Games Thèmes [16/9 1080P 30/60S] View File List of Themes: Chrono Cross Final Fantasy 7 Final Fantasy 8 , Final Fantasy 9 Metal Gear Solid ed.Gray Fox Medievil Suikoden2 Spyro the Dragon Soul Edge Megaman X 2 , X3 X4 X5 Legacy of Kain Soulreaver V2 Wild arms Xenogears Submitter PaDeMoNiuM Submitted 05/29/2019 Category Game Theme Videos  
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    For the past week or so I've been obsessively working on these again. I basically reworked everything, fixing a ton of stuff and reorganizing so that it's not just a bunch of arbitrary version numbers. Things have now been boiled down to Neuromancer, Snow Crash, Razorgirl, Decker, and a new shader called Ghost. There are several versions of each of these as well as alternate scaling versions. For Neuromancer and Snow Crash there are also alternate "bright" versions that are slightly brighter. I still have all the old stuff included in a folder called "old" if there's something from that that people would still want, though I don't really recommend it. For the most common scenarios, the normal shaders in the base folder are what you will want. The SVGA and Vertical shaders are only for those types of content and won't look right otherwise. The SVGA stuff I don't anticipate most people using as it won't look right on content that's lower than 640x480. The example I use it on in the screenshots is Dark Seed II, which is a Windows 3.1 game. Vertical is obviously for vertically rotated arcade games. The 5X Scaling folder is alternate versions that are specifically for 5X integer scaling. Custom is the same idea but for custom scaling - your mileage will vary on this however, as it's going to depend on the scaling numbers you used. I use it primarily for some PSX games that use somewhat non-standard resolution modes that I've done some custom scaling on. You can download the set here: Zombs Shaders 4-23-19.zip I still need to make the non-vignette versions of these. I will be doing that and posting an update, but my eyes were seriously starting to bleed from working on this, so I wanted to get these out there and come back to it in a few days. I have a screenshot comparison folder available for download here that will give you a more in-depth look, but a few highlights below: No Shader: Ghost: Ghost-Clear: No Shader: Neuromancer: Neuromancer-Sharp1: No Shader: Ghost-Vertical: Neuromancer-Vertical: Snow Crash-Vertical: Razorgirl-Vertical: No Shader: Ghost-SVGA: Neuromancer-SVGA: Snow Crash-SVGA: Razorgirl-SVGA: No Shader: Ghost: Ghost-Clear: Neuromancer-Sharp1: Neuromancer-Clear: Snow Crash-Sharp1: Snow Crash-Clear: Razorgirl-Sharp1: Razorgirl-Clear:
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    Any news from 'Pipes about a release? It's been about 4 months, so I imagine he made a lot of progress.
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    Here you go @jjk73: Create a .bat file with all the stuff you want to run on launch. Be careful! The second to last line has a /wait in it, so the last line that launches the explorer.exe waits to be triggered. Example: @echo off start /min "" "C:\Tools\Scripts\Blah.bat" start /min "" "C:\Portables\Blah2\Blah2.exe" start /min /wait "" "C:\Users\USERNAME\LaunchBox\Bigbox.exe" start explorer.exe Let's name the above example startup.bat Then open another notepad and add the following line: CreateObject("Wscript.Shell").Run "C:\the path for your bat file\startup.bat",0,True Make sure to change the path I wrote to match your previously created bat file. Rename this file as a .vbs instead of .txt and close (i.e. startup.vbs). Now, you need to have WinRAR in your machine. Right click on the created vbs file, and select "Add to startup.rar". Once created, open it. You will see the vbs inside the rar. Then click on the SFX icon in the WinRAR toolbar. In the SFX creation window, choose the Windows GUI module from the list and click on the Advanced SFX options button. In the options window switch to the Setup tab, and type in the name of the batch file in the text field Run after extraction (in this example was startup.vbs). Switch to the Modes tab, select Unpack to temporary folder checkbox and then select Hide all option from the Silent mode section. Click on the OK buttons two times to close the open windows and create the EXE. The newly created EXE file is saved in the same folder as the RAR file containing the vbs file. All done! You can now go to Windows > Run > gpedit.msc > User Configuration > Administrative Templates > System > Custom User Interface, and select "Enabled" and type below the path to your exe file. The good thing of doing it like this, is that you can modify the bat file however you like (adding and removing apps to be launched on startup), and the vbs and exe file will not need to be tampered with. If for some reason does not work for you, you can always do Ctrl+Alt+Delete, select Task Manager, run new task, select explorer, and then go back to gpedit.msc and disable what you did. Hope this helps!
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    Here's one more for good measure. Neuromancer V3. I adjusted some of the scaling a bit and toned down the bloom a little. Looks pretty nice I think. Zombs Shaders 11-17-18.7z No Shader: Neuromancer V3: No Shader: Neuromancer V3: No Shader: Neuromancer V3: No Shader: Neuromancer V3: No Shader: Neuromancer V3:
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    All you have to do for this is to setup an additional app, either for the game .exe or the disc image, and set the other as the "rom". If you set the disc image as the "rom", you can then add the game .exe as an additional app, and check the box that says "automatically run after main application". If you set the .exe as the "rom", you can add the disc image as an additional app, and check the box that says "automatically run before main application." So long as the disc image file format has a Windows association of Daemon Tools, what this will do is mount the disc, then start the game .exe. If you don't have the association already, just right-click on it, go to "Open With" -> "Choose Default Program", browse to DT, and check the "Always use the selected program to open this kind of file" checkbox. If you wanted to setup a bat to unmount the drive afterwards, you'd want to do the .exe as the rom, disc image as "before", and the bat as "after". I don't care enough to do that though because if you mount another disc later it replaces the currently mounted one anyway and if you want to unmount it manually you can just go to My Computer, right-click on the drive, and tell it to "eject disc".
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