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  1. We'd like to announce that @faeran has officially joined our team here at Unbroken Software, LLC! If you've been around long enough, you probably know him from all the themes he's been sharing with the community since 2017. He will now be serving as our Product Manager, and while that title doesn't do justice to all the things he'll be doing behind the scenes, you'll definitely be seeing his presence more and more as he settles. Some of his new roles pertaining to the community will include: Supporting LaunchBox through email, forums and social media Listening to the community and providing feedback to the team Leading the marketing and video creation efforts Helping guide the direction of LaunchBox updates Providing community live streams for theme development Continuing to develop themes for the community Let's all welcome him into the LaunchBox family!
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  2. Version 1.31


    This theme requires LaunchBox v11.10 or above. --------- The new LaunchBox update is here, and with it comes many new Big Box theming features. The highlight amongst them is a brand new Wall View. This theme showcases the new wall view by providing 2 inspired views utilizing the new Wall View CoverFlow wheel. What kind of things can the new CoverFlow wheel do? Download this theme and take a look. The views use the following artwork: Clear Logos Screenshots Background Fanart BoxArt - Front Game Videos Don't forget to set your screenshot image priority to screenshot - gameplay. Have fun. Thanks to @PlayingKarrde for clarifying that this theme is loosely based on a couple different themes from the Pegasus frontend.
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  3. Welcome to the LaunchBox 2021 Community Poll! This the poll items was gathered from the community from multiple sources such as BitBucket and here on the community forums. This poll will help us shape the direction of our development over the course of the next while, by helping us prioritize the things you want to see most. The Poll is Now Closed. Thank you everyone for participating in the poll. Below are the results. POLL RESULTS ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- RetroArch Integration - Easy Import Wizard with RetroArch Core Manager - (The ability to install RetroArch and download/update/manage your cores from within LaunchBox itself, stopping the need from having to install and manage cores separately. If this is successful, this would then add the foundation for future RetroArch integrations.) Clean Up Media Per Platform - (The ability to clean up media on a per-platform basis, instead of only on your entire collection.) Suggested/Recommended Games - (New sections in game details that would suggest other games for you based on game similarities, LaunchBox community ratings, etc.) MAME Full Set Importer Controller Filters - New options to filter out games based on their control types - (Be able to filter out racing games that require a wheel, games that require too many buttons, etc.) Media Download Improvements - Add a limit to how many images LaunchBox will download per image type - (Gain the ability to set a number that would limit the amount of images you would download, per image type.) Allow adding games/apps to the Big Box platform category and/or platform screen - (Gain the ability to add games or applications (such as Kodi) to your main screen in Big Box.) Previous/Next buttons within the LaunchBox Edit Window - (See a previous and next button within a Game's edit window.) Game Time Tracking - (LaunchBox and Big Box would be able to track the time you have a certain game open. This will not track how long you've been actually playing a particular game, but only track the amount of time you have the emulator or game open after launching it.) Pin-Locked Games Based On the Ratings Field - (Gain the ability to hide or lock out games based on their content ratings, eg. ESRB) Itch.IO Integration - (A new import wizard option to import your Itch.IO games that are within your Itch.IO library. Please note: Not all purchases on itch.IO automatically make it to your itch.IO library.) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you again everyone for your participation, it really means a lot that you took the time to fill out the poll. Look out over the coming months as we work to implement the top items on the poll.
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  4. Since we can only comment on what is on the list and not suggest better options. I would like to say that if the "Suggested games/reccomended games" feature is implemented, I will stop using launchbox if it cannot be turned off. There is nothing I hate more than having shit "suggested" to me, I can find my own groceries/games/magazines/movies/music/books whatever, I don't need to be suggested/shown ads/be told what to watch/play/do next. Sorry if I sound angry, but as someone suffering from concentration problems I have a natural hatred for every pop-up/blinking avatar/slider/useless extra bit of text/images that I am currently not interested in.
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  5. Version 1.0.0


    Hello my friends.TV BOX LOADING.zip It is with great joy that I bring you a small idea that I had in creating small splashscreens for each platform when the platforms started up. There are a total of 121 different systems. As soon as I have created more, I will update the post. Hope you like it.
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  6. Version 2.0.1


    Pulse is dark, responsive BigBox theme. No need for custom images. 125 device images and 135 cropped clear logos included. Views use: Clear logos, Videos, Fan art, Box Art, 3D Box Art and device images. Made with: Community Theme Creator for BigBox by y2guru Views included (Version 1.1): System HorizontalWheel1 HorizontalWheel2 HorizontalWheel3 PlatformWheel1 PlatformWheel2 PlatformWheel3 PlatformWheel4 TextFiltersView TextGamesView Views (Version 2.0) GameDetailsView HorizontalWheel1GamesView HorizontalWheel2GamesView HorizontalWheel3GamesView PlatformWheel2FiltersView (Viking's Colorful platform videos are recommended) PlatformWheel3FiltersView SystemView TextFiltersView TextGamesView TextListView WallGamesView Wall2GamesView (If you want this to look good please remove all the title screenshots from games) Fonts included: BarlowSemiCondensed-ExtraBold BarlowSemiCondensed-Medium BarlowSemiCondensed-Regular Barlow Semi Condensed - Google Fonts Remember to refresh wheel images from BigBox options! Special Thanks to @Dan Patrick and @bundangdon who helped me a lot with useful feedback. Dan also provided some icons and clear logos. There were others who gave me feedback, so thank you all for your help. Screenshots and video preview uses videos and images made by others, including platform videos by @viking Not taking any requests for missing assets. Video Preview Version 2.0 Version 1.1
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  7. Version 1.0.0


    I use the awesome Bigbox function to display marquees on a secondary monitor. For years I've been collecting high res Mame arcade marquees from all over the internet. Not all marquees are in 4K but many are, I've down scaled the resolution to max 3840 pixels wide and saved all in .jpg format for a good size and quality balance. This could be the largest high res marquee collection out there, not sure. Some game marquees could be missing. 1398 marquees total. Credits I have forgotten where I got all marquees through the years but I know many came from the legendary @Mr. Do collection see: https://mrdo.mameworld.info/index.php @ArsInvictus is certainly one of the providers as well. If you see anything you've worked on please let me know so I can tag you here for credits. Hope you enjoy this collection.
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  8. Version 1.0.5


    What is it? CoinOps Redux is a port of CoinOps Next to BigBox, co-created with @Klopjero. The theme has been developed using the Community Theme Creator (all the credit to @y2guru) and should display correctly in both 16:9 and 4:3 ratios. As in the case of CoinOps, it relies on 1120x1080 fanart images for game wheel views. Big thanks to BritneysPAIRS and the CoinOps team for their work in CoinOps and for their amazing theme design. Views It includes the following BigBox views: - 4 platform views. - 2 game wheels for arcade based systems. - 2 game wheels for non-arcade based systems. - 2 horizontal game wheels. - Systems view. Supporting more than 130 systems. For platform views, we suggest to use @viking colorful videos. Files available [CoinOps Redux 1.0.zip] The BigBox theme files. Just uncompress and copy / paste to Launchbox\Themes folder. All platform background images are included in the file. [Platforms] Sets of fanart images (1120x1080) for several platforms. If you want to use them, just unzip and copy / paste to Launchbox\Images\[Platform]\Fanart - Background. * It is also possible to use the fanart packs uploaded by @RedSnake for his DarkRoom theme (or use these in DarkRoom). Showcase
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  9. Version 1.0.0


    Hi everyone! I'm excited to submit my first theme for LaunchBox. Theme Features This theme is an intent to mimic GOG Galaxy design. So I worked in an overhaul of almost every aspect of LB design, to adapt (as far as possible) to that look. Everything from SideBar, to Boxes and List Views, Game Details and menus were modified to mimic that aspect. SideBar New icons for Menu, Search, and Platforms. New visual style for count item. SideBar is now fixed to the left. Main Window Box covers are now "UniformToFIll" by default (but I included an optional file in the "Optionals" folder inside the theme to display them as normal (not stretch or cut)). Sub line is always displayed below the title, no matter what amount of lines does the title have. New icons in the main top part of the screen for Play/Edit Game, add new game, visuals, etc. New visuals on mouse over and selected boxes. Badges are displayed inside the image, I recommend using the "Simple White Badges" from JesseBlue (link). No more status bar at the bottom. Game Details Now GameDetails can be expanded to fill all the window. Fanart is now taking all the vertical space. Top section is now displaying the rating and the Source. There are two columns to show Game Details: The Left column will show the achievements The right column will show all information about the game Other Features ViewList: There are now more space between lines. ViewList: There are no separators between columns There are some other minor tweaks to mimic GOG Galaxy Design, such as the arrows in the main window (just visual). Installation Unzip into LaunchBox\LBThemes directory In LaunchBox go to Options > Visuals > Theme and select LB Galaxy 1.0 Required: Windows 7/8 user: Microsoft's “Segoe MDL2 Assets” font ( SegMDL2.ttf ) is required for the buttons and icons to rendered properly. (If you have it it will work but it’s not included here because of licensing reasons.) Optional: Lato Font is recommended for the theme to be displayed correctly. It is a free web font from Google and it is included in the theme "Optionals" folder. I included a modified version of the BoxesContentView to do not show the boxes as UniformToFill, just replace the file in "Views" folder of the theme. Settings guide VISUALS > BACKGROUNDS Background Blur Amount = 36 Background Fade Amount = 121 VISUALS > BACKGROUNDS > DEFAULT I recommend using the Custom Image = LBThemes\LB Galaxy 1.0\Images\background-01.png VISUALS > BOXES Background Opacity = 127 Uncheck "Colorize Background to Match Images" Text Outline Opacity = 128 Text Outline Thickness = 2 Uncheck "Align Text Vertically" Uncheck "Center Text Horizontally" Check "Show Subline" Check "Dynamic Box Sizing" VISUALS > BOXES > SPACING Aspect Ratio = 0.63 Horizontal Spacing = 17 Vertical Spacing = 18 Horizontal Padding = 0 Vertical Padding = 0 Text Spacing = 5 Text Lines to Show = 3 VISUAL > FILTERS SIDE BAR I recommend checking "Show All Item", "Show Counts" and "Align Counts to the Right" VISUAL > GAME DETAILS You can check anything you want, but I recommend checking "Show Fanart" to see the background and "Achievements" to fill the left column, all the other items will be displayed in the top or right column. VISUALS > THEME > COLORS I don't think this could have impact in the theme, but here is how I have it configured: Light Background = 45,45,48 Dark Background = 27,27,28 Selected Item Background = Black (0,0,0) Highlighted Item Background = Black (0,0,0) Highlighted Item Border = Black (0,0,0) Window Border = 100,100,100 Menu Border = 71,71,77 Foreground (text) = White (255,255,255) VISUALS > THEME > FEATURES Uncheck everything VISUALS > THEME > FONTS Don't have an impact in the theme. I included the "Lato" font in the Optionals folder inside the theme. If you don't want to use that font, the theme will use the system font instead. Note: I didn't test the theme with retro stuff, I don't have any retro games, so I please comment if you find issues showing MAME achievements or any retro related stuff. Also, not sure if it is just me, but videos doesn't seem to work in the game details, however I was able to see them by double-clicking the video container. If someone knows how to reproduce the videos in the same window I will be glad to know so I can fix it. Also music feature is not available by default, since it is taking a huge part of the top bar. It can be enabled by tweaking the ControlsView xaml file. I will work on a solution for v1.1 Thanks to Shadowfire for allowing me to use his Lambda Beta theme code. Also to Grila, since Lambda is a fork of LBPlex theme. LB Galaxy theme CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 Raviol 2021
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  10. Version 1.1.0


    I started out only making 2D boxes for this system, because I always felt the Atari 2600 3D box art set was up to par. But later I did notice that a lot of the spines were inaccurate. This set fixes that. I tried to be accurate and thorough as possible. All the major releases are included, as well as unlicensed, prototypes, European exclusives and dozens of alternates. I would love to add these to the gamesdb but that is so daunting. I wish I had access to the gamesdb and clean it all up in like a day. The entire database. Anyway, I did include templates for those that want to make their own boxes or improve the ones that are in this collection. Enoy!
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  11. Hello everyone, I'm the OP of the "Pin-Locked Games" suggestion: https://bitbucket.org/jasondavidcarr/launchbox/issues/5082/pin-code-option-to-unlock-certain Thank you so much for voting for this suggestion and all the other great suggestions from the other members of this nice and great community. It's really humbling to see my suggestion make it on the 2021 new features list. I'm really happy about this and I sincerely thank everyone to make this happen. As a final request to the awesome developers, please make the mechanism as "Lock" NOT only "hide" or at least an option for "Lock". I mean it will be great if we can see the game tile with everything related to it like the background and video and notes... etc.... but when we click on "Play" (when on BigBox mode) it will ask us for the pin code to unlock this game to be able to play it. And it should do that every time we select "Play" in the same game section. I think this is the best option for many of us. So please make it at least an option instead of hiding only. Many thanks again for everyone and best regards to all.
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  12. Version 2.2


    Instructions 1. Download the .ZIP and UNBLOCK! 2. Unzip to a new location, DO NOT overwrite the existing forum build 3. Copy the content from the "My Theme Projects" folder from your existing Theme Creator folder and Paste into the new "My Theme Projects" Things to Note When opening the new Theme Creator it will upgrade ALL your copied Themes, this process only happens once so if you notice a delay now you know why. Manuals / How to Refer to my YouTube channel or visit Faeran's Theme Creator Workshop videos to better understand the new features. Dave Paterson - YouTube Development Live Streams - YouTube Obsolete UI Elements Some UI Elements have been made obsolete as you can now recreate your own custom versions of them with this build, here is a video explaining how you can replace them. Screenshots
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  13. Version 1.0


    A LaunchBox Custom Theme I developed to help me understand the code behind themes. Because of this, most items within the XAML files are commented, which were added in order to help me keep track of what was going on. Sources of inspiration include the Lambda theme and GOG Galaxy. The notable item this theme accomplishes is the tab approach to the Game Details Page. Please feel free to use parts of this theme in your own creations. Installation Extract the Neptune folder into LaunchBox\LBThemes In LaunchBox, open Options, under Visuals > Main Window Theme and select Neptune from the dropdown.
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  14. Version 1.0.0


    Back with yet another nice set. The current Game Boy Advance sets that I see out there are all compiled from different resources that have different coloring for the GBA side label, and include different sizes and varying qualities. This set eliminates all of that. I have mad a full NTSC accurate and uniform high res GBA front box art set. Included are all 986 NTSC box fronts. A count of USA 948 + Game bundles 38 = 986 boxes. I have named them using the no-intro naming scheme. When dropping these in your Launchbox build. There are a few boxes that may not auto-load; you will have to manually update your game name in Launchbox using the new alternate naming. I also want to note there is a possiblity of two more boxes getting added in a revision, they are the the following: 4 Games on One Game Pak (Nickelodeon Movies) (USA) 4 Games on One Game Pak (Nicktoons) (USA) Just waiting on official confirmation these were licensed and released in the USA. Version 1.1 will be posted if that is the case. Enjoy!
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  15. The last bezel! Zwackery mame arcade bezel zwackery.zip
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  16. Hey all, the first 11.9 beta is out now with the following: New Feature: LaunchBox can now easily import your Xbox and Microsoft Store games library; both installed and uninstalled games are supported and can be filtered in the wizard, though only games that have been started at least once can be imported (limitation of the Microsoft API) New Feature: LaunchBox can now easily import your Amazon/Twitch games library; both installed and uninstalled games are supported and can be filtered in the wizard Improvement: Instead of only being able to type the first letter of a game to jump to that game in LaunchBox, you can now type the beginning of a game's title (multiple characters) and LaunchBox will jump to that game, assuming that the games list is selected Improvement: All import processes have been overhauled with improved user interfaces Improvement: The Steam import process will now detect and import "Profile Features Limited" games from Steam Improvement: When changing a platform's name, any emulators associated with that platform will now follow along with the new platform name in the associated platforms list Fixed: Custom themes that use platform-specific XAML files will now work properly with platforms that have invalid path characters in the platform names (such as Dragon 32/64). For theme developers, use an underscore to replace any invalid characters in the file names. Fixed: The Cleanup Media tool was not always working correctly with file names that have special characters in them Fixed: Bulk editing the emulator field on games was not allowing you to clear the field Fixed: Resting your mouse on a badge image in LaunchBox was getting in the way of scrolling with the mouse wheel in some cases Fixed: Custom fields with semi-colons in them (that represent multiple values) are now treated as separate values for Arrange By Let us know how testing goes.
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  17. It was time for a new thread since a new version was out. And since the last one got locked due to ridiculousness, here is a new thread for the current version. For those with eXoDOS v5, an update is due out this month. Selecting the eXoDOS game (first in the list), right clicking, and choosing to run the updater will auto reach out and pull all of this in. A changelog is being maintained and will be posted when the update goes live. In the mean time, enjoy.
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  18. Version 1.0.2


    This is a full set of current SNK Neo Geo Pocket 3D boxes. These are 471x605
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  19. Version 0.235


    Important: Mame changed the BGFX shader, if you are using this shader, i recommend you either make a completely New install and set it up to how you like, or change the shader options before running a game, then add the no-nag, if you try running this over an older install with the BGFX shader you may find your screen will be dark and barely visable. NOTE: This does NOT interfere with the Leader boards at all. **This removes the nag screen that informs you if a rom doesn't work correctly, or if at all, if you use this no nag, then please do NOT go to the mame support site with issues with games, please only use if you understand that there will be no help from anyone at mamedev as you are using a modified version of mame. mame.exe - Normal Mame with Nags removed. For Version 0.235 (Note mame no longer carries the 64 in its exe name changed by Devs in 0.229) It's advisable to download the full 0.235 official pack and install it, then just overwrite the exe with the replacement, this covers any changes the mame devs may have made to the support files. After you have done this, make sure you copy the folders artwork, ctrlr, cheat, hlsl, ini, folders and the ini files from the root of your original mame folder, and move/copy them to the new install. make sure in the mame.ini file you have the following set. Skip_gameinfo 1
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  20. Hey all, the first 11.10 beta is out now with the following: New Premium Feature: The Big Box default wall view has been overhauled and is now much more flexible (with features such as item selections, row fading, and more) New Premium Feature: There are now 4 different Big Box wall views that are available for theme developers New Premium Feature: All Big Box wheel and CoverFlow views have been overhauled to allow for custom theme templates inside of each element in the wheel/CoverFlow. This means that theme developers can now use multiple images and other elements inside of wheel/CoverFlow items. Fixed: Corrected an issue that sometimes caused the same game to be found for several platforms when scanning for added games (introduced in 11.9) Major changes went into this release with the wheels, wall views, and CoverFlow in Big Box to support the custom theme templates for individual items. This will be a big win for theme developers, as it provides for much greater flexibility. That said, a large portion of the Big Box code was updated, so we'll need some heavy testing this go-around.
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  21. Blog post for v0.35 on Zomb's Lair Download C64 Dreams version 0.35 Download local magazine module (optional) Download Torrent Download v0.35 Hotfix 2/6/2021 Game Details Spreadsheet Version 0.35 of C64 Dreams is now available! It features 500 new games (for a new total of 2500!) and a ton of improvements and new features. This update has been an absolutely monumental undertaking. This will likely sound ridiculous but I can say in all earnestness and without exaggeration that nearly all of my free time over the past 3 months has been poured into this project (and sporadic work in the 6 months before that). It ended up becoming a much more significant endeavor than I remotely anticipated going into it, not because of the new games that were added this go round, but because of a number of peripheral elements that ended up exploding into a huge project all to themselves. The most significant of these was the development of a new system which allows you to quickly toggle back and forth between the game and the manual. I had to write the code to make this happen, which took a fair bit of experimenting (and a bit of additional coding help by Launchbox users @jayjay and @JoeViking245, thanks again for that!) but finally came up with something that I'm quite happy with. Manuals have become a thing of the past these days, but they were once an integral part of the experience. Very often the background story was entirely relegated to the manual. In some cases - like some Infocom games for example - vital information for the completion of the game was contained in the manuals, along with artwork, maps, all kinds of wonderful treasures. So the single most significant addition in this update is incorporating as many manuals as possible in as high a quality as possible. This leads to the largest task of them all - sourcing the manuals to begin with. I scoured many, many, resources, and even got some additional help in this undertaking by @TimberlAndRE and Smiling Spectre of the eXoDOS project (thanks again!). Then, just to make things more difficult (because why not) and go the extra mile, I went through the process of converting nearly all of these from pdf to cbr format to improve the experience. There are several reasons for this - the most obvious is that they simply display more cleanly in the incorporated viewer (CDisplay) but this also allowed me to clean them up, divide them up in order to make them more easily readible, and add additional materials (maps, reference cards, etc.) into one combined document. All of this entailed a huge amount of by-hand work, but I think it's absolutely been worth it in the end. The current grand total is 1068 manuals incorporated into the collection, which means that 43% of the games have toggleable manuals. This is actually much more than I ever anticipated when I began. All of this was the outcropping of an earlier goal for this update - to show some love for text adventures. I know that these are not everyone's thing. I get it, I really do. That's why I wanted to see what I could do to make the experience a little bit more enjoyable. Manuals are definitely a huge part of this - especially in the case of Infocom titles which would regularly have extensive and extravagant documentation - but another issue is that many of these games are entirely silent. The thought occurred to me - there's an ocean of user-made SID music out there... why not try to incorporate some of that and help make the experience a little more atmospheric. The first task was figuring out how to even implement that, but after a fair bit of digging and experimentation I came up with a pretty nice end result which incorporates sidplayfp and mpg123 (depending on whether the music is in native .sid format or .mp3). The next task was finding music that was actually appropriate which ended up being a lot more difficult. I listened to thousands of tracks in the High Voltage SID Collection and on Youtube to find things that actually fit the tone that I was looking for. Low-key atmospheric/ambient music isn't exactly something that's typical for a lot of SID music, even though the chip is completely capable of it. I ended up finding a decent number of tracks that were what I was looking for, though I'm certainly not done on that front. There are some games that I have on the agenda to add some music to that I just didn't find anything I was quite happy with, so I'm still on the lookout. That said, I think you'll be happy with what I've come up with. In the vast majority of cases I've arranged the music into playlists of similarly-themed music that would be appropriate for the game they're assigned to. Each track loops infinitely until you tell it to change to the next. I did this essentially to allow you to change things up if you get tired of a given track. You can see an example of both the custom music and the manual features in the video below: With new features come the necessity for new controller and keyboard mappings. You can see the updated controller reference here (all existing notes overlays were updated accordingly): Updated keyboard controls: 8456 on the numpad = Up, Left, Down, Right Left Alt = Fire Left Ctrl = C= Key ESC = Runstop Numpad asterisk = swap joystick ports Numpad minus is the combo key Numpad minus + Numpad 0 = Eject/Insert Disk Numpad minus + Numpad 9 = Next Disk Numpad minus + Numpad 8 = Previous Disk Numpad minus + Space = Fast Forward (can also hold down PgDwn to activate warp mode) Numpad minus + Numpad plus = toggle controls/notes display Numpad minus + Numpad return = toggle manual Numpad minus + ESC = Quit Numpad minus + F2 = Save State Numpad minus + F4 = Load State Numpad minus + F7 = Next State Numpad minus + F6 = Previous State Numpad minus + Up arrow = show info on current custom music track Numpad minus + Down arrow = show info on current custom music track Numpad minus + Right arrow = play next custom track (if in playlist) Numpad minus + Left arrow = play previous custom track (if in playlist) On top of all this, I made a very concerted effort to improve the media and metadata in Launchbox. I upgraded hundreds of covers, added tons of logos, screenshots and other images, and filled in as many gaps as I could. Incorrect matches have been fixed, genre and production info added, and alternate names implemented (Coil Cop / Thing Bounces Back) for quite a few titles (so searching for either will display the corresponding game). It's still not perfect, but it's significantly better than in the previous version. I also created close to 700 3D boxes and unified the 3D box format across the collection. 3D boxes are now the default view for games. It creates a nice clean look. Thankfully the process is quite quick and simple so I can create more or upgrade existing ones quite easily, assuming I have something appropriate to use as the cover. All of this work combined became quite the grueling slog but will make things easier going forward. None of these things would have been overly taxing, on their own, if they were only required for new additions - it's the fact that so much of the work encompassed the entire collection - all the manuals, media, and metadata in one sweep. Phew! It was well worth it in the end though, and I'm quite proud of the result. It should be noted that all of this has had a very tangible impact on the filesize of the collection - the previous version was about 5GB without the local magazines and 10GB with them. It's now about 13GB / 19GB! I want to thank -Archivist for agreeing to host C64 Dreams on the-eye.eu and @eXo for pointing me in the right direction on that front! As a quick update on the progress of the collection itself, I've made it through 46% of Gamebase64, parsing through 19,575 out of 42,718 screenshots in that collection. I'm currently making my way through "K". While I certainly still have a long way to go, determining that I'd made it through almost half of GB64 made me realize that I was actually further along than I initially thought. That combined with the newly implemented manual and music systems in this update drove the decision for the larger than normal version bump this go round. In the last update I included a list of my favorite new additions to the collection, but since I focused more heavily on text adventures this time than normal, I thought I'd take a moment to provide some recommendations since this is a genre that I know many are mostly or entirely unfamiliar with and don't know where to begin. The most obvious answer is "anything by Infocom". There's a reason why they were so famous in this arena, and it's well-earned. You can't go too wrong with any of those (though I certainly prefer some over others). That said, so as not to be a complete cop-out, I'll provide some specific recommendations (and not limited to Infocom). If there's a single game that I can emphatically recommend as the best starting point for anyone new to the genre, however, it's Zork I: The Great Underground Empire. It's wonderful; and very easy to get into even if you're not a text adventure aficionado thanks to the excellent parser that makes the experience about as frustration-free as it can be. The single greatest difference between a good text adventure and a bad one is the quality of their parser and how that interacts with the puzzle design. Some games are extremely strict about what they'll accept, both in the method to achieve your goal and the specific way in which you phrase that method. Something that Zork manages better than many others is making all of that feel natural. You try something that seems like it might make sense and it often works and, if not, you'll at least usually get a humorous response that shows the developers already anticipated what you tried to do. I really can't recommend it enough as a great introduction to the genre. If it's something that's totally foreign to you, I would just encourage you to keep an open mind. Read the manual and try to immerse yourself in the worlds that they've created. And remember to examine everything! I'd recommend taking a look at this page too if you want some general pointers on how text adventures typically function if you're a beginner. Once you've dipped your toes in and want to go looking for more, these are some other recommendations: The Curse of Rabenstein Eight Feet Under Enchanter Escape from the Shire Federation Hibernated 1: This Place is Death Jack the Ripper Jewels of Darkness Kayleth The Lurking Horror Silicon Dreams Starcross There's a lot of other great ones out there (and some not so great ones, to be fair). I created a new playlist entirely for all the text adventures in the collection, so check that out as well! So, with all that out of the way, let's get on with the full changelog. It's a doozy. New: Added a new category for Diskmags, with 25 associated mags Added ability to quickly swap between the game and manual for many games - these are listed on the details spreadsheet in the new Manual column; can switch by pressing Numpad Minus + Numpad Enter or Back + R3 on a controller; manuals can be navigated with keyboard (arrow keys to navigate and -/= keys for zoom), controller (right stick to navigate and LB /RB to zoom), or mouse (scroll wheel to navigate and ctrl + scroll wheel to zoom) Sourced and converted to .cbr format (and often cleaned up, adjusted, and split into separate pages) over 1000 manuals for use with the new manual feature. Phew! This means that 43% of the games have a toggleable manual (which is better than I initially anticipated). Thanks to @jophran, @TimberlAndRE, and Smiling Spectre for helping find some of these! Added custom SID background music with libsidplayfp (and occasionally mpg123 when the .sids don't loop properly) to a number of text adventures (and a few other games) that oridinarily have no music or sound, detailed on the custom music tab of the game details spreadsheet Added some configuration options for custom SID background music to Configurator, including the ability to disable it if so desired Enabled new autowarp feature for games that use TrueDrive wherever possible (cases where it doesn't cause issues) - this dramatically reduces load times and can be particularly useful in games that have very frequent "short" loads but no audio/music (because it mutes the audio when it activates) - a perfect use scenario for this are certain text adventures that have graphics for each area that under normal circumstances might take 10 seconds to change locations and are now essentially instantaneous (games like The Brew are a good example of this) Added a new generic (not game-specific) bezel with three variations, accessible via the Configurator; V1 is now the default Reshade support is now included, accessible via the Configurator; once enabled it can be toggled with Numpad / and the Reshade menu can be toggled with Shift + Numpad /; note that it does increase hardware requirements and startup times slightly Added a new shader (selectable via the Configurator) that only makes color correction adjustments in case you want to disable shaders altogether but still keep the color corrections (I would recommend using Esper though if your hardware supports it) Added an alternate SuperCPU version of Rescue on Fractalus (right-click / additional apps menu); highly recommended! Enabled mouse support for Cabal, Deja Vu, and Uninvited (with separate launchers via the additional apps menu) Created custom joystick controls for Ultima II Created custom joystick controls for Jungle Trouble Added a new dynamic playlist for text adventures (any game in the collection with the "Text Adventure" genre tag) Created separate xmls which can be imported into Launchbox (overwritten) to change the default launch behavior for magazines - the xml that is used by default uses the web versions as the default launch. If you install the local versions and want to use those as the default launch, simply copy the xml from C64 Dreams\C64 Dreams\Magazines\!XMLs\Default Local and replace the one in C64 Dreams\Data\Platforms\ with it. If you ever want to change it back just use the one from the Default Web folder instead. Version Updates: Asterix and the Magic Cauldron - replaced with +7DHG Easyflash version by Excess Bucket Wars - updated to v1.3 Card Sharks - replaced with Easyflash version by Excess Combat School (Boot Camp) - replaced with +3D version by Lurid & Tricycle Crack Down - replaced with Easyflash version by The Joker Creatures II - replaced with +10DFIR Easyflash version by Nostalgia Creatures - replaced with +10DFIR Easyflash version by Nostalgia Curse of Rabenstein, The - updated to v11 by Laxity Dig Dug - replaced with Remember version Dominator - replaced with Easyflash version by Master Empire of Karn - replaced with +DMW version by Hokuto Force Frightmare - replaced with +3DG version by Hokuto Force Infiltrator - replaced with Infiltrator Collection (Easyflash) version by Nostalgia Infiltrator 2 - replaced with Infiltrator Collection (Easyflash) version by Nostalgia Italy '90 Soccer - replaced with "New Version" by Fantastic 4 Cracking Group Knight Games - replaced with Easyflash version by The Joker Mayhem in Monsterland - replaced with +10DFIR Easyflash version by Nostalgia Shinobi - replaced with +3D Easyflash version by Mayday! Spy vs Spy - replaced with Remember version Turbo Outrun - replaced +8DHF version by Excess Dark Side - replaced with The Dominators version Chance in Hell, A - replaced with a Super CPU version and included an altnerate standard C64 version with added music Driller - replaced with 2000 A.D. version Dracula - replaced with West Coast Crackers version (has all 3 parts on 1 disk) Down at the Trolls - replaced with GB64 version (by Elite) E-Motion (The Game of Harmony) - replaced with +3 version by Triad Changes/Fixes: Updated Retroarch to 1.9.0 Updated to latest version of the core which now supports, among other things, per-pixel horizontal and vertical cropping, an updated SID engine (ReSID-fp), and automatic load warp for TrueDrive enabled games. Thanks to @Pixelpiper for the work on his BC core which prompted the per pixel-cropping implementation. Added or adjusted custom cropping for 2000 Kung-Fu Maniacs, Abyssonaut, Alcon, Alien Syndrome, Another World, Ballblazer, Bangkok Knights, Bear Essentials, Beyond the Forbidden Forest, Brainway, C64 Snail Maze, Delta, Dominion, Donkey Kong (Oxyron), Draconus, E-SWAT, Forgotten Forest, Fortress of Narzod, Game Over II - Part 1, Gemini Wing, Genesia, Ghostbusters II, Hans Kloss, Harrier 7, Heatseeker, Hyperion II, Interchange, It's Magic, It's Magic II, It's Only Rock n' Roll, Kobo64, The Last Fight, Mega Phoenix, No Mercy, Outlaw, Paperboy, Phobia, Planet Golf, Powerglove, Run Like Hell, Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles, Tiger Claw, Turbo Outrun, Wizball, Wolfling, Worm, and Zolyx. Now everything involving cropping is handled through core options - Retroarch's video output settings are untouched. This means that no manual adjustment should be necessary regardless of your monitor's resolution or aspect ratio! Woohoo! Adjusted the vertical and horizontal crop settings on Frogger Arcade Corrected the horizontal crop settings on Jars' Revenge (uses horizontal overscan space) Made first overlay image for Ballblazer transparent as the game is zoomed in (and the bezel would cover it) Made first overlay image for Jars' Revenge transparent as the game uses the horizontal overscan space (the overlay was disabled entirely previously, but now you can still access the control overlay while the bezel image is unused) Switched to new ReSID-fp audio engine (more accurate) Replaced Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles with correct game (was the Coin-Op) Dragon Ninja and Bad Dudes vs Dragon Ninja are the same game, removed "Bad Dudes vs Dragon Ninja" Coil Cop and Thing Bounces Back are the same game, removed "Coil Cop" Guardian and Stargate are the same game, removed "Stargate" Changed "Daley Thompson's Decathlon" to "The Activision Decathlon" in LB, as it was matched incorrectly previously Renamed Summer Games to The Games: Summer Edition and Winter Games to The Games: Winter Edition, and added in Summer Games (1984) and Winter Games (1984) Renamed "Ice Palace" to "Ice Palace (K-Tel)" because "Ice Palace (Creative Sparks)" was added Renamed "BC II - Grog's Revenge" to "B.C. II - Grog's Revenge" Renamed "Dan Dare II" to "Dan Dare II - Mekon's Revenge" and "Dan Dare 3 - The Escape" to "Dan Dare III - The Escape" Renamed "Demons Kiss" to "Demon's Kiss" Renamed "Judge Dredd" to "Judge Dredd (Melbourne House)" because "Judge Dredd (Virgin Mastertronic)" was added Renamed "Deadline" to "Deadline (Visualize Software)" because "Deadline (Infocom)" was added Renamed "Frankenstein" to "Frankenstein (Zepplin Games)" because "Frankenstein (CRL)" was added Renamed "Haunted House" to "Haunted House (Alligata Software)" because "Haunted House (Planet Rock)" was added Renamed "Boom" to "Boom (567 KByte)" Renamed "Bomb Jack 2" to "Bomb Jack II" Renamed "E-Swat" to "E-SWAT" Renamed "Cyberworld" to "Cyber World" Renamed "3D Golf" to "Hole in One" Renamed "Castle" to "Castle (LK Avalon)" Renamed "Sinbad and the Throne of Falcon" to "Sinbad and the Throne of the Falcon" Renamed "Earth Orbit Station" to "Earth Orbit Stations" Renamed "Experimental Traxter 7" to "Experiment Traxter 7" Renamed "Bignose's USA Adventure" to Big Nose's American Adventure" Renamed "Captain America and The Doom Tube" to "Captain America in The Doom Tube of Dr. Megalomann" Renamed "The Catacombs" to "Catacombs" Renamed "The Game of Harmony" to "E-Motion" (European title) Renamed "Boot Camp" to "Combat School" (European title) Renamed "F40 Pursuit" to "Crazy Cars II" (European title) Duplicated all the game overrides and option files into the x64sc folder so that that core can be used instead if so desired. It should be noted, however, that this requires a mass find and replace in the game .bats to change the references to a different core - this is easy enough with Notepad++ (or equivalent) though. There is a possibility that x64sc will be used by default in the future, but in my experience the benefits are minimal while the drawback is higher hardware requirements and slower warp/fast forward speeds. Changed default frame delay value to 0 and a few other backend settings to help with lower end hardware performance Corrected Black Magic, Combat School, Cycle Knight, Drag Race Eliminator, The Great Escape, Jack Attack, Kikstart II, The Pit, and V - The Computer Game to use port 1 Changed F1 GP Circuits filter mode from 2 to 1 Fixed an error in the Steel Ranger [commercial] .cmd Removed -autostart x64 from .cmds as it's no longer necessary; this also helps facilitate easier swapping from x64 to x64sc if so desired Added some additional code to .vbs files to help with rare focus issues Configured NTSC games to use custom palette settings; default settings are way too dark, Colodore looks better than the default for NTSC but it's still too dark and looks terrible for PAL (saturation is way too high) Reduced contrast of CRT-Easymode-Halation-C64 shader slightly because it was unintentionally turning very dark greys solid black (the trainer menu for Alienworld is a good example) Replaced BZRPlayer with libsidplayfp for standalone SID tracks as it's significantly more accurate and sounds much better in a number of cases Moved CDisplayEx to Utilities folder and updated magazine .bats accordingly Added addditional map overlays for Alternate Reality - The City, Alternate Reality II - The Dungeon, The Legend of Blacksilver, The Magic Candle, Pirates!, Ultima I, Ultima II, Ultima III, Ultima IV, Ultima V, and Ultima VI Changed Kayleth to use the SuperCPU core running at 48% speed (100% is too fast; crashes RA if below 48%) because the animation sequences make the game run very slowly (making typing difficult/slow) which can be resolved with the SuperCPU - this also has the added benefit of making area changes/loading much faster Added alternate launch options for A Chance in Hell, Dark Side, The Eidolon, Koronis Rift, and Rescue on Fractalus to use the SuperCPU to make them run faster Increased deadzone slightly for right-stick to arrow keys, this helps prevent erroneous inputs either by straying diagonally or by stick release flipback Changed Boom (Brainstorm Amazing Software) to use SuperCPU (supported by the game natively) Added autoloading savestates to multi-game Easyflash carts so that the correct game is loaded on start rather than loading to the game selection menu - this had already been done previously for games that didn't require any in-game saving but wasn't used in cases where in-game saving was possible because doing so would (at the time) break those saves - this has since been patched! Added alternate name data to Launchbox (typically for alternate region titles ex. Coil Cop vs Thing Bounces Back) for about 70 games Miscellaneous: Updated and cleaned up Automator code a bit Added additional notes in the Config Editor Audited all per-game core option files to correct any instances of incorrect (legacy) values for SID resampling or missing values for color adjustments due to core updates Created a startup watchdog app that waits 15 seconds for Retroarch to start, and if it hasn't started by then it closes any running scripts/apps that were launched - I thought this was prudent since there are a number of scripts and apps that are launched in conjunction with Retroarch now to facilitate the manuals and music - these ordinarily close upon Retroarch closing but, in the event that something weird happens and for some reason Retroarch doesn't start to begin with, they don't have that trigger and will otherwise remain open; the watchdog is essentially a failsafe for this so that you don't have a bunch of stuff still running in the event that Retroarch doesn't start correctly for whatever reason; if Retroarch is open once the 15 seconds are up (and it certainly should be, that's plenty of time) the watchdog closes itself; in case your PC is just an absolute potato and it takes it longer than 15 seconds for Retroarch to start, I've included an alternate version that waits 30 seconds in C64 Dreams\C64 Dreams\Retroarch\!Startup Watchdog - it takes about 2 seconds on my PC and it's about 7 years old now so I can't imagine many/any people needing this but you never know. I've also included a StopAll.exe in C64 Dreams\C64 Dreams which kills everything instantly just for good measure. Created clear logos for Diskmags, Magazines, Best Of Vol. 5, and Text Adventures Created nearly 700 3D boxes and unified the format for all 3D boxes in the collection. 3D Box is now the default view for games. Thanks to @Z3R0B4NG for assembling a collection of the boxes to point me in the right direction and to @marcoooo and @edgemundo for their contributions in helping to create many of the other 3D boxes in the collection. Changed CDisplayEx versions to one that's completely portable (previous version wrote some settings to an external local path) Lots and lots of media and metadata additions/cleanup in Launchbox; it's still not perfect (and realistically never will be) but it's significantly better than it was in the past Submitted several tickets for various core issues, all of which have been resolved thanks to the excellent support of sonninnos, the core maintainer: Remember Current Disk When Loading a State For Multi-Disk Game Per-Content vicerc Loading Toggleable Virtual Device Traps Core Option Make [Quick Menu > Restart] Revert to First Disk in .m3u Specify PRG When Loading From .m3u Manual Warp Not Working When Automatic Load Warp Is Enabled Stereo SID Support Savestates Break Easyflash Saving New games with multitap (3-4 controller) support: Hockey Mania New custom note overlays: Alternate Reality - The City Alternate Reality II - The Dungeon Angel of the Hell Asylum Ballblazer Below the Root Bushido - The Way of the Warrior Centauri Alliance Evil Prince, The Fall Fallen Galleon, The Garrison Hydrax Jonny Quest in Doctor Zin's Underworld Jungle Trouble Kayleth Maniac Mansion Omega - Neural Cybertank Design & Simulation Questron Questron II Shadow Over Hawksmill Shamus Case II Spelunker Tangled Tales - The Misadventures of a Wizard's Apprentice Ultima II - The Revenge of the Enchantress! Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders I also created a couple generic note overlays that apply to multiple games. One of which is a note that you need to press F1 to start the game. This has been added for the following games: Big Trouble in Little China Bop'n Wrestle Devil's Gallery DragonHawk Ghostbusters Jetboys Juice! Pastfinder Pitfall II - The Lost Caverns Zenji Zeta-7 Another generic overlay was created to cover the saving and loading procedure for all Infocom games. This has been added for the following games: Deadline Enchanter Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Lurking Horror, The Moonmist Planetfall Seastalker Starcross Suspended Zork I - The Great Underground Empire Zork II - The Wizard of Frobozz Zork III - The Dungeon Master Zork - The Undiscovered Underground New games: 2438 The Return 3-D Skramble 720 Degrees Accolade Comics Ace of Aces Adventureland Adventures of Tronic Age of Heroes, The* Aigina's Prophecy Aliants - The Desperate Battle For Earth Alien (Argus Press Software) Alien Bleed Amazon (Telarium) Andy Capp Archon II Army Moves Around the World in 80 Days Aussie Games Autoduel Aviator Arcade II* Avoid B.C.'s Quest for Tires Balakon Raider Beer Belly Burt's Brew Biz Birdie Bird Bobby Bearing Book of the Dead Breakthru Brubaker C64 Snail Maze Centauri Alliance Centric Chameleon Chomp! Crush, Crumble & Chomp Curse of Ra Cybo-Cop Darkhorn Davy - King of the Wild Frontier Deadline (Infocom) Deadly Thunder Death Battle 2200 Death Saw Challenge Declem Demon's Winter Destruct Drol Dungeon of Rott Elevator Eric Enchanter Endless Escape to Murky Woods Ewe Woz 'Ere Eye of Horus Fall Fallen Flax Forever Extending Hungry Snake, The Frankenstein (CRL) Game of Harmony, The Garrison Gateway to Apshai Ghost of Genghis Khan, The Ghost Town 64 Golden Pyramids, The Greystorm Guild of Thieves, The Gun City Gun Runner (Mnemonic Productions) Gun Runner (The Power House) Gunboat Gunfighter Gunfighters Gunfright Guns 'n' Roses Gunslinger (Datasoft) Gunslinger (Virgin Mastertronic) Gunstar Gutt Blaster Guzzler H.A.T.E. Hades Nebula Hagar The Horrible Halcyon Halley Mission, The Halloween Halloween Police Halls of Death Halls of the Dwarven Kings, The Halls of the Things Hammer Boy Hangman's Hazard Hans Kloss Happiest Days of Your Life, The Happy Gardening Happy Hacker Harald Hardtooth Hard Work Hardsync Harrier 7 Harrier Attack Harrier Combat Simulator Harvey Smith Showjumper Hassle Castle Hatchet Honeymoon Haunted Hill Haunted House (Planet Rock) Haunted Inn Haunted Mansion Havoc (Players Premier) Hawk Hawk Mission Hawk Mission II Hawk Patrol Hawkstorm Head Start Head The Ball Head to Head Karate Head-On (Compute) Headache Heavy Metal - Modern Land Combat Vol. I Heavy Metal Deluxe Hektic Hektic II Helden Heli Rescue Helicopter Mission, The Hell for Leather Hell Zone Hell Zone II Hellfire Hellraid Helm, The Helsings Hunt Hercules - Slayer of the Damned Hermitage, The Hero Quest Hero Quest II Hero Time Hero Time II Heroes of Karn, The Heroes of Midgard Hideous Hideous Bill and the Gi-Gants Hidihood High Frontier High Mountains, The High Rise Highland Games Highlander Highway Encounter Hillsfar Himalayan Odyssey Hit and Run Baseball Ho! Ho! Ho! Hobbit, The Hobgoblin Hockey Mania Hocus Focus Holiday Cops Holiday Games Hollywood or Bust Hollywood Squares Holo Holocaust Hong Kong Phooey Hook Hopeless Hopper Copper Hopping Hoodlum, The Hopto Hostages Hot Pop Hot Shot Hot Wheels Hotel Alien House Case House of Usher House, The How to Be a Complete Bastard Human Killing Machine Human Race, The Humanoids Hummdinger Hunchback - The Adventure Hunchback at the Olympics Hunt for Bubber's Bathtub Hunt for Red October, The Huntress of Midgard Hybrid Hydra Hydrax Hypa-Ball Hyper Active Hyper Circuit Hyper Space Warrior Hyper Viper Hyper-Hen Hyperbowl Hyperion II Hyperrace Hyperspeed Hyperthrust I Play 3D Soccer I Play 3D Tennis I-Alien I-Ball I-Ball II - The Quest for the Past I-Wizard I-Xera Ice Island Ice Palace (Creative Sparks) Ice Temple, The Ice-Mania ICUPS Ihanpaska Ikari III - The Rescue Ikari Warriors II Ikarus Iketa Ikkiuchi Illgen Illusions Imagination Imaginator Imperium Imperoid Implosion Impossible Game, The Imshi Incredible Laboratory, The Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade Indoor Soccer Indoor Sports Indy Heat Inertiania - Land of Motion Infection Infinite Inferno Infinity Worlds in the Space Infodroid Ingrid's Back Inheritance, The Inheritance, The - Chaos in Scotland Inheritance, The - Panic in Las Vegas Inherits of the Throne Inner Space Inner Space Plant Attack Insanity in San Francisco Insects in Space Inspector Gadget Institute, The Interceptor Base Interchange Intergalactic Cage Match International 3D Tennis International 5 A-Side International Basketball International Ice Hockey International Ninja Rabbits International Speedway International Sports Challenge International Team Sports International Truck Racing Interview Into the Nature Intrigue! Intruder - The Game Intruder - The Space Quest Invader Invasion Invasive Action Invasor Invert Invest IQ Iron Horse Island of Dr. Destructo, The Island of the Dragons ISS - Incredible Shrinking Sphere Issuar It's a Knockout It's Only Rock n' Roll Italy 1990 Iznogoud - The Grand Vizir Jack and the Beanstalk Jack Bullet Jack Charlton's Match Fishing Jack Nicklaus Championship Golf Jack The Ripper Jackal (Imagine) Jackal (Konami) Jackal II Jahangir Khan Squash Jai Alai Jail Break Jail War Jailbreak (Michael Lalonde) Jam It! James Bond JANI JANI 2 Jara-Tava - The Isle of Fire Jasg Jason of the Argonauts Java Jim in Square Shaped Trouble Jaws (Box Office Software) Jaws (Outlaw-Emix Software) Jaws (Screen 7) Jax Jed's Journey Jeep Command Jeep Command II Jeffy Jessy the Worm Jet Power Jack Jet Set Willy Jet Set Willy II - The Final Frontier Jet-Boot Jack Jetan - Martian Chess Jetboys Jetsons, The Jewel Thief Jewels of Babylon Jewels of Darkness Jihad - Raid Over Baghdad Jimbo Jinks Jinn-Genie Jinxter Job Race Jocky Wilson's Darts Challenge Jocky Wilson's Darts Compendium Joe (CP Verlag) Joe Dick - Private Investigator John Elway's Quarterback John Lowe's Ultimate Darts Jolly Roger Jonah Barrington's Squash Jonathan Jonny Quest in Doctor Zin's Underworld Josh Journey to the Centre of the Earth, A Judge Dredd (Virgin Mastertronic) Juice! Juke Box Julius Caesar Jump Machine Jumpin Jack Jumpin' Jimmy JumpJets Jumpman Junior Jungle Drums Jungle Jack Jungle Patrol Jungle Quest Jungle Raid Jungle Trouble Junkyard Junkyard Jalopies Juno First Jupiter Mission 1999 Jupiter's Electrician Kabura Kacper Kaiv Kami-Kaze Kamikaze Duck Kangarudy KAOS Karamalz Cup Karate Champ Karate Chop Karnov Karting Grand Prix Kat Trap Katapult Kayden Garth Kellogg's Tour 1988 Kennedy Approach Kentilla Kernal's Chaos Kettle Key Finders KGB Agent KGB Superspy Kick Box Vigilante Killed Until Dead Knax Knights of Legend Kobo64 Last Fight, The Left 2 Die Left 2 Die Part 2 Lord of Dragonspire, The* Lurking Horror, The Macbeth Magical Girl Mary vs E.V.I.L. Make My Day Mancala Mars* Mask of the Sun, The Maxwell Manor - The Skull of Doom Mean Streets Mega Tank Blasta Metal Dust* Michael Jordan vs Larry Bird - One on One Mini Golf Mirage Moebius Moebius - The Orb of Celestial Harmony Monopoly Deluxe Moonmist Muncher Eats Chewits, The Munsters, The Muppet Adventure - Chaos at the Carnival Neptune Lander Elite Newcomer Nightwalker Ninja Rabbits Not a Penny More, Not a Penny Less Old West World, The Omega - Neural Cybertank Design & Simulation Outlaw Over The Net Phantasie Phantasie II Phantasie III Pilgrim Planetfall Project FX-64 Puffy's Saga Quest of the Space Beagle Questron Questron II Rally Speedway II Rambo III Ring of Power, The Robin of Sherwood - The Touchstones of Rhiannon Robots of Dawn Rogue Rudy Hammer Run Demon Run* Saracen Seastalker Sector Patrol Sentinel Worlds I - Future Magic Shadow Over Hawksmill* Shadows of Mordor, The Shamus Shamus Case II Side Arms Silicon Dreams Silicon Warrior Sizzler* Slam Dunk Slurpy Snake-A-Space Snap Snake Soko-Ban Sooper Froot Space Mission Space Swarm 64 Standing Stones, The Starcross Stellar Wars Storm Chase Successors of the Throne, The - War for the Crown II Summer Games Super Nova Survival Messenger Survival Messenger Adventure Suspended Sword of Fargoal Tai-Pan Tangled Tales - The Misadventures of a Wizard's Apprentice Tau Ceti Temple of Apshai Trilogy Test Drive Test Drive II - The Duel To Be On Top Toilet Paper Stacker Uchi Mata Ultima I - The First Age of Darkness Ultima II - The Revenge of the Enchantress! Ultima V Ultima VI - The False Prophet V.I.O.S. Where in Europe is Carmen Sandiego Where in the USA is Carmen Sandiego Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego Windwalker - A Tale from Moebius Winter Games Wizard's Crown Wolfman You Had One Job Zambeezi Zombie Party Zork - The Undiscovered Underground Zork I - The Great Underground Empire Zork II - The Wizard of Frobozz Zork III - The Dungeon Master Zork Quest I - Assault on Egreth Castle Zork Quest II - The Crystal of Doom *these games are still commercially available so the roms are not supplied New Magazines: Zzap!64 Issues 51-60 Commodore Format 26-34 New Demos: 5 Shades of Grey by Lethargy Diagonality by Genesis Project Dream Travel 100% by Samar Productions In A Hurry by Padua Nothing But PETSCII by Genesis Project Out of Contex by Artline Designs Pagan's Mind by Dream Remains by Booze Design Rocketry by Chorus Snakepit by Delysid New Diskmags: Attitude 15-20 Dawn 1 Propaganda 25-29 Recollection 1-3 Vandalism News 61-70 New SID: Ain't Seen Nothing Yet by Shinobi Bomba by Flex Cold War Generation by Linus Danger Dawg by Steel & Stinsen Ed in His Lib by Jammer [with SFXExpander/YM3812 support] Electric City by Flex [2SID] Elusive Groove by Flex Empty by Jojeli Foregone Destruction by Jammer Hawkeye 2018 by Flex I Dug Some Graves You'll Never Find by Linus Keine Music by Taxim La Mer by LMan Les Cathedrales by Shogoon Lundia by Flex Mainstream Lamestream by Mr. Mouse Midnight Kisses by Mibri [with SFXExpander/YM3812 support] Mini by Fegolhuzz Miss You! by Juzdie Mission Solaire by Flotsam Mutants Revisited by Jason Page No Conocida by Zardax Odyssey by Jammer [2SID] On The Waves by psycho858o Player by psych858o Rastaline Dub by LMan Red Herring Caught Red Handed by Jammer Robot Sensuality by LMan Smile to the Sky by Geir Tjelta Snowcial Distancing by Fegolhuzz Sockerbeat by Qdor Something Squared by Xiny6581 Spacebar by MCH Squad Signal by Dave Stay Strong, My Friend by Jammer, chuinho, GH, LMan, MCH, Mibri, psych858o, Shogoon, and Wiklund Stomp by Jammer Thus Spoke the PC Speaker by lft Turbo Killer by Noplan Vandal by Heart by TDM Vortex by LMan Finally, I just want to once again thank all the people that helped contribute to this update in various ways. Thanks again, I appreciate the support! sonninnos @Pixelpiper @Z3R0B4NG @edgemundo @marcoooo @jayjay @JoeViking245 @jophran @TimberlAndRE Smiling Spectre The folks at The Museum of Computer Adventure Game History and the Ultimate Tape Archive Everyone who contributes time and energy on improving the LBGDB with media and metadata! So, that's it for now. I'm in dire need of a nap. Have fun!
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  22. Version 1.0.0


    RetroMags was built during a Theme Workshop live stream. If you are interested in creating themes, subscribe to the Unbroken Software YouTube channel. RetroMags A Big Box theme designed to look like the Retro Magazine's of old. The theme was designed using the COMMUNITY Theme Creator, along with some manual code changes in order to utilize the new wheel CoverFlow features not yet currently in the Theme Creator. This theme relies on 1 System Hardware graphic and 3 platform specific game graphics for each platform/playlist/category. I did not include a graphic for every platform out there. If people would like to help contribute platform specific graphics, PM me, or post in this thread and I'll add them to the main theme in a future update. Graphic locations: System Hardware: LaunchBox\Themes\RetroMags\Media\Console Images Graphic 1: LaunchBox\Themes\RetroMags\Media\Platform Image 1 Graphic 2: LaunchBox\Themes\RetroMags\Media\Platform Image 2 Graphic 3: LaunchBox\Themes\RetroMags\Media\Platform Image 3 Please note: The COMMUNITY Theme Creator Project Files are provided for you to learn. If you would like to publish the theme, it will be missing the Platform Wheel and the 2 Wall View wheels. These would have to be added back manually to the theme. They can be found in the theme files within their respective xaml files. Watch this theme being built: Watch on YouTube: Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Qe96FXHd3c Part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BYm7dVuDCIM Credits COMMUNITY Theme Creator by @y2guru. Find it here: https://forums.launchbox-app.com/files/file/2115-community-theme-creator-for-bigbox/ Rincewind's awesome character graphic's pack is included (at a much reduced resolution) Subscribe to catch future live stream: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSIht6UXIEXIgz4eXAEShxA
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  23. Version 1.1


    ⚠⚠ WARNING ⚠⚠ I had some problems with some third party color management plugin which no longer works. Fortunately @Jason Carr and @faeran save us by directly integrating some functionality into BigBox! Thanks to them! Colorful is too much work for me alone. @faeran kindly offered to take charge of the theme dev and to migrate under the Community Theme Creator by @y2guru !! Awsome ! Please be patient, this rewritten version is coming soon and will fix the current issues! Thank you !! Concerning myself, I will be able to concentrate on what I know how to do: graphics. (Video set, theme view ... and more) ➡ You can download a beta of this new version here! # WHAT IS COLORFUL MEDIA SET ? COLORFUL is a complete and coherent high quality graphic set, around a unique design. Made with love in France. I hope you like it ! ? Here are planned development axes: COLORFUL Theme : The main hub, a unique interface for BigBox. COLORFUL Platform Video : Complete 4K video set, with a unique design. COLORFUL Source : To involve the community in the platform video creation. COLORFUL BigBox Startup Video : custom video to match the general design. (new) COLORFUL Startup Theme : (soon) COLORFUL Pause Theme : (soon) # HERE IS COLORFUL THEME FOR BIGBOX: On this page we are talking about COLORFUL Theme for BigBox: Design for work with my platform video set, COLORFUL THEME is thought to be used on the big screen (TV) in gaming console mode. Modern, elegant and animated are the key words of this interface. The COLORFUL project is getting too big for me alone. @faeran has taken over the source code of the theme. A BIG THANKS to you for your support and your precious help !! # IN DETAIL ? The main features : 16:9 only. (Works on other ratio, but with black bands) Full 4K asset. (Any resolution must work, 4K assets) Totally responsive. No resolution deformation on text size or placement. Because of the white/black background, some ClearLogo comes with the theme. Gamepad connection indicator & battery level. # RECOMMENDATION ? Any design choice gives limitations. Here are some recommendations for this theme : LaunchBox/BigBox v.10.0 (and up) VLC highly recommended. Design for work with COLORFUL platform video set. (but you can use any video you what) Beware of full white/black ClearLogo. They will be invisible on Light/Dark views! I didnt test this theme on a lowend configuration. There may be slowdown. (Curious to have your feedback on this subject!) # COOL, HOW TO DOWNLOAD ? 2 ways : In Windows : Right here, with the download button. Extract the "Colorful" folder and place it in your "LaunchBox/Themes" directory. (dont rename it!) In BigBox : Option > Theme manager > Found "COLORFUL - Light" or "COLORFUL - Dark". # SPECIAL THANKS ! @Jason Carr for his hard work on LaunchBox/BigBox! Thx man! @faeran for his hardwork on this theme and all other one ! @y2guru for the awsome Community Teme Creator ! To all Patreon guys! A GIANT THANKS to all of you!!! ? The whote community for yout support! # CREDITS ! @Jason Carr for LaunchBox/BigBox. @faeran for the all theme code. @y2guru for the Community Teme Creator ! @Grila for Grila's Custom BigBox Controls. @eatkinola for Ao.Bigbox.Themer. @RedSnake for Games.Genre Converter. Christian Robertson for Roboto Free Font Set. Impallari for Raleway Free Font Set. # BY FILE, EVERY CUSTOM VIEW SUMMARY (Here in LIGHT. Same principle/animation for DARK) PlatformWheel1FiltersView.xaml PlatformWheel2FiltersView.xaml WheelGamesView.xaml : Wheel2GamesView.xaml : TextGamesView.xaml :
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  24. Hey all, beta 2 is out now with the following: New Feature: A complete management system has been built for specifying types of supported controllers for games, including a built-in database with known games, full flexibility for customization, and built-in badge images for various controller types. See Tools > Manage Game Controllers and the Controller Support section of the game add/edit screen for details. New Feature: All import processes will now import the games first before downloading any media, allowing you to edit and play them right away New Feature: Media downloads are now saved and resumed when exiting and restarting LaunchBox New Feature: Downloads for different platforms can now be queued up so that multiple platforms can be imported quickly without waiting for all of their media downloads Improvement: Major performance improvements for the actual import processes (not the download parts) Improvement: The Add/Edit Playlist screen has been overhauled Fixed: Rare dispose error with VLC video playback Fixed: Image file names that differ only in case (capitalized vs. uncapitalized) were sometimes not be recognized as different images Fixed: Potential import issues with multiple versions when using drag and drop (introduced in 11.9) Fixed: Rare potential error when populating game images in LaunchBox Fixed: Changes to a game's name or platform wasn't always migrating images to the proper folders (introduced in 11.10) Fixed: Rare potential null reference error when getting game metadata from the local database Fixed: Error when drag/drop import is asked to import a file that no longer exists
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  25. Version 1.2.0


    Here's my latest theme for BigBox. It's dark gray, clean, simple and flat. Similar to allNightLong. Hope you like it. This is the wide version designed for 16:9 and 16:10 screen aspects. 4:3 version is coming later. Custom Images: 127 Platform Banners 47 Playlist Banners + one empty 4 Category Banners Views: System Horizontal Games Wheel 1 Horizontal Games Wheel 2 Horizontal Games Wheel 3 Wheel Games Wheel 1 Wheel Games Wheel 2 Text Games View Platform Wheel 1 Platform Wheel 2 Platform Wheel 3 Text Filters View Fonts: Barlow Semi Condensed (Regular 400, Semi-bold 600, Bold 700) https://fonts.google.com/specimen/Barlow+Semi+Condensed?query=barlow Font added since v1.1 Roboto (regular, bold) Roboto - Google Fonts Recommended platform video set for the theme: Viking's Nostalgia 4:3 Banners Make more banners with the Photoshop template Credits: Community Theme Creator for BigBox@y2guru Basic - Platform Clear Logo Set 1.0.1 @RetroNi COLORFUL platform video set 1.6.5 @viking Unsplash (System Background and few platform banner images) Evan Amos for device images (https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/User:Evan-Amos) Wikipedia for device images Special Thanks: These fine gamers helped me to get the views working better. @bundangdon @MisterCrowly @Dexll
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  26. Version 1.0.0


    This is Play Box 5, An overhaul of Play Box 4 with Game title, description & background/fanart images available from Home Screen upon selecting each title from the Recently Played Shortcuts. Lots of tweaks like fading menu controls, Home Screen Icons/Widgets & Banner/Box images have been enlarged slightly. Changed some of the Games Views & also New Walls Games Views. Hundreds of more Icons/Widgets & new videoborders for the WheelGamesView. Make sure you Refresh all images in BigBox options/Image Cache. This theme was designed on a 32 inch screen TV at a screen resolution of 1920 x 1080p. It's been tested on a 42 inch screen TV, 18 inch screen laptop & a 21 inch screen Desktop PC all at screen resolution of 1920 x 1080p. If there are any display problems then it can mostly be a scaling issue in Windows for example Settings/System/Scale & Layout = 125% or some TVs have scaling options in there picture settings or scaling options in Graphics card settings for example Nvidia Control Panel or ATI Radeon Catylist Control Center. For a 4K display this can be achieved by changing the desktop resolution to 3840 x 2160 & change the windows scaling settings to 250% via the Windows/Settings/Display/Scale & Layout Setting but all your other apps ect may be zoomed in as Play Box was designed in a screen resolution of 1920 x 1080. LaunchBox Big Box 2021-06-27 23-19-04.mp4
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  27. So we decided to bite the bullet and make this the big 12.0 release. Therefore, this new beta is now called 12.0-beta-1. The big change for this beta is that we've introduced a new dark theme for all of the popup dialogs in LaunchBox, and premium users can now customize all popup dialog colors: Colors can all be customized under Tools > Options > Visuals > Dialog Theme. Lastly, FYI, there are still a few dialogs that have yet to be upgraded from the old Windows Forms approach to WPF, such as Add/Edit Additional Apps, etc. We're currently working on getting these converted over to WPF so that they can take advantage of the new themes.
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  28. Version v3.0


    ☑️ New version available with English interface ✅ Nueva versión disponible con interfaz en Inglés Les comparto un nuevo tema al que nombré ''MILLENNIUM'' en el que estuve trabajando durante un buen tiempo (y que mejor fecha para compartirlo que el primer día del año 2021) y que consta de varias vistas. En total son 4 vistas de Plataformas (o Categoría de Plataforma) y 8 vistas de Juegos! 3 de esas vistas de juegos son de temática específicas que les comento mas adelante. El tema fué construido gracias a la App Community Theme Creator for BigBox El listado de vistas que contiene el tema es el siguiente: ☑️ PLATAFORMAS (o CATEGORÍA DE PLATAFORMA) ✅ PlatformWheel1FiltersView ✅ PlatformWheel2FiltersView ✅ PlatformWheel3FiltersView ✅ PlatformWheel4FiltersView ☑️ VISTA DE JUEGOS ✅ HorizontalWheel1GamesView ✅ HorizontalWheel2GamesView ✅ HorizontalWheel3GamesView NOTA: para poder visualizar la marquesina del arcade, hay que colocar las imágenes de marquesinas dentro de la carpeta ''Screenshot - Game Over'' de cada sistema, elegí ésta carpeta porque supongo que es la menos utilizada y me sirve para este propósito. Es una vista Arcade con una pantalla CRT con scanlines y con muchos detalles de información, la otra vista de Arcade es mucho más minimalista. ✅ WallGamesView ✅ TextGamesView ☑️ VISTAS TEMÁTICAS ESPECÍFICAS ✅ WheelGamesView NOTA: como ven esta vista está diseñada específicamente para usarla con los juegos Arcades, y el diseño es más bien minimalista y a la vez te da esa sensación de tener el arcade en el salón de tu casa. Por supuesto la pueden usar con cualquier otro sistema, eso es a gusto de cada uno. ✅ Wheel2GamesView NOTA: esta vista como es lógico esta diseñada para usarla con los juegos de micro-ordenadores, con un ambiente que da una sensación de calidez. ✅ Wheel3GamesView NOTA: por último esta vista que es más para todos los sistemas de consolas retro y actuales, con esa pantalla en grande para poder ver los videos de cada juego. INSTALACIÓN: 1 Descargar el archivo (.zip) 2 Antes de descomprimir hacer click derecho al .zip, elegir Propiedades, y Desbloquear (Unblock) 3 Ahora si, una vez desbloqueado el archivo, descomprimirlo y colocar la carpeta ''Millennium'' dentro de la carpeta ''Themes'' de Launchbox 4 Seleccionar el tema desde las opciones de Big Box, en Opciones → Vistas 5 Recuerden que pueden seleccionar una vista distinta para cada sistema y que Big Box las recuerde, sólo tienen que marcar la casilla ''Recordar la vista separada para cada plataforma'' que se encuentra en Opciones → Vistas 6 A jugar! Eso es todo y espero que les guste!
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  29. Version 1.0.2


    This pack contains 3D Box Art for all 60 of the "Nintendo Game & Watch" Titles (56 are currently emulated in MAME) with 98% of them made from original hi-res box scans and / or photos. When trying to import the Nintendo Game & Watch platform I realised that the existing (but great) 3D Boxes didn't match the same angle / orientation as my other systems and a few titles were missing so I decided to create my own set of box art from scratch. Some of the original boxes and box scans are understandably in pretty rough shape after four decades, so I've cleaned them up a substantial amount but there are still some imperfections which I left there to preserve the original box as much as possible. So expect some folds, creases, tears, sticky tape residue and smudges but I think it gives them all a bit of character I'll update if I can source some really good quality scans of less battered cartons. When I started this I probably didn't realise there was so many different sized boxes used depending on the game or series so I've done my best to represent these as authentically as possible whilst keeping a consistent width and reasonable file size. Files are currently named as per MAME 0.231 (with a few guesses for future titles) Hopefully you like them RELATED ARTWORK 2D Box Art using these images can be found here: Nintendo Game & Watch 2D Boxes WANTED Any hi resolution scans (300dpi or better preferred) or very large photos of the original "Crystal Screen Series" boxes. Ideally I need the whole box, or at least front and sides which are captured directly front on. i.e. not photos from angles. I can fix perspective to a small degree and the bigger the better. There are "re-created" boxes out there. Would love to find some original box scans for these if at all possible "MISSING" BOXES & VARIANTS Just a note that this set only includes Nintendo Game & Watch titles and not other handhelds that are often packaged up as Game & Watch such as Mattel, V-Tech and other non Nintendo games (often contained in the very impressive MADrigal simulation set!) I might get around to those at some point as there is definitely a lot of love for them, but finding complete high resolution original artwork scans and photos is not easy! (Especially side box art!). There are also country variations, box variants so we'll see how we go
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  30. Hey all, just a quick teaser. Development is coming along nicely. We now have a few new views with wheels, Banner Box-style banners, etc., as well as favorites, folder options, and more. I'm hoping to get the new version out within a few weeks.
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  31. Beta 5 is out now with the following: Improved endless navigation in the new wall views Improved scrolling performance with the new wall views Corrected error when quickly scrolling through the search index Corrected error when returning to Big Box after launching a game through the wall views Improved the disposing of the FlowImage and FlowVideo controls Improved image caching logic and performance Fixed an issue where the FlowContext and FlowImage combination wasn't working correctly in platform wheel views Fixed an issue with scrolling when viewing manuals in Big Box We're doing more performance and memory testing with the upgraded wheels, CoverFlow and new wall views. Planning on spending this week focusing on bugfixes and performance improvements, and then hopefully we can put the official release out next week.
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  32. Version 1.0.2


    This pack contains 2D Box Art for all 60 of the "Nintendo Game & Watch" Titles (56 are currently emulated in MAME) with 98% of them made from original hi-res box scans and / or photos. When trying to import the Nintendo Game & Watch platform I realised that many of the exisiting but still very cool scans or images of the original boxes were missing or needed some love, so I decided to create my own set of box art from scratch for both 2D and 3D versions. Some of the original boxes and box scans are understandably in pretty rough shape after four decades, so I've cleaned them up a substantial amount but there are still some imperfections which I left there to preserve the original box as much as possible. So expect some folds, creases, tears, sticky tape residue and smudges but I think it gives them all a bit of character I'll update if I can source some really good quality scans of less battered cartons. When I started this I probably didn't realise there was so many different sized boxes used depending on the game or series so I've done my best to represent these as authentically as possible whilst keeping a consistent width and reasonable file size. Files are currently named as per MAME 0.231 (with a few guesses for future titles) Hopefully you like them RELATED ARTWORK 3D Box Art using these images can be found here: Nintendo Game & Watch 3D Boxes WANTED Any hi resolution scans (300dpi or better preferred) or very large photos of the original "Crystal Screen Series" boxes. Ideally I need the whole box, or at least front and sides which are captured directly front on. i.e. not photos from angles. I can fix perspective to a small degree and the bigger the better. There are "re-created boxes out there". Would love to find some original box scans for these if at all possible. MISSING BOXES & VARIANTS This set only includes Nintendo Game & Watch titles and not other handhelds that are often packaged up as Game & Watch such as Mattel, V-Tech and other non Nintendo games (often contained in the very impressive MADrigal simulation set!) I might get around to those at some point as there is a lot of love for them, but finding complete high resolution original artwork scans and photos is not easy! (Especially side box art!). There are also country variations, box variants so we'll see how we go
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  33. 11.13 Beta 1 is now out with the following changes: Improvement: Added more ROM priority logic to help better prioritize demo ROMs and region-specific ROMs with de-prioritized attributes Improvement: You can now perform more actions while your image download queue is being processed Improvement: Setting a game's Broken, Completed, Favorite, or Hidden flag in Big Box's Game Details view now immediately updates auto-populated playlists Improvement: A restart of Big Box is no longer required to see games in a playlist after adding them to the playlist inside of Big Box Improvement: Added more comparison types to string fields to be used with auto-populate playlists Fixed: Changing image types in the Edit Game screen could potentially delete the image (introduced in 11.12) Fixed: Scan for Added Roms wasn't always canceling when told to Fixed: Dragging a folder to LaunchBox wasn't working in some cases (introduced in 11.12) Fixed: Left and right triggers swapped in Add/Edit Fixed: FlowVideo wasn't always respecting video type priorities when a VideoType wasn't set on the control Fixed: MAME light gun support not scraping correctly for controller management Fixed: Media wasn't migrating to the new title when Download Metadata and Media changed a game's title
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  34. Version 0.228


    NOTE: This does NOT interfere with the Leader boards at all. **This removes the nag screen that informs you if a rom doesn't work correctly, or if at all, if you use this no nag, then please do NOT go to the mame support site with issues with games, please only use if you understand that there will be no help from anyone at mamedev as you are using a modified version of mame. mame64.exe - Normal Mame with Nags removed. For Version 0.228 You are required to download the full 0.228 official pack and install it, then just overwrite the exe with the replacement, this covers any changes the mame devs may have made to the support files. After you have done this, make sure you copy the folders artwork, ctrlr, cheat, hlsl, ini, folders and the ini files from the root of your original mame folder, and move/copy them to the new install. make sure in the mame.ini file you have the following set. Skip_gameinfo 1
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  35. Version 1.0.1


    I am here to share another high res uniform set with all of you, Looking what's out there for 3DS there was nothing that was uniform in both sizing and placement of the "Nintendo 3DS" banner. I wanted to make a set that was both high quality and has uniformity when scrolling through the platform of games. This set is done in a 2.5D approach like many of my other sets where carts/discs come in some type of case. This set contains every NTSC game that has been released to date. This set has a count of 418 Nintendo 3DS games. 414 + 4 of the "new Nintendo 3DS games". I have named this set using the no-intro naming scheme. When dropping these in your Launchbox build there may be a few boxes that do not autoload due to the naming differences between how Launchbox scrapes the games and what no-intro names them. Therefore you may have to manually update a few images to your liking. I would also like to say thank you to Diskmach for providing me with a set of flat 3DS covers to implement into these set! Enjoy everyone! As always if any issues are spotted please let me know! As included as a bonus are a sub folder filled with some first party Mario games that received an alternate release red case. I believe I have added all the games I have seen with the red case but if there are more please share a link with me and I can create that as well.
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  36. I'm currently creating/modifying a full(?) set of platform clear logos. By creating I mean literally DRAWING FROM SCRATCH in Adobe Illustrator in vector! One logo can range from taking one hour and go up to FOUR HOURS to perfect! Of course many of the logos have great versions already available and I won't be drawing those from scratch but simply examining thoroughly and touching up those if necessary. I will release all of these in extreme quality as well as my original vector drawing files. I don't want to take full credit for my upcoming collection because a lot of them will be essentially the same vector svgs used by the emulation station community. I'm combing over all of them though trying to fix flaws and redrawing logos if necessary. All of the ones shown here are either heavily altered or brand new drawings! Thanks to Pit's Arts on the forums for the TeknoParrot PNG that I traced from. I also drew a new arcade classics logo just for fun. The goal of this upcoming platform clear logo collection is to make all of the logos we use for platforms simply more accurate and higher quality. This is not to knock others who have worked hard to create currently used versions in the past but simply to improve upon that hard work further. Hopefully I don't come off as pretentious! I just want to make our platform logos the best they can be! This whole process started because I am also making a theme which needs accurate logos for a collection of hand drawn icons. I was touching up so many logos along the way that I decided to actually focus on just the logos for a while and get them fixed up some. I have spent around 90 hours doing just the logos as of right now! I know that this is not something people care too much about but I hope you can get some enjoyment from my labor of love once I release the full logo set. As a sneak peek of my theme's art, I'm going to show off a couple of my Icon backgrounds here for the first time. The theme will be called "ICONIC". I've been working on it everyday for nearly 3 months . The reason it has taken so long is because I wanted to draw all of these icons very accurately. It will support only about 40 to 50 platforms because It's just not reasonable to do more than that for me. The backgrounds scroll and loop continually through the magic of the theme creators animations. Currently it has a Nintendo style look with greys, reds and white. I know it looks really red but In the theme it's not too overpowering the way I'm using it. I plan to make a more neutral version as well. You'll see more of the ICONIC theme later. I have made a few long Youtube videos that show my tedious logo creation process in action! Feel free to skip around them because they aren't the most exciting videos in the world. If you take a peek at the (rough/unedited) recordings you can feel the vibes I'm putting into these logos. The logo collection will release very soon. The ICONIC theme will release....not as soon but still soon.
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  37. Version 2.3


    Note: This thread will not be pushed to the front in the "whats new" section once updated in the future, if you want notifications for future updates be sure to follow this page by using the follow button in the upper right corner. NEON DELUXE ARCADE - 16:9 ----------------------------------------------------- CREDITS Huge thanks goes out to @y2guru for his Community Theme Creator Software and his endless personal help, also he created the animated wheels for this theme! @Hexxxer for the original inspiration of his FutureState theme. @Rincewind for the inspiration on his use of the icons. @faeranfor explaining the new marquee options in v12. Thanks guys! ----------------------------------------------------- INSTALLATION 1. Download the theme here and place the folder in Launchbox/Themes/ 2. You might need to unblock the zip file or all the .DLL's in the plugin folder. Right click the zip or DLL files, choose properties and at the bottom you click "Unblock". 3. I recommend doing the following to speed up Big Box greatly: - Uncheck all Background Images in Launchbox > Tools > Options > Media > Background Priorities - Set all transitions to "None" in BigBox settings - Use the Clean Up media tool in launchbox/tools/Clean Up Media... (this can really speed up lists with thousands of games and duplicate media) - Defrag the drive that holds your media files Hope you like and enjoy! ? ----------------------------------------------------- LINKS Neon Deluxe Arcade is a series of themes and elements, if you like you can download these to accompany the complete theme, visit this page to see all my other work: https://forums.launchbox-app.com/profile/88501-mr-retrolust/content/?type=downloads_file The excellent start up video by @PaDeMoNiuM
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  38. Version 1.0.0


    Taito Type X Launchbox Bigbox Full Media Pack download all the usual goodies, Video Themes Box Art Fan Art Clear logos Etc, Thanks To Trymado for letting me use his Platform Video saved me a job. 31 games are in this pack it took me 3 weeks to complete, i've missed out some games as i couldn't get them to work but most are covered Enjoy Gus and Gals
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  39. Version 1.0.0


    This collection consists of over 5000 single cassette, double cassette, plastic clam shell, disks, and big box commodore 64 games. I tried my best to stay true to the original box sizes where I can, but this was an almost impossible task, so I had to compromise with some titles. Many of the games where released and re-released numerous times, so you will find in this collection many titles with 3 or 4 different boxes styles. Where this is the case, I’ve named the games with the developer/publisher added in brackets. I’ve avoided on the most part compilation and educational games, although there may be one or two still within this pack. This pack is still far from complete, so if anyone has any box art (inc spines) that are not part of this pack, please send to me and I’ll add them to any future updates I may release. Enjoy!
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  40. Version 1.0.0


    Machtendo - Bezels Set ( v1.0 = 175 Bezels) - LaunchBox Community Appreciation Hello, all! I was inspired by the work of a few users here in the community to teach myself how to use Photoshop and I wanted to create my own unique set of bezels. I taught myself just enough Photoshop to accomplish what I'd hoped to accomplish. I made these for myself because I loved so many of the different styles and sets I'd seen on here, which varied widely - but I wanted a more uniformed set that I felt would work well with Viking's Colorful (Dark) Theme. I decided that I'd go ahead and post them here, to express my gratitude for all the hard work everyone has put in to make LaunchBox what it is. Since I am interested to learn more Photoshop, I think I'm going to continue experimenting with these. If the community seems to like them, I'll post an update every so often. If anyone has any feedback or tips, I'm always willing to learn! Resolution: 1920 x 1080 Usage: I use these in RetroArch, I personally set the Configuration up by Content Directory in the ../config/[emulator] folder. In these config files, I point to the overlay file path with integer scaling turned on, with the opacity set to 1.0. I'll post a sample config later on. Categories: Generic or Abstract = 6 Platforms = 129 Games\Series = 10 Games\Individual = 30 Total = 175 Credit for the original artwork: @Orionsangel - @JRPGod - @nadonate - @Kondorito - @ci2own - @harryoke Also, super appreciative of @Jason Carr for creating and maintaining LaunchBox in the first place
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  41. The Community Theme Creator is an amazing tool. Unfortunately, as of this time, there is no documentation. There are however, several excellent videos by y2guru and Faeran on the subject. I have recently begun saving bookmarks and other tips from the videos to use as a reference if I ever need to remember how to do something in the Theme Creator. The videos can be pretty long so hopefully this will be helpful for anyone looking for specific info. Some of these notes refer to the upcoming version of the Theme Creator and may not work with the current public version. These bookmarks are time stamped to take you directly to the subject matter within the video. Beginner Starting a new Theme https://youtu.be/Eu7U0sb1p94?t=754 Setting your intended aspect ratio for the theme and explanation of the different ratios - https://youtu.be/Eu7U0sb1p94?t=779 Explanation of different views within BigBox and selecting view to edit - https://youtu.be/Eu7U0sb1p94?t=838 Opening a new Platform View to edit - https://youtu.be/Eu7U0sb1p94?t=953 Explanation of a Mandatory UI Element. - https://youtu.be/Eu7U0sb1p94?t=986 Explanation of X,Y Coordinates and other properties - https://youtu.be/Eu7U0sb1p94?t=1004 How to add new elements to a theme and brief explanation of types of elements. https://youtu.be/Eu7U0sb1p94?t=1052 Resizing a wheel element https://youtu.be/Eu7U0sb1p94?t=1105 Explaining wheel properties - camera zposition, Item zposition, selected zposition, https://youtu.be/Eu7U0sb1p94?t=8435 Specifying images to use in a wheel https://youtu.be/Eu7U0sb1p94?t=1176 Using the Wheel stylization assist button to quickly set up your wheel - https://youtu.be/Eu7U0sb1p94?t=1236 Adding an image - https://youtu.be/Eu7U0sb1p94?t=1310 Making an image (or other element ) fullscreen - https://youtu.be/Eu7U0sb1p94?t=1317 Aligning an image - https://youtu.be/Eu7U0sb1p94?t=1363 Re-naming the image element (or any other element) https://youtu.be/Eu7U0sb1p94?t=1366 Specifiying what image to use and explanation of how to use image metadata to choose images dynamically - https://youtu.be/Eu7U0sb1p94?t=1378 Organizing groups and elements - Creating new Groups - https://youtu.be/Eu7U0sb1p94?t=1498 Explanation of Stretch - Fill, None, Uniform, Uniform to FIll - https://youtu.be/Eu7U0sb1p94?t=1557 Adding a video - Explaning difference between user defined video and selected item video - https://youtu.be/Eu7U0sb1p94?t=1936 Is Faeran ETA Prime's cousin? https://youtu.be/Eu7U0sb1p94?t=2027 Aspect ratio of video - keep or stretch - https://youtu.be/Eu7U0sb1p94?t=2178 Importance of Order of Elements/Layers https://youtu.be/Eu7U0sb1p94?t=2325 Copy and pasting an element's properties to another element or to a parent https://youtu.be/Eu7U0sb1p94?t=3652 Add a text scroller https://youtu.be/Eu7U0sb1p94?t=4453 Change the font of text scroller https://youtu.be/Eu7U0sb1p94?t=4634 Determine what to display within text scroller https://youtu.be/Eu7U0sb1p94?t=4667 Change direction (vertical / horizontal) of text scroller https://youtu.be/Eu7U0sb1p94?t=4691 Change the scroll speed of text scroller https://youtu.be/Eu7U0sb1p94?t=4702 Adding a release date element https://youtu.be/Eu7U0sb1p94?t=5001 Adding Platform Name text metadata https://youtu.be/Eu7U0sb1p94?t=5480 Taking Platform Name length into consideration https://youtu.be/Eu7U0sb1p94?t=5541 Editing Text Format (uppercase lowercase), centering text, wrapping text (Wrap, NoWrap, WrapWithOverflow), trimming text (CharacterElipsis - WordEllipsis) https://youtu.be/Eu7U0sb1p94?t=5574 Move an element with cursor - Move an element quickly with cursor plus shift key https://youtu.be/Eu7U0sb1p94?t=5672 Changing text color and using color picker tool. Also a look at linear and radial gradients within color picker tool. https://youtu.be/Eu7U0sb1p94?t=5711 Adding a total games count text box https://youtu.be/Eu7U0sb1p94?t=5889 Adding a text box to display a constant value https://youtu.be/Eu7U0sb1p94?t=6074 Explanation of Smart guides for aligning elements https://youtu.be/Eu7U0sb1p94?t=6001 Adding and using a dock panel https://youtu.be/Eu7U0sb1p94?t=6669 Using Autosize - Width and Height - for the text in the dock https://youtu.be/Eu7U0sb1p94?t=7023 Using Margins to dynamically give text elements a designated amount of space regardless of each element's size. https://youtu.be/Eu7U0sb1p94?t=7068 Use a grid or a frame and brief description of how each works https://youtu.be/Eu7U0sb1p94?t=7635 Changing the background color and opacity of a grid. https://youtu.be/Eu7U0sb1p94?t=7749 Publish a theme https://youtu.be/Eu7U0sb1p94?t=2922 Hidden File Menu? https://youtu.be/Eu7U0sb1p94?t=8290 Parent Elements Explanation and use of Frames https://youtu.be/4gSvaa-EaU8?t=3191 Explanation and use of Grids https://youtu.be/4gSvaa-EaU8?t=3416 Explanation of Viewboxes https://youtu.be/4gSvaa-EaU8?t=3519 Explanation of Dock https://youtu.be/4gSvaa-EaU8?t=3844 Explanation of Stack https://youtu.be/4gSvaa-EaU8?t=4046 Advanced Adding an animation to a wheel - https://youtu.be/Eu7U0sb1p94?t=2543 Run Animation choices - Explaining differences of During Selection, Immediately, Once selected - https://youtu.be/Eu7U0sb1p94?t=2548 Animate a parent grid with text https://youtu.be/Eu7U0sb1p94?t=8197 Visibility conditioning - colors https://youtu.be/1eGobjpzoXs?t=3759 Using Visibility Conditioning to hide/show/collapse a text element depending on the status of another text element (if no release year, dash disappears). https://youtu.be/Eu7U0sb1p94?t=7243 Applying color tint and opacity mask to an image. https://youtu.be/lT_tIGdthV4?t=6923 Looking at text list wheel presets and creating your own text presets. https://youtu.be/1eGobjpzoXs?t=7710 Again, creating a custom text wheel preset. https://youtu.be/lT_tIGdthV4?t=7049 Understanding the 4 numbers in xaml- padding/margins, etc. https://youtu.be/1eGobjpzoXs?t=8096 Parent UI Element Viewbox https://youtu.be/fSmQyksxtgs?t=672 Obsolete elements and new metadata fields: Playmode1-4, Genre1-4, Region1-4 https://youtu.be/fSmQyksxtgs?t=123 Alt-a shortcut to trigger animation within Theme Creator https://youtu.be/lT_tIGdthV4?t=4609 Alt-i shortcut to enable include animations with movement within Theme Creator https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eu7U0sb1p94&t=8290s Hidden File Menu? (In this menu you can also toggle the Alt-A, Alt-i commands mentioned above as well as other commands.) https://youtu.be/Eu7U0sb1p94?t=8290 Adding a simple animation to a clear logo. https://youtu.be/lT_tIGdthV4?t=4490 Quick demonstration of how to add a horizontal text scroller https://youtu.be/lT_tIGdthV4?t=7436 Video behind full color (rectangle) and applying opacity to the rectangle to reveal video beneath https://youtu.be/Eu7U0sb1p94?t=3761 Better optimize a theme by using one animation for a parent container (grid) to animate all elements in the parent as opposed to three elements having the same animation. https://youtu.be/Eu7U0sb1p94?t=4002 A quick look at selecting and using linear or radial gradients within the color picker tool https://youtu.be/Eu7U0sb1p94?t=5782 A look at injecting your own XAML code - User Source https://youtu.be/Eu7U0sb1p94?t=6141 Animation Triggers, During Selection, Once Selected, Immediately. https://youtu.be/ktKk3T9Pvag?t=589 A look at the Documentation.pdf in the ..\LaunchBox\Themes folder. https://youtu.be/Eu7U0sb1p94?t=6366 Other notes Collapsed = 0 height , 0 width , Hidden is not shown but width and height is still in place. Create your docks (info rows) in a separate theme that you can copy from into a new theme, saves you setup. Take a look at the documentation.pdf within the ..\LaunchBox\Themes folder. The document goes over all the different views and bindings that can be used in the xaml code. Shortcuts Alt-M to Enable/Disable Audio within editor. Alt-A to Enable/Disable Animations within editor. Alt-I to Enable/Disable Animations with Movement within editor. Alt-V to Enable/Disable Videos within editor. Alt-J to Enable/Disable Animated GIFs within editor (remember, J for JIF, I mean GIF). Alt-H to Enable/Disable Hover Tracking within editor. Alt-L to Enable/Disable Lock to Canvas within editor. Alt-S to Enable/Disable Smart Guides within editor. All shortcuts defined here can also be turned off and on in the hidden file menu within the editor by hovering your mouse at the top of the screen. Deciphering the wheel properties These notes were taken directly from the documentation.pdf that can be found in the Launchbox/Themes folder ImageType: If not specified or left blank, the FlowControl will use the default ImageType for the active platform, or if no active platform an overall default image type will be used. Here are all the possible valid values for platforms views: Clear Logo, Fanart, Banner, Device Here are all the possible valid values for games views: Boxes, 3D Boxes, Carts, 3D Carts, Screenshots, Clear Logos. CurveAmount: The CurveAmount is a multiplier decimal value that specifies how much the wheel should curve. Putting 0 in this value will result in no curve at all. A negative value will curve the wheel in the opposite direction. CurveAmount is currently only supported by the wheel views (WheelCoverFactory and HorizontalWheelCoverFactory). This property will be ignored for CoverFlow views. The default CurveAmount value is 4.5. RotationAmount: The RotationAmount is a multiplier decimal value that specifies how much items in the wheel should rotate as they move further from the selected position. Putting 0 in this value will result in no rotation. A negative value will curve the wheel in the opposite direction. RotationAmount is currently only supported by the wheel views (WheelCoverFactory and HorizontalWheelCoverFactory). This property will be ignored for CoverFlow views. The default RotationAmount value is 0. CameraZPosition: The CameraZPosition property specifies the position of the camera in relation to the Z positions of the images. Generally this affects the size of the images. The CameraZPosition property should always be greater than both the ItemZPosition and SelectedItemZPosition properties, or the images will appear behind the camera and hence not be shown. The bigger the CameraZPosition property, the further away from the images the camera will be, and thus the smaller the images will appear. The default CameraZPosition value is 3.0. ItemZPosition: The ItemZPosition property specifies the Z position of items that are not the currently selected item. This also affects the size of the images in relation to the camera. The ItemZPosition property should always be less than the CameraZPosition property, or the images will appear behind the camera and hence not be shown. The bigger the ItemZPosition property, the closer the images will appear to the camera, and thus the bigger the images will appear. ItemZPosition is currently only supported by the wheel views (WheelCoverFactory and HorizontalWheelCoverFactory). This property will be ignored for CoverFlow views. The default ItemZPosition value is 1.0. SelectedItemZPosition: The SelectedItemZPosition property specifies the Z position of the currently selected item only. This affects the size of the selected image in relation to the camera. The SelectedItemZPosition property should always be less than the CameraZPosition property, or the images will appear behind the camera and hence not be shown. The bigger the SelectedItemZPosition property, the closer the selected image will appear to the camera, and thus the bigger the selected image will appear. Generally, the SelectedItemZPosition property should also be larger than the ItemZPosition property in order to make the selected item appear larger than the other items in the control. SelectedItemZPosition is currently only supported by the wheel views (WheelCoverFactory and HorizontalWheelCoverFactory). This property will be ignored for CoverFlow views. The default SelectedItemZPosition value is 2.0. Spacing: The Spacing property is a multiplier decimal value that specifies how close the images in the control should appear to each other. The greater the value for the Spacing property, the farther away the images will appear from each other. Spacing is currently only supported by the wheel views (WheelCoverFactory and HorizontalWheelCoverFactory). This property will be ignored for CoverFlow views. The default Spacing value is 1.0. VisibleCount: The VisibleCount property specifies the total number of images displayed on the screen at once. This number is automatically increased by 3 on the backend in order to prevent clipping or popping as new images are added to the ends of the control. Therefore, if for some reason you want to display less than three images, you’ll need to set this to a negative value. PageSize: The PageSize property is primarily used for Page Up and Page Down commands. This specifies how many images should be skipped in either direction when pressing Page Up or Page Down. MaxVerticalImageResolutionOverride: Used to override the user’s default CoverFlow image quality settings. Omit this property to use the default settings (recommended for most scenarios). Cached images will be resized to this vertical resolution. Note: CurveAmount and RotationAmount examples. These were counterintuitive to me so here are a few examples. Positive or negative values determine direction of curve or rotation. Default Platform and Games views behave similarly but are horizontal instead of vertical. You are more than welcome to submit other tips, in fact please do! I will do my best to add them to this list. Questions are also welcome, however I'm no expert on the subject. I will add notes as I learn more about what can be done. I will organize and refine the list as time allows
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  42. Thanks everyone. Super happy to be on the team, and excitedly looking forward to all the wonderful things to come. ?
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  43. Version 0.232


    NOTE: This does NOT interfere with the Leader boards at all. **This removes the nag screen that informs you if a rom doesn't work correctly, or if at all, if you use this no nag, then please do NOT go to the mame support site with issues with games, please only use if you understand that there will be no help from anyone at mamedev as you are using a modified version of mame. mame.exe - Normal Mame with Nags removed. For Version 0.232 (Note mame no longer carries the 64 in its exe name changed by Devs in 0.229) It's advisable to download the full 0.232 official pack and install it, then just overwrite the exe with the replacement, this covers any changes the mame devs may have made to the support files. After you have done this, make sure you copy the folders artwork, ctrlr, cheat, hlsl, ini, folders and the ini files from the root of your original mame folder, and move/copy them to the new install. make sure in the mame.ini file you have the following set. Skip_gameinfo 1
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  44. Version 1.0.6


    I am starting a collection for windows games. I will complete it according to your requests. The list : A Plague Tale Innocence Alice Madness Returns Complete Alien Isolation All-Star Fruit Racing Assetto Corsa Competizione Assetto Corsa Beyond Good and Evil Beyond Two Souls BioShock 2 Remastered BioShock Infinite BioShock Remastered Blair Witch Blur Burnout Paradise The Ultimate Box Castle of Illusion Castlevania Lords of Shadow - Ultimate Edition Child of Light Clue Cluedo The Classic Mystery Game Contrast Control Crash Bandicoot 4 - It’s About Time! Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy Cyber Shadow Cyberpunk 2077 Dark Souls II Scholar of the First Sin Dark Souls III Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition Dark Souls Remastered DARQ Days Gone Dead or Alive 5 Last Round Dead or Alive 6 Dead Rising 2 Off the Record Dead Rising 2 Dead Rising 3 Apocalypse Edition Dead Rising 4 Dead Rising Death Stranding Detroit Become Human Devil May Cry 5 Devil May Cry HD Collection Dishonored 2 Dishonored Death of the Outsider Dishonored DMC Devil May Cry Dying Light Flashback Gravel GRIP Combat Racing Hellblade Senua's Sacrifice Home Sweet Home Horizon Zero Dawn Immortals Fenyx Rising Injustice 2 Legendary Edition INSIDE Kingdom hearts 3 Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 and 2.5 ReMIX Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory Life is Strange 2 Life is Strange Before the Storm Life is Strange Limbo Little Nightmares II Little Nightmares Lust for Darkness Max The Curse of Brotherhood Metro 2033 Redux Metro Exodus Metro Last Light Redux Mirror's Edge Catalyst Mirror's Edge Mortal Kombat 11 Mortal Kombat X Never Alone Obduction Observer Oddworld Abe's Oddysee New N' Tasty Ori and the Blind Forest Definitive Edition Ori and the Will of the Wisps Pacer Panzer Dragoon Pinball FX3 Project CARS 2 Project CARS 3 Project CARS ReCore Redout Enhanced Edition Remember Me Resident Evil 0 HD Remaster Resident Evil 2 2019 Resident Evil 3 2020 Resident Evil VII Biohazard Shadow of the Tomb Raider Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Sonic Mania Soulcalibur VI Team Sonic Racing Tekken 7 Tell Me Why The Forest The Medium The Sims 4 Unravel Two Unravel Watch Dogs 2 Watch Dogs Wreckfest Xenon Racer
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  45. Version 1.0.0


    Collection unified video themes, use with your favorite frontend. Enjoy.
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  46. Version 1.0.0


    Collection of 3D boxes for the Commodore 16 Plus/4. enjoy!
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  47. Version 1.1


    Tilt was built during a Theme Workshop live stream. If you are interested in creating themes, subscribe to the Unbroken Software YouTube channel. Tilt A simple text based theme that is loosely based off of the ES theme Angular by lilbud. The theme and the COMMUNITY Theme Creator project files can be downloaded here. Watch this theme being built: Watch on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1eGobjpzoXs Credits COMMUNITY Theme Creator by @y2guru. Find it here: https://forums.launchbox-app.com/files/file/2115-community-theme-creator-for-bigbox/ Subscribe to catch future live stream: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSIht6UXIEXIgz4eXAEShxA Angular ES Theme by lilbud: https://github.com/lilbud/es-theme-angular
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  48. Version 1.1


    Hi, I've made covers 3D of Playstaion PAL Games. I update pack in future for missing games or/and country. If you see an error of slide you can pm me and i rework media. Thanks all I begin US covers i create a new post in a future. you can support me Donate
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  49. Version 0.233


    NOTE: This does NOT interfere with the Leader boards at all. **This removes the nag screen that informs you if a rom doesn't work correctly, or if at all, if you use this no nag, then please do NOT go to the mame support site with issues with games, please only use if you understand that there will be no help from anyone at mamedev as you are using a modified version of mame. mame.exe - Normal Mame with Nags removed. For Version 0.233 (Note mame no longer carries the 64 in its exe name changed by Devs in 0.229) It's advisable to download the full 0.233 official pack and install it, then just overwrite the exe with the replacement, this covers any changes the mame devs may have made to the support files. After you have done this, make sure you copy the folders artwork, ctrlr, cheat, hlsl, ini, folders and the ini files from the root of your original mame folder, and move/copy them to the new install. make sure in the mame.ini file you have the following set. Skip_gameinfo 1
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  50. Thunder Dragon mame arcade bezel tdragon.zip Feel free to use in your projects:
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