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    This is such a great feature. I'm so happy this community has people dedicated and knowledgeable enough to listen to user requests and bang out a perfect plugin to make the experience that much better. Yet another awesome plug-in my man. Keep up the amazing work!
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    great work a phillips cdi would be very appreciated thank you!!!!
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    I might be a little bit biased, but regardless of how this Theme was created it clearly demonstrates @Rincewind's artistic talent, I personally love this Theme for its clean, fun and bold color scheme and it kind of reminds me of one of my favorite PC games.... Day of The Tentacle. Great job @Rincewind
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    Thank you very much friend.πŸ‘½ πŸ‘
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    Best theme out there in my opinion, looks fantastic and displays a lot of informations at the same time while keeping big videos, love it
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    This is a great community contribution. Very well done. So much work for all of these, you are awesome man. Keep it up!
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    One of my absolute favorite themes. My aesthetic for Big Box is picking out videos & themes that capture the personality of the various consoles/computers/arcade, and Retrotastic nails that wonderfully. The image quality is very impressive, and the layout blends together seamlessly. Highly recommended.
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    These are fantastic, thank you for making them. I get so mad when I look at my Atari ST setup compared to the others. Problem Solved. You Rock!
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    Love these vids! Can't wait to see the Amstrad CPC one when it gets done. I'm not sure why, but I love the look of that thing 😏
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    Best theme to come to BigBox yet! Excited for further updates πŸ˜€
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    One of the nicest themes on here. Very cool and clean. Makes searching through a sea of unknown games so much easier on the eyes, lol. Very nice buddy!
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    Excellent work. There's still quite a few VIC games (as well as Commodore 16/Plus4 games) missing from the DB) I plan on adding a few . My main focus is on arcade games, and cleaning up/adding overviews as of now, but I do add the occasional game for other systems (primarily 8-bit computers) occasionally. This helps out a lot for a lot of games missing from the DB, but as OP said, there are some games with mediocre to bad box scans, and some with none at all...however a good portion of those are type-ins and compilation games)
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    Love this theme, easy install, a large variety of views and most importantly... it runs great! Thanks a ton for all of your work on this!
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    Simple and to the point. I love using this video because my friends always ask me what is big box. The fact that this startup teaches anyone who watches that it is a multi platform emulation front end is just awesome! the music is great and i love the video snips chosen. It takes a lot of work i imagine to make it look this simple and short. Great job and thanks for the upload.
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    I really am greatful for this. However, I remade the "blank" GD-Rom disc in case anyone would prefer this one over the one provided here:
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    Very snazzy looking on my 4k tv. I like this a lot!
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    Once I saw this on ETA Prime's update video, I switched this right over. Awesome job and I can't wait to see the updates!
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    How do you remove cd\cart bottom right overlaying video?
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    Every Playable Game included and very well done!
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    These are pretty dope hopefully there is more in this style to come with regional variants for the people across the pond. Danke
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    Very pleased with the update. It's more performant now and plays all my videos of various types and sources. Combining this theme with platform video commercials, it's like a trip back in time. My favorite theme yet.
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    I've been wanting to get to a local arcade called the Galloping Ghost to get something like this for some time but A) I know very little to nothing about audio and B) I haven't gotten around to doing it. That said, this is perfect! I started it and sort of got lost in it, just letting it run for a while as I set up some stuff for Launchbox. Very cool!
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    One of the best themes, by far. I just suscribed to this man's Patreon and If you like this type of work, you should too. Fantastic job. Hope we can get more view types in the future
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    Great Theme the best Ive seen so far πŸ˜„
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    Thanks for your work, I like it, it's simple but very nice when you use it on a big TV like me ^^ It's my default theme now. I have few suggestions to ugrade your theme, please consider it : - add stars instead of the text for the community notation - add an index to quickly select a letter when we browse our game collection - And maybe make videos a little more bigger. Keep up the good work!
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    Thanks for this wonderful work bro (finally adding this system to my collection so my reaction is a bit late lol)
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    Thanks for this wonderful work bro (finally adding this system to my collection so my reaction is a bit late lol)
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    Thanks for this wonderful work bro (finally adding this system to my collection so my reaction is a bit late lol)
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    Thanks for this wonderful work bro (finally adding this system to my collection so my reaction is a bit late lol)
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    Best intro I've seen for a dedicated MAME machine. Love it
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    Amazing work on these, the dark binding looks great on all themes too.
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    Really great work creating these many thanks!
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    They look really sweet! thanks for all the hard work!
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    Thank you. Works perfectly. May want to add that the .dll needs to be unblocked to the instructions/description. (at least i needed to)
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    Nice! Worked great. My first pinball setup in LB/BB and this helped tremendously.
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    Great theme. Thank you so much!!!
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    First I would like to thank you for your beautiful work.
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    Amazing as always, thank you for making this @CTRL-ALT-DEFEAT πŸ˜€
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    Beautiful work of art! Merci mon frère! 🀘
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    Beautiful work, i very like much... But I miss the following videos: MAME Computers Consoles Handhelds Extras Exit Themes NEC PC Engine GT NEC TurboExpress Some are not popular, but others seem essential. In any case, great job! and thank you very much.
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    Love it! If only I knew about this plugin earlier. Now it's far much easier than remembering specific configs for specific games. Much appreciated.
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    Excellent work! Thank you for all your hard work!
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