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  1. If you have them all in the same folder for MAME roms, they all should work.  The Japanese version (wbml.zip) will work by itself in MAME, as you have found.  All the other bootleg versions and the virtual console version require to have their own rom_file.zip and the wbml.zip in the same folder (i.e. they require those 2 files).  Also, make sure the folder they are in has been set in MAME's rompath.  

  2. That's what I figured after I got done writing that. lol

    Maybe try pulling a Settings.xml from one of the backups dated prior to this starting and using it.

    Do you have any controllers hooked up?  Probably not as you have UseAllControllers=False.  I ask because I know my Xbox 360 controller will have a 'drift' until I bump the left joystick.   (like what K-foxx just said)

    (Just a thought.  I'm no expert, merely and end-user with.... well.... thoughts. :))

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  3. "[almost] Anything is possible."  But this is beyond me.  I'm not familiar with that particular Theme (which doesn't really matter).  So the "set of images" you're talking about, is that the different colored 'bezels' or overlays you have between the 2 views?  None of the Themes I use have any so again, not familiar.  Is it safe to assume your particular Theme has a subfolder of images then the path you manually changed points to a different ../images folder (or there about's)?

  4. Launch Platforms

    View File

    This is a BigBox plugin that allows you to launch a game/application directly from the Platform Wheel View level.


    - Right click on the downloaded LaunchPlatform.zip and click "Unblock" and then OK


    - Open the zip file and copy the folder "LaunchPlatform into your ../LaunchBox/Plugins/  folder

    - Open LaunchBox and create a new Platform.  (i.e. Music Box Alpha)

    - In the lower right hand corner click "Add"image.png.adb8a5bb8b4f195caae242862821f4e2.png

    - Fill in (at minimum)
       Platform: (select the Platform you just created)
       (click on "Launching") Application Path: 

    - Click OK

    - Now click "Tools" and [at the bottom] click "Launch Platform Setup"

    - Oh... you might first want to create a backup of the Theme folder you use for BigBox.  You shouldn't need it, but always a good idea.



    - Step 1  In the Available Themes List will be all themes you have.  Click on the one you use (the one you backed up) then click "Setup Theme".  This will now be listed in the Modified Themes List.  At any time you can undo the changes made by selecting the Theme in the Modified Themes List and click "Restore Theme".

    Step 2  Select the Platform (Music Box Alpha) in the Available Platforms List and click "Add Platform" (or you can just double-click it).  This will move it to the Platforms Ready List.  When you are done, click "Done".

    - Now start BigBox.  (look for the 3 horizontal lines in the upper left, click it and click "BigBox")


    - Scroll through your Platforms wheel until you find your new Platform and select it.

    If all goes well, this will directly launch your program (Music Box Alpha) without going into the games wheel.  And if things really go well, when your system is in Attract Mode, it may stop on this Platform, but then move on to the next Platform without trying to go to the games wheel.

    @jayjay is the brains behind getting this to work, but I'm the one that threw it all together.  So credit goes to where credit is due.  (you decide :D)  If something's not working right, go ahead and post here and it'll get looked at.  And possibly even get resolved.


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  5. 11 hours ago, jayray442 said:

    i hit ctrl alt delete then hit cancel once the options box comes up, mame suddenly works fine

    That's just plain odd.  Well, that and the fact Alt+Tabbing to MAME doesn't work. 

    I don't know with which MAME release it changed, but check under Manage Emulators - MAME and see if LB-11 added-in/removed the custom command line "-keyboardprovider dinput".  "added-in"  vs  "removed" depending if 0.206 is 'OK with it'.

    Next process-of-elimination I'd suggest is to install version 10 of LaunchBox (from inside the ../Updates/  folder) and see if it truly is a LB-11 thing.  Though I suspect that it is Not.

  6. Sounds like the MAME window isn't getting focus after being launched.  Launch a game from LB, if the controls aren't working, instead of Ctrl+Alt+Del, hold Alt and then press Tab.  Still holding Alt down, press Tab until you get to the MAME window, then let go of Alt.  Do the controls now work?  If so, Exit MAME (Esc) and try a different Arcade game and see if it works without having to do all that.   Do you have MAME set to Window Mode?  Start Out Maximized (not sure if this one matters)?

  7. Sounds like you're using the Supermodel UI.  The solution is to set-it-and-forget-it. :) And since you're using LaunchBox, you won't need the Supermodel ui.

    Get things setup through the ui so that everything works.  Then don't ever run it again.  Now make a backup (or two) of "Supermodel.ini" for future just-in-case.  If you feel the need to change the resolution, edit the ini file with a text editor and search for 

    XResolution = 1920
    YResolution = 1080

    and change the numbers to your liking.

    If later you need to make changes to the controller settings, use the command line option (as is Strongly recommended by the SuperModel3 team).   [-config-inputs] 

    The ui will make changes [to the ini] the instant you click something. No questions asked.  Though I don't know why simply changing the resolution would screw the controllers up.  Anyway, ditch the ui and let LaunchBox 'be your guide'.


  8. 12 hours ago, Dwreck1122 said:

    it worked fine yesterday

    Sounds like maybe LB/BB wasn't shut down properly.  Simplest remedy is go to the Updates folder under LaunchBox and (re)run "LaunchBox-11.0-Setup.exe".

    They say all your game imports (etc) data will not be lost. But if you're concerned, make a backup of the Data folder first.

  9. To be honest, I have never used the search feature in BB and didn't know about the "game wheel" (whatever, depending on your Theme view) it creates with the results.  That is pretty Cool!

    I see also that if you go to the System View (press "Back") and select View Genres, select a specific Genre and then Search, it works as above. For the selected genre and search term.

    So to continue with your proof of concept, if you can use voice control to activate Search, "key-in" a search term/word(s) and "press Enter", you're well on your way. 

    Next step is to create a User Control that has a textBox to input your search term (hmm.... I think there's a better word than "term"... anyway) and then a groupBox of groupBox(s) with radioButtons for Genre, Series, Ratings etc... (because you can only FilterType by one.. unless you can get && to work).....

    Well, you probably know all that.  The issue goes back to outputting the result into a 'filtered' [WheelGames]View.  Damn!  I was on a roll.  lol 

    But in the back of my mind, I'm convinced this can be done via a plugin with the resources available.  Comes down to being smarter than the average bear by studying/earning the inner workings of C#/WPF/xaml's.  And I'm sure it's right there just starring at us.  My little cub eyes don't see it yet.😊

  10. Maybe "popup" was a bad choice of words.  But my Plan B 'method' isn't really all that bad to do.  As for the Search feature, be it a built-in BB User Control or one from a plugin, there really isn't much difference.  Well, other than you'd be responsible for any 'adverse affects' rather than Jason. ;)   The keyboard's already available ...       ../Themes/Default/KeyboardView.xaml.  Just have to plug[-it-]in. :D

    Myself, I hate working with WPF (attribute it to just plain ignorance).  Modifying's fine. Creating from scratch.... Ugh!!  Give me a good ol' Windows Form "popup" any day. lol

  11. That details screen for the emulator looks fine.  Make sure you Game is pointing to a (correct) rom file.  Best to use the Browse button rather than manually typing it in.  The only way I was able to replicate that particular error was when I pointed it to a file not recognized by Citra.image.thumb.png.abafed8ab9674ed84b5c46d93f885dbb.png 

    If it still doesn't load after verifying that, see if you can load it from the command prompt.  Open the command prompt from your 'nightly-mingw' folder and type

    citra-qt.exe "D:\roms\Nintendo 3DS\Mario Kart 7-USA-Rev 1-Decrypted.3ds"

    (adjusting the folder/file_names accordingly and don't forget the quotes).

  12. At the main prompt screen, type the following then press Enter.

    LOAD "*",8,1

    ...... wait for it........image.thumb.png.691bec1c667f22c1d022cd695385d1de.pngSee the thin dark blue [progress] bar on the bottom?  Wait for it to get all the way to the left.  Plan on a minute or 2.image.thumb.png.5ec0c9874e484c269ed368a0a7194421.png 

    Now start playing. :) 

  13. 22 hours ago, Fry said:

    Is there any way for a plug-in to send the user a search view?

    Without looking to see if there's an API method, you could create your own xaml (WPF) popup where they could enter the search term (even add check boxes to search by genre, game [Title], Platform....) and then with the return value, use the above code.  (just guessing. Not tested)

    ShowGames(FilterTypes.Title, "Final Flight")

    If I'm way off on that one, Plan B would be something like use IGame[] GetAllGames(), the parse (oof) by .Title == "Final Flight".

  14. 17 hours ago, Coleman said:

    launch controller config per game

    From the Dolphin GUI, right click a game and select Properties.  In the User Config, add in

    WiimoteProfile1 = Angry Birds

    image.png.d16f18cb5ed7a3bd6429e7f2a5dc7cbd.png"Angry Birds" being whatever the name of the controller profile you saved it as. Do that per game if they have "specific needs".  Otherwise, I believe it will load your default settings.


    18 hours ago, Coleman said:

    accessing save state menu

    Not sure about the "menu", but to load load a Save State you can press (or assign a different button) {F1}, {F2}, {F3}.... depending on the save state number.  And to save one, Hold {Shift} then press {F1}, or {F2}.... etc.  I'm kinda thinking the whole point of launching directly to a game is to NOT have the GUI hanging around to get in the way. ;)


    18 hours ago, Coleman said:

    can not get the second wiimote to work

    Make sure it's been setup and you may need to select Continuous Scanning (and maybe the box above it???).image.png.522fd93287bcb1b7658faf8c76d56228.png

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