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  1. In case someone googles and finds this. There is a feature in vice called fliplists. There is a header, and a list of paths/images. I've not figured out how to make it portable as of yet, as ../ doesnt work. exampled of command line to add: -fliplist "Z:\Retrowares\Commodore 64\Ultima\ultima4.vfl In this example we have a flip list that associates 2 images with one drive, and 2 with another. filename = ultima4.vfl # Vice fliplist file UNIT 8 Z:\Retrowares\Commodore 64\Ultima\ULTIMA4A.D64 Z:\Retrowares\Commodore 64\Ultima\ULTIMA4B.D64 UNIT 9 Z:\Retrowares\Commodore 64\Ultima\ULTIMA4C.D64 Z:\Retrowares\Commodore 64\Ultima\ULTIMA4D.D64 If I work out how to use ../ -vs- the true path and make this portable I will swing back around and post how. If anyone knows how please let us know. I've created and implemented fliplists for the multi-disk Ultimas, lode runner, mail order monsters, deamonstalkers, and a few programs. This makes it so you just hit alt-n for the next disk -vs- manually doing it from a menu and taking you out of full screen mode. I'm also planning on making a 'collection' fliplist that would allow someone to just explore a collection like they would have back when. Add fastload cartridge or the wedge so they can pull directories.
  2. What are some of the methods you have used to address games with multiple disks?
  3. For some this quote is no different than including racial slurs and other bigoted speech. Should we ignore those things? The hateful ideas of the abrahamic faiths are the only things to 'be afraid of'. My parents were not overly religious; may wish to leave the arm chair stuff behind and not go to the ad hominem. I insulted no one and I will not insult you or others now. All I wanted to do was sector edit the the texted out. I'm not looking to redistribute anything. Yet this text appears to be protected where other text i the file is no. Also; the defense for I could care less is that is a 'i can take it or leave it; it's trivial.' Anything on the bottom of a list is note worthy. Another is the normal bastardization of various phrases. Pilkunnussija Should keep the later in mind and consider the first. (not meant as an insult to anyone)
  4. I tried to hexedit this text to remove the msg. It will run if you remove the 'this program cannot run in dos', but will not run if you modify 1 letter in the bible quote string. This might be the only piece of software I have come across in my life (first computer bring a vic20 in 1981) with a random religious quote in it. Not a fan, dont want to see it when I access that area. Stuck with it until a better option comes around. Unfortunately I paid for the product.
  5. Yeah, this needs to be added to dosbox config area so one can enable/disable all these at the dosbox level and not the game level.
  6. pyster

    Apple II

    The applewin default command line parameters that worked for me are "-no-printscreen-key -f -d1" This solves the common print screen problem and loads the games from disk.
  7. https://youtu.be/u3snxMHjbpg
  8. Selected all the games you wish to reset, choose edit. It will take you to a bulk editor wizard. check and uncheck the date on last played. win!
  9. It appears if a zip has more than one file vice does load"filename",8,1/run -vs load"*",8,1.
  10. I just want he emulator, vice or hoxs, to load "*",8,1. What it does is load the filename of the .d64 file, which is worthless. Generally speaking this is how most experienced commodore users would want things. Anyone have any luck with that. As for the video tutorial... i followed it and no programs would load. They would just open the emulator (hoxs) and not load the program.
  11. Hmm... So... I've had this problem since the beginning (two months)... upgraded today... and now it works. Magic!
  12. They do not appear to unzip. They are i .zip format. The files within are cue bin. ePSXe (-nogui -slowboot -loadbin). Unzipped roms work fine.
  13. Is there a how to for getting launchbox to use zipped or otherwise compressed roms?
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