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  1. Can we get logos for the following three BBC Micro games. One of them already has one, but a higher res logo would be nice: They are all Doctor Who games. Two of the games were exclusive to the BBC Micro, however, Mines of Terror (which is the one that currently has a logo) was also released on the Amstrad and C64.
  2. Those UK magazines always intrigued me. I always enjoyed their art style over the "car mag" style computer magazines we had over here during the 80s. Same for the boxarts they had over there for the early games on stuff like the C64.
  3. Can we get this for this homebrew game for the BBC Micro please?
  4. My issue with adding the PS5, is that when they did it they never added the newest XBox as well. Which I don't see the point, if you're going to add one of the modern consoles, you might as well add them both
  5. There is this guy that tries to change the release dates of NES games to the North American release date on a lot of games, even though these games were first released in Japan and other areas. I'll chop it up to the guy being a noob, but aren't you supposed to use the earliest release dates at all times?
  6. Can we get these please, they are for the European release of Bad Street Brawler/Bop 'n Rumble https://images.launchbox-app.com/b3bae61d-ce06-48a4-bd2d-0d5bb972c70a.jpg https://images.launchbox-app.com/ae49fb7d-6ac9-4add-ac7d-cfa5db155f1e.jpg For some weird reason, It would not let me upload images earlier...disabed my add-blocker on the forum, and it works...
  7. Can we get a logo for this game that includes the secondary title. Current logo only has the primary game title It's for the C64, Apple II, and MS-DOS. This DOS and Apple versions were sold in the same box (most likely for cost saving measures) But they all use the same logo.
  8. I know it's not a logo technically, but can someone add transparency to this? There is a larger disc already in the datbase, but it has very blurry text. I've also added the one that's already in the db to show exactly what I mean
  9. If possible can we get a logo based on the arcade flyer for this game... Also speaking of the Vectrex, could be also get a logo for this ROM HACK version of Berzerk...
  10. Thanks for the excellent work again!
  11. Can we get better logos for this game please? Thanks in advance
  12. I just removed all my Vic games that require a memory expansion from launchbox. That solves a lot of issues I was having. Most of the games that actually require an expansion are pretty blah anyway to be honest. Truthfully, the only game I played that required a memory expansion that I play on a regular basis is Super Amok, anyway. So it really was no big loss, as I can still play that game by opening vice separately anyway
  13. This does not only apply to launchbox, it applies to VIC emulation in general. Over half of the VIC library that is not cartridge based requires a memory expansion (at least a good portion of the decent tape games do anyway, save for the ones from Llamasoft) Is there a way to tell launchbox if a game needs a memory expansion or not?
  14. Awesome work as always, Seaview!
  15. Can we get a logo for this game that actually matches the box art? Thanks in advance
  16. I once asked in the Atarimania forums why they watermark their scans, and they claim it's to prevent other websites stealing their scans and not giving them credit.
  17. This logo was recently added to the database: As you can see it has a lot of "dirty" pixels left behind from the original cut, can someone make a better higher res version please, it's for both the C64 and ZX Spectrum (however, the Spectrum version is currently not in the database): Here's the original boxart
  18. Can we get a better logo for this please? The current one is of rather poor quality.
  19. Incredible job as always.
  20. Can we get this please, it's the North American boxart. The European boxart logo is present already, but the NA logo is missing (and I can't find it in any of my logo collections)
  21. Just don't use IGN as a source for screenshots, since they pretty much watermark them all. There should be a list of sites to avoid for media images in general. VGM also watermarks all their images. Atarimania is also a site to very cautious of when looking for media images (their screenshots are OK) but they do watermark a LOT of their boxarts and advertisement scans.
  22. Can we get a logo for this game please It's for the C64, Apple II, and Atari 800 platforms. There is a logo on the Apple II version's entry, and it's large, but it's also of pretty poor quality with a lot of left over pixels from the background cut. I chose the C64 version's box to use as a guide since it's the largest one in the DB
  23. Just wondering something. Does the no dashes as separators rule also apply to alt names, or it only for default/primary names?
  24. Thanks for this, amazing work as usual.
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