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  1. Could I get this please: It's for the C64, Apple II, and MS-DOS (all versions use the same box-art and logo) https://images.launchbox-app.com/73522e75-92d3-4e41-a7c7-46160d11ade1.jpg
  2. Can somebody please add transparency to this... somebody just uploaded this as a "clear" logo and it's a JPG for starters... never mind, I managed to do it myself via a photo editing website.... adding to db https://images.launchbox-app.com/c550b5a1-1cfd-4043-a2b3-c2bf5fa6db8d.jpg
  3. Can I get the following please, they are for the C64 and Tandy TRS-80 Color Computer respecively finally
  4. three times, and was accepted for deletion all three times, yet the game is still here? One I offered up for deletion: https://gamesdb.launchbox-app.com/games/details/21578 Reason why I deleted it was because it's the same game as this https://gamesdb.launchbox-app.com/games/details/34470 only with a different title (Lochjaw was the original release)
  5. Just wondering why I'm having this issue, if it hasn't been addressed by anyone else yet. Background fanart images do appear, but any game that only has a clear logo, the logo will not display
  6. message comes up You (or someone else) entered this email address when trying to reset the password of a LaunchBox account. However, the account is currently disabled and therefore a password reset is not allowed. If you've received this mail in error, it's likely that another user entered your username or email address by mistake while trying to reset a password. If you didn't initiate the request, you don't need to take any further action and can safely disregard this email.
  7. When I log in, and then when I try to check anything, It asks me to log in again
  8. I cleared my cookies, but now I'm getting an error occurred message
  9. I will I promise. I've been cotemplating taking a break for a while though, sometimes my anxiety gets the best of me
  10. Sorry about that. I do apologize. I admit I do get easily frustrated when people put in innacurate info. I'm not making any excuses
  11. It says "An unexpected error occurred while loading the page. The LaunchBox team has been notified about the error and will be fixing it shortly. "
  12. Can I get these please: They are for the C64 and Apple II respectively C64: Apple II:
  13. No offense, but don't you mean the Mattel Intellivision? Magnavox made the Odyssey 2
  14. True. Long loading times were always a sticker for me back in the day. Thank God for awesome loader music to get me through it though, especially those awesome Ocean loaders. However, there's new hardware developed every year for the C64, including hardware that allows SD cards to "emulate" a 1541 disk drive, but without the long load times of floppies and cassettes. There's also EasyFlash
  15. I noticed similar "bug" whenever I delete duplicate images. Sometimes even if the duple is accepted to be deleted, I have to delete it again, because the dupe is still there
  16. Can I get this please, it's for the VCS/2600:
    Excellent work. There's still quite a few VIC games (as well as Commodore 16/Plus4 games) missing from the DB) I plan on adding a few . My main focus is on arcade games, and cleaning up/adding overviews as of now, but I do add the occasional game for other systems (primarily 8-bit computers) occasionally. This helps out a lot for a lot of games missing from the DB, but as OP said, there are some games with mediocre to bad box scans, and some with none at all...however a good portion of those are type-ins and compilation games)
  17. Just added the game to the PS1 section of the DB. It's under the game's name as it's on wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Genghis_Khan:_Aoki_Ookami_to_Shiroki_Mejika_IV
  18. Can I please get Clear logos for the following:
  19. Indeed: Beauty .... The C64 port of Gyruss.... Crap: The C64 port of Hard Drivin' LMAO
  20. Cannot update metadata to newest version, please help. It's not my internet connection either, as I am currently talking to someone on Skype
  21. Never mind. I just disabled and then re-enabled my controllers, and it works now. The problem occurred when I accidentally unplugged a controller without realizing it
  22. My mouse pointer won't stop moving up the screen automatically in launchbox. It's not doing this with any other program. The actual games aren't scrolling, just the mouse pointer
  23. It seems that the new default theme has made all the fanart BG images for games look extremely blurred (at least on my PC). Why is this? What's the point of having these images if you can't properly see them? Had to revert back to the older theme to get the BGs back to proper resolution...smh
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