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  1. On 12/1/2019 at 10:07 PM, Jason Carr said:

    Sorry for the delay here Polybius; the theme looks awesome. Thanks for submitting it. It's been busy over here for the past couple of weeks so I haven't gotten it tested and approved yet. I'll get started on that tomorrow. :)

    hi, i am happy you like my theme :) i know you developers are busy and i also know that good work needs some time ;) 
    maybe you can look at the german translation in bigbox too... there are few issues...
    if you want i can write it to you ;) 
    happy holidays 

  2. PolybiusExtreme - Pause Theme

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    This is a simple Pause Theme for my PolybiusExtreme Theme.
    It displays the time, game logo and device image (if you have one).


    Download the zip and extract the content to LaunchBox/PauseThemes/PolybiusExtreme
    Link to my Theme:



    Special Thanks to:
    @Jason Carr for LaunchBox & BigBox



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  3. PolybiusExtreme

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    PolybiusExtreme is the name of my first selfmade arcade cabinet.
    I wanted a theme that matched the design of my cab, so I had to make one that fits...

    ... and here it is! :)





    • "Pandoras Box"-Style (selfmade graphics, no copy)
    • HD only (Resolution 1920x1080, 16:9)
      (I only tested it with HD resolution. Please tell me if it works on other resolutions)


    • SystemView
    • OptionsView (and OptionsPage)
    • TextFiltersView
    • TextGamesView
    • PlattformWheelFiltersView
    • ...


    • Download the zip and extract the content to LaunchBox/Themes/PolybiusExtreme
    • You might need to unblock the dll's in the plugin folder for them to work properly


    • You can change the "PolybiusExtreme" logo to another logo,
      just change the path to your logo in the xaml-scripts ;)

    Special Thanks to:


    Pause Theme





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