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  1. how do i make sure that launchbox has the right permissions to do everything
  2. yes, multiple times. Close Launchbox/Bigbox navigate to Launchbox/Themes/Default and delete the themesettings.xml there and try starting Bigbox. Once i was able to delete it BIGBOX now starts, the issue is that i cannot launch anything. It says loading then goes back to game menu. I think it has to do with file rights but i am not certain.
  3. OK let me state that i have setup Launchbox and BIGBOX in the past where everything worked perfectly. Ran into an issue where BIGBOX did not want to start (not certain if it was after a WIN10 update or Launchbox update). Was told to delete a certain XML file and that fixed the issue. Fast forward a couple of months, ran into the same issue again. Went to delete the XML file and said it did not have the rights. Tried playing around with admin rights and gave up. Now just go an email about new version of Launchbox and i said lets give it a go again, Ran into the same issue. Not certain what i did with the permissions but not BIGBOX runs but when i select a game it says launching and then come back to previous menu. \ It does this for Launchbox and BIGBOX. Need help as i miss my arcade. I have DISCORD if needed.
  4. I am a PREMIUM customer and use LAUCHBOX/BIGBOX. Not certain when issue started, maybe after Windows 10 update, but i haven't been able to use BIGBOX. Been pushing it off for a while now. Lauchbox works perfectly, when i start BIGBOX i get the following error message. Can you help me? I really miss my arcade.
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