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  1. Usually that error is due BiOS region mismatch. I get it only if I try to run an Arcade Japan game selecting an Export BiOS 😄 Anyway, in Details tab tick the option "Use file name only without file extension or folder path" As Default Command Line Parameters use -run=naomi -rom= ( type that in Details tab Default Command Line Parameters too ). The command you are using is for roms that are not listed in DEmul ( I use it just for a few Atomiswave games ). GREETs
  2. @Helios0ne, in Details tab tick the options "No space before ROM" and "Use file name only without file extension or folder path" then click on OK. Add -run=naomi -rom= in Details tab Default Command Line Parameters too GREETs
  3. Hello, my advice is to use RetroArch with Flycast core for DreamCast roms, it's a good one and it's easy to setup with LB. It has upscaling option and a good compatibility with DreamCast games. If you want a better compatibility use the standalone version. GREETs
  4. v1.6 it's the stable one, dev builds are on their GitHub page. Could be the BiOS you are using, maybe it's not well dumped. If you jumped on their forum or discord you need to know they are very sensitive about piracy so if you got all what you are using from the wild web they will never help you. They will ask you to post a log and will see that. GREETs
  5. Usually it's an error related to HW misconfiguration ( plugins mostly ). Download the latest dev builds and run it without modifying anything, just set the BiOS, you should solve. GREETs
  6. Ok, it makes sense. Thank you for the reply. I can say this topic is SOLVED! GREETs
  7. I run these emus and LB/BB with no Admin rights. Unticking the option in these emus for confirm on exit works for my gamepad but the question is : why the ESC button works without unticking that option and my gamepad doesn't? If the combo mapped on my gamepad uses an ahk for telling to send ESC why these emus reading that as their on hotkey? That's why I say it's a LB/BB issue. In my opinion the frontend doesn't communicate well with these emus. I add last thing...with ESC they close soon and with gamepad they go first in windowed and then close.
  8. Here it doesn't and I tested on a clean/formatted OS too installing all VC and DX only ( emus and LB/BB are on another drive ). I'm using v11.11, what version are you using? Tomorrow I will do a video so you can see ( now here it's too late and I'm going to go bed ).
  9. It's a LB and BB issue because they close fine using ESCAPE but not with my gamepad ( I purchased a Premium for this feature too ). It's not a matter of turning off the option "confirm on exit" in the emulators because ( I repeat ) they close using ESCAPE with that option enabled. Using the button I mapped on my gamepad these emus show their own exit dialogue so it's a LB/BB issue.
  10. I think my configuration is right and I'm sure LB and BB have issues. Emulators affected by this issue are Dolphin, RPCS3, Yuzu and Citra ( what I tested ). When I close these emus using ESCAPE on keyboard they close well and when I use my gamepad ( an xbox360 plugged via wireless adaptor ) they don't close but they show their own exit dialogue. I feel a bit frustrated by this, hope it will be fixed or at least of getting a solution. Thanks
  11. I already have that script set it in LB both for Dolphin and RPCS3 and for almost all emus I'm using.
  12. Hello, I noticed a bad bug with Dolphin and RPCS3 using LB and BB. They don't respond well to what I mapped on my gamepad for exit from a game, they go in windowed and LB and BB don't close the game. They close well using ESCAPE button on keyboard but not with what I mapped on my gamepad ( I have a Premium license so I have the option to map Exit on my controller ). Any tips or fix? Thanks
  13. Hello, I see in the BigBox options a reboot thingy. It reboots the OS so I'm wondering if there's a way to set this to just reboot BigBox and not Windows. Thanks
  14. Unfortunately this emulator has too many bugs/issues/problems. Devs updates it every day but it's far away from be good. The only "playable" game ( can be completed ) is Neverending Nightmares, the rest is full of bugs/issues/problems. Regarding adding it in LB/BB I found another solution because the parameter "--fullscreen -r" doesn't work always ( sometime it goes fullscreen and many times it doesn't ). So, my solution is to add the emu like you add all emus, add just "-r" as Default Command Line Parameter, tick the options "Don't use quotes" and "Use file n
  15. I guess there's something you set it up wrong or you are using a bad dump. I talk with TP devs often, almost every day, I know the games that need Admin Rights and I know TP very well. That said, I'm glad you solved. GREETs
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