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  1. Unfortunately this emulator has too many bugs/issues/problems. Devs updates it every day but it's far away from be good. The only "playable" game ( can be completed ) is Neverending Nightmares, the rest is full of bugs/issues/problems. Regarding adding it in LB/BB I found another solution because the parameter "--fullscreen -r" doesn't work always ( sometime it goes fullscreen and many times it doesn't ). So, my solution is to add the emu like you add all emus, add just "-r" as Default Command Line Parameter, tick the options "Don't use quotes" and "Use file n
  2. I guess there's something you set it up wrong or you are using a bad dump. I talk with TP devs often, almost every day, I know the games that need Admin Rights and I know TP very well. That said, I'm glad you solved. GREETs
  3. Admin Rights can be bypassed on TeknoParrot and Mario Kart needs only for first launch to set firewall rule. No TTX or NESiCA game needs Admin Rights, the only one who needs is a SEGA Nu game ( IDZ v1 and v2 ) because Sega-Tools. GREETs
  4. It doesn't happen with LaunchBox. As I said in my previous comment, without StartUp it doesn't happen ( LaunchBox it's not affected even with StartUp enabled ). My monitor shows when Windows change and revert back resolution so I know when it happens. Emulator used in the video is Game Loader but it happens with all emus that change desktop resolution ( as already said ). It's closed properly because it uses ESC by dafault like MAME.
  5. Mine doesn't freezes, loses focus and using a script doesn't solve it. I tried the ragain plugin by jayjay but doesn't solve that because it works only if the game doesn't change the desktop resolution. So, my problem is with all the games or emulators that use a different desktop resolution then BigBox loses focus and all what I tried can't solve it. Check my video @Koroth I launch a game that change dektop resolution with Game Loader, then I launch another game with DEmul that does the same and relaunch the first game and shit happens. It's an issue that appears
  6. Hello, I reported some days ago the issue you are having making a video too. Someone replied saying it's a known problem. Hope devs fix it because it's a bad one and I found no solution. GREETs
  7. Hello, I made a BAT file you can add in Additional App and check the box "Run after". I tested here and it works, let me know CHEERs KILL.bat
  8. I think a solution could be having an option for minimizing BigBox after a game/emulator starts. Do some of you is able to make an AHK for that? Thanks
  9. I found what cause the issue but I can't solve it. It happens only when games change desktop resolution. If I have a desktop res set to 1920x1080 and I launch a game with a 1366x768 res then it happens the bug I showed in the video above and BigBox loses focus ( I can't select nothing until I click on mouse ). User jayjay did a great plugin for regain focus but it doesn't work in this case. It works good for games that don't change desktop resolution like Time Crisis 5 ( I tested it ). Hope you devs can fix this in BigBox only because LaunchBox is not affected. Thank
  10. Hello, I found a bug I can't resolve with BigBox using StartUp and Game Loader All RH. If I load a game via Game Loader after I loaded another one using StartUp the Game Loader one will be displayed behind BigBox. I made a little video to show you the bug I have. As you can see from the video above I load first a game using Game Loader emu and after I load a game using StartUp. Then I load again the game with Game Loader and it displays behind BigBox. I can't resolve this issue I'm having so I ask for help. Maybe a simple AHK can fix it but I don'
  11. Hello, trying to add some new ( ??? ) game to my BigBox collection I noticed Raiden is not acceptable with stretched display so I was "forced" to use bezels to make this games series diplay decent ( usually I play games on my 16:9 monitor in stretched mode using GPU scaling to Monitor and all of them are good to my eyes ) Anyway, didn't find nice bezels for these games so I made them according to my tastes ( only Raiden III and VI have a native one already in the game but I added something ). A little video : GREETs
  12. @jayjay I tested it with Time Crisis 5 and it works better than your previous plugin. I used the Option 3 and both LB and BB have not lost focus. Thank you so much for your magic
  13. No error here using BB v11.11 and the games you mentioned with TeknoParrot.
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