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  1. To everybody using this plugin : PCSX2 devs made a new x64 version ( dev build ) so I made a new archive for using ReShade with it. If you ( like me ) are planning to use this new x64 build, download ReShade for PCSX2 x64 from here PCSX2_x64.7z. Unblock it and put all files inside LaunchBox\ReShadeManager\Emulators\PCSX2 x64 ( remember name folder must matches emulator name you are using in LB ). As settings, read in first post about PCSX2. CHEERs
  2. So, you compare them just by controls setup? 🤣 First off, cores are forked versions ( sometimes unauthorized ) of standalone emulators and mostly of the times they work bad compared to standalone simply because who forked them know less than who created/builded. Many core versions are really bad compared to genuine standalone and MAME core is a good example of this ( emulating Seattle/Vegas system with core version is really bad compared to standalone but there are other examples as well ). Citra, Dolphin, PCSX2 core versions are other bad cores that come to my mind. And, if there was no standalone version, the core version would never have been released. CHEERs
  3. My advice is to do it via ini, not with CMD, it's easier and faster Go in Config folder and open Supermodel.ini with a text editor. I have an xbox360 gamepad and works good. An example : ; Common InputStart1 = "KEY_1,JOY1_BUTTON8" InputStart2 = "KEY_2,JOY2_BUTTON8" InputCoin1 = "KEY_3,JOY1_BUTTON7" InputCoin2 = "KEY_4,JOY2_BUTTON7" InputServiceA = "KEY_5" InputServiceB = "KEY_7" InputTestA = "KEY_6" InputTestB = "KEY_8" Start is Start and Coin is Select ( I binded also keys for these as you can see ). You can bind more buttons to just one like MAME. Example : ; Fighting game buttons InputPunch = "JOY1_BUTTON1,JOY1_BUTTON2" Both button 1 and 2 will do Punch An example for binding wheel and gas/brake : ; Steering wheel InputSteeringLeft = "KEY_LEFT" ; digital, turn wheel left InputSteeringRight = "KEY_RIGHT" ; digital, turn wheel right InputSteering = "JOY1_XAXIS" ; analog, full steering range ; Pedals InputAccelerator = "KEY_UP,JOY1_RZAXIS_POS" InputBrake = "KEY_DOWN,JOY1_ZAXIS_POS" Steering is with Left stick, Gas is Right Trigger and Brake is Left Trigger. Remember to check the line about InputSystem and put xinput otherwise will not work for xbox controllers. Hope it helps CHEERS
  4. I don't know why doesn't work for you, here runs good and can't track the issue because in the inis you posted there's no error. As you can see from this video, it works good here ( Supermodel r873 ) CHEERs
  5. Hello, there's no error in the inis you posted. I'm using Supermodel a lot and works good with the ReShade plugin in LaunchBox. Download latest Supermodel build from official site and try again using the new version in another folder. Before using ReShade, make sure you set Supermodel in LaunchBox in a proper way and if It works then use ReShade. Let me know CHEERs
  6. This plugin was released thanks to @Fry coding help since I wouldn't have been able to do it on my own. So, don't forget to say thanks to him!!! CHEERs
  7. Redream works good, I tried it some mins ago. It's an OPENGL app so you need the right render dll I did not add it to Emulators folder beacause I don't use it Grab this archive Redream.7z, unpack it and move the Redream folder to ReShadeManager\Emulators ( be sure the folder name inside the archive is matching the emu name you set ) It works both with Exclusive Fullscreen and with Bordless Fullscreen. Set 4:3 as aspect ratio. I tested the latest dev build and you need that one I think because I don't know if previous builds work, didn't test. Bezel is set for 1920x1080 screen, let me know if you need a different res. TEST & REPORT CHEERs
  8. H3ll'0 LB/BB'ers™ this a tuto for playing the F-Zero AX hidden in F-Zero GX so it will look like the TriForce Arcade one. You need Dolphin 5 stable or a v5 beta and the GameCube rom of F-Zero GX. Start Dolphin, add the game and enable cheat codes in Dolphin settings. Right click on the game added and pick Properties. Go to Gecko Codes tab and click on add a new code button. In the name field type F-ZERO AX and in the codes field add these ( PAL ) : 06003F30 00000288 818D8364 280C0000 41820278 3C6C000B 38630640 3883000C 38A0000C 4BFFF5F5 3CAC0019 80857E44 64844001 90857E44 BBC30040 BFC5BAD0 3C6C0011 A003C662 280000A4 4082000C 380000A2 B003C662 380000C0 9803F91A A0A3C65A 3C006000 280500AE 4082000C 3C8C002F 90042A10 28050010 408200C8 3C63001E 9003C784 3C630002 3800002A B0031848 3800002C B003184C 38000029 B003186C 3800002B B0031870 3C6C0030 3C006000 90031AA8 3C003C00 60003FA0 90031C14 3C009001 600000D0 90031C18 3C003C00 60003FCC 90031C1C 3C009001 600000D4 90031C20 3C004800 6000010C 90031C24 3C003CE0 60004323 90031C38 3C0090E1 600000C8 90031C68 3C003800 6000007F 90031D30 38003F40 B0031D36 3C009061 600000EC 90031D38 3C004BFF 6000FEEC 90031D3C 3C004BFF 6000F9E8 9003208C 280500AD 40820050 3C8C002F 3C003C60 60008000 9004BA38 3C003863 60003F1E 9004BA3C 3C003806 60000001 9004BA48 3C007000 6000FFFE 9004BA50 3C0080ED 60008B1C 90049658 3C00809F 600032C0 900401C4 280500B1 40820010 3C8C0030 800499F8 900D8B1C 2805009C 40820040 3C6C002F 38000002 98039C97 98039DCF 98039F9F 9803A12B 9803A21B 9803A8EF 3800000E 98039CD7 98039E13 98039FDF 9803A16B 9803A25F 9803A933 3C8C000C 38846B80 38640028 38A00018 4BFFF419 38000001 980C0133 38000000 900D8338 3C6CFFF8 3C003800 6000000D 9003F958 3C808000 80043F24 28000000 4082001C 3C00000B 6000002E 90043F20 3C000039 6000001D 90043F24 3C6C0007 A0043F20 B0030E42 A0043F22 B0030E4A A0043F24 B0030E52 38003860 B0030E58 A0043F26 B0030E5A 3C6C0009 3C004E80 60000020 90037ACC 80010014 48017750 0401B900 4BFE8630 NTSC codes : 06003F30 00000284 818D831C 280C0000 41820274 3C6C000B 3863FADC 3883000C 38A0000C 4BFFF5F5 3CAC0019 8085D550 64844001 9085D550 3CAC0018 BBC30040 BFC511DC 3C6C0010 A0032A86 280000A4 4082000C 380000A2 B0032A86 380000C0 98035D26 A0A32A7E 3C006000 280500AD 4082000C 3C8C0033 9004DE1C 28050010 408200CC 3C630022 90037B90 3C630003 3800002A B003C754 3800002C B003C758 38000029 B003C778 3800002B B003C77C 3C6C0034 3C006000 9003CE94 3C803C00 60803FA0 9003D000 60803FCC 9003D008 3C809001 608000D0 9003D004 608000D4 9003D00C 3C004800 6000010C 9003D010 3C003CE0 60004323 9003D024 3C0090E1 600000C8 9003D054 3C003800 6000007F 9003D11C 38003F40 B003D122 3C009061 600000EC 9003D124 3C804BFF 6080FEEC 9003D128 6080F9E8 9003D478 380000D7 98035817 3800002C 9803582B 280500AC 40820054 3C8C0032 3C003C60 60008000 90046E44 3C003863 60003F1E 90046E48 3C003806 60000001 90046E54 3C007000 6000FFFE 90046E5C 3C0080ED 60008A9C 90044A64 3C8C0033 3C00809F 600032C0 9004B5D0 280500B0 40820010 3C8C0033 80044E04 900D8A9C 2805009C 40820038 3C6C0032 38000002 98034FBB 9803509B 980351A7 980352DB 980353B3 3800000E 98034FFB 980350DF 980351E7 9803531B 980353F7 3C8C000C 38845404 38640028 38A00018 4BFFF415 38000001 980C0133 3C6CFFF8 3C003800 6000000D 9003FB50 3C808000 80043F24 28000000 4082001C 3C00000B 6000002E 90043F20 3C000039 6000001D 90043F24 3C6C0007 A0043F20 B0030CEE A0043F22 B0030CF6 A0043F24 B0030CFE 38003860 B0030D04 A0043F26 B0030D06 3C6C0009 3C004E80 60000020 90037428 80010014 48016DF4 00000000 0401AFA0 4BFE8F90 Boot the game and enjoy the hidden AX version If you want to go back to GX version, disable cheat codes in Dolphin settings CHEERs
  9. You need PCSX2 v1.7 dev build. It doesn't work with v1.6 and previous Be sure to set in the emulator options 4:3 as aspect ratio. CHEERs
  10. New plugin version added in first post archive. Thanks a lot to @Fry for the new realese ( don't forget to say thanks to him ) Changelog : . Downgraded the UnBroken.LaunchBox.Plugins.dll reference to version 11.3. This is the first version of LaunchBox built on .netcore. Since this plug-in doesn't depend on any plug-in features in later versions, it will improve the compatibility with older LaunchBox versions and should work with any LaunchBox version from 11.3 and onward. . Updated logic to copy ReShade files for non-emulator games . Removed ReShade configuration files so they can be maintained independently of the plug-in ( I merged plugin and files in same archive for now )
  11. Hello, you did something wrong for sure. Plugin dll go in LaunchBox\Plugins and ReShadeManager folder go in LaunchBox root folder and then you need to check how you named your emus and set same name in LaunchBox\ReShadeManager\Emulators. If you follow exactly the guide provided in first post, you can't go wrong. CHEERs
  12. Never used but try this archive DAPHNE_TEST.zip Set in DAPHNE Video Options = OpenGL Let me know
  13. I don't know that jukebox software but I can tell you ReShade works only with GPU API render. If you can send it to me I can do some test if you want CHEERs
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