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  1. @neil9000 What do you think is wrong with my HDD? I've scanned it for errors and nothing has come up. Oh also I'm currently using an external hard drive, not a main drive.
  2. @neil9000 Is the Super Nintendo Entertainment System OK? I'm still in the process of rebuilding on my 1tb drive so 😅
  3. @neil9000 Doesn't LaunchBox grab it's images directly from the Games Database? If that is so, then why does it show up corrupted?
  4. @neil9000 Very sorry I wasn't clear there, what I meant to say was that I was always rebuilding my LaunchBox builds because I was going through different external hard drives in a short amount of time, because I found transferring my original build time consuming, so I decided to just remake my LaunchBox build. While I was rebuilding, I was mass-importing my ROMs to save time, but after finding out that 80% of my images looked liked this: I was in a constant loop of selecting one game at a time and it just felt like a chore.
  5. Hey all, After restarting my LaunchBox build from numerous drives, I've been going through some type of time consuming hassle regarding game images. After bruteforce importing some ROMs, some of the ROMs Images from the games database will look like this: I've found one way to fix this, but it was the time consuming way. Going from one game to another, removing all images and redownloading them after. Is there a way to do this with the Bulk Edit Wizard? Or do I stick to the way I've been using for a while? Thanks.
  6. games

    Same game importing

    Hey all, I just want to know if LaunchBox has a feature which allows duplicates of the same games. For example: I have an english version of a ROM and I also have another ROM but in Japanese, how am I able to import both of them separately? The reason why I'm posting this is because I had previous experiences of trying to import two versions of the same game, only to find out that LaunchBox detected the ROM as a duplicate and didn't import it, with me being left with the original english version of the ROM. Any help is appreciated.
  7. @Jason CarrHahahaha, I figured it might be Malwarebytes on my PC. That might've been it. Thank you for the assistance though! @neil9000 😁
  8. @neil9000 I was following your instructions until I came across this: After the fresh download of LaunchBox 11.4, it seems to be that the Metadata.xml hasn't been downloaded. Is this normal? Thank you for the response. BTW: This is in the Metadata folder. Edit: I have force downloaded Metadata.xml in the LaunchBox software. Uploading seems to work now, but my question still remains, why isn't the Metadata.xml file included in the downloads?
  9. Hello @neil9000, how would I exactly force a redownload of the metadata file? I know for a fact that inside the updates folder, I'll be able to reinstall everything to reinstate it, but unfortunately there are no executables for update 11.4 since it's a fresh installment. Also, thank you for the response!
  10. Hello @Retro808. Thank you for the response. Just to fulfill your question, no I am not having any connection issues. I have restarted my internet multiple times, trying to see if I am able to connect to the metadata database, and there are still no results. Also, restarting my computer also didn't help either. I just thought that I'd note that since it was recommended to restart after installation/updating.
  11. Hey all. Recently I've ran into a problem while trying to import games with my selection of images. Right after the game finishes importing, an error shows up: The message reads : An error occurred while attempting to search the local metadata database for ROM file: C:\LaunchBox/Games/Nintendo 64/Super Mario 64 (USA).z64 After keeping the imported games despite the error message, the game shows up without any type of image. Then for a second route, which is trying to search the LocalDB through the imported game, this shows up: Even AFTER the game title was named correctly!!! This has been happening for a few days now, and I am at a loss here. Is this a problem on my end or does this have something to do with the software? And to note, the game is playable, so there's nothing damaged in the ROM file, and it's a fresh installment of 11.4 Please assist me.
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