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  1. 1 minute ago, damageinc86 said:

    That is a fantastic design.  i can't wait to finally get a recroom cab with control panel.  I want the one that has the trackball, spinner, and 4-way joystick in addition to the 8-way sticks.

    Yes, I went back and forth on whether to get the 4 player controller or the 2 player "emulation plus" I think it is called with the 4 way joystick and spinners.  I figured if the 4 player doesn't prove itself to be a "great" addition in the next 6 months or a year, I'll probably switch to that controller and sell this one.  So far, I've not played 4 players (or even 3) but the cramped area for the trackball has hampered golden tee, and the kids get pissed off and quit because pacman and donkey kong "the stupid joystick doesn't work!"

  2. 14 hours ago, damageinc86 said:

    is that an existing bolt hole that it uses?  These look very nice.

    Yes, it's an existing bolt hole used to anchor the controller to the frame.  There's also a small silver screw head underneath the top plate which I added an indention on the bottom to make room for it.  They're also angled 7 degrees so that the cupholder is straight up and down, and handles the control deck's angle, here's a better picture.



    20210422_121744 (1).jpg

  3. Hi all, I have the premium launchbox/bigbox and I'm trying to figure out how to map the left/right click buttons that come on the RRM 4 player control deck to handle volume up/down. On LB there is the volume control knob (which I assume is windows volume) and under the options menu there is an ability to map controller input to control volume. Is it possible to map keyboard/mouse inputs to do the same? Ideally I'd like to remap those buttons to keys like +/- but I'm not sure that is possible, I looked at the winipac2 software and it seemed like the mouse click buttons weren't mappable in there. Thanks for any tips!

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